1000 Best The Wire Quotes

Det. James 'Jimmy' McNulty: What, we don't have enough love in our hearts for two wars?

- Now you know avon fought real hard for them towers.
- We took down the rayford brothers, big Dennis woodson, I mean...
- This shit is just business, string.
- Buy for a dollar, sell for two.
- That all it need be. You got the towers, I got what goes in them.
- Later for all that bullshit.
- I'll talk to avon.
- You do that. Do that.

- keep him in the hole in the hole down in the hole down in the hole keep him in the hole keep him in the...
- Down in the hole down in the hole keep him in the hole keep him in the...
- Down in the hole down in the hole

- Y'all don't happen to know a fellow by the name of peanut, right?
- I didn't think so. Anyway, gentlemen, you know, one hand washes the other.
- You give me a good word on that gun and I can make almost any charge disappear.
- Any questions?
- Huh?
- Get them out.
- Shit, I had to try something.

- How'd he take it?
- Like stringer was kin.
- Yeah?
[Colvin] Bushy top.
- Need to pull on your coat, boy.
- Hey, what's up, major?
- I got something for y'all.
- Mount Vernon square in about an hour.
- I'm there.

- Brother, you feeling strong today? See if you can get his ass out of that chair.
- He said it was fine if you want to hit him, too.
- Hey, hey, hey. What's the first thing a guy from local 47 does after he gets laid?
- What?
- Wipes the pepper spray from his eyes!
- Hey, frank, something's going on.
- Come on.

- I need a lab unit and a dpw crew with a jackhammer.
- 'A jackhammer?'
- Gonna keep a bit of road, kga.
- Alive. In the or.
- My people at the scene have heard this.
- It's a copy of the original.
- We brought a machine... where the fuck is...
- Sir.
- Here it is.

- Hey, turk.
[Bunk] Hey.
- Where's Nadine this fine evening?
- Gainesville. Been down in Florida at her sister's all damn week.
- Shame to say, though. Lack of pussy will change even a good man's demeanor.
- Sweet as can be.

- Your serial killer called the Baltimore sun.
- Some goof claiming to be your guy called a reporter.
- One of the guys writing this shit up.
- Gotta be a crank call.
- Probably so.
- But seeing as it's the fucking newspaper you go over there and you set them straight.

- You can set up here at the off-site and we can share information but the murders stay with homicide.
- Unless, of course, you find a suspect.

- Murder stay murder.
- Thanks.
- Gun matches. You're done, bird.
- Last chance to grab something for yourself on a deal.
- Eat my shit first, you downtown white whore.
- That's right. Take this ugly-ass cunt-eater with you, too.

[Man] If you'd been here earlier, you'd have seen a beating.
- Clean. Not a fucking thing in there.
- Pick any door in the low-rises.
- What are the chances?

Lt. Dennis Mello: All right, listen up, you mutts, this is complicated. I mean, it isn't complicated if you went to college or, I don't know, your mothers actually stopped drinking for a minute while they was pregnant. But for Baltimore City Police, this is complicated.

- You played with fire, didn't you?
- And now we're all getting burned...
Man: ...Reporting live from south
- Baltimore, where police have found the body of what appears to be another homeless man.
- This one killed and left in a vacant lot...
- Short while ago have refused so far...
- Did somebody not get the message?

- I don't know, boss. If there weren't so many kids down here I might be okay with it.
- Baltimore police.
- Baltimore?
- Baltimore, Maryland.
- Can I get a Jameson?
- Bushmills okay?
- That's protestant whiskey.
- The price is right, ain't it?
- Make it neat.

- I know, it's annoying.
- But what the hell are you guys doing?
- Is that avon's money?
- Eastside addresses but maybe barksdale has fronts we don't know about.
- State's attorney's returning this?
- Fast as he can.
- Y'all are stirring some shit here.
- Why didn't you tell me?
- Aren't you better off that we didn't?

- But how the hell am I supposed to trust you?
[Boy] Mom, quick, it's a spider.
- It's a big, hairy one.
- Oh, my gosh.
- Come on, mom.
- It's a big hairy spider.
- Where?
- You mean the one that's on your leg!

- You're not gonna fuck me on this?
- As it is, I got the mayor's teeth in my ass.
- Your name does not get mentioned.
- Mayor didn't say a word to me.
- Thanks.
- Is nothing.
- This is DC's number one, wpgc 95.5.

- Where y'all at?
- All right, when I find y'all, y'all gonna get it.
- You better come out now.
- Where y'all at?
- Look, I'm not even playing with y'all right about now.
- You hear me?

- "and you ever remember me
- "and have thought to please my ghost...
- "Forgive some sinner,
- "and wink your eye at some homely girl."
- Fuck Henry mencken.
- I forgive you, Gus.

- You got two young bucks round the corner.
- One in the white tee, the other guy a throwback on.
- One got the jump in his dip and the one with a car tire, ya feel me?
- Round the corner?
- Fulton and Lex.
- A'ight.
- Thanks, man.
- Yeah.

Marla: The tree that doesn't bend, breaks, Cedric.
Lt. Cedric Daniels: Bend too far, you're already broken.

- Got accounts at some of the banks down there.
- Donations come in as cash, cashier's checks come out.
- Tiny-ass Caribbean island don't truck with no subpoenas, no court orders, none of that.
- You pay ten on the dollar.
- Anything beyond that depends on your generosity, to save those who want to be saved.

[At the end of the meeting of drug dealers]
Russell: Adjourn your asses.

Lt. Cedric Daniels: Lt. Cedric Daniels: Couple weeks from now, you're gonna be in some district somewhere with 11 or 12 uniforms looking to you for everything. And some of them are gonna be good police. Some of them are gonna be young and stupid. A few are gonna be pieces of shit. But all of them will take their cue from you. You show loyalty, they learn loyalty. You show them it's about the work, it'll be about the work. You show them some other kinda game, then that's the game they'll play. I came on in the Eastern, and there was a piece-of-shit lieutenant hoping to be a captain, piece-of-shit sergeants hoping to be lieutenants. Pretty soon we had piece-of-shit patrolmen trying to figure the job for themselves. And some of what happens then is hard as hell to live down. Comes a day you're gonna have to decide whether it's about you or about the work.

- Two had anal, six came back positive on oral.
- Whoa.
- You tell Cole about all this?
- I sent the preliminary findings up to homicide, but Cole ain't on the case.
- No? Who is?
- Your man bunk and his partner. They ate it.
- Thanks.

- boy, you'll be the shit, you hear?
- These really do look like glocks.
- They make them look that way.
- Yo, why you shoot low?
- All right, if you're close, aim for the head.
- If not, think vest. That's the way you said it.
- A'ight. Boy's learning.

- Hey, what up, man?
- This first time, I can go four ounces of rock but hey, if the shit is right, then next time I can step that up.
- Almost ain't worth it for four.
- Just this first go-round. Do right by me,
- I'll turn around and come back on it.
- Where your money at, man?

- Good hunting.
[Landsman] Howie?
- Yo.
- You got midnight shift.
- Worden'll be in to relieve you at six.
- After worden, my squad will pick up monitoring on the dayshift.
- Excuse me.
- Don't look so pissy.
- We're actually paying overtime for this.

- He must have done something to you.
- No, it's just business.

- Jesus Christ, are you kidding?
- You're seeing all this ass-backwards.
- We have a mandate to pursue political corruption.
- Can you believe these guys?
- Jimmy, look.
- Drugs and murder don't cut it anymore?
- How about terrorism?
- These guys have dropped 14, 15 bodies.
- The witnesses, cooperators.
- That kind of hyperbole doesn't serve anyone, detective.

- All right, I'm with homicide.
- Ok, you two, you sit right here, ok?
- Don't wander off.
- Erm... dad?
- What?
- It's a school night.
- Mom said we had to...
- I know, I know. We will.
- Just stay there.

- Target's coming, you see it?
- I got him on broening, heading west towards the city.
- Copy, 11-37 to 11-34.
- Target approaching your 20.
- 11-34, copy that.
- 39, going straight on newkirk.
- He's all yours, bunk.
- Copy.

- What?
- Alma, what's up?
- It's empty.
- What's empty?
- The pad he waved at you, saying it was all filled with notes.
- It's empty. Every page.
- Thanks.

- My pal, Beatrice.
- What, you gonna run me in again?
- Isn't that like double jeopardy?
- Stop it, just stop it.
- Talk to me.
- And say what?
- I'm sitting here trying to figure it out myself.
- It didn't happen overnight.

- I can't promise you anything.
- Just come in. We'll start from there.
- You're better than them you got in bed with.

- But she wanted you to have that and told me to tell you she's sorry to be late with it.
- Girl got such heart, you know?
- Yeah.
- This is enough for what I got going on now, man.
- You give the rest back to her.
- Are you sure?

State's Atty. Ilene Nathan: Mr. Little, how does a man rob drug dealers for eight or nine years and live to tell about it?
Omar: [slight pause, slight shrug] Day at a time, I s'pose.

- I need the trace work on 06h271, and I need it now.
Managing: I know, he hasn't been around to it yet.
- Tell him I called and tell him I'm gonna keep calling till he feels my fucking pain, all right?
- Gift-wrapped.
- Number one.

[Snoop] Fuck that nigger.
- What up, b?
- Where ma at?
- Upstairs.
- Michael, my daddy came home.
- Daddy came home?
Woman: Look who home.
- Michael.

- Son of a bitch. You are a fucking thief!
- This is where our taxes go!
- I do good work.
- Let's get it on the fucking can.
- Horseface, you son of a bitch!
- Christ, I'm gonna bust the only nut I got left.
- Come on, boys. Ain't no heavier than the pallets we usually handle.
- Finishing touch, boys.

- I understand you're angry but we've made progress in here.
- I don't know what passed between you and senator Davis, but if you're unhappy with Clayton's performance...
- Shit.
- Oh, god.
- Oh, god, no.
- God, no.

Sgt. Ellis Carver: [Observing Bodie beat a competing dealer with a bat] See, that's why we can't win.
Det. Thomas 'Herc' Hauk: Why not?
Sgt. Ellis Carver: They fuck up, they get beat. We fuck up, they give us pensions.

Off. James 'Jimmy' McNulty: [quote at end of opening credits] They can chew you up, but then they gotta spit you out.

- Look, it's not a knockout blow but we sent a clear message.
- I don't see barksdale's name anywhere, or bell, or anything about the murders.
- The casework, it goes towards that.
- So we've got work to do.
- Don't we?

- If you want it to go away...
- If you wanna bring in someone else, maybe do things differently.
- You looking for the back door, lieutenant? Already?
- Mcnulty says this case needs a wire.
- You think he's right?
- It needs somethin'.

- Let me understand. Y'all hang around the projects, white and black together, ties and jackets on, looking to help ladies with their shopping carts and whatever else.
- Police, right?
- Afraid so, ma'am.
- About the murder a while back, right?
- Maintenance man?

- You clear some time tomorrow,
- I'll open the door for you. That work?
- Son...
- You need to focus a bit more on what can be gained by working with people.
- That's just a thought, now.
- Yeah.
- Thanks.

- Sarge, nobody answers at juvenile intake and we been calling.
- Clearly, they're not as dedicated as you two detectives.
- What time does the duty consultant get here?
- You missed the 8:00.
- You got another one around midnight.
- Midnight?
- You think if we left you the papennork, you could put him in the box until intake gets here?

- Mr. P, ashanti Graham.
- You gots to know him.
- He was a player for real.

- Shut it down.
- Five-o.
- Five-o, five-o, break up.

- What's this good boy's name?
- Hey, boy.
- How you doing today?
- You been good? This a good boy.
- There it is.
- Car will be running.
- What is it, Lamar?

State's: [after Senator Davis was acquitted despite strong charges] What the fuck just happened?
Asst. State's Atty. Rhonda Pearlman: Whatever it is, they don't teach it in law school.

D'Angelo: Now look, check it, it's simple, it's simple. See this? This the kingpin, a'ight? And he the man. You get the other dude's king, you got the game. But he trying to get your king too, so you gotta protect it. Now, the king, he move one space any direction he damn choose, 'cause he's the king. Like this, this, this, a'ight? But he ain't got no hustle. But the rest of these motherfuckers on the team, they got his back. And they run so deep, he really ain't gotta do shit.
Preston: Like your uncle.
D'Angelo: Yeah, like my uncle. You see this? This the queen. She smart, she fast. She move any way she want, as far as she want. And she is the go-get-shit-done piece.
Wallace: Remind me of Stringer.
D'Angelo: And this over here is the castle. Like the stash. It can move like this, and like this.
Wallace: Dog, stash don't move, man.
D'Angelo: C'mon, yo, think. How many time we move the stash house this week? Right? And every time we move the stash, we gotta move a little muscle with it, right? To protect it.
Preston: True, true, you right. All right, what about them little baldheaded bitches right there?
D'Angelo: These right here, these are the pawns. They like the soldiers. They move like this, one space forward only. Except when they fight, then it's like this. And they like the front lines, they be out in the field.
Wallace: So how do you get to be the king?
D'Angelo: It ain't like that. See, the king stay the king, a'ight? Everything stay who he is. Except for the pawns. Now, if the pawn make it all the way down to the other dude's side, he get to be queen. And like I said, the queen ain't no bitch. She got all the moves.
Preston: A'ight, so if I make it to the other end, I win.
D'Angelo: If you catch the other dude's king and trap it, then you win.
Preston: A'ight, but if I make it to the end, I'm top dog.
D'Angelo: Nah, yo, it ain't like that. Look, the pawns, man, in the game, they get capped quick. They be out the game early.
Preston: Unless they some smart-ass pawns.

- I put what I can on crazy-ass bunny Colvin.
- And I take the hit.
- And if carcetti or gray holds hearings,
- I'm the wall between them and you.
- In which case,
- I am your commissioner for the full five-year term.

[Man] ...1942, the us 1st marine division stormed the shore at guadalcanal, seizing a nearly complete airfield at lunga point, which was renamed Henderson field, and an Anchorage at nearby tulagi that would later be known as iron bottom sound because of the ships sunk there in battle.
- The landings of the first day put nearly 11,000 marines on the island...

Det. Shakima 'Kima' Greggs: [Herc has been ranting about IID charges] Herc, What the fuck did you do exactly?
Sgt. Thomas 'Herc' Hauk: I lost a surveillance camera that I took without my Lieutenant's permission and the evidence that I had found, I it attributed to a made up informant.
Det. William 'Bunk' Moreland: Son, They gonna beat on your White ass like it was a Rented Mule.

- 14 open homicides that might never clear?
- The bosses wouldn't blame you for that.
- I wouldn't shine either.
- I'm using what we do with this to get a major case squad.
- I come up out of here with all those open files, it doesn't smell as sweet.
- What's the next move?
- We clone the computer and watch the docks in real time.

- It's not a protection against caterpillars, they eat right through it, but it is a sort of warning system.
- They here.

Lt. Cedric Daniels: I don't care how you do it, but I need my wire today.

- Fuck.
- Check this.
- Motherfucker.
- Fuck me.
- Pow.

- Duquan, could you come here?
- I thought maybe you could help me out -
- I packed too much.

Man: Big white, got the big white.
- How many more minutes you think he's got on that phone?
- Fuck this, let's hit the bar.
- Lester needs a phone, man.
- No, there's an easier way.
- I'll show you tomorrow.
- Come on.
- I'm buying.

- This was written on the stash house wall with the letter d next to it.
- Is that d'Angelo? Did you check it?
- It's him.

Det. James 'Jimmy' McNulty: You know why I respect you so much, Bunk?
Det. William 'Bunk' Moreland: Mm-mmm.
Det. James 'Jimmy' McNulty: It's not 'cause you're good police, 'cause, y'know, fuck that, right?
Det. William 'Bunk' Moreland: Mm. Fuck that, yeah.
Det. James 'Jimmy' McNulty: It's not 'cause when I came to homicide, you taught me all kinds of cool shit about . . . well, whatever.
Det. William 'Bunk' Moreland: Mm. Whatever.
Det. James 'Jimmy' McNulty: It's 'cause when it came time for you to fuck me . . . you were very gentle.
Det. William 'Bunk' Moreland: You damn right.
Det. James 'Jimmy' McNulty: See, 'cause you could have hauled me out of the garage and just bent me over the hood of a radio car, and . . . no, you were, you were very gentle.
Det. William 'Bunk' Moreland: I knew it was your first time. I wanted to make that shit special.
Det. James 'Jimmy' McNulty: It was, man. It fucking was.

Off. Michael Santangelo: [to speaker of Western District's briefing on counter-terrorism] No disrespect to your appendix, but if them terrorists do fuck up the Western, could anybody even tell?
[All the other officers laugh]

- Don't sweat it. I got mine right here.
- Good.
- You want to take a look? Won't bite.
- Hey, don't forget the stippling.
- I'm a rookie?
- There's something in his hand.
- Yeah?
- Give her some tweezers.

- 'Y'all got a tape?'
- 'Over there, man.'
- 'all right, let's see what we got here.' he's packing shit up.

Sgt. Ellis Carver: They said you're leaving for family reasons.
Dep. Comm. for Operations Cedric Daniels: Guess I got some kids somewhere I don't even know about.

- Want a streak or something?
- I could put a little purple in it.
- Yeah, and right after that, I'll just go ahead and stick my tongue up some guy's ass.

- than a bad headline now, is there?
- You'd rather live in shit than let the world see you work a shovel.
- You can order warrants, and I'll serve them.
- But as long as I have days left on those dead wires, this case goes on.

- Fuck!
- Officer, what are you doing?
- What, you need bifocals or something?
- What?
[Radio] 0-9. I'm responding.
- 16, 200 north.
- I'm gonna need your name.
- I'm very sorry, ma'am, all right?
- Give me that.

- Which one?
- White detective, black hair.
- The one that was knocking on all the doors.
- What about him?
- He showed up in court to watch.
- Word.
- What are you talking to that motherfucker for? Damn, d.
- He say anything?
- No, just sat in the back.

- Zig.
- What did frog say?
- "Here's a couple of hundred extra, make the little goof happy"?
- The packages were my thing, Nick.
- Fuck, if you ain't handle that better, too.
- Zig, we're making money.

- Jeez. In the department, you take one in the line they give you light duty for as long as you need, then you get to name your next assignment.
- Marlo runs a tighter ship.

- What the fuck did you do?
- And why'd you let him do it?
- Listen...
- No. That's how you got him with his head up his ass, unsolving his own fucking murders.
- Your job is to turn red to black, not the other way.
- And you, stand the fuck up for yourself.

- when there was another white man in the race?
[Woman] I don't know, but you must really believe in him.
- Ain't that what I been saying?
- He's just the best candidate.
- So you'll go with my man?
- I'll think about it.
- That's great. Thank you for your time.
[Woman] Bye-bye.
- All right.

- Our 10-7 on the floor yet?
- He's by the overhead camera.
- I need to grab prints, get him ID'd.
- Don't you want to wait for the post, keep his hands clean for trace?
- I need to know who my victim is.
- That's the priority.
- Finish your breakfast.
- I got plenty of time.

- and fucked with by some sick motherfucker who used him forjerk-off purposes.
- How the shit about the bite marks get in the papers in the first place?
- Gotta run.
- I got shit to assemble.
- You didn't tell me that part of it, did you, motherfucker?
Managing: I got one at the corner of Calhoun and mosher.

- Nigger put a gun in my face, man.
- Joe know about butchie?
- Motherfucker, I know about him.
- Joe don't know shit about this here, and he ain't need to know.
- Now where my cheese at, man?
- Ooh. [Chuckles]

- Whatever you see.
- And a carton of newports.
[Kid] Omar comin'.
- Hey, y'all, here he come.
- Omar, Omar.
- Omar strollin'.

Det. Shakima 'Kima' Greggs: Damn boy, you smell like sex. Take a fucking shower.
Det. James 'Jimmy' McNulty: Late for work.

- He said that there was an argument about a stolen car or two.
- Think he'll open up and talk more?
- He's been processed and assigned to pd.
- If you want to take a run at the kid, you're gonna have to get around his lawyer.
- I'm sorry, lieutenant. It's my bad.
- State your name, asshole. What's your name?
- What's your name?

- Nah, I don't think so.
- I'm not feeling so good today, you know?
- As your sponsor, I'm telling you, you got to step up for something.
- I don't care what,
- I don't care if it's in these rooms or not, but there ain't no laying in the cut on this shit.
- You got to step up somewhere.

