Top 100 Quotes From West Side Story

Maria: Wait. Wait. I forgot why I called you.
Tony: I'll wait til you remember.

Maria: Bernardo thinks I'm a kid.
Anita: You *are* a kid, kiddo.

- Ok. That's enough.
- Tony! Tony! Tony!
- Let go! Let go!
- It's ok. It's ok. [Chuckles]
- Take it out.

- Didn't you hear me...? [Sighs]
- What are you doing? Ay, nena...
Maria: No, no, no, no.
- It look like a shroud, it's so big and so white.
- It wouldn't look like a shroud if it was red.

- And I'm sorry I can't be there to meet him like I promised.
- And all of a sudden, fluency.
- That means "I'll come as soon as I can."
- I can go?
- You're not his widow or anything.
- I'm done with you.

- I'll see him tomorrow night?
- You bet your ass.
- Tell him...
- Tony.
- Tell Tony
- I look fonnard to that.

Tony: [singing] Could be... Who knows? There's something due any day, I will know right away, soon as it shows... It may come canonballing down through the sky, gleam in its eye, bright as a rose! Who knows? It's only just out of reach, down the block, on a beach, under a tree - I got a feeling there's a miracle due, gonna come through, coming to me! Could it be? Yes it could - Something's coming, Something good! If I can wait... Something's coming, I don't know what it is, but it is gonna be great! With a click, with a shock, phone'll jingle, door'll knock, open the latch... Something's coming, don't know when, but it's soon, catch the moon - one-handed catch! Around the corner... or whistling down the river! Come on, deliver to me! Will it be? Yes it will. Maybe just by holding still, it'll be there... Come on something, come on in, don't be shy, meet a guy, pull up a chair! The air is humming, and something great is coming... Who knows? It's only just out of reach, down the block, on a beach, maybe tonight... Maybe tonight... Maybe tonight...

Anita: He will never be safe here.
Maria: Sí, lo sé.
Anita: And no one will ever forgive him.
Maria: Will you?
Anita: You can't ever ask me that.
Maria: Will you forgive me?
Anita: Te quiero, mi niña. For he will have to go away, and you will have to go with him

Diesel: Hey, I'm depraved on account of I'm deprived!

- and it's almost like praying
- Maria
- I 7! Never stop saying
- Maria the most beautiful sound I ever heard
- Maria

- And riff, he got stabbed, and...
- Tony.
- Chino!
- Tony killed Bernardo.
- Chino! Liar!
- What's going on down there?

- I shouldn't have asked you to stop the fighting.
- I don't want you to go anywhere near the fighting.

Officer: Youse gonna fight or youse gonna dance?
Graziella: I wanna dance, God damn it!

[last lines]
Maria: [reaches her hand in front of Chino] Give it to me.
[Maria takes the gun after Chino refused]
Maria: [examinining the gun] How do you fire it? Just... pull this?
[Maria points the gun at Chino]
Maria: How many bullets are left? Enough for you?
[Maria points at Ice]
Maria: [to Ice] And you?
[She also points at Diesel and the other Jets]
Maria: All of you? I can kill now because I hate now.
[Maria also points at the Sharks]
Maria: I hate now.
[She points at Chino again]
Maria: How many can I kill, Chino? How many? And still have one bullet left for me?
[Maria was instead surrenders and goes back to Tony's body]
Maria: [kisses Tony] Te adoro, Anton.
[the Jets go to their fallen as Ice tries to help Maria but Maria shrugs him off]
Maria: [to Ice] No, don't touch him.
Braulio: [comforting Maria] Maria, ya es tiempo. Vente con nosotros.

Anita: ¿Pero qué es esto?
Maria: I love him.
Anita: [slaps Maria and starts singing] A boy like that, who'd kill your brother? Forget that boy and find another! One of your own kind, stick to your own kind! A boy like that will bring you sorrow - you'll meet another boy tomorrow! One of your own kind, stick to your own kind! A boy who kills cannot love, a boy who kills has no heart! And he's the boy who gets your love, and gets your heart! Very smart, Maria, very smart! A boy like that wants one thing only. And when he's done, he'll leave you lonely! He'll murder your love, he murdered mine! Just wait and see, just wait Maria, just wait and see!
Maria: [singing] Oh no Anita, no! Anita, no, It isn't true, not for me! It's true for you, not for me, I hear your words, and in my head, I know they're smart... but my heart, Anita, but my heart knows they're wrong, and my heart is too strong, for I belong.
Anita: [overlapping] A boy like that, who'd kill your brother? Forget that boy and find another! One of your own kind, stick to your own kind!
Maria: To him alone, to him alone, one thing I know, I am his, I don't care what he is, I don't know why it's so, I don't want to know!
Anita: A boy who kills cannot love, a boy who kills has no heart! And he's the boy who gets your love, and gets your heart! Very smart, Maria, very smart!
Maria: Oh no Anita, no! You should know better! You were in love, or so you said! You should know better... I have a love, and it's all that I have, right or wrong - what else can I do? I love him, I'm his, and everything he is, I am too. I have a love, and it's all that I need, right or wrong, and he needs me too... I love him, we're one. There's nothing to be done... not a thing I can do. But hold him, hold him forever... Be with him now, tomorrow, and all of my life!
Anita,40603: When love comes so strong, there is no right or wrong, Your love, Is your life!

Maria: Tony. Who cares if he's a...? I don't know what he is. A Yankee?
Bernardo: He's a Polack. That's what he is. A big, dumb Polack.
Anita: Polack, says the Spic. Now you sound like a real American.

- And you don't shop in gimbels.
- You clean in gimbels.
Maria: Ay.
- Mm.
- Ahorrar tus chavitos, fancy pants.
- Aw. Si.
- Ay, turn around.

Anita: [to Maria] Get your shoes on. Bernardo will be so mad if we make him late. And I want to dance.

Lieutenant: Evict yourself off my crime scene, Bernardo.

- I 'ii get a terrace apartment better get rid of your accent life can be bright in america if you can fight in america life is alright in america if you're all white in america

Tony: Womb to tomb.
Riff: Sperm to worm.

- To keep track of chino.
- Yeah, yeah. Good. You do that.
- In and out of shadows.
- That's how.
- Hey.
- You done good, buddy boy.

- -I feel stunning
- -i feel stunning
- -and entrancing -and entrancing feel like running and dancing for joy for I'm loved by a pretty wonderful boy
- Get back to work!

Riff: You see us coming, and we will keep coming, you Sharks make like the rats and skedaddle.

[Singing] Good night good night sleep well and when you dream dream of me tonight

Bernardo: Last night I dreamed I was back in Puerto Rico. In my dream, we had six kids.
Anita: Six kids? Marry a cat.

Bernardo: Promised your buddy was gonna be here.
- If you don't keep your word, jefe, how am I going to believe you'll keep out of our territory after...

- Boy: Hey!
- Hey, you! Come on!

- Wait! What time?
- Uh, tomorrow night?
- I work.
- 2:00? Pm?
- 72nd street subway station. Uptown side.
- Si. Si', ok. Now...

- I'm going to the cops.
- I just had to see you first.
- If you let them take you from me, how do I forgive you for that?
Baby: Come on!
- Come on, we gotta get outta here.

- Anybodys!
- Good to see ya.
Tony: Whoa!
- Tony, I knew you'd come, buddy boy.
- I knew you'd come.
- Hey! Come and dance, yeah?
- Yeah!
- Sharks: Mambo!

- When love comes so strong there is no right or wrong your lo ve is your life

- I should go.
- Where?
- Ay, no.

Anita: You want to know where my home is? It's where I pay rent. Right here, where I work my fingers raw, mending pants and hemming neckties so that I can earn enough money to pay other girls to sew for me, so that someday I can rent a shop of my own in this great, big, beautiful Nueva York. Ah. And if you think that I'm going back home to Puerto Rico with six kids that I put to bed hungry every night, amor de mi vida, you are dreaming.
Bernardo: In Puerto Rico, our kids won't get fat like the kids in New York.

- jets: We'll stop 'em once and for all sharks: We'll stop 'em once and for all
- Maria and Tony: Oh, moon, grow bright and make this endless day endless night sharks: We 're gonna rock it tonight all: Tonight

Riff: What are you afraid of, your Patrol Officer? You're breaking my heart with this shit!

- Chino...
- What?
- Chino has a gun.
- Chino shot Maria.
- He killed her.
- She's... she's dead.

- And for pride, mi hermano, orgullo puertorriquefio!
- Bernardo, he died to show those gringos how tough Puerto Ricans are.
- And if they push us too far...
- If those nobodies can take your pride away from you, tu eres mas estupido que Bernardo.

- This is about family.
- Ah! [Speaking Spanish]
- Maria... [Stutters]
- Maybe chino and your friends fall down at your feet, and maybe you scare the americanos when you make fists and angry faces...

Action: Them Spics sleep with their switchblades in their teeth. They ain't gonna leave their knives at home.

Bernardo: Better without knives.
Riff: Better for who is the question that comes to mind, but no knives. And no jazz till then. Copasetic?

Bernardo: This is about family.

- Jets member: Hey, buddy!
- Jets member 2: Yeah, riff!
- Ok.
- Boy: Sorry.
- Girl 2: Excuse us.
- I'm sorry.

- it's just his neurosis that ought to be curbed he's psychologically disturbed
- I'm disturbed!
- We 're disturbed we 're disturbed we 're the most disturbed like we 're psychologically disturbed

- Sharks member: Hey! Bernardo!
- Sharks member: Anita!