- in the bottom of the hole in the hole in the hole way down in the hole in the hole in the hole in the hole in the hole way down in the hole

- to do anything twisted up in this here play, you feel me?
- I even catch a whiff of you doing something foul, Joe,
- I mean, I might got to go tell marlo you the one put me up on that card game.
- We understood?
- Now go ahead and write my ticket so I can tip on out.
- Come on now.

Spiros: [quote after opening credits] They used to make steel there, no?

- Want a check, go the fuck up rosemont.
- Come on, man, I'll work for it.
- Na', I took you on out of respect for your father, all right, but I can't go hirin' the whole damn neighborhood.
- You can have my job until you get enough for you an' bug.
- Thanks, man.
- Yeah, work for y'all, work for me, yo.
- Po-po. Step the fuck off.

- Betrayal and conspiracy sacrilege and heresy
- I feel all right
- I feel all right tonight
- I feel all right
- I feel all right tonight

- This thing with Lester...
- I feel like shit about it.
- Well, you'll get used to it.
[Man] We get out of the car, crowd parts like the red sea, victim's on the ground, bleeding, screaming,
- "I'm gonna kill that fucking bitch."
- But it's like nothing's really wrong with him...

[standing next to Brandon's stabbed, beaten and burned corpse]
Off. Bobby Brown: This is the worst case of suicide I've ever seen.

- Believe me, we ain't short on papennork here either. Agent koutris?
- Not much to it. We pulled his chain in a stolen goods case I worked in '95, '96.
- He was just crumbs, so no charges.
- But I did an interview.
- The guy struck me as just a mope playing it slick.
- Yeah, I can send you what I got.
- All right. If you need it, let me know.

- Jesus, Larry... I think we gotta reach out to a criminal lawyer real quick.
- The union guys can't handle this mess, he'll have a bail hearing tomorrow.
- Do you have any details?
- I know nothing except he's locked up.
- I can't see him till ten.
- That's the only time?
- Visiting hours, yeah.
- Look, everything's gonna be fine.
- Uh-huh.

- seeing as how y'all can't find the heart to stand with me now.
- You want to quorum up again, think it over a little?
- Yeah, I thought you might.
- I'll get word back that we need a fresh shipment, and right quick, and you can think about what we need to do to improve security, make sure it only happens the once.

- Who got them?
- New Charles works for mutt.
- Yo, zig. You working today?
- No. Came here to have breakfast with you duper-faced fucks.
- Most important goddamn meal of the goddamn day, right?
- Set them up, Dolores, zig is thirsty.
- That's right, I'm thirsty.
- You know what?
- Bottoms up, you ugly whores.

- What's done is done.
- Gay-ass gangsters. Please.
- I tell you, I took it for as long as I could.
- Let's go, man.
- Let's go.

- I did it 'cause it had to be done.
- Just like it had to be done two years ago when we were first detailed.
- Stringer was the target then, he's still the target now.
- Lieutenant, you know, as bosses go, you're better than most, and I know you went out of your way to get me off that boat.
- I know that, but now we're back on the right man.

Det. James 'Jimmy' McNulty: So what do you think?
Det. William 'Bunk' Moreland: I think this is a tragic motherfucking miscarriage of justice. I think it deserves a special grand jury, and if not, the President should appoint an independent prosecutor. Oh, no no, no no, actually, I think Kofi Bryant and the United fucking Nations should get involved.

- Anyone from your cid working this?
- Nope.
- There was an argument overjurisdiction and your colonel made everybody mad.
- All you get is me.
- Still on hold?
- We can call this in from the road.
- You with city homicide?
- You must know Jimmy mcnulty.
- Yeah, he's dead to us.

- Robert.
- Hey.
- Welcome home.
- Thanks.
- I need a global printout on everything under Scott Templeton's byline.
- All of it, every edition.
- Hey, I'm a fan.

Lt. Cedric Daniels: You rather live in shit than the world see you work a shovel.

- I was thinking maybe you would ticket your white ass up with me.
- Run for council president.
- Me an emerging black leader, handsome, well spoken.
- You, the great white hope, the new voice of civic reform.
- We could give Royce a run, man.
- What makes you think I'm interested?
- What the hell else have you got going?
- Think about it.

- Here, bank that for me.
- Bank it? For what?
- Got me a plan, girl.
- The hoppers here only be wearing them big white t-shirts a couple of times before they Chuck 'em.
- So I'm thinkin', while I'm out here working for y'all,
- I sell them shirts on the corner.
- I'll make my nut comin' and goin'.

Off. James 'Jimmy' McNulty: You're a soldier, Bodie.
Preston: Hell yeah.

Det. William Moreland: You seem awfully happy today.
Det. Ray Cole: I got laid last night.
Det. William Moreland: Oh yeah? Your asshole still hurt?

- So, it ain't no moonlighting thing, then.
- Nah, he ain't no real police.
- He full time on this
- Mickey mouse shit here.
- What he do again?
- Talked back.
- Go over hilltop now?
- Yeah, we got that too.

- Business or pleasure for you?
- Business. Always business.
- What did you forget?
- Nothing important.

- He's interested in you.
- But he doesn't mention no blowjob, and neither do you.
- Uh-uh. It just lays there like a bad pierogi on the plate, both of you pretending it ain't there.
- What if he screws me over?
- Bounces me to a midnight shift?
- He does that, you will talk.

- Come on, get up. Let's go. Up with you.
- Come on.
- She couldn't talk, couldn't breathe. Nothing.
- She went into the ambo that way.
- Is she...?
- What the fuck did I do?
- Come on, walk.
- What's that?

- Come on, man. I ain't gonna hurt you.
[Man] Yellow tops, yellow tops, got them yellow tops. Yellow tops.
- See that? All right, sit down.
- Look, if y'all wanna learn more...
- I got a gym down on gilmor in the old tire plant.
- Y'all are all welcome. All right?

Det. James 'Jimmy' McNulty: Jesus, what the fuck did I do?
Det. William 'Bunk' Moreland: You happy now, bitch?

- They can't do 30 minutes without climbing the walls.
- Isn't there somebody we can talk with, face to face?
- Actually, the area superintendent wants to see the two of you tomorrow, nine o'clock in the conference room.
- Let's not panic... yet.
- ¢qué es esto?

Sgt. Ellis Carver: The young man seems to think highly of you boss. He invoked your name with a measure of respect.
Maj. Howard 'Bunny' Colvin: It wasn't but a few weeks ago when I was in a room with him being called everything but a child of God. "Mr Colvin sir, fuck you."
Namond: Yo at least I said mister.

- Relax.
- You once told me that if I was gonna do you, you'd be done already. Remember?
- Shit, I don't even remember what was in that file.
- Something about the eastern district.
- So long ago, who can remember?

heroin: Got any testers, man?
Preston: Nigga, it ain't even 9:00 and you fiendin' on it. Get the fuck outta here, man! Damn.
D'Angelo: Yo, why you act like that, yo?
Preston: What, for these junkie motherfuckers?
D'Angelo: So you just gonna take his money all day and treat him like a dog?
Preston: How I'm supposed to treat him?
D'Angelo: I don't know. But you ain't gotta punk him like that.
Malik: He punked hisself. He a goddamn drug addict.
D'Angelo: And you a goddamn drug *dealer*.
Preston: So? So *what*? Oh, what, the 'customer's always right'?
Wallace: Yo, we in the projects. The customer be fucked up. You can't give these niggers shit, man.
D'Angelo: Why not? Why can't you? Shit, everything else in the world gets sold without people taking advantage, scamming, lying, doing each other dirty. Why it got to be that way with this?
Malik: 'Cause they DOPE fiends.
D'Angelo: Yeah, but the game ain't gotta be played like that, yo. You can't tell me this shit can't get done without people beatin' on each other, killing each other, doing each other like dogs. And without all that, you ain't got 5-0 down here on our backs every five minutes. Throwing us around and shit.
Wallace: Sheeit, man.
D'Angelo: You think 5-0 care about niggers gettin' high? In the *projects*? Man, 5-0 be down here about the *bodies*, yo. That's what they be down here about. The bodies.

Det. Roland 'Prez' Pryzbylewski: [about a drugdealer giving out information through his wired phone] If that idiot worked for us, he'd be a deputy commissioner by now.

Det. James 'Jimmy' McNulty: You got yourself a hell of a case.
Moreland: Fuck you very much.

Det. Leander Sydnor: Senator.
[hands Sen. Davis a subpoena]
State Sen. R. Clayton 'Clay' Davis: What the hell is this?
Det. Leander Sydnor: Subpoena for records.
[points to a plaque on the wall]
Det. Leander Sydnor: Sphinx Club? Man of the Year!
State Sen. R. Clayton 'Clay' Davis: What kinda bullshit is this? You people must be out yo' damn mind!
Det. Leander Sydnor: You were in the Sphinx Club? My uncle used to tend bar over there. Marvin Thompson? Short guy...
State Sen. R. Clayton 'Clay' Davis: What is your name, officer?
Det. Leander Sydnor: [hands Davis his business card] Detective Sydnor, sir.
State Sen. R. Clayton 'Clay' Davis: [looks at the card, then back at Sydnor] Major Crimes? Sheeeeeeeeeeit.
Det. Leander Sydnor: [smirks and walks out] Enjoy your day, sir.
State Sen. R. Clayton 'Clay' Davis: Son, we're gonna see about this!

- Mid-size or full?
- Mid-size.
- You should upgrade and get one of them escalades.
- They got the xm radio an' all.
- I'm saying, if we gonna be in that damn car all damn day, it's worth it, Bernard.

- Greeks called him Ares.
- Same dude, different name, is all.
- Ares fits. Thanks.
- It's all good.
- See, back in middle school and all,
- I used to love them myths.
- That stuff was deep. Truly.
- You're up.

- Cos he's ok, you know?
- I mean, he's better than me.
- Got himself a couple of prosthetic mitts, eighty thousand apiece.
- Wow.
- What happened next?
- Nothing really.
- We pushed out, secured the perimeter.
- Corpsman did what he could, an' we waited for the casevac.

- Come on, now.
- A man don't be sheddin' no tears.
- Go on, bug.

- Nah, I keep a couple custodial positions unfilled every year just for this.
- Those kids? You haul 'em in, you cross 'em off the list.
- Each kid, one time, clear the list.
- Come October, you start on the list again.
- Job's yours if you want it.
- Pays 12 an hour.
- Excuse me, hon. Sit.

- Yeah.
- You good?
- I could top off with one more.
- Just one more.
- Johnny got it.
- I'll be back.

- Bring it up front for reseal when you're through, would ya, sir?
- Thanks, auggie. Auggie.
- Glad you landed ok.
- Yeah.
- Beats workin'.

D'Angelo: He's saying that the past is always with us, and where we come from, what we go through, how we go through it, all this shit matters. I mean, that's what I thought he meant.
Book: Go ahead.
D'Angelo: Like at the end of the book, you know, boats and tides and all. It's like you can change up, right, you can say you somebody new, you can give yourself a whole new story. But, what came first is who you really are and what happened before is what really happened. And it don't matter that some fool say he different cuz the only thing that make you different is what you really do, what you really go through. Like, ya know, like all them books in his library. He frontin with all them books, but if you pull one down off the shelf, ain't none of the pages ever been opened. He got all them books, and he ain't read near one of 'em. Gatsby, he was who he was, and he did what he did. And cuz he wasn't ready to get real with the story, that shit caught up to him. I think, anyway.

Maj. Howard 'Bunny' Colvin: [...] This drug thing, this ain't police work. No, it ain't. I mean, I can send any fool with a badge and a gun up on them corners and jack a crew and grab vials. But policing? I mean, you call something a war and pretty soon everybody gonna be running around acting like warriors. They gonna be running around on a damn crusade, storming corners, slapping on cuffs, racking up body counts. And when you at war, you need a fucking enemy. And pretty soon, damn near everybody on every corner is your fucking enemy. And soon the neighborhood that you're supposed to be policing, that's just occupied territory.

- What if he came already and we just missed the pick-up?
- Yo, herc, what if your mother and father never met?
- How's shop doing?
- Steady rolling.
- Let's take a ride. Beef run.
- Beef run, where at?
- Pulaski, baby, the good shit.
- Get in the car, man.
- Yo, poot. You the man for an hour.

- Mcnulty, it's perfect.
- I couldn't believe it.
- I'm sitting there, all this bullshit coming at me, thinking, Christ, this is a waste of time.
- Then I realized this is the wiretap.
- Right here. They're giving it to me.
- Never mind me making a crank call.
- This right here is Lester freamon's motherfucking wire.

- you will see a stranger you will see a stranger...
- 11-34, what's your 20?
[Bunk] I'm at the overpass on wicomico.
- Copy that.
- Ok, we're on here.
- Good evening.

Lt. Dennis Mello: [repeated line at end of role call] Don't get captured!

- You charge her with the theft,
- I'll put the cuffs on her too.
- But you in the wagon, shitbird.
- This is not acceptable...
- No. He's goin' in a wagon.
- Mr. Colvin, I have to insist.
- 30 years a police officer,
- I never took cuffs off a right charge.
- Ain't about to start now.
- You're not a police officer, Mr. Colvin.
- You work for us.

- Cocaine.
- You still want it, I got it on the Fairfield piers. No problem.
- When?
- End of the week.
- Maryska.
- She's good with English.
- They're dead. All I'm trying to do is get word to the families.

- Everything matters, I'm afraid.
- Well, anything I can do to help.
- I'll get out of the way and leave you all to it.
- Marla, I have to tell you that your photo with Cedric works really well on the mailer.
- I sure hope he knows what he's in for because it's gonna be a long race for the both of you.
- And that is not going to go easy.
[Watkins] Speaking of which, we've got to...

- What are you gonna do with her?
- Pay for a box and a mortician and ship her back to Europe?
- No, I'm gonna find where her people are at.
- How does that matter?
- You see, this is that catholic shit, Jimmy.
- This is that little altar-boy guilt talking.
- What the fuck I gotta feel guilty about?
- Let me count the ways.
- Good morning, major.

- Who the fuck is she? Housing police?
- No, she's one of them civilians they got doing security.
- Housing cops wear the grey uniforms.
- So she's not armed or nothing.
- Do she look it?
- You leaving early?
- I was early, I worked the lunch crowd.

[after shooting Cheese with a nonlethal bullet]
Brother: Pellets in plastic. Rat shot. What you need be concerned about is what's seated in the chamber now: a copper-jacketed, hollow-point, 120-grain hot street load of my own creation. So you need to think for a just a moment and ask yourself: "What do I have to do before this man raise up his gun again?"

- You guys are on all of it, huh?
- You have a public defender sitting next to you, Mr. Sobotka.
- If there's anything you don't understand...
- They killed my uncle. I don't need to talk to no one but you people.
- How do you know they did it?
- I... I told...

- Baby, a standard trac phone with 200, maybe 400 minutes on it, gonna run you 150, 200 easy.
- I charge you an even 100.
- You clear 50 on each phone.
Bernard: That's if you got receipts.
- I gotta show receipts looking like they from different places, or I can't play.
- Can we accommodate the good man?
- Damn, you know I got the bingo tonight.

- It's all good, just leave him be.
- Damn.
- Fuck.
- I'm tired of not having a phone up in this joint.
- I'll be right back.
- Yeah.
- Have a nice hike.
D'Angelo Barksdale: Yeah.

- Jesus, bunk.
- What time is it?
- 4:30.
- I couldn't sleep, so get the fuck gone.
- What time did mcnulty leave last night?
- Never did. He's in number one.
- Pulling his hair out over some shit.

- Business as usual.
- Marlo.
- You no know him when we robbed the gang?
- We ain't never been introduced.
- Boy's merely a name to me.
- If you knew it was marlo, you'd still go through with it, no?
- I wish I'd have known.
- I'd have enjoyed it that much more.

- But that means...
- All the calls to the newspaper.
- The photographs of the missing man.
- We have a wiretap. Mcnulty has a...
- On a cellphone.
- Jesus Christ.
- He wouldn't dare.
- What's the number?
- It's on the papen/vork.

- You hold a few facts for a few weeks.
- You put a report or two in a desk drawer.
- But the transferring of people off a case?
- Look, you told me...
- You specifically wanted me to not...
- Ervin, you may leave.
- Mr. Mayor...
- That will be all, commissioner.

- Greggs.
[Mcnulty] Prez shot another cop.
- What?
- It was an accident in an alley a while ago.
- No.
- I'll call you back.

- Four hash marks in a row, one for each g-pack.
- "Lo" for low-rises.
- 12 for the time.
- "S" for stinkum.
- How long to figure that out?
- Four or five hours.
- You sit here looking at beeper messages for five hours at a time?
- I don't know, it's kinda fun figuring shit out.

- Yeah, well, I guess, Mr. Mayor...
- There's nothing to be done.

- Late model Lincoln. You want the license?
- Yeah, give it.
- P-r-8-z-g-o-d.
- Yeah, he pulling out now, turning down gilmore.
- Dozerman, get me foxtrot.
- Good job, bubs. We're on it.
- Ladies, a cellphone?
- It's got, like, a half hour on it.
- No, thank you.

- Tall man says to tell y'all to soldier up.
- They up at the rim shop.
- Yeah, all right.
- Boss, you ok?
- What you want?
- Slim said they got their eye on marlo.
- I'm just saying, you know, all the boys, they all waiting on you.
- Go ahead, man. I'm behind you.

- Yeah.
- Let me see.
- See, right there.
- Mmm.
- No, you three-tenths of a mile long, dawg, and if you followed directions, you wouldn't be.
- Yo, string, I did everything like I should, man. I swear.

- well, you don't have to worry if you hold onto Jesus' hand we'll all be safe from Satan when the thunder rolls we just gotta keep the devil way down in the hole

- Why don't you just step right now?
- I don't get paid till eight.
- Eight, huh?
- You all right?
- Just a little tired, that's all.
- So I'm gonna see you tonight, right?

- Zig, Jesus, get off me, you jerk.
- Oh, zig.
- When did you get served with these?
- I got them in the mail this morning.
- In the mail?
- Yeah, this morning.
- When pokey barber got hit with paternity a sheriff had to come to his house and serve him with papers.

- All right. Talk to you in a few.
- Bond's running really strong against demper.
- Looks like we might have a new state's attorney.
- What does that mean for you?
- Demper's Royce's boy.
- Dare to get your hopes up, Tommy.
- You know what? Let's get outta here for a while, take a walk.

- Man, I ain't have her do nothing.
- She just get on her horse and come with it.
- Look. I done did everything
- I can for you and yours, but...
- From here on, your moms can't do nothing to help. All right?
- Him? From wee-bey?
- Your moms?

- and eventually, a title 3 wiretap.
- Most of all, it needs police who know how to work those things.
- You think it's good to put it out on the street that witnesses get killed?
- You think it's not on the street already?
- No grandstanding.
- Like I said, we get in and out.

- If anyone needs me,
- I'm down at missing persons, all right?
- Let's go.
- Lester?
- Yes?
- All this is cool...
- But can we do it so that the direction comes from me?
- I mean, I am the sergeant here.

- it's more than enough for burrell.
- He returns the favor and I'm running an investigative unit again.
- You dirty me up with murders. It doesn't play.
- Homicide's not the place to sprawl a case, lieutenant.
- Rawls, landsman, they have no Patience for anything but a quick shake.
- We got enough room for it here, anyway.

- This is the second time this week I had to pay for a sitter 'cause he was workin' late.
- With all that money he make, you can afford it.

Det. James 'Jimmy' McNulty: All those mopes in bracelets and not one of them named Osama.

- how Jackie Taylor got run over by a police car in the middle of that whole goddamn mess.
- I remember when the paceco fell during that windstorm. You remember?
- Killed fat Rick dead.
- Yeah, what else you remember?
- Everything.
- Everything.

- Get.
Man: It's Omar!
- Ah!
- You too, shorty.
[Boy] Omar! It's Omar!
- Money a little late today.

- Dust the receiver, the coin return and the metal top.
- The can, too.

- Ok, give that to aunt Carla.
- Tell her there's more behind it when she finds the need.
- A'ight?
- Make sure she cop you some fresh things, too.
- I don't need you going to a new school lookin' all...

- Shit do not make sense. Some of them woulda got nothing. Tae? Lizard?
- Shit, if it was a hotshot, they was after some real lightweight motherfucks.
- Yo, Dee, you want any silver surfers?
- They tossing shit tae had in his cell.
- Whoever load that shit up ain't know what he was doing.
- My boy down the infirmary say the shit was more rat poison than it was dope.

Det. James 'Jimmy' McNulty: Nicely done

- Yeah, well, it's just a thought.
- Look, man, what's the percentage breakdown...
- Don't sleep on marlo.
- He up to some shit here.
Man: That was some prime real estate.
- It took me six years to build up them corners.

- You? You?
- As if you give a shit.

- Another 30 days, mcnulty?
- What the fuck did I do?
- One day he fights, next he's ready to roll over.
- Does he want this fucking case or not?
[Freamon] Give him some slack.
- He's wrestling with the angels on this one.
- Where's my lucky pen?

- Trace lab ain't gonna have shit on the bunk.
- That shit. No fucking case file, detective.
- Where are your fucking shoes, man?
- Ma'am, you seen his shoes?
- Give me that pussy, and now you gonna take my shoes?
- Eh... that ain't right, shit.

Det. William 'Bunk' Moreland: [to McNulty] There you go. Givin' a fuck when it ain't your turn to give a fuck.

Theresa: Do you think politics is only about winning the argument? That whoever has the right fact at the right moment wins? Clinton had facts. Kennedy had facts, yeah. But Reagan? He couldn't have summoned a fact if his life depended on it.

- Ain't nothing in here but a 24 and some crime scene photos, and this.
- "Tywanda called.
- Nfd, no last name, no address.
- "Claims your victim killed after being visited by a suspect named d."
- No further description.
- There's a callback number, though.
- So call.

- You ain't careful, they may make you major, then you'll be truly fucked.
- Good job.
- Thanks.
- Proud of you.
- Thanks.

- One, two, you know what to do.
- What the fuck?

Det. Vernon Holley: So you never got a look at either of the gunmen?
Andy: [Krawcyzk is still scared from the shooting] I told you. I saw only the one of them. He was black. Big, I thought. With a large weapon.
Det. William 'Bunk' Moreland: B.N.B.G.
Det. Vernon Holley: [as Krawcyzk looks puzzled] Big Negro, Big Gun.

- Look, I chill out on the manhunt and stop hitting them in the head for they product, they gonna call off the bounty.
- Take the truce, Omar.
- I might, if they ain't trying to play me.
- They said they want to parley on it.
- Parley?
- Look, I don't know, man, but right now
- I need some assistance from y'all.

- Damn, carv, you's triflin'.
- Yeah, I admit it, I'm disgusting.
- Cheese puffs and fucking ring-dings?
- Yeah.

- One here, two there.
- No wholesale purchases.
- They've been dumping phones every two weeks or so and still they're worried about catching a wiretap.
- Just 'cause you're paranoid doesn't mean someone's not out to get you, right?
- It'd be nice to know who's buying all those cellphones.
[Mcnulty] |'|| drive.

- Bang-bang-bang. Bang-bang-bang.
- Ok, get dressed. I pressed you some clothes and laid them out.
- And don't forget that book bag neither.
- You got your chrome, young 'UN?
- I'll take mine.
- Y'all mind the crossfire, hear? Let's go.

- the guys with their feet up on their desk telling stories, who shorted you on the food runs, who signed your overtime slips.
- In the end, they're not gonna be there either.
- Family. That's it. Family, and if you're lucky, one or two friends who are the same as family.
- That's all the best of us get.
- Everything else is just...

- in the bottom of the hole in the hole in the hole way down in the hole in the hole in the hole in the hole in the hole way down in the hole

Reginald: My name is . . . my name is . . . Reginald. Round the way, they call me Bubbles. I'm a drug addict. Celebrating my anniversary. My people couldn't make it here tonight. I left a trail of fire behind me. Time going to make it right, I guess.

- My nephew. My sister's boy.
- I can't give him up like that.
- I can't do it.
- My connect had people there when the shit went down.
- If that's what you need to make you believe, you can hear it straight from him.

- 'and on election day, we are going to be out there
- 'pushing the vote in every precinct.' you ready?
- Come on, we'll get dinner first.
- Ain't so hungry.
- Come on.

Lt. Cedric Daniels: I'll tell you the truth Major. Everyone who saw the punch wrote on it. And they've all got Prez throwing the punch, no question. They've also got you addressing a subordinate officer as, what was it? A shit-bird?
Maj. Stanislaus Valchek: Fuck you. This is the Baltimore Police Department, not the Roland Park Ladies Tea.

- and now, he coming at Brianna with this bullshit?
- A complaint's not going to do anything.
- And the fact is, if the cops say her son might not be a suicide,
- Brianna's gonna hear this out, regardless.
- I suppose avon should know about it, though.
- Yeah, well, I'll handle that.

- Congratulations, superintendent.
- Welcome aboard.
- Thank you, governor.
- Happy to be aboard.
- Thank you.

- Make it look right, then put my name on it.
- Do you want to reference all the murders or should I soft-pedal that?
- Fucking horse is out the barn door, right?
- Let's try not to make me look stupid twice.
- And when you list the cases, put a little dot next to each one.
- Deputy likes dots.
- I'm sorry, major, really.

Omar: Lesson here, 'Bey: You come at the king, you best not miss...

- Run the company name through the charter office.
- Also, homicide picked up one
- Saturday night. Might be one of ours.
- John Bailey, he's a stick-up artist
- I used to know from the Murphy homes.
- He was wearing kevlar. 39 casings on the scene, from three different guns.
- Overkill for a burn bag but about right if he was running with Omar.
- Look. Our buddy.

- Yo, where that whistle at?
- Whoa, h-hold on.
- Wait for Mario.

- Soon, though, soon.
- So, you ain't big on coming here, right?
- Tell you something. You about to see your uncle, you understand me?
- This is family.
- I know.
- Family is what counts, family is what it's about.
- Family gonna always be there
- 'cause it's blood.

- And you know that my name ain't nowhere on what happened to your friend.
- I think what we're asking is reasonable under the circumstances.
- Until someone identifies the source of the tainted heroin, you could have another five overdoses tomorrow or the day after.
- Consider the offer.
- But the next time we talk, an assistant
- Attorney General has to be in the room.

- you gotta keep the devil way down in the hole
- You gotta keep the devil way down in the hole way down way down in the hole

- Fish gotta swim, you know what I'm saying?
- Like I said, bird was always showing that thing to everybody, talking about this deed and the next.
- I didn't pay him no mind until you all came and showed him some interest.
- Mr. Little, if you wouldn't mind waiting outside,
- I'd like a few words with officer mcnulty.

- Rod.
- Got it.
- Here. Hold on to that.
- Yeah. I know this one.

- 13 of 'em. They had about a third of that space hidden behind a fake wall.
- A few flashlights, some junk food, some water.
- A portable toilet they had to share.
- And not enough air.

- Ain't no market at all. You ain't got shit to sell. Back your ass up for those that do.
- You know what?
- What?
- Get the fuck out of here, bitch!
- Get your ass outta here!
- See, that's why we can't win.
- Why not?
- They fuck up, they get beat.
- We fuck up, they give us pensions.
[Man] Close it! Get the fuck out of here!

State Sen. R. Clayton 'Clay' Davis: Look, it takes money to make money, String. Otherwise every pauper would be a king.
Russell: And I'm sayin', I'm ready to run now.
State Sen. R. Clayton 'Clay' Davis: Three years. Crawl, walk, and then run.

- Deez?
- Yeah, deez nuts.
- Fuck.
- Damn.
- Shit.
- Yo, yo. Come on.
- Yeah, come on.
- Get him, y'all!

- Fuck, right?
- You got a number?
- A number?
- Back in the day, when a player tried to say he lost a package to the police, he had to give up a number for the report.
- Well, we ain't back in the day.
- I'm getting fucking tired of your ass.

Det. James 'Jimmy' McNulty: The things that make me right for this job, maybe they're the same things that make me wrong for everything else.

- Can I talk to you for a second?
- Maybe later. I got to get ready for work.

- Oh, wait.
- Just pass these out for me, okay?
[2nd woman] How's your appetite?
[Man] Two for one here!
- I just rolled for peanut butter.
- You got anything else?
- The fuck I look like to you, chef boyardee?
- Who?
- When all this bullshit falls apart,
- I'm gonna kick your butt...!

- You're ugly enough to be a teamster.
- Lick me, you whore!
- It'll be up on wheels. K-row, slot 122.
- Roger that.

- Yo. I got some downtown suits who wanna holler at you real quick.
- Ah, shit. Takin' me to see suits?
- I'm tryin' to see some skirts.

- You showed something today.
- Just felt like it needed to be said.
- Sounds like you're running for something.
- Eunetta. Been a while.

- and ervin is a good man working under considerable pressure.
- He's a hack.
- You're not bothered by the pressure, deputy?
- Not in the least.
- I need you to make this go away, bill.
- I won't forget, believe me.

- You seen my nephew anywhere?
- Nick? Not yet. I don't think he got any hours.

- Shit.
- One-and-one.
- One more time with that toothpick,
- I'm going to stab his eye with it.

- Boy named sherrod.
- I been carryin' his passin' for a long while.
- Like that memory I had about those summer days in the park.
- Thinkin' on that make me smile.
- With sherrod, it's more of a hurt.
- But not as... not so bad like it was.

- I don't know.
- Maybe find out where his union hangs.
- Go there with a c! Or two, make some hand-to-hands.
- How about some dnrs on his phones?
- Dnrs?
- See who he's calling, look for a pattern.
- Hand-to-hands for now, I think.

- Somebody snitching!
- Shut the fuck up!
- Let's go, lavell.

- It was this nigger, I saw him. Get the fuck up.
- All right, listen, I'm sorry.
- Fuck that.
- Motherfucker burned us for $30.
- Take him to Franklin Avenue and throw his ass onto the motherfucking expressway.
- All right, listen, I'm fucking sorry.
- I fucked up, man.
- What you got on you?
- Just the 10 I dropped, man, the real one.

- He runs any kind of game at all,
- I wanna know.
- Major, the man's an asshole, but he doesn't do much other than work. He's got this case in his gut like it's cancer.
- He does no wrong?
- Doesn't drink any more?
- Doesn't drink on duty?
- Doesn't drink and drive, detective?
- Major...
- You've got to help me on this, Michael.

- Keep the cash. Write him a receipt.
- He wants to put a claim in with the city solicitor, he can.
- But they're gonna ask him where he got the pile.
- Uh-oh. The angel of death.
- Who's that?
- Major Reed, iid.
- Lieutenant, a word.

- At least he's a columnist, he's paid to sit on his ass. What's your excuse?
- Just left him in the smoking lounge.
- Hit him on his cell.
- What kind of people stand around watching a fire?
- Some shameful shit right here.
- Where else would you rather be, huh, kids?
Man: Hey, Gus.

- You want me in there with ya, believe me, othennise guys like that will bleed you.
- I want you to meet Tommy Flanagan before he leaves.
- Yeah, gimme a minute. I need to, um...
- Bathroom?
- Yeah.
- Down the hall to the right.
- Hey, watch that stuff.
- You'll put on weight.

- took his little brother with him.
- You know where he stay at?
- He ain't tell me.
- You find the boy, you let him know
- I need some help.
- I popped him and bug out my ass, and now they forgot where they came from.
- What my ma say when you called?
- She was mad, right?
- Not really.

- Ten?
- You have your rice-a-roni profits.
- Michael, come on!
- You ain't gonna hold the dss card if you ain't gonna do right by me.
- You're gonna let me hold that card.
- You a hard child.

Det. James 'Jimmy' McNulty: [during interrogation] No name, huh? Well, for now, we'll just call you Boris.
Sergei: [sighs] Boris. Why always Boris?

- We turned and shook as we had a look in the room where the dead men lay so big Jim dwyer made his last...

- Let me get this into the computer for the boys overseas.
- Anything from that shithole of a diner?
- Herc and carver had nothing overnight.
- The feds took over this morning and it's still quiet.
- I'm going back on the water.
- One meet and we're on this guy.

- But you go kicking and screaming, and no one - not the caucus, not the ministers, not me - will be there for you.
- Your choice.
- Press conference tomorrow.
- You play out the string.
- Carcetti will do the same.

- They say on bal who they're sending up as acting commissioner?
- Say it ain't so.
- Ladies and gentlemen, as what may be my last official act as a Baltimore police officer, allow me to congratulate all of the promoted officers, their families, their fellow officers and their friends.

- They're expecting us to hit back wild.
- That's what they're waiting for, but we gonna sit back on it for a while.
- Let them sweat.
- Yo, we got to talk.
- Hold on.
- He got to come out on his corners, that's how he make money, right?
- We gonna see who got the bigger war chest.
- Avon?

- Soon as he come out the gym, yo, bank his ass, man.
- Make sure that nigger's shook.
- He thought I wouldn't handle it.
- Said he needed some more proof.
- I don't know about all this beefin', man.
- What, you scared, nigger?
- We need to pump your ass up some more.

- I got them ts.
- White, bright, one for three, two for five.
[Boy] Rockefeller's right here.
[Boy] This shit is right over here.
- This shit is right.
- I got this, man, $5. New.
- No, thank you, man.
- It's only $5.
- No, thank you.
- Fuck you, then, man, fuck you. Fuck you.

Det. Ellis Carver: Word comes down this morning. We're supposed to ride past your union hall twice a day and paper the cars.
[i.e. put tickets on them]
Frank: You work for a gaping asshole!
Det. Ellis Carver: More than one, actually.

- Wee-bey? Savino? Stinkum? Cco? Roc-roc?
- Well who you gonna give us, Marvin?
- You don't say a name soon, you're gonna be courtside.
- All right.
- All right? All right what?
- All right, I'll take the years.

- It's got to be all the brutality complaints.
- It'll never matter how well I do on no test.
- You don't know that.
- You might make the next list, you know?
- You don't know.
- Yeah.
- Guess I ain't leadership material.
- Congratulations, carv.
- Thanks.
- Yeah.

- Yeah, let me get four trout on white, extra Mayo on one, hot sauce on two and the other with ketchup.
- And four orange sodas.

- Will somebody please tell me what the fuck that was about?
- This is bullshit. We just gave back
- 20 large of barksdale's money.

- How about this guy?
- Or him? Or him?
- You got four bodies, all within two blocks of each other, and you can't even start to connect the fucking dots.
- You got eight hours to get a grip on this mess or you're done. You hear me?
- Done.

- Fucking solo cars.
- I should have teamed him. I fucked up.
- Dead-ass motherfucker's dead.
- If we catch up to him, he don't come in alive.
- Right?

- Foryourbank?
- That's for your pain, butch.
- I be my own bank now.
- Mm. They ain't follow you?
- Nah. Joe played it my way.
- He had to admit my word was better than his. You feel me?
- Let's go, then.

Det. Lester Freamon: Colonel, respectfully, did you just fuck me over without giving me even half a chance to clear this case?
Colonel William A. Rawls: [chuckles] Let's be clear, Det. Freamon. When I fuck you over, you'll know it. You'll be so goddamn certain, you won't need to ask the question.

- I know who was there.
- So you innocent, huh?
- Let me ask you somethin' though, bein' that you muscle for Mario.
- What you was gonna do if you was there, huh?
- Riddle me that.
- Yeah.
- You know what, yo?

- Spiders with a red top! One and one!
- Where he at?

- I'm police! He's 10-7, call it in.
- A glock.

- Watkins is breaking with the mayor.
- How do you know?
- I know.
- I've carried the mayor's water because I had to, councilman.
- I'd love to see some new blood in this city.
- And I'd love the chance to do the right thing for this police department for a change.

- Then once we got him out, we'll send in the smokers to run out all the little poop-butt locals and shit.
- If some cats got game, we put 'em on our team.
- Who do you want to run it?
- Send stinkum up here.
- All right.
- He saw the shot. So, he gets a shot.

- You need to be cuddled, mcnulty?
- No, but we make a date, I don't feel like I have to charge by the hour.
- A date, huh?
- I'll call you.
- In the daytime.
- I think we can all agree that foreign policy and with...

- That's what I'm gonna say to you every time we meet.
- Money or pills, don't care which.
- All right, all right. Cool.
- I'm getting it.
- See?
- Smackdown, yo. Ace in the hole.

[All] Oh!
- As sic, should I stop this?
Man: That's my car.
- What, you think this is good for morale or something?
- These guys haven't had an honest paycheck in weeks.
- We have no fucking morale, sergeant.

Omar: It ain't what you takin', it's who you takin' from, ya feel me? How you expect to run with the wolves come night when you spend all day sparring with the puppies?

Omar: Hey, yo! Y'all need to open this door, man, before I huff and puff. C'mon, now, by the hairs of your chinny-chin-chin.
Terrell: Omar, you best roll out. We up in here with a Mac-10.
Omar: I thinks not, Terrell. I thinks not. Y'all might need to think this through and stop wasting my time. 'Cause Omar can come back tomorrow. And the next day. And the next day. And I will put a bullet in all y'all behind what happen right now, you heard?
[a garbage bag is dropped from the window and Omar inspects the contents]
Omar: Fair enough.

- and as a line editor working this story,
- I feel I've done my job.
- Now, you as the me, if you want to go another way, you pull the story back and re-edit.
- But we have a sourcing policy here, and I know it, and I do not feel comfortable bending the rules in this instance.
- Good night.

Brother: You're the perfect bait, Lamar. They'll see you as conflicted, your homophobia is so visceral.
Lamar: You see that. I ain't even stepped inside the joint yet and you're calling me a cocksucker already.

FBI Spec. Agent Terrence 'Fitz' Fitzhugh: State your name.
[Serge says nothing]
Off. James 'Jimmy' McNulty: No name, huh? Well, for now, we'll just call you Boris.
Sergei: Boris. Why always Boris?

- Lieutenant marimow will be taking over major crimes.
- If you need to brief him, do so promptly.
- Yes, sir.
- Jimmy, how's that beach house coming?
- Beach... um, fine, sir...
- Great. Sounds great.

- Whoa.
- You won't find a goddamn thing!
- I can tell you that now.
- Ain't got shit on me.
- Right now.
- Ah, fuck! You ain't got nothing.
- I'm tellin' you. Nothing!
- Move, shitbird.

- You my niggers from bc, remember that?
- Come on, wetting your fucking pants, like you a little boy.
- Be a man!
- Stand up like a motherfucking man.
- Y'all my niggers.
- You said you a fucking man. Stand up.
- That's us, man.
- Do it, goddamnit, if you...

- Keep him down, keep him down.
- You got him? Get him up there, get him up there.
- Oh! Oh!
- Bunch of low-bottom bitches.
- Get his wrists.
- You didn't have to fuck with my ride.
- You motherfuckers got lucky.

- 11-34 to surveillance, both targets are on the move.
- We can't make the vehicle but you sure as hell can.
- Copy.
- What was he doing with that thing in his hand?
- Same thing you always do.
- Probably sending a text message.
- My kids are crazy over that.

[Sergei warns Nick outside Prop Joe's shop before their meeting]
Sergei: Talk when I say. Not before.
[they walk in; Sergei spreads his arms when he sees Joe]
Sergei: Tovarich.
Proposition: Sergei. My nigga.
[he laughs, and they embrace]
Sergei: You're losing weight.
Proposition: Sheeeit!
Sergei: You're down to nothing. In this country, supermarkets are cathedrals. I worry for you, buddy.
Proposition: How your peoples, dawg?
Sergei: Same. Good.
Proposition: Hey, you talk to the man about that other thing, right? 'Cause I can get behind that bidness in a big way.
Sergei: We'll talk. Later. Now, another business.
Proposition: Right, right. This the man with the raggedy-ass Camaro.
Nickolas: Wasn't mine, it was my cousin's. Wasn't all that raggedy.
[Sergei gives Nick a disapproving look, then turns to Joe]
Sergei: Sorry. Nicky is with us. His cousin...
[he rolls his eyes and shakes his head, then shrugs]
Sergei: ... but family cannot be helped.
Proposition: Who you tellin'? I got muthafuckin' nephews and in-laws fuckin' all my shit up all the time, and it ain't like I can pop a cap in they ass and not hear about it Thanksgivin' time. For real, I'm livin' life with some burdensome niggas.
[he turns to Nick]
Proposition: So what the fuck?
[Sergei motions for Nick to sit; he does]
Proposition: You ain't pay my boy Cheese, and Cheese ain't payin' me, right? Now I ain't talkin' 'bout all the money in the world, but it ain't like Cheese be in a position out on that corner to let ya cuz exemplify shit, you feel? The man cut you some slack, and soon every fuckin'-up white boy be on his titty.
Nickolas: We wanna pay what we owe. Twenty-seven, anyway. And we're gonna have it soon enough.
Sergei: Your man doubled it, though.
Nickolas: He also burned the car. Now, the Blue Book on that Camaro is fifty-one.
Proposition: [in disbelief] Now, let me understand. You gonna come up in here havin' fucked up a package, askin' me to tell Cheese, who you fucked it up on, to pay you out twenty-four hundred dollars?
Nickolas: He gets to keep the Camaro.
Proposition: [to Sergei] Just how good a friend is this muthafucka to y'all?
[Sergei shrugs. Joe motions to one of his men, who counts out a stack of bills; Joe passes the money to Nick]
Proposition: The Cheese ain't gonna be happy havin' to pay me back, so I would advise y'all to give him some distance.
Nickolas: Just so he don't come back on my cousin.
[Sergei motions him out]
Nickolas: Anyway... thanks for bein' straight on this.
Proposition: Fool, if it wasn't for Sergei here, you and ya cuz both would be cadaverous muthafuckas.