- You want me to book the whole bunch of you?
- Keep up the serenade and see what...
- [Viva Puerto Rico iibre!
- I am ordering you clowns to disperse!
- Now!

- And for a year in prison and since I got out,
- I can't quit thinking about what I almost done.
- I think about killing him, and...
- And it's like I'm always just about to fall off the edge of the world's tallest building.
- I stopped failing the second I saw you.

- I didn't punch my time card.
- G hola?
- Chino?
- Maria.
- Que Paso?
- Chino, que Paso?

Valentina: [to the Jets] I know you. I know all of your names. Since you were born; I watched you grow up. And you have grown into rapists.
[Valentina heads back to the basement]
Valentina: [to the Jets] You dishonor yourselves. You dishonor your dead.

Tony: I don't wanna jinx it, but maybe I'm done with trouble.
Valentina: You are *never* done with troubles. ¡Nunca!.

- Evict yourself off my crime scene,
- Bernardo.
- Vamos.
- Jets member: Chick, chick, chick.
- Jets member: Chickie, chickie, chickie.
- A boxer and a singer.
- Jets member 3: Get a load of this guy.

- I'll make him like me. Everybody does.
- There's nobody who everybody likes.
- Yeah, but, so long as you like me,
- I'm ok with that.
- Please, you have to go.
- Ay, dios mio. No, no, no.

- Woman: Maria! Maria!
Bernardo: Maria!
- Maria.

Maria: I want to make a life, a home. Maybe go to City College like Rosalía's cousin, Virginia. I want to be happy here.
Bernardo: Pero Nueva York no te hace feliz...
Anita: English!
Bernardo: Puerto Rico, sí.
Maria: That is what you think. I'm gonna think for myself.

- Hey, we don't need no knives.
- You boys love your knives.
- Better without knives.
- Better for who is the question that comes to mind, but no knives.
- And no jazz till then. Copasetic?

- now it begins now we start one hand one heart
- -Maria: Death won't part
- -even death won't part
- -Maria: Us now -us now

- Now, boys, get into a big circle facing in.
- And, girls, make a small circle on the inside, facing out.
- Speak English in school-sponsored functions!
- Now, everyone, please!
- You heard the man! All youse fall in!

Maria: [singing] Tonight, tonight, the world is full of light.

Bernardo: Maria! We're home.
Anita: Need a little rum?
- It'll help you sleep.
- Who needs to sleep?
Anita: Oh, not here. In the bedroom.

- Maria ain't coming.
- Chino, he found out about them...
- Tony and Maria.
- He shot her.
- Maria is dead.
- You tell him that.

- Finish it!
A: Tony!
- What the hell are you doing?
Diesel: Tony.
- Come on. [Panting]
- Fight me!
- Riff...

- and something great is coming who knows?
- It's only just out of reach down the block, on a beach maybe tonight maybe tonight maybe tonight

Riff: I get confused when you say "our streets," seeing how these streets are ours by right of being born here, amigo.

- And you?
- All of you!
- I can kill now because I hate now.
- I hate now.
- How many can I kill, chino?
- And still have one bullet left for me!

- free to do anything you choose free to wait tables and shine shoes everywhere grime in america
- -organized crime in america
- -[Anita responding in Spanish]
- Terrible time in america you forget I'm in america

- today the minutes seem like hours the hours go so slowly and still the sky is light
- Tony and Maria: Oh, moon, grow bright and make this endless day endless night

Balkan: Whatever they are, citizens or who gives a fart, what we know is...
Mouthpiece: They - ain't - us.

Tony: If you hadn't cared for me like you always done, I wouldn't even be here alive, which - maybe I shouldn't be.
Valentina: Don't *ever* say that, Tony. Life matters even more than love.
Tony: They're the same thing.

Lieutenant: What's a gang without its terrain, its turf? You're a month or two away from finding out, one step ahead of the wrecking ball. And in this uncertain world, the only thing you can count on is *me*. I'm here to keep the civil peace until the last building falls. And if you boys make trouble on my turf, Riff, hand to heart, you're headed to an upstate prison cell for a very long time. By the time you get out, this will be a shiny new neighbourhood of rich people in beautiful apartments with Puerto Rican doormen that chase trash like you away.
[starts to leave]
Riff: Wait! I got a question for you, Lieutenant. How tall did you used to be before you, you know, "schrank"?
Lieutenant: Come on, Sergeant, ride with me.
Officer: Long as I know you, Riff, you ain't had the sense, God gave a pigeon.

- Yeah!
Riff: Hey!
- No, no, no. I just wanna give him a talk real quick.
- Hey, Bernardo!
Graziella: Riff!
- Girl: Bernardo!
Manolo: Chino!

Anita: [to Maria, from trailer] If you go with him, no one will forgive you.

- Go pop yourself, ya blister.
- How long's he figure on holing up down there?
- Till the heat dies down.
- When's that gonna happen?
- Two guys died, so...
- Never ever.

- Yeah?
- Look it.
[Gasps] Ooh.
- You see? Promise.
- You bring dead floors back to life.
- Keep looking for better, mi milagro.
- Like you always done.

- I want to see your friend, Tony.
- He's here? He's supposed to be.
- I have a message for him.

Anita: Oh, like you don't stare.
- Because our girls make their girls look lousy.
- The first gringo boy who smiles at you... pow!
- Ay, Mr. Juvenile delincuente.
Bernardo: Vamos.
- I told you she likes him.

- Go to doc's.
- Valentina will know what to do.
- Tony!
- Promise me you will.
Anita: Maria.

Tony: [singing] Tonight, tonight, Won't be just any night, Tonight there will be no morning star, Tonight, tonight, I'll see my love tonight, And for us stars will stop where they are!
Maria: Today, the minutes seem like hours, The hours go so slowly, And still the sky is light
Tony,40603: Oh, moon, grow bright And make this endless day Endless night...

Riff: [Tony arrives at the rumble] And just when all hope is lost. So, is this the shot heard round the world, or just, you know, more of your bullshit?
Tony: Don't ask me about shooting, pal. You're the one with the gun.
Riff: That's right, and who are you? Friend or foe?

[Laughs] Oh, that's...
- Don't laugh.
- I, Tony...
- I, Anton, take you, Maria, rich or poor...
- I'm poor.
- I'm poorer.

Anybodys: All of you go suck a pickle.

- You promised you would stop this.
- You promised you would stop this!
- I tried. I tried.
- And then you murdered him!
- No, no, you murdered me!
- You're a killer! The killer!
[Sobbing] Killer, killer, killer, killer, killer...

- just please!
- Don't leave me here!
- Get off of me!
- Chino, kill me!
- Kill me, too, chino!
- Chino!

Anita: [in church, at mass, wearing a prayer veil, singing] Anita's gonna get her kicks, Tonight
Rosalía: Shh!
Anita: We'll have our private little mix, Tonight
Luz: Shh!
Anita: He'll walk in hot and tired, So what? Don't matter if he's tired, as long as he's hot
Rosalía,40638: Shh!
Anita: Tonight!

- Boys, step it right. Girls, left.
- And when the music stops, ya dance with whoever's in front of ya.

- Sure. No, I mean, thank you for the dance and for the...
Anita: Ay...
- Let's say...
- Let's say we visit the head and we'll pow-wow friendly like.
- You, me, and my troublemaking buddy here.

Valentina: Keep looking for better, mi milagro. Like you always done.
Tony: [singing] Could be? Who knows? There's something due any day, I will know right away, Soon as it shows, It may come cannonballing, Down through the sky, Gleam in its eye, Bright as a rose, Who knows? It's only just out of reach, Down the block, On a beach, Under a tree, I got a feeling there's a miracle due, Gonna come true, Coming to me, Could it be? Yes, it could, Something's coming, Something good, If I can wait, Something's coming, I don't know what it is, But it is gonna be great...

- turn off the juice, boy go, man, go but not like a yo-yo school boy
- -just play it cool, boy
- -[Gun clacks]
- Real cool
- Careful, buddy.

- I know you.
- I know all of your names.
- Since you was born.
- I watched you grow up.
- And you have grown into rapists.

- Don't laugh. It means I wanna be...
- I know what it means.

- these 20 bad blocks.
- Don't you do what Bernardo did.
- You kill a gringo, they kill you.
- Sooner or later, the gringos kill everything.
- Chino, chino, chino, por favor.
- Don't follow me.

- Maria can't like a iambeojo who just works day and night.
- Never stands up like her brother does.
- She says all the time she doesn't want anyone like me.
- Just be chino.
- But be a chino who dances.

Anita: Here, dead man, eat your eggs. And everyone speak English.

- hold my hand and we're halfway there hold my hand and I'll take you there somehow someday somewhere

- Hey, hey, hey!
- Hey, hey, hey!

- You dishonour yourselves.
- You dishonour your dead.
- What do we do now?
- We're done.

- And no one will ever forgive him.
- Will you?
- You can't ever ask me that.
- Will you forgive me?
- Te quiero, mi nifia, but he will have to go away.
- And you will have to go with him.

- Do you wanna start world war III?
- Ay, Maria, Maria.
- Tony? Come on.
- Tony, come on.
- You walking away? Hey! Come on, man!

- Sharks: Hey! Women: Hey!
- Sharks: Hey! Women: Hey!
- Sharks: Hey!

Tony: [to Maria] The world's been against Riff since he was born.

Lieutenant: We're outnumbered, boys. Thousands more are on their way, and once they're here, they pop out kids like crazy. Am I right?