- gotta watch your back well, I beg your pardon walk the straight and narrow track if you walk with Jesus he's gonna save your soul you gotta keep the devil way down in a hole

- He wasn't...
- He wasn't saying, "please don't shoot me."
- It was more begging.
- You know? Double g, he's begging me.
- But that's not gonna mess you up, though, right?
- No, it's more descriptive like that.
- It's good. Thanks.

- Why here?
- Why you wanna mix with they kind, man?
- They give me work.
- Who you talkin' to?
- I know what they be doin' in there, Duke.

- when the mysterious gray Van comes...
- Gus, this has gotten personal between you and Scott and it's affecting your judgment.
- I'm moving the story through the state desk.
- You should go home, think this through.
- We'll talk in the morning.

- East side?
- That threw us.
- We're casting a wider net now, searching the vacants citywide.
- My number's 23 in the office pool.
- I still have hope.
- Hell of a case, right here.
- You know, if I was police,
- I don't think I could lean back on it. You?
- Not if I was real police.
- Right. Right.

- How the fuck?
- How?
- He must have been in that closet the whole time. No one heard shit.
- Call dss. Now.
- Any media out back?
- Bring a cage car around.

- Why you run from ship, huh?
- What the fuck that supposed to mean?
- Ahh.
- They got him in Philadelphia.
- He jumped when the coast guard was gonna hold the ship.
- What is he?
- Sergei says he looks like an arab.

Kathleen: [Answering a call Kima has been asked to make to a Mr. Lyon] Hello, Kathleen O'Shea.
Det. Shakima 'Kima' Greggs: Yes, hello? I need to speak with Mr. Lyon about the protocols.
Kathleen: I beg your pardon?
Det. Shakima 'Kima' Greggs: Mr. Lyon, please.
Kathleen: You sound a little old for this, hon.
Det. Shakima 'Kima' Greggs: Excuse me?
Kathleen: Who is this?
Det. Shakima 'Kima' Greggs: This is Detective Greggs with the...
Kathleen: This is the Baltimore City Zoo.

Sgt. Jay Landsman: From everything we've given you, fire should be shooting out your ass. But no, there you sit like a genital wart.

- Yo, fellas, strap up.
- There go that motherfucker nay-nay.
- I say we take him.
- We should wait for the call.
- We wait, he gonna get away.
- Go, go, go!
- Get out, get out!

- tell everyone, schools, police, fire, public works, they have to hold the line.
- How? I just ran a "clean up the streets" campaign.
- I just got done promising the world to every cop in the city.
- Annapolis.
- You go beg his republican ass.

- When you're ready to get up, put that on.
- Report to bunk a-7.
- A-7.
- Don't be later than breakfast.
- Hey.
- Who else is up in here?
- Anybody from westside?
- DC boys, mostly.

Stripper: [to Cheryl, indicating Kima] You her girl?
Cheryl: Yeah.
Stripper: I wouldn't let mine come in here either without me. These bitches in here are no joke.
[Cheryl gives Kima an "I-told-you-so" look]

- Bingo.
- From behind your clothes washer.
- That's heroin, 300 gelcaps.

Det. William 'Bunk' Moreland: You're not the run-of-the-mill kind of asshole, are you, Jimmy? You're a special kind of asshole.

- Man already shit hisself, and we ain't even get started yet.
- He's funky, yo.
- It's a gift from marlo.
- But you know how that go.
- Give a gift, get a gift.
- Yo, hungry man, what's up?

- you effect a search of officer tilghman's vehicle, locker and person, we are confident evidence will be recovered.
- You're confident?
- As far as doc is concerned, this is a fair deal if it takes the overdoses off our plate.
- But if we come up empty on this...
- You won't.
- Five will get you ten, that's the motherfucker that spiked the packages.
- You have proof of this? Then we make the case that's there for us to make.

- He'll be back from lunch any minute, zig.
- You hear me?
- He sees you on that thing, he's gonna break you down and sell you for parts.

- Hey, don't worry, Mr. P.
- We got you.
- Hey, donut!
- Yo, yeah.
- Donut's crazy with cars.
- He can open anything.
- Hey.
- What up, man?
- Yo, he locked his keys in there.
- It's ok, I can call AAA.
- Oh, no problem, chief.

Avon: The game is the fuckin' game. Period.
Russell: Same as it ever was.

- Come on, let's talk.
- No English.
- Tell me what happened to the girls.
- No... no English.
- No speak.
- What, then? What do you speak?
- Come on, talk to me, friend.

Det. Augustus Polk: Where are the fucking run sheets?
Det. James 'Jimmy' McNulty: Behind the board. You all go for a taste?
Det. Patrick Mahon: Hey. We got your picture, don't you fuckin' worry, McNulty.
[he slaps an old Polaroid down on the desk. McNulty looks at it and holds it up; the photo is of an older white man]
Det. James 'Jimmy' McNulty: [incredulously] This is Barksdale?
Det. Augustus Polk: [self-satisfied] Avon Barksdale.
Det. Shakima 'Kima' Greggs: [scoffing] I don't think so.
Det. Patrick Mahon: Read my lips: Avon fuckin' Barksdale. His name's on the form in the file.
Det. James 'Jimmy' McNulty: Well, excuse me for giving a shit, but I can't help but notice this is a middle-aged white man.
Det. Patrick Mahon: Hey, you want somethin' different, you give me another name. That's the only Avon Barksdale in the Housing Department files.
[he turns to Polk]
Det. Patrick Mahon: You got your smokes?
[to McNulty and Greggs]
Det. Patrick Mahon: Have a nice fuckin' day.
[they leave; Kima examines the photo and shrugs]
Det. Shakima 'Kima' Greggs: Maybe he's white.
[Kima and McNulty both burst out laughing]

- You want to throw your summonses?
- Throw them.
- You don't need a subpoena to see our records no more.
- Our books were open to the justice department for eight years.
- We're here through
- Bobby Kennedy, tricky dick Nixon,
- Ronnie "the union buster" Reagan, and half a dozen other sons of bitches.
- We'll be here through your weak bullshit, no problem!

- We turn it around, we both get paid.
- Ship's in, gentlemen.
- Fuck that shit, zig.
- Time to work.
- Nicky, come on, man.
- All right I ride with you?
- Will you think about it?
- Dolores, can I get another shot?

Bubbles: [after seeing Jimmy 'tie off' the his boat at the dock] What the hell is that?
Off. James 'Jimmy' McNulty: Baltimore knot.
Bubbles: Baltimore knot? What the hell is a Baltimore knot?
Off. James 'Jimmy' McNulty: I dunno, but it's never the same thing twice.

- So, you'll be a while, though, huh?
- Mm-hm.
- Gotta work the crowd, you know.
- Make them think I'm worthy of their faith.
- You are.
- Thank you.
- Most of the time.
- Bitch.
- Not too late if you can help it, ok?

- Nobody, no victim, who didn't matter.
- And now all we got is bodies.
- And predatory motherfuckers like you.
- And out where that girl fell,
- I saw kids acting like Omar, calling you by name, glorifying your ass.
- Makes me sick, motherfucker, how far we done fell.

- You on the list.
- Go on down there any time you want.
- No problem.
- That's the dude right there.
Marlo: A'ight.
Chris: Ya hear?
- Time for y'all to earn your pay, niggers.

- Y'all gonna tell marlo?
- Snoop: We tell him, we don't tell him.
- Man got enough on his plate.
- Young 'UN on some different opinion shit there.
- I dunno. If I was marlo...
- Motherfucker, you ain't.

- All of them John does. That's just headless and handless in the mid-Atlantic region.
- Go nationwide, you'll be up over four dozen.
[Freamon] Fuck me.
- What can I tell you, kiddo?
- We are policing a culture in moral decline.
- So, you want to come get these?
- Or should I run them over to southeast?
- Run them over to southeast.
- Ok.

- You think I'm goin' down, don't you?
- You-you-you think I'm done.
- All y'all ungrateful bitches thinkin' you can throw me out the boat.
- Clay.
- A'ight!
- I'm gonna remember this moment, erv.
- I'm gonna hold on to this moment. Yeah.

- Ok. See you later.
- I go in there now, you know what that makes me?
- Some asshole politician who's running for office.
Norman Wilson: Watkins. 40th district.
- You call the reporters?
- All three channels and the sun.

Butchie: It ain't like you to work with strangers.
Omar: I'm celebrating diversity.

- I gotta ask you.
- If every time snotboogie would grab the money and run away...
- Why'd you even let him in the game?
- What?
- If snotboogie always stole the money, why'd you let him play?
- Got to. This america, man.

- In the wind, but we're locking it down out there.
- So what's this I hear about the gun?
- Doze tried to return fire, he dropped his piece. Some fuck picks it up and books.
- I mean, I can't believe this shit.
- I'll take it.
- No.
- No, no, no.

- You always did cut them corners, didn't you?
- Seems like you cut a few yourself, major.
- However it ends, you're good police.
- Look, I just did what I did.
- It felt right.
- I'm fine with that.

- Independent from who?
- I got no problem making Daniels.
- What else do you need?
- That's it for now.
- Mr. Mayor, about ervin.
- If you don't mind my asking, why keep him as a puppet commissioner when you can just fire the guy?
- We mind you asking.

- My brother-in-law's got a video store out on moravia.
- Does $6,000 a week straight rentals, another $8,000 in porn.
- He needs a partner.
- But they take that off a medical pension.
- If you report it as income, they do.
- Do I look that fucking stupid?
- Have a nice life, lieutenant.

- Niggers don't know if they went back to the Bronx or whatever.
- You feel me?
- Course. I'll tell my people.
- No disrespect to your professionalism or nothing.
- We all impressed how you lose the motherfuckers like that.
- We just trying to send a message to these New York people in full effect.
- You know what I'm saying?
- I'll get back to you on this.

- Yo, y'all ready?
- Let's bang out.
- Go, go, go! Go!

- We ain't in the same business?
- The bills are from the street.
- They're dirty, you understand?
- Everything runs through Joe.
- Everything is clean with Joe.
- Ain't a problem.
- Good.
- Good bye.

- I'm in.
- Go away, boy.
- Oh, you in?
- Yeah.
- Pass line for me, yo.
- Oh, shit!
- Yeah. Get that money.
- Get that money, shorty.
- Get that money.

Dennis: The game done changed...
Slim: Game's the same, just got more fierce.

- Yeah, walk it off, motherfucker.
- Fucking old-school-ass bitch.

- 18t0 21?
- By that age they're deep in the game.
- He's fucked on that.
- So show him.
- 50,000, 80-20 health plan and a take-home vehicle.
- I'd be amazed if they give you 30, an hmo and a bus pass.

[Jimmy McNulty has been acting as the bait for a raid on a brothel. He is typing up his report]
Off. James 'Jimmy' McNulty: [to Rhonda, looking at his report] There were two of them, I was outnumbered.

- Wasn't no need for y'all to do him the way y'all did. You feel me?
- A year, you say?
- About that.
- You've got some wrong information.
- Man, you lying to live.
- I'm at peace with my god.
- Do what you will.

Butchie: Conscience do cost.

- Seriously, how are you out?
- Look, I'm gonna tell you something.
- This is just my opinion, but the juvenile system in this city is fucked up.
- It's a big-ass fucking joke. No offence.
- Fucking fuck!
- Hey, you could give me a ride down to my grandma's, we'll call it even.
- In back, fucknuts.

- Bell has bodies on him too.
- Not lately.
- And prop Joe hasn't made much noise either.
- They're still running product.
- Still got kids banging out there.
- And now, cos we blew a wire over a fucking dog we have to let them just walk on, go about their shit like we were never anything to take seriously in the first place?

Det. James 'Jimmy' McNulty: If Snotboogie always stole the money, why'd you let him play?
Snot: Got to. This America, man.

- gotta watch your back well, I beg your pardon walk the straight and narrow track if you walk with Jesus he's gonna save your soul you gotta keep the devil way down in a hole

- We ring you from a 958 exchange, east side, don't need to answer.
- Just toss it, go to the meet.
- See you when I see you.
- Money on the table, her-oine to follow.
- Stay here on marlo?
- Nah, we gonna stay with cheese.

- I know this cop, man.
- Yeah?
- Maybe we should help him out.
- Tell him who did what.
- Stop wilding, Kimmy. I said I got this.
- Tosha's people wanna know what happened.
- Say she caught one taking them boys down.
- Ain't no need to involve the police.
- Sound to me like he involved already.
- I told you, I got this.

- Yo, we short?
- No, we good. Got 60 left from 1,400.
- We on it, Mike.
- So why you ain't tell Duke?
- Huh?
- Why you fucking with Duke, nigger?
- I ain't fucking with nobody, man.
- He just acting like a bitch, that's all.
Man: Greenhouse gas is hot.

- Brought home some crabs.
- I already made dinner.
- Put 'em in the fridge.
- Cold for lunch tomorrow, if you like.
- I can't eat 'em all.

- We're just gonna try to find a way to get to some of the troubled kids who won't be in the system too much longer.
- Well, look, just make sure there's no fuss.
- Nothing that gets anyone upset, you know?
- There's an election, and we don't want to put our schools in the middle of that mess.
- No, indeed.

- Uh-uh.
- You lie about combat because you weren't there.
- And Terry was. Two tours.
- He's got stories if he wants 'em.
- Just not on that day.
- He ain't lie, y'all did, sorry t'say.
- Kima, what the fuck are you taking about?

- I heard you're loving me
- 'cause you're in love with me my baby, gonna feel for you like I comfort you you feel me...
- Hey, yo. Dee coming up.

- Wmd. Got that wmd.
- Landfill, got landfill.

- You deserve more than a contributing line for that.
- I don't know, a contrib line is cool.
- You can't go far on contrib lines.
- Where do you want to go?
- Times or post. Where else?
- I don't know. This is still a pretty good paper.

- What up, man?
- I'm feeling good to be out of this motherfucker.
- There's a sign on the other side of this gate that say, "never again."
- That's the only fucking thing
- I'm gonna take with me from here.
- First things first. Let's get you iookin' right.
- You got my shit.
- Yes. Yes. Good-looking, baby.

- A hotel...
- At the harbor.
- This one?
- Mm-mm.
- Another.
- I can show you.

- For them, that's what this is all about.
- Me? I'm too fucking simple-minded for that.
- I just wanted to see something new every day and write a story with it.
- Alma, you'll write your way outta carroll in no time, watch.
- About as fast as you edit your way off the copy desk, huh?

- Could I get ten copies?
- Ten copies?
- Ten, right.

- Eastside, westside.
- Cats and dogs, sleeping together.
- Shit.
- I'm late for something.

- My sister said you were a pain in the ass at them cyo dances where girls wouldn't look at you.
- Damn near everyone said, when you got your badge, it was too much for anybody named valchek to have a patrolman's drag.
- Sure enough, you've been an official asshole every day since.
- Fuck you! And your window!

- You can look at 'em in the eye now.
- No matter who he is or what he's done, you look 'em right in the eye.

- You want to get arrested?
- No.
- Shut the fuck up your own self.
- I'm outta here.
- Hey, hey! D'Angelo.
- You better bend the fuck over.
- You ain't got nothing else to do today?
- No, no, nothing.
- Y'all ain't got no charge.
- You getting awfully close, man.
- You new on the force or some shit?

- Look at all these big-ass eighth graders out here.
- Look like some sixth graders gonna get banked.
Namond: Come in here.
- I wanna show y'all somethin'.
- Go ahead, bug.
Randy: Yo, what up, boy?
- That Jersey's crazy, son.
- Where you get that at?

- I told you, step the fuck off.
- Young man, if I was talking to you, you'd know I was.
- Shit!
- He'll listen next time.
- Go ahead, man. Do him.
- Nah, man.

Det. Shakima 'Kima' Greggs: Fighting the war on drugs, one brutality case at a time.
Sgt. Ellis Carver: Girl, you can't even think of calling this shit a war.
Det. Thomas 'Herc' Hauk: Why not?
Sgt. Ellis Carver: Wars end.

- use the computer, you can do that any time.
- Anyway, let me show you.
- This here the way to the hard drive.
- This isn't necessary, duquan.
- Just in case I'm busy, Mr. P.
- So you know how to work it.

Russell: Yo, Rock.
Sean: Huh?
Russell: Be subtle with it, man.
Russell: You know what subtle means?
Sean: Laid back and shit.

- What are you, a smart ass?
- Sorry. I didn't mean nothing.
- Don't I know you?
- I'm running for mayor.
- Tommy carcetti, first district.
- I'll come back through in about 20, councilman.
- Do me a favor and take it down the road.

- The governor promised two new appointments.
- So now we're back where we were.
- That's all it was.
- That's all?
- Half-assed hack politics, Jimmy.
- It has nothing to do with your case.
- I need you on this.

[Clerk] The defendants can take a seat.
- The judge will be in shortly.
- Can I take the file?
- Here.
- Thank you.
- Excuse me, ma'am?

- He was getting high. I've seen him cop.
- He probably went down to the shore to clean that shit up.
- Man, if he using, then you know he ain't reliable. Come on, think.
- Look, the man gave the word, all right?
- We either step up or we step the fuck off.
- That's the game.
- That's the fucking game.

- My favorite side partner from my salad days in patrol. Thank you.
- Hard to imagine you in patrol.
[Jimmy] Damned if I can find it.
[Lester] That's why they call it a hole.
- That there is the sickest idea yet.
- You know that?
- I'm just gilding your Lily, son.
- There. Right there.

- Kima, maybe you could ask those western boys to pick up what they find for the next few days.
- Yeah, sure.
- Damn, boy, you smell like sex.
- You didn't take a fucking shower?
- I was late for work.
- Forgot my newports, didn't you?
- Oh, shit, man, I did.
- Let me do these chips and then I'll go get your cigarettes.

Joseph: Wanna know what kills more police than bullets and liquor? Boredom. They just can't handle that shit. You keep it boring, String. You keep it dead fucking boring.

- The barksdale case is closed and when the Stanfield wire comes up, we close that as well. Understood?
- The hell with this.
- We got a wiretap up, and a judge decides when it comes down.
- Well, detective, the deputy ops is gonna talk to you about that.

- Let's do it.
- I'm up.
- You're on medical.
- I'm up, boss.
- Give him a vest.

Det. Ellis Carver: Where's everybody at?
Det. Thomas 'Herc' Hauk: Maybe the whole thing is over and no one bothered to tell us. Maybe we won.

- They don't give me the badge soon enough,
- I keep doing like I do.
- What do you mean why?
- How can you ask me why?
- Why the fuck are you in here, with all these falling-down motherfuckers?
- Why you passing shit through a bag?
- Why do they beat you down?
- Why I couldn't do nothing about it?
- It's all part of the game, right?
- I mean, you taught me that.

- And you know who the killer is?
- Do you believe Satan walks the earth in a fleshly form?
- That Satan can occupy the souls of men?
- And he's just getting started.
- There's gonna be a lot more dead before it's over.
- Hundreds. Maybe thousands.

- What is it?
- Avon's been hit.
- Where?
- In the shoulder.
- Tater got killed. Avon still breathing, man.
- But Brianna all over me, calling me, man.
- I need to tell her.
- Fuck Brianna.
- What?
- Just keep the bitch away from me, you hear me?

- And don't think there ain't no real money in that.
- A prosecutor?
- I don't have a name.
- Truly I don't, but it seems to me, you start lookin' at the people hangin' around the grand jury, you'll find I'm right.
- Now I know I've said enough to buy my case back.
- You know, you could buy a round, too.

Lt. Cedric Daniels: What're you doing here at two in the morning?
Det. Ellis Carver: Field interviews. Police work.
Lt. Cedric Daniels: "Police work." I got a 14-year-old kid in critical but stable condition at University and two witnesses who say one of you princes cold-cocked him with the butt end of a pistol.
Det. Thomas 'Herc' Hauk: No sir.
Lt. Cedric Daniels: I got his mother over at I.I.D. filing a formal brutality charge, which for Herc will make an even four in the last two years!
Det. Thomas 'Herc' Hauk: Unsustained...
Lt. Cedric Daniels: But all of 'em true!
Det. Thomas 'Herc' Hauk: Lieutenant, we thought that...
Lt. Cedric Daniels: I got one less Crown Vic than I had last night, I'm out two Kevlar vests that burned in the car, two hand-held radios, a shotgun and I'm about to lose this idiot here for a week or two of medical! And for WHAT?
Det. Ellis Carver: Lieutenant, we thought...
Lt. Cedric Daniels: What did you learn when you went into the Terrace at two in the morning to conduct field interviews? What valuable information did we acquire from this situation? I.I.D. is gonna be on all three of you by afternoon. If you don't get a story straight by then, you're gonna have a file thick enough to see the light of a trial board. Now, tell me, who cold-cocked the kid?
Det. Roland 'Prez' Pryzbylewski: [after several seconds of silence] Me.
Lt. Cedric Daniels: [intensely] Why?
Det. Roland 'Prez' Pryzbylewski: He pissed me off.
Lt. Cedric Daniels: No, Officer Pryzbylewski, he did NOT piss you off. He made you fear for your safety and that of your fellow officers.

- Clear!
- Yo, tosha, go!
- Dante, go, I got your back.
- Go, Dante.
- I got you, baby.Lgotyou.
- Go! Go!
- Go, Dante, go!

Judge: I'm going to schedule sentencing for the third week of next month. Anything else today?
Maurice: Uh, Your Honor... my client, having preserved the necessary grounds for appeal in the record, wishes me to state unequivocally that, regardless of this jury's verdict, he is the victim of wholesale perjury on the part of the state's key witness, and we ask that an appeal bond be set so that he can participate fully in this investigation.
Judge: An appeal bond on a conviction of first-degree murder? Mr. Levy, get a grip on yourself.
Maurice: Your Honor...
Judge: [cutting him off] Not only will there be no bond pending sentencing, but as far as I'm concerned, the pre-sentencing report is a mere formality. Mr. Hilton has been found guilty of killing a state's witness, who testified in this very courtroom. He did so in cold blood, and for pay. Unless the pre-sentence report indicates that he is, in fact, the Messiah come again, he will very likely be sentenced to life, no parole, by a Baltimore judge who, for once in his life, gets to leave his office feeling that his job actually matters. Mr. Hilton, are you the second coming of our Savior?
Marquis: Excuse me?
Judge: Are you Jesus Christ come back to earth?
Marquis: Umm...
[Phelan abruptly bangs his gavel and stands up to leave]
Judge: See you at sentencing.

- Yeah?
- Mcnulty, it's christeson.
- Listen, my case is down an' I wanted to thank you.
- I couldn't have done it othennise.
- No problem.

- Look at this sorry shit.
- Motherfuckers do not appreciate nothing that comes to 'em free.
- I'll take it in the back.
- Maybe they got some duct tape will fix it.

- You want to help me take his statement?
- Braddock case is down.
- Room two.
- You veteran crimefighters got a name for this, right?
- "Murder weapon" or some shit like that?

- Yeah.
- You checked it?
- At this rate, we're never gonna get it in.
- What?
- In?
- Unbelievable, unbe-fucking-iievable.
- Christ.

- We have certain fiscal issues that are of great concern to the new administration, and what you're proposing here is a radical shift in curricula.
- Meaning?
- If city hall were to sign off on this, we could go toward, but now is not the time to rock any boats.

- Nice?
- Most def, man.
- Man, watch your back, be good, baby.
- What up, man?
- Yeah, he left that in here.
- How you doing?
- All right.
- Yeah?
- Me and you gonna need to talk.

- He told you who I am, right?
- Son, the thing about murder is it never goes off the books.
- I mean, we work on 'em for weeks, months, years.
- We keep on with it until finally someone decides they've had enough, until we get the right word from the right person.
- And you know what happens then?

- walk on gilded splinters with the king of the zulu come, come, kiddy come, come walk on gilded splinters come, come, kiddy come, come walk on gilded splinters

Det. William 'Bunk' Moreland: [McNulty has trouble loading up the camera] Maybe you ought to set up an easel on the sidewalk and do a sketch instead.

- And a deposit slip dated 23 January, same year, to your personal account in the amount of $11,000.
- I come here to help, but y'all out for blood.
- I'm not answering no more questions.
- You are invoking your right against self-incrimination, sir?
- Damn right.
- Then we'll conclude this testimony.

- Could you excuse me for a moment, please?
- Major Colvin.
- Just Colvin.
- You know, I always wanted to say how sorry I am how things turned out.
- There wasn't anything I could have done with your experiment in the western district.
- There wasn't anything that anyone could have done with that.

- I gave my word on that.
- Fuck we doing back here then, papa?
- I can still put a gun in Andre's face, right?
- That man got some explaining to do.
- It's dead out here, yo.
- Tip on out.

- Scared of somebody callin' you good?
- A lot of folks vqunteer places.
- A lot of folks share at meetings.
- Plenty of motherfuckers wake up every day and not get high.
- Man makin' me sound special for doin' what the fuck I need to be doin'.
- Read it.

- The bedroom's clear.
- Yeah, basement too.
- Clear.
- Yeah.

- Y'all waiting to see avon?
- I hear y'all shot the crown off an old lady's head yesterday.
- Mm-mm-mm.
- Good, y'all made it.
- Yeah.
- We're putting in some work.
- Come on upstairs so we can talk.

- Yes? Then it wasn't us.
- We hit your suppliers. They cleaned up and left you holding the dirt.
- Suppliers of what?
- You discussed a drug buy on this tape.
- We also have photographs tying you to your stash house and putting you at the Greek's warehouse over on newkirk street for re-ups.
- Do yourself a solid here, Mike.

- That's what I'm talking about.
- Whoo!
- The man is a god.

- He starts to develop an intricate pattern in what he does with the bodies.
- It's weird stuff.
- A biter. That's great.
- My name is nowhere on this.
- For your tab.
- We'd stay and have one, but we can still make the second edition.
- Thanks.

- Sorry. I'm booked up all afternoon.
- I'm doing a story on the homeless men who've been killed.
- You heard about that?
- You got two dollars on you, right?
- I was wondering if the murders had changed things for you and the other fellas out here.

- We'll break our fucking backs on this.
- Johnny, keep your eye to the ground.
- I'm trying to school you here. Ok?
- This is good right here.
- $10 right here.
- Snitching, bubs?
- You be asking for me?

Walon: He's just putting it all out there, you know, the good and the bad.
Reginald: You know what? The bad don't bother me to have out there. Shit, I know the bad. I ain't lying to no one about the bad.
Walon: Scared of somebody calling you good?
Reginald: A lot of folks volunteer places. A lot of folks share at meetings. Plenty of motherfuckers wake up every day and not get high. Man making me sound special for doing what the fuck I need to be doing.

- West fucking Baltimore is on vacation.
- No crews slinging in the low-rises, the towers.
- What the fuck?

- Marlene, you send that copy off to Paris?
- Thank you, darling.
- I'm not at work. I'm at the airport.
- The shuttle, yes.

Sergei: [on the phone] Did he have hands? Did he have a face? Yes? Then it wasn't us...
Sergei: [laughs, hangs up the phone] ... idiot.

- Everybody gather up, all right?
- Everybody take five and gather up.

Sgt. Ellis Carver: [to drug dealers] This shit is like unemployment insurance. Every employer gotta pay in. If I find out anyone been holding out, then he's out of here back on the street getting his head busted. The least y'all can do is look out for your own people a little bit.
Det. Thomas 'Herc' Hauk: What are you, a fuckin' communist?

[Brother Mouzone confronts Avon at the barber shop]
Avon: You look healthy.
Brother: For a man who was gut-shot. You reached out to a third party who engaged me in the purpose of holding your towers. That third person's word was your word, as he represented you.
Avon: That's right.
Brother: And I ran those East Baltimore gentlemen off. I held up my end of the agreement... at least, for as long as I was physically able.
Avon: You did.
Brother: Your man then set up a meet at Butchie's bar. Your man told Omar Little that I was responsible for the torture of a young boy who was close to Mr. Little's heart. Your man, in effect, sought to have me hit.
Avon: Omar told you that, and you believe that muhfucka?
Brother: He doesn't strike me as a man who would tell stories, even at the point of dying.
Avon: [quietly] Shit. Proposition Joe package.
Brother: The inner workings of your organization don't concern me.
Avon: If there's a way - I mean, if my man... if he made a mistake here, then I'm willin' to pay the cost.
[Mouzone doesn't respond]
Avon: How can we fix it? You want money?
Brother: Money?
Avon: Yeah. This is business.
Brother: Business is where you are now. But what got you here is your word and your reputation. With that alone, you've still got an open line to New York. Without it, you're done.
[Avon says nothing, realizing what he has to do]

- You hit the streets, you round up as much muscle as possible and get that boy.
- He did snoop cause he knew we was on him.
- He knew we was on him cause he the one talked about the re-up.
- Get your shit together, man.
- The bondsman came in with Levy.
- A'ight. I'm on it.

- That's where I'm headed.
- Jesus.
- Listen to yourself!
- Upstairs wouldn'tjump on a real serial killer - fuckin' marlo, who's got bodies all over him.
- Maybe they need the make-believe.
- Yeah, maybe you're the asshole just lost his fucking mind.

- I lay back and not do what I usually do on election day.
- I see you all get a push in the seventh and ninth districts, say, and maybe that piece of the 11th west of freemont.
- I split some of my tickets for y'all.
- I split my walkaround money.
- You know, the usual to-and-fro.

- 'I'll be in touch, homes.'
- How careful is stringer bell?
- "I don't know no-one named barksdale."
- Shit.
- Still, we got him tied to the Brandon killing.
- That can be enough for one day's work.

- Where's the needle truck, the condom distribution, the drug treatment intake?
- Half these people are dying and the other half's gonna catch what's killing them.
- Look, they ain't no worse off than when they was all over the map.
- Now they're just in one place, is all.
- And that place is hell.

Det. Shakima 'Kima' Greggs: [quote after opening credits] If I hear the music, I'm gonna dance.

- Yo, yo, yo, yo.
- Lock-down in 20.
- All right.

- What about the passenger?
- Looks the part to me.
- Container ship on the talco line, name of caspia, docks tomorrow am.
- Our man horseface on it?
- I'll call the lieutenant, let him know we gotta set up on this.
- This time, though, we got the wire up.
- Eyes and ears both.

- He has given us such excellent work that I think that now is as good a time as any to announce that we will be sending the deputy's name fon/vard to the city council for confirmation as Baltimore police commissioner.
- Acting commissioner rawls, to whom I am also extremely grateful, will serve in an advisory capacity pending new responsibilities at city hall.

- Look what washed up on the beach.
- Congratulations, Mr. Mayor.
- Just came by to wish you well.
- Looking forward to working with you.
- Shouldn't you be dead to me?
- I took it easy on you, son.
- I coulda had you for twice as much.
- You got off cheap.
- He's right.

- Yeah, but still.
- So what you got for me?
- Spreads?
- Yeah.
- Little man. For sure.
- That's good. Are you able to write?

- Only problem is stump live in that rat hole, baby.
- So he ain't got to bring the cash out.
- See what I'm saying?
- Then we charge in, guns a-blazing.
- Steel door, right?
- Look, Dante, what's it gonna take for you to be convinced, man? I don't bag no babies.
- What you think?

[Boy] Hey, yo, look at this!
Woman: Randy wagstaff.
- All right, Randy, this way.
[Boy] Ain't no fuckin' thing, man.
- Take that top bunk over there.
- Five-0.

Det. James 'Jimmy' McNulty: The quicker we bring this in and shut it down, the safer we'll all be. I mean, Landsman wants me over to fucking Quantico, have the FBI do a profile.
Det. Lester Freamon: [laughs] You might learn something about yourself.

- Damn.
- All right, then. See you tomorrow.
- Everything ok?
- On two.
- Pick up. Pick up!
- Ed, you got to help me.
- I can't, not now.

Maurice: How many times have you been arrested as an adult, Mr Little?
Omar: Shoot, I done lost count. Enough to know not to take it personal, though...

- Barksdale was violent.
- But right now, stringer's quiet and over on the east side, we got bodies.
- We got enough from the tap to take a real good shot at cheese.
- Put a murder case together, you may roll someone up at proposition Joe or stringer.
- As far as bodies go, four's a big number.
- Ok, then. As of now, we use the phones to work these murders.

- Maybe you win a pulitzer with this stuff and maybe you gotta give it back.
- It's in my notes, Gus.
- Everything that happened, everything that guy said when I got to him.
- Every last word is in my notes.

- That's a knucklehead from the low-rises there.
[Carver] The terrace is spreading out.
- Got to go somewheres, I guess.
- Don't think you all needed to do that.
- He turned our on me, man.
- No, I think you got played.

- I got Mrs. Scott.
- Fuckin' hate that foul bitch, man.
- She ain't that bad.
- At least you ain't got Sampson.
- Yeah, I know.
- Yo, Michael, who you got?
- Man?
- Presborowski... pres...
- Yo, he new and white.
- We got it made.

- For various reasons that I can't get into,
- I got to get it back somehow.
- Camera?
- Yeah. This fella marlo probably took it.
- I don't know if he hocked it...
- You bothering me about a camera?
- You supposed to have my back, remember?
- Five minutes, you told me.
- I know. I owe on the deal.
- It's Tyrone's, chicken wings.

- Where are you?
- Same place as before.
- Peabody.
- Are you sure you're not sleeping?
- No, no, I was up.
- You liar. Come on, get your ass over here.
- Yeah, ok. I mean, yeah, what the hell.
- Room 210.
- Fine.

- Bri?
- Bnanna?

- Man, I don't know where we at.
- We are in Baltimore, Lamar.
- Baltimore, Maryland.

- See ya.
- Decision time, son.
- Yo, what's your play?

- You say you worked with this guy?
- "Three shots, no warnings."
- Is he scared of black people or something?
- Shit.
- The shit's gone too far.
- You're telling me.
- Yeah, I need the number to the newspaper, the sun.
- Yeah, the number for the reporters, the newsroom, yeah.

- Did I mention the DNA matches?
- This has nothing to do with me.

- I agree we can't fix the city schools but we can't let them get any worse either.
- Go to Annapolis. Eat his shit.
- If we lose control of the schools, nerese and the teachers'll rip you but the rest of the city'll see you did it for them kids.
- Kids don't vote.

- Television and radio stations...
- He's doubling back.
- 'Copy.'
- He's south on montford.

[Mcnulty] This good for you?
- Uh-huh.
- Thin line between heaven and here.

[Kima] She's got vondopoulos in a room.
- It could be a while.
- Copy.
- All this shit's going on to chassis?
- So they tell me.
- We need a fork-lift.
- We're almost done here.

- Get his legs.
- Aagh!

Man: Shit is on!
- Run with it, motherfuckers!
- I don't give a fuck!
- I'm right here!
- You ain't putting me up in one of them empty-ass houses, neither.
- Bodie, come on, man.

- You do that and your police aren't doing police work.
- They're guarding liquor stores, bouncing nightclubs, putting up drywall.
- Respectfully, morale is at rock bottom.
- You need to throw our people a bone...
- Or you could lose them for good.
- Hold the line now and we'll get to a better place, I promise.

- I know that your heart is heavy.
- I know.
- But them wolves is at that door.
- As long as them towers are still standing, I am, too.
- And I'll be damned if! Let everything we fought for go to shit.
- So I'll talk to him.

- Let's mount up.
- Carv.
- What's up?
- He's a complicated man.
- And the only one that understands him is his woman.
- Seek therapy.

- with grilled bread salad.
- Dang.
- I thought y'all had steak.
- Oh, we do, on the second page of your menus.
- May I get your drink orders?
- Yeah. Uh, we'll take four cokes, please.
- Right away.
- Thank you.

- has been increased with the aid of sophisticated computer software.
- And we have some of the best criminal investigators in the nation working 24/7.
- As the mayor made very clear a moment ago, this is now a priority for the department.
- Has a note been found at any of the scenes?
- I'm not at Liberty to go into any details of the investigation at this time.
- You want me to hang?

- Where my change, yo?
- Don't wild me.

Omar: The cheese stands alone.
Renaldo: This the drop?
- I hope not, 'cause they ain't called yet.
- Make me feel bad toward old prop Joe.
- Go around where we can see y'all.
- Vamonos, renaldo.

- Until we get that canal dredged, we're all niggers, pardon my French.
- Or polacks, pardon mine.
- You know what I'm saying, this ain't about ott.
- I just want one more year to finish what I started here. One more year.
- Then ott stays secretary-treasurer for the next two, no problem.
- Think about it.

Omar: I'm goin' hard after Stringer.
Butchie: No point in trying to talk you back down, I suppose.
Omar: You been my bank for how long gonna ask me something like that?
Butchie: How you gonna get at him?
Omar: I don't even know, Butch. I'll take some time and think on it. One thing for sure, though. The man got to be got, you feel me?... What you see, Butch?
Butchie: Too much, boy. Too damn much.

- You sure that's Anthony?
- Go to the victim's grave, Bury the statue, wait an hour, a full hour, no short cuts.
- Then dig it up. Go straight home.
- When you go to bed, hold it to your ear.
- And he tells me who did it?

- Camaro with a 350 in it, it's got to be worth more than three grand.
- That's right clever.
- Right clever, I got to say.
- And I appreciate you all coming all this way so much,
- I'll give the boy another week to pay.
- Of course, that ride ain't worth nothing near three thou.
- You don't believe me? Have a look.

- So, you never got a look at either of the gunmen?
- I told you, I saw only the one of them.
- He was black. Big, I thought.
- With a large weapon.
- Bnbg.
- Big negro, big gun.

Troy: Shakima she's just talking like that 'cause I had her when she was good.
Shakima: Shiiit, you the ugly-ass motherfucker that turned me the other way.

- I don't know anything about that.
- I just work for tips.
- Now you do know, because we're telling you.
- You know a girl named keisha Michaels?
- She dances with me.
- How's she doing?
- All right, I guess.
- Will you excuse us a moment?

- Motherfucker!
- Yo, motherfucker, trying to steal our shit.

Det. William 'Bunk' Moreland: You ain't gonna play that country shit, right? I hate that country shit.

- You done with your trial?
- All right then, let's take her on out.
- Tomorrow.
- I'm back tomorrow, diggsy.
- You got something else to do today?
- Yeah, last bit of business.
- This is your business.
- This is retirement.
- And after today, I'm retired.

Det. Shakima 'Kima' Greggs: [recounting a memory] He says, "Here you go, rook." That's all he says. "Here you go, rook." And then he dropped the bracelets and walked away.

Joseph: Now hear me on this, String. We ain't no ingrates. We all recognize your contribute to the co-op. But the feeling is this: It ain't right for you to be at the head of our table when you can't call off your dog. Call it a crisis of leadership.

- What are we, invisible?
- Stupid fucking yos.
- Nah, just fucking with him, man.
- You want to wait for him to serve somebody?
- Fuck it.
- They're dirty either way.

- Really? I got nothing for you.
- My eye, my eye.
- Who you gonna eyefuck now?
- Aah!
- Are you serious?
- You bleed on my car?
- Don't bleed on my car.
- Get your shit off my car.
- What the fuck's the matter with you?

- to vondas.
- I mean, seeing as you don't need my money...
- Vondas might be happy to have it.
- He don't want to see me, he won't, but if he do, it's you that made it happen.

- Oh, my god.
- You see that quote from somebody about me stabbing burrell in the back?
- That's a damn lie.
- So what?
- You're going to be named commissioner.
- This is good news.
- How is this not good news?

- Get on your knees, cross them legs, knit them hands, come on.
- Hold on.
- Yo, what the fuck you doing?
- What the fuck is wrong with you, man?
- Hey, give up that ring, man.
- Come on.
- Yeah.

- Lavell's a soldier.
- He's not gonna roll up on prop Joe.
- That's true.
- But if we take him with a hand-to-hand, they gotta promote someone to replace him.
- Yeah, why drac?
- One thing about our boy?
- That's prop Joe's nephew.
- On his mama's side.

Det. James 'Jimmy' McNulty: The bosses don't know, huh?
Maj. Howard 'Bunny' Colvin: Fuck the bosses.

- ain't nobody here on your waveband ain't nobody gonna lend you a helping hand and you start breaking down then you go to the sound but you hear that fast train ooh, fast train

- Marvin Thompson? Short guy...
- What is your name, officer?
- Detective sydnor, sir.
- Major crimes?
- Shit.
- Enjoy your day, sir.
- Son, we're gonna see about this.

- You got nerve calling me twisted.
- You came up with the teeth.
- You know how these psycho serial motherfuckers are.
- They mature. They start simple and crude and become more and more ornate.
- There you go.
- Don't tell my mother or my priest you saw me do this.
- Take it to my grave.

- I ain't giving you the money.
- They're gonna kill me.
- I gave my money to Aimee for an apartment.
- Security deposit and some furniture over at littlepages.
- I ain't got it for you, zig.
- You cocksuckers.

- If not, there's this young buck out in Salisbury thinks he can snatch up the first district seat.
Man: Mistletoe. Come get 'em.
- Mistletoe!
- How y'all doing?
- Ain't so much money. Mistletoe!

- Knives, any needles?
- No.
- Any illegal substances I should know about?
- Ok. Spread your legs back.
- Spread your legs back more.
- Ok, slowly bring your right arm around your back.
- Now bring the other one.

The: The world is a smaller place now. And the FBI cares very much about such things.

[Man] Hey!
- Yo, up here!
- Help!

Det. Shakima 'Kima' Greggs: Fuck me. I still cannot type.

- Motherfucker.
- Son of a bitch!
- Give me the card.
- You sick, heartless bastard.
- Give me the card.
- She was a gypsy woman she was a gypsy woman

- The us attorney's office, call it "the head shot."
[Rhonda] 30 years for something that every college kid does with a starter home.
- Daddy loans you money to qualify, a couple years later, you pay him back.
- 30 years.
- With leverage like that, this case needs to go federal.

- Think you're funny, huh?
- Think I still don't have...
- All right, I get the point, fuckholes.

Deputy Commissioner for Operations William A. Rawls: I especially liked the timing for when you flew your paper. Shrewd.
Detective: I couldn't see anybody shutting us down. Not with the elections.
Deputy Commissioner for Operations William A. Rawls: What asshole would risk the headline?
Detective: But to gut us from the inside out...
Deputy Commissioner for Operations William A. Rawls: Charlie Marimow, my Trojan horse. And now - let me guess - to save your wire, you're prepared to go to Judge Davis. If my memory serves, this isn't the first time a Deputy Ops felt the need to bury you. You have a gift for martyrdom.
[Freamon smiles and shrugs]
Deputy Commissioner for Operations William A. Rawls: I wonder, though: are your disciples as keen for the cross?
[Freamon's smile disappears]
Deputy Commissioner for Operations William A. Rawls: In your final court report, it would be prudent to tell the judge the investigation hit a dead end.
[pause, then Freamon puts up his hands in resignation, sighs, and stands up to leave]
Deputy Commissioner for Operations William A. Rawls: I doubt you'll believe it, but, uh... I respect the effort. You're a hell of an investigator. It would be too much to expect you to serve under Lieutenant Marimow?
Detective: The man's a virus.
Deputy Commissioner for Operations William A. Rawls: Homicide, then. That's you, right?
Detective: [quietly surprised] Yeah.
Deputy Commissioner for Operations William A. Rawls: I know it's hard right now, Detective, but, uh... try to think on this as a favor.

- And though there's no criminal charge, you think it wise to try to keep it.
- You shit all over yourself, all over me, all over this department.
- I told you, no surprises, remember?
- 20 even.
- Sign here, or you can count it yourself if you want.
- So I can leave now?

- Rough.
- Don't nobody want shit like this to happen, man.
- If I'd have known the boy was gonna be doing shit like that, you know what I mean?
- What are the prison people saying?
- That he just hung himself like that?
- Just tied a rope around a knob and sat his ass down.

- Get some ice cream?
- What did you say?
- You don't have a house?
- What's up with that? A hero needs a house.
- Been a long time since I built a house.
- Hope I remember how.

- I'll be damned.
- Bird sure know how to bring it out in people, don't he?
[Santangelo] Hello?
- The Lindsey case, right?
- No, Lindsey. Martin Lindsey.
- Who the fuck is Denise Redding?

- That'd send a message.
- Yeah, but what kind?
- We should slap bumper stickers on his windshield.
- I mean, they is hard to get off.
- Hold on, wait, wait.
- Do officer Walker go to that club on stockton, the one where the western police party?
- I seen his car there.
- I got this one.

- Ain't got a forgiveness to your soul.
- Man, fuck you.
- Watch your mouth.
- You're big, but not big enough.
- Now... where's that dss card?
- Your mama said that come to me.
- Ain't nothing left on this month's check anyway.
- Before the first of the month, then.

- All right, no problem.
- Shit! Fucking rain, man.
- Y'all know what the fuck this is.
- Up against the wall, hurry the fuck up.
- Come on, let's go.
- Got red-tops, testers.
- Get them around the corner.
- Hurry up, take them around.
- What you looking at me for?
- Get round the corner.

[Omar and Brother Mouzone have Stringer cornered, their guns turned on him]
Stringer: I ain't strapped. Look, man. I ain't involved. I ain't involved in that gangster bullshit no more.
[both gunmen are silent, Stringer is breathing hard from running]
Stringer: What y'all niggers want, man? Huh? Money?
[however, he just gets more silence]
Stringer: IS THAT IT? Cause if it is, man, I can be a better friend to y'all alive.
Omar: You still don't get it, do you? This ain't about your money, bro. Your boy gave you up. That's right. And we ain't had to torture his ass neither!
[Stringer is silent, realizing that Omar now knows he had his lover Brandon tortured and killed. He then looks to Brother Mouzone, and with him there - realizes he now knows he tried to have him killed, and that both men have come for retribution]
Stringer: [regrettably] Seems like I can't say nothing to change y'all minds.
[long silence]
Stringer: Well, get on with it, motherfu...
[Omar and Mouzone shoot him to death]

- I wouldn't know what we normally do around here.
- I'm new and inexperienced.
- Oh, you're, uh...
- Yeah. I am.
- I'm just trying to get a feel for your response to the violence.
- I'm not the hall monitor or anything.

- Go ahead.
- It's hard to do.
- A'ight.
- So then...
- Try this.
- It's a tool, just like a monkey wrench, that's all it is, a'ight?

- Code is 1098, ok?
- Wrong box, misdelivery.

Brother: You know what the most dangerous thing in America is, right? Nigga with a library card.

Det. William 'Bunk' Moreland: You turning the world upside down with your bullshit. How are you not in jail?
Det. James 'Jimmy' McNulty: I don't know. The lie's so big, people can live with it, I guess.
Det. William 'Bunk' Moreland: Jesus fucking Christ, Jimmy. I told you. I fuckin' told you it was gonna come to this. You played with fire, didn't you? And now we're all getting burned.

- Jimmy, he makes more money off of that shit than you do off of this job.
- Don't let Lester fool you.
- He did already.
- Today in roll call, he showed something.
- Hey, he's natural police.
- He used to be homicide.
- Why did he leave?
- Ask him.
- This is the one, huh?
- Yup. Hasn't been rented since.

- You can't follow people in them towers or hang in the low-rises without a reason.
- Just to make sure, we want to lose him, right?
- Losin' him is good?
- Right.
- Then why the fuck do this?
- Come on, herc. Roll with me on this one.

Avon: String, this ain't about your motherfucking business class either. It ain't that part of it. It's that other thing. The street. It's the street, always.

- Ain't no shame in holdin' on to grief.
- As long as you make room for other things, too.
Woman: It's all right.
- So thank you for listening.
- Thank you for lettin' me share.
[All] Thanks for sharing.

- You're out today at the lower grade.
- That's against the goddamn contract!
- What part of "bend over" didn't you understand?
- Avon locked up?
- With most of his muscle, yeah.
- Good day to get back out on them corners, ain't it?
- Make some money.
- You bet.

- Suppose a lonely fellow wants to meet a nice young lady in this town.
- How does he go about it?
- Uh... he'd dial that phone number.
- Dial the number. What else?
- Punch in those four numbers there.
- And?
- Ask for Eve.
- What?
- Ask for Eve.

- just to have it off my chest.
- Just look to my son and my nephew.
- Mr. Sobotka, at this point,
- I have to advise you you need the services of an attorney.
- We're not gonna do this now?
- You need a lawyer present in the room.
- You have that, we can make this happen first thing tomorrow.

- A lotta heart, just no sense.
- Poot. Wallace on the phone.
- Yeah?
- Wallace?
- Nigger ring me up twice a day whether he got shit to say or not.
- Homesick motherfucker making me bug.
- Where's he at?
- At the shore with his grandma.
- Surfing or some bullshit. Or something.

- so I can't let you inside.
- Iju... I just came past to see Mr. Prezbo.
- Well, he's teaching right now.
- I know. I can wait.
- You're gonna have to stay outside.
- After the bell, I'll tell Mr. Pryzbylewski you're out here for him, ok?

Russell: You and me? We brothers, B. We didn't think we would make it this fucking far, but fuck if we ain't standing here right now with the whole world at our feet. The whole world, man, not these fucking corners. The whole world, B.

- City hall wants the bulldozers through here at dawn and fencing all around the site.
- Winchester homes and the koppers plant as well.
- We got it.
- Come tomorrow, the television reporters get nothing they can stand in front of.
- Excuse me, deputy, sir, we found a body.

- I don't know shit about no refrigerator.
- Like I said, I didn't go in.
- I turned around, started walking back to the truck and I heard this shot.
- Wee-bey came running back with this big-ass .45 he liked so much.
- Tells me how he was tapping on the window, real soft.
- She had to walk all the way up cos she couldn't see what was on the outside.
- And when she gets up to the window and looks out...

Joseph: So now you come over East Side and expect me to hide you. Why is it that every Baltimore nigger think that running the fuck away means crossing downtown? Shit, you should be in New York or Philly or some shit.

- Tend to go to that one pay phone in the courtyard a little too much.
- Jesus.
- He's lit at 9:00 in the morning?
- Or from the night before.
- Detective.
- Detective polk.

- Does mcnulty know?
- I'll raise his ass.
- We'll keep our ear to the wire, keep gathering string, no problem.
- But if bodies keep falling in the eastern district, we might have to give up this wiretap.
- Now you coming around?
- Been more than a damn year.
- Looksjust like his dad, huh?

- Roland...
- Listen to me.
- You did good with the drug thing.
- You buckled down, you did the work.
- Except for that thing with the grand jury, you took some of the stink off yourself.
- If you'll just shut up and listen to me, you might actually have a career in this department.

- Aw, fuck.
- Motherfucker.

- Look at this shit.
- What the fuck is that?
- Let me look at that shit.
- Bird told me that shit. Look at that.
- Fucking Peter-puffer, get the fuck out of here.

- With what?
- Passing the bar.
- Guess I better be going.
- Thanks for coming past.
Elijah: Let's make a bed...
- Yeah.
- Nice meeting you.
- Elijah?
- Uh?
- Say bye to aunt kima.
- Bye.

- From what I know, he runs a gym program for kids.
- He got himself shot for trying to pull a kid off the corner.
- Look, you need to speak up now or face the fact that you never spoke at all.
- They wouldn't let me see my son at marches.
- Said there wasn't much left by the time y'all found him.
- We did the best we could with the information we had.

- I'm gonna tell landsman.
- Yeah. You keep on with it,
- I'm gonna rat you out.
- Well, you do what you got to do.
- My name is nowhere in the file.
- I don't want fuck to do with this.
- Hey, bunk.

- Because the one thing
- I'm asking of you guys, the one thing that I'm asking above all, is that you bring me clean numbers.
- Yes, Mr. Mayor.
- You made that clear.
- Very good, then.

Nick: Today we got ships, Uncle Frank. Today. The writing's on the fuckin' wall.
Frank: Fuck the wall.

- Yeah, tomorrow'd be fine.
- Yeah. Sure.
Social: I'll be right back.
- I'm sorry. I just don't think...
- No, it's ok.
- Right now, he's too withdrawn to revisit the event.
[Kima] How do you come back from something like that?

- Get elected.
- Like I'm just a breathing machine for my fucking dick.
- I'm serious.
- I'm the smartest asshole in three districts and she looks at me like I'm stupid, playing some stupid game for stupid penny-ante stakes.
- She fucking looks through me, kima.

- we just gotta keep the devil way down in the hole
- Down in the hole down in the hole you gotta help me keep the devil down in the hole

- Your bosses don't know you're doing this?
- Who'll be coming?
- Me, a detective name of freamon, and Daniels.
- I can speak for Daniels, brother.
- He's played this thing out with real heart.
- Come on, set something up.
- All right.

- We call him Dennis. He's not new.
- Ok, how are you doin' with him?
- Mom says we can't talk to you about family stuff.
Sean 'Shamrock' McGinty: Dad, you going to the open house?
- Yeah, I'll try.
- I've been real busy at work, though.
- New case and all.
- Mom says you have to go, dad.
- All the other kids' fathers are gonna be there.

- announces we'll have a class in January come hell or high water.
- Do it like that, it's a one-day story.
- Mr. Mayor, this was a budget question.
- I was directed to delay that class.
- Yeah, you took the hit then and you're taking the hit now.
- And I thank you for both, commissioner.

- Mr. Stump!
- Mr. Stump.
- Them boys been teasin' chantelle again.
- You know it.

- Hey, prissy.
- Thought you'd be here.

- '3-14, be advised, we have a signal 13.'
- '7820, rear odd-side.
- '3300 block of baker. Clear.'
- 'visual, rear even-side of wan/vick and longwood.'
- 'signal 13, signal 13. Officer down.'
- 'SUV, west on wannick, make the next right.'

- Let's go.
- Where it at, man?
- Back there.
- So, what up, man, you don't value my time?
- Nigger, please.
- Hand me that screw gun and calm the fuck down.

- Freamon.
- Visual on stinkum.
- 'Yo, we lost four to five-0.'
- 'What?'
- 'we lost four.'
- 'Why the fuck are you telling me this?'
- 'I'll talk to you later.'

- gotta watch your back well, I beg your pardon walk the straight and narrow track if you walk with Jesus he's gonna save your soul you gotta keep the devil way down in a hole

- Hi. Choose a game.
- Can you guess this word?
- Stop! Move away from the cookie jar.
- Hi. Choose a game.
- Can you guess this word?

- And I probably let her believe it just to keep peace.
- Now she wants to be the big deal.
- What do you want?
- I don't want to disappoint her anymore.
- And right now I'm more help showing up at some dinner in my ring and dress blues than being the not-even-divorced-yet husband with the white woman on his arm.

- keep him in the hole in the hole down in the hole down in the hole keep him in the hole keep him in the...
- Down in the hole down in the hole keep him in the hole keep him in the...
- Down in the hole down in the hole

- Let me get one of them, too.
- Don't shoot!

- I'm gonna be a little late for roll call.
- Gotta get this kid settled.
- What's wrong with dss?
- On the phone with them right now.
- They're talking about a group home.
- Either you come up with a guardian, or he goes to social services.
- No two ways about it.
- Hello? Hello?

- Not at the mayor directly but we had the police brass in front of the subcommittee.
- I don't know.
- There's no excuse for what happened.
- You keep on it. A smack here and there does this administration a world of good.
- That's why we need new blood on the council.
- Keep everybody honest.
- Yeah.

- How am I supposed to get back over?
- Climb the damn fence.
- Do a betterjob of it second time, I expect.
- Grab them steel pipes quick before we get spotted.

- Leastways, you got it on both sides this time.
- All right, give me the real.
- Wait, why are we gonna use real money?
- We're not burning no lemon street chumps here. Feel me?
- I'm down.
- You down? Johnny's down. [Chuckles]

- They're still using it.
- I was by on Saturday night and it was gone.
- On your own time?
- You still getting your boys?
- Yeah, tonight for a sleep-over.
- Omar's rolling.

- and make sure you bring in a drug case or two.
- One other thing.
- A promotion and a specialized unit isn't enough?
- I choose my own people.
- Fuck me once, shame on you.
- Fuck me twice...
- Make a list. Give it to rawls.
- He'll pull who you want.

- Some useless fuck in our marine unit faxed them a report on tides and wind currents.
- Shows the body went in the water west of the bridge and drifted out.
- Mcnulty.
- Fucking Jimmy.
- Fucking with us for the fun of it.
- I gotta give the son of a bitch some credit for wit on this one.
- Cocksucker.
- Motherfucker.

[first lines]
Det. James 'Jimmy' McNulty: So your boy's name was what?
Snot: Snot.
Det. James 'Jimmy' McNulty: You called the guy "Snot"?
Snot: Snot Boogie, yeah.
Det. James 'Jimmy' McNulty: Snot Boogie? He like the name?
Snot: What?
Det. James 'Jimmy' McNulty: Snot Boogie?
[the kid does not answer]
Det. James 'Jimmy' McNulty: This kid, whose mama went to the trouble of christening him Omar Isaiah Betts... You know, he forgets his jacket, so his nose starts running, and some asshole, instead of giving him a Kleenex, calls him "Snot". So he's Snot forever. Doesn't seem fair.
Snot: Life just be that way, I guess.

- He talked to the judge?
- That's my understanding.
- So, if he comes over on this, watch your back.
- You need anything, you ask me.
- I'll give you all the help I can.
- But no surprises.
- Yes, sir.
- Keep me briefed.

- Take some real estate, put it in Dee's name. He has something to come home to.
- Do it.
- Thing is, what happened happened, you know?
- Push come to shove,
- I've been fair to him, ain't I?
- You've been fair.
- Too fair.

[last line of the series]
Det. James 'Jimmy' McNulty: Let's go home.

Norman Wilson: [about Carcetti who is struggling with budgets] He shorts the police department, the crime rate stays up, he ain't no governor, neither. Just a weak-ass mayor of a broke-ass city.
Councilman Thomas 'Tommy' Carcetti: Feel better?
Norman Wilson: A little bit. You?

Chris: You can look him in the eye now... no matter who he is or what he done you look him right in the eye.

- Cameras that see over the yard, out to the street.
- Verizon said there's no phone service at that address.
- That's a telltale right there.
- So what? We try to write a warrant for this place, right?
- Right?

[Prez] Christ, I wish we had a tap on the port office phone.
- I just wanted to give you a heads-up.
- That last little item we sent out is wrong.
- I knew it was wrong when I let it go.
- Not on the phone, frank.
- Ok, but this time he needs to be there.
- In fact, he wants to be there to hear this shit.

- You need to raise it a bit.
- Yeah, that's good. Right there, that works.
- Thought I heard something.
- Rats.
- How we doing?
- We need to go.

- Yeah, but that fat man gave me a itch I can't scratch.
- Everybody in this world does what they going to.
- Me, you, the police.
- Everybody in this world got their own place.
- And a man in your line of work start worrying about how other people see you, playing to other people instead of to hisself, he gonna get dead.

- So what you want me to tell the man?
- Yo, I'll give word up, then I'll hit you back.
- Shamrock.
- 4:40pm.
- B&b enterprises.
- We need to have lunch.
- All right, hold on. I'll call you back.

- No, I guess not.
- But that and my badge is all I got.
- I might have your badge, major, but not today.
- I don't wanna draw any attention to this shit before we're ready to speak to it.
- So if you have any vacation time, you're taking it now.
- Do not report for a shift until notified.

- Man, get in here.
- Go ahead, man. What's wrong with you?

- You like the car you driving in, right?
- You like this crib?
- I put you in this crib. You like it?
- We all got a lot to protect here.
- You need to remind him of that.
- So when it come down to it, he can stand up tall.
- You ain't gotta worry about my child.
- I raised that boy, and I raised him right.

[Bunk and McNulty are staking out Vondas' house; Vondas comes out wearing a suit]
Det. William 'Bunk' Moreland: A different look for our boy.
Off. James 'Jimmy' McNulty: Yeah. Perry Ellis or somethin'.
Det. William 'Bunk' Moreland: Now, how would a just-rolled-outta-bed-lookin' muthafucka like you know the designer?
Off. James 'Jimmy' McNulty: Okay, I'm guessin'.
Det. William 'Bunk' Moreland: It's a Joseph Abboud. He puts dark buttons instead of brass on his blazers. That's the Abboud signature.
Off. James 'Jimmy' McNulty: You know what they call a guy who pays that much attention to his clothes, don't you?
Det. William 'Bunk' Moreland: Mm-hmm. A grown-up.

- Why don't you just leave me alone, man?
- A white man can't walk down the street?
- What's that about? Come on!
- It's messed up, all right?
- Profiling! What? It's 'cause I'm white, right? Why don't you let me...
- Man, what the fuck's that? What's that?
- That boy ain't got no luck.

[Man] Les hombres! Les hombres!
- Les hombres!
[2nd man] Wait up, amigo!

- enough investments that there's no way to trace it.
- A player gets to that point, there ain't no way in hell a working police is gonna tie a can to his tail.
- Oh, man.
- So, kintel Williamson, the prince of pimlico.
- Where we at on this mope?
- Dnrs on a couple of payphones.

- Jesus Christ.
- Goddamn.
- Who do you got to fuck in this town to get a real office?
- At least that works.

- Fuck me.
- I'm dying here.
- Let me get on the other side, work it from there.
- One, two.
- Three.

The: It's a new world, Frank. You should go out and spend some of the money on something you can touch. New car, new coat... It's why we get up in the morning, huh?

- It's his fault for payin' up front.
- Yo, you need to split that money up or something cos time is a-wastin'.
- Can't even finish a day's work.
- Get me something at least.
- Lake trout.
- Soda too?
- Yeah. Strawberry.
- A'ight. I got ya.

- You got that gig.
- Can I get a one-on-one?
- Yo, poot.

Det. Lester Freamon: You do any accents? English, British, Scottish, something like that?
Off. James 'Jimmy' McNulty: [trying British accent] Crikey! I was looking to get a little hanky-panky and this one bloke gave me this number to call when I got across the pond.
Det. Shakima 'Kima' Greggs: [laughs]
Det. Lester Freamon: [laughs] Work on it, son.

- What would I have done if he started whaling on you?
- Same kind of nothing, see?
- That's how the corners be.
- They going to use you up, sherrod.
- You welcome to stay tonight but you ain't in school tomorrow morning, this partnership need to be done.

- Bad terrorists with big nuclear bombs.
- Whoosh!
- I'm kidding you, frank, it's a joke.
- But you don't ask...
- Because you don't want to know.
- The next time the Greek's got something breathing in them cans, I need to know it.
- Uh-uh. Give him a couple of days, you know?

- Come on, sweetheart.
- Bust your ass outta here.
- It's still Maryland but if y'all don't take that shit to hamsterdam tomorrow, next time it's West Virginia.
- That little star there across from the Dipper, that's north.
- You wanna go the other way.

- Let me get a pack of juicy fruit.
- You look like one of them half-soul, half-Chinese types from Vietnam and shit.
- Come again now, mama-San.

Det. Lester Freamon: We could still go to jail. And if not, I'd expect to be back in the pawn shop unit and you, my brother, are gonna ride the boat.
Det. James 'Jimmy' McNulty: So what? It was worth it.
Det. James 'Jimmy' McNulty: Wasn't it?
Det. Lester Freamon: Depends.

- Get in the damn car.
- If you want me in that car, look me up.
- And then I wanna talk to my shop steward and he can have an ibs lawyer go with me.
- Hey, dad, what...
- Jesus, pop, what was that for?
- Say cheese. You pull another stunt, I'll have your card. I don't care who your mother is!
- Get the fuck outta here!
- Kind of smart for a fat man, isn't he?
- All right, all right.

- Damn, junior, you had a night. Even for a legendary motherfucker like yourself...
[Mcnulty] Drop it.
- What the fuck is wrong with you, man?
- Cos Elena didn't open up the door for your ass, you just gonna let all this shit fly out, huh?
- Come on, Jimmy. Lighten up.

- On the new gym?
- Yeah.
- You use my name?
- You use anybody's name?
- Hell, man, there was a time
- I'd have used a Smith & Wesson.
- Nah, look, man, I'm just saying, how do regular folk get it done in this town?
- Doreen, ring delegate Watkins, please.

- Just been chasing that pipe, you know?
- Shit's got me all digging and scratching in my arms.
- You know, it's cool.
- All right, come on, you need a break.
- I'm serious, you need a break. Come on.
- No, man, look around you.
- It's a soldier's paradise, man.

- We are?
- Mmmhmm.
- How can you put that down when sydnor wasn't on the roof?
- Yes, he was.
- No, he's not, he's with Daniels.
- No, he isn't.
[Crowd] Oooh!

Dep. Comm. for Operations William A. Rawls: Mr Mayor, about Ervin, if you don't mind me asking, why keep him as a puppet commissioner when you can just fire the guy?
Norman Wilson: [Carcetti and Norman look at each other] We mind you asking.

- Sound like she got it all figured.
- Bitch got it figured out, all right. She cuttin' us loose without notice. Nothin'.
- Like comin' home, findin' our shit in the street.
- She don't give a fuck about you, avon, none of it.
- She had the nerve to talk to me on this, like she gonna set things straight so I don't tell no lies.

- Kid, what apartment?
- Come on, kid, what's the apartment?
- 11-m.
- Ok, 11-m. Is that so hard?
- What's your dob? Come on, kid.
[Daniels] What?
- It's him.
- Who?

- You float it with one of your bunkies on calvert street.
- See how it plays.
- Burrell reads that, he'll shit melons.
- I fucking hope so.
- It's Baltimore.
- No one lives forever.

Det. James 'Jimmy' McNulty: [on their way to see Major Rawls] What the fuck can I tell him?
Sgt. Jay Landsman: Whatever the man wants to hear, Jimmy. Whatever he wants to hear.

Marlo: That's my money.
Omar: Man, money ain't got no owners. Only spenders.

- Where I find Omar?
[Breathing heavily] No...
- Where Omar at?
- You a tough old man.

- Game over. Where the fuck y'all at?
- When I find y'all, I'm beating your asses.
- Now where y'all at?
- Don't let me find y'all.
- Check this, poot.
- Little man left his player and shit.

- Get where?
- Excuse me.
- How the hell was I to know the mayor was gonna put the screws to you?
- You read the paper? I look like shit.
- Hey, you got your class.
- And probably scored points with Royce out of sheer loyalty, right?

- We just sat here and watched nat coxson take a shit all over you.
- And shrivel-dick motherfucker that you are, you take it.
- I wake up every morning with an angry, blue-veined diamond-cutter.
- I was gonna enlighten the president of the local 47 on this point. He chose to depart.
- Blue steel, gentlemen.
- For Christ's sake!
- Three and a half inches of hard blue steel!

- No good to us no how. You on three legs.
- Familiarize yourself with the make and model of the weapons you left in the truck, Mr. Hill.
- The details matter.
- I get shot up an' then this shit.
- Y'all ask a lot, don'tcha?
- You can't hack, go down Wal-Mart.
- And see if they take care you while you laid up for a while.
- C'mon, nigger.

- Jesus, bunny.
- What got into you?
- Another six months to my 30.
- I'm out the door on a major's pension.
- The hell they could do to me.
- Spider bags, red tops.

- You just fucked up. Way you looked at the bag, you know what's in there.
- That's you, right there, fucking up.

- You got the smell of wisdom on you, brother.
- Now, look.
- We all got roles to play.
- What's your role?
- I'm just a humble motherfucker with a big-ass dick.
- You give yourself too much credit.
- Ok, then. I ain't all that humble.

Spiros: He knows my name, but my name is not my name. And you... to them you're only "The Greek".
The: And, of course, I'm not even Greek.

- Says we took his name in vain last time we used it.
- When was that?
- When we had him back-stabbing burrell at city hall, remember?
- Do you want me to call Daniels at home?
- Try him again?
- We're past deadline, Gus.
- I'll cut the quote.
- All right.

[last lines]
Omar: All in the game yo, all in the game.

- Politics is a good thing, partner.
- That's a minority opinion.
- Let's order.
- I'm hungry enough to eat the horse you rode in on.
- If you don't mind, we're a little busy for a sit-down lunch.
- Oh, no doubt. Just leave enough for the tab.

- You can go.
- Where to?
- Sayin' you can leave the car with me.
- You rent by the night, right?
- I ain't seen no medium of exchange.
- Look, when you done, leave my short on the street where I pick you up at.
- Mm-hm.

- The shipbuilders' local goes belly-up and that makes you a martyr?
- The only difference between us is you picked the wrong union.
- That ain't the only difference.
- If you were in my position...
- I'm not.
- To tell you the truth, I'm glad I don't have to make those kind of choices.
- Come on, kid. Sit down.

- Well, it's enough to charge him, anyway.
- Parents?
- Alcoholic mother. No fixed address.
- Says he's got a grandmother on the eastern shore.
- How about a hotel room?
- On whose dime?
- The deputy won't approve the manpower to stash a 16-year-old, much less room service.
- Mcnulty, line two.

- We need to be inside before the building even wakes up.
- Anyone who wants to sleep tonight needs to start typing his ass off right now.
- What's up? Why ain't the club open?
- You going with bey.
- Yo, bey.
- Keep it clean. Don't make no mistakes.

[Omar is walking down a dark alley at night, carrying his bag and whistling. Suddenly, he hears the click of a gun being cocked behind him]
Brother: [offscreen] That's far enough. Drop your laundry and turn slowly.
[Omar drops his bag]
Omar: So you gonna rob me now. I need to remind you who I am?
Brother: Omar, isn't it?
[Omar turns, revealing Brother Mouzone, pointing a pistol at him]
Brother: Pull it slowly, then toss it.
Omar: [slowly reaching for his own pistol] Oh, I WILL move slow. But I ain't tossin' nothin'... Bow Tie. So whatever you gonna do, you might as well go ahead and make it quick. I knew you'd come back.
Brother: I trust you didn't lose sleep over it.
Omar: Worryin' about you be like wonderin' if the sun gonna come up. Ain't about to wild out over it. What I wanna know is how you find me.
Brother: Your boy. He didn't give you up easy.
Omar: Ain't no sugar water runnin' through them veins. You kill him?
Brother: He's resting.
[Omar slowly pulls his gun out of his belt]
Brother: I see you favor a .45.
Omar: Tonight I do. And I keeps one in the chamber, in case you ponderin'. Nice show piece you got there.
Brother: Walther PPK, .380, double action.
Omar: [slowly raising his gun so Mouzone can see it] Hear them Walthers like to jump some.
Brother: As will you, with one in your elbow.
Omar: That gun ain't got enough firepower to make my joint useless. It definitely won't stop me from emptyin' out half my mag.
Brother: You might not hit me.
Omar: [chuckling] This range? And this caliber? Even if I miss, I can't miss.
Brother: I admire a man with confidence.
Brother: [slowly leveling his gun, aiming it at Mouzone's chest] I don't see no sweat on your brow neither, bruh.
[long pause as the two men silently regard each other from across the alley]
Brother: I suppose we could stand here all night.
Omar: 'Spose we could. Or settle this once and forever.
[another pause, then Mouzone releases the hammer on his gun and lowers it]
Brother: I want to ask you something... brother.
[Omar lowers his gun]
Omar: Omar listenin'.

- Just so he don't come back on my cousin.
- Anyway, thanks for being straight on this.
- Fool, if it wasn't for Sergei here, you and your cuz both would be cadaverous motherfuckers.
- I went through ins, customs, even the state department. Nothing.
- It's time, Jimmy.
- You did what you could, right?

- You take what you have, you build on it.
- It's all good. Just put it up on the calendar. We should meet.
- Yo, slim.
- You see them two niggers right there?
- They over there getting high in the middle of all this.
- Now where the fucking discipline at, yo?
- Fuck, toss them niggers.

- Can I have some chocolate cake?
- I'll bring the cart.
- Boy, don't nobody give a damn about you or your story.
- You got money, you get to be whatever you say you are.
- That's the way it is.
- Oh. Sir, I'm sorry. These are the samples.
- And for you, sir? Very good.

- You want to get with Omar, you need to stand out on one of them corners with a big-ass package.
- You be talking to that nigger soon enough.
- You feel anything?
- Come on, let's go.
- Come on.

[Man] Get outta the street!
- Bitch!
- Hey.
- Hey.
- What's up? What you need?
- Little late in the month for this shit, isn't it?
- What you mean?
- For my aunt, she hit the match four.
- You stealing from me, cass?

- You don't read about statuesque blondes in the newspapers anymore.
- Buxom ones, neither.
- They're like a lost race.
- What do you got next?
- School project meeting.
- Mr. Whiting builds his pulitzer.

- find our shit the old-fashioned way?
- Feel me?
- Oh, I feel you.
- Sound like a plan.
- But I don't know, though, Joe.
- You think Omar gonna give it up?
- 20 on the dollar it is.
- Say, how's she ticking, Joe?

- When a case does go down...
- All those people who kept quiet about it, who lied about it, all of them who thought it wasn't coming back on 'em, they end up catchin' a charge.
- And they get time behind that.
- Time, huh? You gonna give me time?

- Pay your people less.
- They my people, though.
- Short yourself.
- Split it 60/40. You want better?
- You need to tool up.
- I'll wait for Chris, snoop and the rest of my people call on your people.
- We will be brief with all you motherfuckers. I think you know.
- All right.

Det. Frank Barlow: Think I give a fuck? I'll be chalkin' you off one night.
Russell: You have a nice day.

- Come on, pretty boy. Come on.
- You don't have to go home but you can't stay here. Come on. Let's go.
- That's home?
- Yeah. That's it.
- There we go, little trouper.
- 6:30 tomorrow morning. Don't make me drag you out of bed like you did yesterday.
- Mm-hm.

- Let the lawyer talk for you.
- Lieutenant...
- Tell Lester I'm sorry.

[Woman] I'm going uptown if this motherfucker gonna close at midnight.
- Hey, killer.
- I got something for you, come here.

- Word is that when the city's budget situation is improved, we'll all see that as back pay or comp time. Every last hour.
- Back pay my ass. This shit here is just paper.
- 65 hours of worthless paper right here.
- Officer brown, sit your ass.
- Sit!

- and she looks like she might tell me when my shit stinks, which is probably what I need.
- She's kind of like freamon with tits.
- So what, did you get her number?
- Nah, not exactly.
- What kind of detective am I if I can't track a white woman in Baltimore?
- There you go.

- Grab the wall.
- Officer Walker.
- I ain't gonna be out here strapped.
- You gonna take that on a humble?
- You don't know there's rules to this game.
- Rules?
- Yeah.

- Which is where shardene helps us out.
- Is she gonna take out a tape and ask avon to hold the other end?
- Ain't none of y'all been in the military?
- How do you learn a 30-inch, quick-time?
- Draft-dodging peace freaks.
- Get me a ruler and some string.
- Why me?

- I couldn't make it out the bathroom.
- Stand up when I talk to you, young man.
- I know your mother, Tyrell.
- She didn't raise any clowns, now, did she?
- No, ma'am.
- It's yours, major.

- Yo, son, I go to the er and word get back to avon, you know he gonna have his henchmen waiting in the parking lot for me.
- Look, I know y'all friendly with a couple of doctors, right? Right?

- An invitation.
- Fee! A little lonesome for backup.
- Me, too.
- That's nice. I'll check the rear.
- I'll watch the boys.

- Left tackle but you was too busy pissing in your drawers to learn left from right!
- Take your ass down to shula's steakhouse and get an education.
- Hey, darlin'.
- What's the deal?
- Just dropping in for one or two.
- Then we take ourselves out of here.
- How about you?
- I'm leaving after this one.

- Fits nice...
- It's all in the game.
- It was only a couple of dollars.
- It ain't the money.
- But we fucked him up bad.
- It's the message, d.
- You can't show no weakness.
- Still, I'm saying.
- What?

- I wanted to make that shit special.
- It was, man. It fucking was.
- Take your money back.
- This is mine.
- Take it back, you old whore.
- Turk?
- Can I get one more?

- Need to see the Greek and get a number.
- He's got one on the way.
- Today?
- Tomorrow.
- The Atlantic light over at north point.
- All right.
- Yo, frank.
- What's up?
- You gotta get with Ziggy, man.
- He's all over the place.

- Jimmy, right? Dennis kerpelman.
- Great kids.
- Anyway, nice meeting you.
- Do you want anything from the stand?
- No, thank you.
- Uh, don't stay till the last inning, cos it's a school night.
- Bye.

- Still do.
- Does she know about the detective and the pictures?
- No, why would I tell her about that?
- And are the two of you still...?
- Yes.
- A little.

- You got problems?
- I stirred up some shit with this hamsterdam mess.
- That's 'cause you was behind that that made me come to you with this.
- Look like you and me both trying to make sense of this game.
- Speak your mind, Russell.

- in a little more than a year is getting groomed.
- Wait.
- You didn't for a minute think that...
- Jesus, bill, it's Baltimore.
- You ain't one of the natives, are ya?

- I'm running an illegal wiretap on marlo Stanfield's cell phone.
- Fuck. Lester?
- If you have a problem with this,
- I understand completely and I urge you to get as far fucking away from me as you can.

- You could drive a tank through there, it wouldn't take a scratch.
- Where the fuck you going with this?
- Greece. Athens, Greece.
- The hole is so they don't think it's an inside job.
- So they don't look at the union.
- Welcome aboard, chief.

- I'm not gonna help them gut the case.
- I'm sorry.
- He's your lieutenant.
- You gotta do what you gotta do.
- But I can't swallow this shit any more.
- Mr. Johnson sings over in a corner by the bar sold his soul to the devil so he can play guitar too cool to be forgotten hey, hey...

[Man] Thank you, sir.
- Just one moment, ma'am.
- You seen hoskins?
- Lieutenant went upstairs already.
- Step through, please.

- The point of the co-op is we stand together.
- We share information, and no one fucks with any of us.
- No one fucks with me now.
- That don't mean there couldn't be some unforeseen cir...
- No one fucks with me now.

- How my hair look, Mike?
- You look good, girl.

Man: Yeah.
- Yo, you talk to him?
- Fat man wanna parlay.
- All right, you good. Hook me up.
- Yeah, all right.

- 'I hope you all copy that.' that puts us about eight blocks away.
- I'm pushing in a little closer.
- All units be advised.
- Wan/vick near longwood in the north side alley. Or near that 20.
Kima's Friend: 'This got the right feel for you?'
- You creeping closer?

- Anyway, he's cooking his own dinner now.
- What about with you and your wife?
- What happened?
- She died.
- Not now, Gus. I'm good.
- Whatever you say, Jimmy.
- So, you about ready to go?
- Sure.
- Be right back. I just gotta make a call.

[Terri] A lot can happen between now and election day.
- I've been ahead further than Royce is and lost.
- I can't win this.
- Tommy, where the fuck you going?
- I'm your ride home, man.
- The man can read a poll.

- $1,000 for the doctor.
- $1,000 each time, girlfriend.
- Every month till I'm pregnant.
- There's gotta be a better way.
- That would be on you, sweetheart.
- Come up with a suitable donor and we pay a lot less.
- Not with your pussy would I fuck any of these guys.
- What did you just say?
- You didn't just say that!

- My condolences.
- I'm Thomas...
- I know who you are.
- Thanks for your respects.

- So Omar got an ak, right?
- But he's surrounded.
- It's like eight, nine motherfuckers up there and they all got nines.
- But he like, "you all think you..."
- Fuck you lookin' at?
- You, nigger.
- Do you know who I am?
- Nigger, you know who I am?
- Shit!

- You know, we double-hulled her down at number four.
- Maybe two years before the dry dock closed up.
- She still floats, huh?
- Of course she still roats.
- You ever miss it, pop?
- Wouldn't do no good.
- What's for dinner?
- Tuna surprise.

Duquan: You remember that one day, summer past? When we threw them piss balloons at them Terrace boys? You remember, just before school started up again? You know, I took a beatdown from them boys. I don't even throw a shadow on it. That was a day. Y'all bought me ice cream off the truck. You remember, Mike?
Michael: [long pause] I don't.

- All that shit count, you hear me?
- I'd let sleeping dogs lie, son.
- I know you would, Joe.
- You smart like that.
- Yeah. Me?
- Anyway, pass that offer on.
- Come back for this here in an hour.

- Say "Omar".
[Quietly] Omar.

- that the leniency he received was the result of cooperation...
- Well, you understand our position, I'm sure.
- Frank, it's sitting out there and this
- Russian fuck won't take it off the pier.
- I ain't blind.
- I don't like it sitting out in the open that long.
- The customs seal is broke. Somebody'll see it. Our asses are hanging out here.

- Calls from the detention center.
- Some kind souls begging to assist you in your foundering investigation.
- Oop! [Laughs]
- Let me just grand-jury my man here, lock in his story.
- Now for the gun. Later for his story.
- And that's your sergeant talking.

- My girl. Half the money hers.
- Baby, since we going down north Avenue, stop by the carry-out so I can pick me up some cigarettes.
- They're going up north. Stay loose.
- Shit. It's too loud.

- Here we go. We got one.
- 12-14, kima. We got a disappeared can just hit the chassis.
- Affirmative. I'll eyeball it to the gate.
- Raise our boys.
- Right.
- What's kima rolling as?
- Gas and electric.

Acting Commissioner Ervin H. Burrell: [about political corruption] In this state, there's a thin line between campaign posters and photo arrays.

- Look at this.
- A red ribbon in one of ray Cole's files.
- Cole left a note with it.
- "Found on left wrist of victim.
- "Check against other cases."
- Hey, hon. How's the stain look on the cabinets? They dry yet?
- Great. I'm on my way.

- What's with the hats?
[Boy] Five-o!
- Five-o!
- Shut it down!
- Shut it down!
- Clean?

Maurice: You are amoral, are you not? You are feeding off the violence and the despair of the drug trade. You're stealing from those who themselves are stealing the lifeblood from our city. You are a parasite who leeches off...
Omar: Just like you, man.
Maurice: ...the culture of drugs... Excuse me, what?
Omar: I got the shotgun, you got the briefcase. It's all in the game, though, right?

- The fuck are you doing here?
- You think that charge gets dropped without somebody showing you some special love?
- You hungry? Come on.
- All right. Might be a surety bond on this Chris partlow, given all of his priors.
- Pearson woman, not so much. All right?

- I'll hang here for the ambo, all right?
- Go with your people.
- Go ahead, son.

- gotta watch your back well, I beg your pardon walk the straight and narrow track if you walk with Jesus he's gonna save your soul you gotta keep the devil way down in a hole

Det. James 'Jimmy' McNulty: The things that make me right for this job maybe they're the same things that make me wrong for everything else.

- You heard about bodie?
- What about?
- Bodie, from up Payson.
- Yeah, yeah. What?
- Shot dead on his corner.
- Midnight shift caught it. Check the readout.
- Sergeant, get your ass in here.
- God damn it, sergeant, you're on the brink of insubordination.

- Excuse me for a moment.
- Bill, this is nuts.
- I told him that.
- If this gets out, who do you think it's gonna land on?
- I got two years to make 40 and a pension bump.
- Look, I don't agree with the call either, but it's his call, not yours, not mine.
- He's the one over at city hall every day getting his ass chewed.

Donette: Boy, don't nobody give a damn about you and your story. You got money, you get to be whatever you say you are. That's the way it is.

- But now we got that woman in there, that good police, breathing through a fucking tube because it meant something to her.
- And the shooters who dropped kima?
- They're still in the wind.
- And whoever sent those motherfuckers into that alley, he needs to get got, too.
- You can stand there dripping with liquor smell and self-pity if you got a mind to, but this case, it means something. Now.

- But you knew that, right?
- We're working a flight warrant today.
[Prez] There's...
- There's a lot to do here, in-office.
- I'd be careful with that, though.
- I understand the trigger pull used to be light.

- That's more than fair. Thanks.
- But it's better for me if I do something else.
- Detective.
- It's not you, it's me.
- But where...
- The western, I think.
- Yeah, the western feels like home.

[sitting in a hot dog joint]
Howard: I never did understand why you stopped eating the pig.
Deacon: I ain't been in a Polock Johnny's since 1974, and if you knew what was good for you...
Howard: Look, I know what's _good._ I remember when you did, too. I never saw you going all Muslim on me.
Deacon: Ain't that. But I do believe that other faiths have got the pig figured better than us A.M.E.'s.

- Where you goin' at so early?
- I'm gonna go run, and then I got lawn work later.
- You comin' back, right?
- What you mean am I comin' back?
- It's gonna be like that, huh?
- What do you mean? Like what?

- Let's do this.
[Herc] What does he want us to do?
- I don't understand.
[Prez] I'll explain it to you if you buy me breakfast.

- Go tell sterling to be ready for it.
- All right. Yo, d, man.
- You know, me and poot, we been steady working it, you know?
- Nothing sloppy, no troubles, right?
- And we was wondering if, maybe you could let a little something go until payday,
- 'cause you know, right now, we some broke-ass niggers, man.

- Going where?
- What the fuck you waiting for?

- Any charge here?
- No charge.
- Good. Get up. Go! Walk!
- Listen to me, you don't say anything, don't do anything, don't write anything.
- Do you hear me? Shut up!
- How many fucking times do I have to tell you people the same fucking thing?

- -keep him in the hole
- -in the hole
- -down in the hole
- -down in the hole
- -keep him in the hole
- -keep him in the...
- -Down in the hole
- -down in the hole
- -keep him in the hole
- -keep him in the...
- -Down in the hole
- -down in the hole

Det. William 'Bunk' Moreland: Now look. We all got roles to play.
Det. Lester Freamon: What's your role?
Det. William 'Bunk' Moreland: I'm just a humble motherfucker with a big-ass dick.
Det. Lester Freamon: You give yourself too much credit.
Det. William 'Bunk' Moreland: OK, then. I ain't all that humble.

[Mcnulty] Shoot up a barbershop?
- No, they did not have to do that.
- That man was just...
- My thing.
- My thing, ain't had...
- They ain't had to do that.

- The man's a virus.
- Homicide, then.
- That's you, right?
- Yeah.
- I know it's hard right now, detective, but...
- Try to think on this as a favor.

- If you have a problem, like you can't make it to detention, you need to tell me.
- That's your responsibility.
- People will be more than willing to help you out but it's up to you to ask.
- You can go back to the cafeteria...
- Or hang up here.

- You happy to do for me,
- I'm happy to do for you.
- Congratulations, colonel.
- Congratulations, deputy commissioner.
- Congratulations to all those who were promoted, their families and friends.
- It's a proud day for them and a proud day for the Baltimore police department.

- Steal from us, motherfucker?
- Get the ring too, yo.
Gerard: Shit won't come off, yo.
Sapper: Drop him.
- Arrrghh!
[Cutty] You know the man works for us.
- You keep goin' like that, ain't gonna be nothin' left of him to make right what he owes.

- There's nothing under the nails that I can see.
- I think we can risk prints.

- I thought mora was number nine.
- Listen, guys, we're gonna play that spy game. Do you remember the spy game?
- Who's it?
- That tall black guy over there.
- You're supposed to say
- African-American, dad.
- African-American.
- I'm the front, you're the follow.
- I was the follow last time.
- Don't argue, go on. Go.

- Every day try to do a little for the statewide and keep a problem on the blackboard for Donnelly.
- If she comes to visit, she thinks you're on point.
- The rest of the time, do what you feel like you need to do.
- But be careful.
- You're still on your evaluation.
- The first year isn't about the kids, it's about you surviving.

- Both Olsen twins.
- Ashley. Kate.
- Mary-Kate.
- And, yeah, I admire their body of work.
- They're yours.
- All you got to do is name a guy.
- I'm not catching, I'm pitching.
- No problem.

- You sure? I mean, you want, he goes.
- Another time, herc.
- We're on the major's clock here.
- Don't forget the face, cocksucker.
- It's gonna be here tomorrow.
- You need me to call dispatch?
- No, it's ok. I'll tell you later.
- I say we get the troops and fuck these assholes up.

- What about the dog?
- Fuck the dog.
- All that time I was resting, it got me thinking. It got good to me, too.
- Copper house. Gracious.
- I gotta go, can you cash me out?
- If you ain't got dreams, bubbs, what the fuck you got?
- Thank you. Come on, dreamer.

- Big Roy, let me have your card.
- What do you want it for?
- Not you. Little big Roy, let me hold your card.
- Ineedit
- I'm gonna work the cape St. George today.
- I'll work it for you.
- Work it for me?
- I work the ship. You work a barstool down clement street. End of the week, you get paid.

- for as long as it takes you people to get the message.
- You hear me? We will take this door in the morning and at night, and toss your house until there isn't any furniture with four legs left, you hear me?
- Officer, my son turned himself in to the police last night.
- At southeastern.
- A detective was there at the time.

- Who's poking? If I think something about a story, I'm gonna speak on it.
- You know what a healthy newsroom is?
- It's a magical place where people argue about everything all the time.
- I'm not poking anyone here.
- "Dean Martin"?
- Yeah, a little poke.
- Thank you.

- You owe me ten.
- I said name a better dog you can have today, not in history.
- You go get that dog right now.
- You cannot go get that now.
- You said the best fucking dog.
- Can you please keep it down?
- I can't hear a goddamn thing!

- come on, come, kiddy come, come walk on gilded splinters
- Come on, come, kiddy come, come you cannot be out here.
- Y'all need to find something constructive to do with yourselves. Go on.
- Walk on gilded splinters

Jimmy: [McNulty sits on a windowsill, looking at Stringer's body. Bunk sits next to him and lights a cigar] I caught him, Bunk. On the wire, I caught him... And he doesn't fuckin' know it.

- you didn't tell me that thing.
- You told me something else.
- Iwrote what Mr. Hanning told me.
- Mr. Hanning...
- What if one of the guys, what if a marine who was there, he reads that shit that you made up?
- That's why I come down here today.
- What if one of the guys sees that?
- Man, get him outta my face.

Sgt. Jay Landsman: Jimmy, I say this seriously. If I was laying there dead on some Baltimore street corner, I'd want you standing over me, catching the case. Because, brother, when you were good, you were the best we had.
Det. William Moreland: Shit, if you were lying there dead on some corner, it probably was Jimmy that done you.

- Fucking Atlanta shit costs more and it's still not as good.
- Came in at 25.
- All we can do is sprinkle it and bag it.
- Gonna lose my money? I lose my money.
- Step on that motherfucker.
- How hard?
- Make it ten.
- It's shit now.
- I know.

Councilman Thomas 'Tommy' Carcetti: You really think they're gonna vote for the white guy?
Norman Wilson: Black folks been voting white for a long time. You come correct, we listen. It's y'all that don't never vote black.
Carcetti's: Shit, you got my vote, anyway.
[Norman chuckles]
Councilman Thomas 'Tommy' Carcetti: I don't have your vote, Norman?
[Norman just gives him a sly look and laughs]
Councilman Thomas 'Tommy' Carcetti: You're my deputy campaign manager and I don't have your vote?
Norman Wilson: Last white man I could vote for was Bobby Kennedy. And you ain't no Bobby K.
Councilman Thomas 'Tommy' Carcetti: I thought you just said...
Norman Wilson: I was speakin' in general about the kindly nature of black folks. In particular, I ain't all that kindly.
Councilman Thomas 'Tommy' Carcetti: So you're gonna take my fuckin' check, and run with my fuckin' campaign...
Norman Wilson: Well, I do know who pays me, yassuh! Oh, yassuh, boss!
Councilman Thomas 'Tommy' Carcetti: Who you gonna fuckin' vote for? Royce? Tony Gray?
Norman Wilson: One of them brothers.
[Norman and the driver crack up laughing; Carcetti smiles as he realizes they're just messing with him]
Councilman Thomas 'Tommy' Carcetti: Yeah, yeah, yeah...

- No, just scar. His boy break, we gonna let him.
- But if he raise up, I'm on him.
- Damn, I wish bird was here.
- Bird be loving this shit right here.
- Which do remind me, we get up out of here, you need to drop that shit down a storm drain.
- Give me some time to go around the block and set up on the other side. All right?

- 13 by7by7.
- Ok, we got 13 adult females breathing at a normal to elevated rate.
- That's 0.25 liters of oxygen per minute...
- Per victim.
- He's a doctor?
- State bureau of mines.
- Minds?
- Mines.

- I checked the computer. It's bay
- 9, cell 11. It's right on the bottom.
- You working the light, ain't you?
- I'm on it.
- Did they say anything else?
- No. Just that it's the same money to us.
- Let's go.
- All right, uncle frank.
- Winona.
- Jimmy, where you been?

- Who do you have eyes on?
- Both my subjects.
- They go to their cellphones?
- Negative.
- They on the move?
- Negative.
- 23-14, nothing moving either.
- No one else calling or moving.
- Means we got somebody else on this network we don't yet know.
Man: Oh, boy.

- What? What happened to three plays for a quarter?
- Um... homework?
- Done, dad helped us.
- I got off early. Here.
- You want to go, too?
- So what are you drinking?
- I'll have a white wine.
- I'm good, thanks.

- This one guy got rough with her.
- The whore died.
- The other ones saw. I didn't know what to do.
- You killed one, then you killed them all.
- No, that was another man.
- Another man. What man?
- The one girl - they saw, they knew.

- I find it very, very easy to be true
- I find myself alone when each day's through yes, I'll admit that I'm a fool for you because you're mine, I walk the line

[Man] We could take him now.
[Woman] Not enough profile.
[Valchek] Fucking feds.
- Be advised, target 27 is on the move.

- It ain't much but it's been months since a boss has been able to find me.
- You still have some interest in marlo Stanfield, right?
- That's his cell.
- He stopped using cellphones.
- Ellis, how?
- Police work, detective. Police work.

Lt. Cedric Daniels: Major, I'm asking as a favor.
Maj. William A. Rawls: As a favor?
Lt. Cedric Daniels: Yes, sir. A favor.
Maj. William A. Rawls: In that case... no!

Scott: [to homeless man on the other side of a fence] Excuse me, sir. Sir. I'm with the Baltimore Sun. Can I talk with you a minute?
Homeless: You make an appointment?
Scott: [Looks surprised and puzzled]
Homeless: Sorry, I'm booked up all afternoon.

- We having fun yet?
- I need a drink.

- You mean, quueur, plauzinski...
- Pryzbylewski.
- Benedictine and Brandy.
- That was invented by a bartender over at club 21.
- All that good shit comes out of New York.
- I need every deed transfer involving that company, Harry.
- Today.

State Sen. R. Clayton 'Clay' Davis: Politics is a good thing, partner.
Councilman Thomas 'Tommy' Carcetti: That's a minority opinion.

- But it doesn't work that way.
- You can't give it back.
- I'm sitting with a hospital progress report that shows no fucking progress.
- She's not conscious, she's intubated, she's had a trach and a lung collapse.
- And if she's got a shred of luck, the shot she took to the neck didn't catch any spine.
- It wasn't worth it.
- Homicide for mcnulty on line two.

[Lester] Not a call since we gave it up to cheese.
- What did you expect?
- Attention.

- If there ain't at least a few hundred k in that room, I wish myself blind.
- Serious, Joe.
- I say again, have you ever known me to be a stupid man?
- What are the strings?
- No strings.
- What's your cut, then?
- Quarter of the take.
- I scope this and it don't look right,
- I'm gonna come back on you now, Joe.

- Ooh.
- Let me ask you something important.
- You like fake tits? I can't decide.
- Thus far, I'm undecided on fake tits.
- I thought I knew what papennork was, but what you all go through, to listen to someone else's phone calls...

- Anything there for me yet?
- No, not yet.
- We'll get there.
- Is that all you came by to tell me?
- Just keeping the lines of dialogue open.
- So, what's on your plate?
- Oh, there's plenty of surprises around here.

[Radio] '64-Charlie to central k.' you up to this?
- Pay it back, Omar. Pay it back.

- keep him in the hole in the hole down in the hole down in the hole keep him in the hole keep him in the...
- Down in the hole down in the hole keep him in the hole keep him in the...
- Down in the hole down in the hole

- I do think it!
- Was it some beef he had?
- Someone on the inside?
- The cop said it was someone who didn't want you to know and so they made it look like it did?
- Nobody did nothing.
- But the cop said...
- He's lying.
- He paid to lie.

- We gonna run out if we don't got no re-up.
- Where's tuckie at?
- I don't know.
- Yo, where tuckie at, man?
- He rolled out.
- Huh?
- He said the police coming.
[Man] Here they come. Let's roll.
[2nd man] Let's go!

- We don't want to go public.
- No?
- Just put it to the deputy ops you lost a witness who testified in your court, forcing the department to commit to the investigation.
- And when you call burrell this time, will you forget my fucking name?
- You missed a spot.
- Why don't you fucking do it?
- Seniority.

Phone: [phone rings] Baltimore City Police Department.
Joseph: Yes, ma'am, this is Sydney Handjerker with Handjerker, Cohen & Bromburg. I'm trying to locate a Sergeant Thomas Hauk in regards to a client I am representing.
Phone: Hold, please.
Phone: Mayor's office, Lieutenant Hoskins.
Joseph: Yes, hello. This is Ervin Pepper of Pepper, Pepper & Bayleaf. I'm calling in regards to a Sergeant Thomas Hauk in regards to a...
Phone: He's no longer on this detail. Hold on for a minute.
Phone: Major Crimes. May I help you?
Joseph: This is Dr. Jay calling with test results for Thomas Hauk.
Phone: He's on the street.
Joseph: ...*hangs up*

- Good.
- My ex and I are thinking of sending our boys here.
- Any problems, difficulties?
- No, not really.
- I mean, there's the math integration class for my oldest.
- He's in sixth, seventh, and...
- I'm just not sure he's ready, you know, for all that math.

- that you left our little interrogation without any more scuff marks than what you brought in.
- Fuck you, fat man.
- Oh! [Laughs]
- "Fuck you, fat man."
- I thought we were friends.

- What the fuck are you doing?
- Copying.
- A telephone.
- This fucking detail...

[Bunk] Beadie Russell.
- She wasn't much when we started, you know.
- But now she's got game.
- Mm-hm.
- Thank you.

- You see him every day.
- Don't curse. My lawyer says...
- Fuck your lawyer.
- Fuck you. Fuck you.
- Did you see?
- Yeah, I saw.
- I saw.
- Come on, you get out.

- Now?
- Yeah. Yeah.
- Somebody's hitting stringer's pager from tower court.
- Now?
- Now.
- What's up?

- we was out grabbing the future by the balls.
- So you just type that shit in there and ask it for an answer?
- Let me ask you, why do we give a fuck what the shit is for?
- If they want it, they want it.
- I mean, besides, if I don't get some money soon, I'm fucking toasted.

- keep him in the hole in the hole down in the hole down in the hole keep him in the hole keep him in the...
- Down in the hole down in the hole keep him in the hole keep him in the...
- Down in the hole down in the hole

- Anything happen,
- I'm-a have to fuck you up.
- Yeah, but that's nothing.
- The guy trusting me on this, marlo, he'll kill you and your whole family.
- So don't shake the bottles cos marlo weighs that shit.
- I ain't shaking shit.
- See that you don't, cos if you fuck with them, I'm gonna know.

- If I see any of y'all little hoppers even smile at a motor vehicle again, it ain't gonna be no juvenile hearing.
- It's gonna be my people settlin' up with y'all in the alleys. Understand?
- You can't do that, yo.
- Try me, namond.
- Yeah, that's right. I know your name.
- I know where you live and I know where y'all hang.

- Club soda... and lime.
- You mincing bitch.
- Why not just suck a dick and get it over with?
- That'll get the bad taste out of your mouth.
- Ah.
- Yeah.
[All] I'm a freeborn man of the usa
- I'm a freeborn man of the usa
- I'm a freeborn man of the usa

- What's gonna happen, Nicky?
- Nicky.
- That can on the fifth wheel there.
- By the plan, it's a hot box but there's no one on a pick-up.
- Where's it from?
- Lee Harvey, France.
- Fuck it, then. Dump her.

- Don't seem possible.
- It don't.
- That some spider-man shit there.
- We missed our shot.
- Now he gonna be at us.

- We good.
- So, where the shit at?

- I'm s... oh, shit, sorry.
- Mr. Price.
- Ok, my b, judge. Sorry.
- Mr. Price, do you expect this jury to take the word of a twice-convicted felon over the word of a duly elected member of the Maryland State Senate?
- What can I say? Y'all can play it like you feel an' leave me be.

- to just start giving people up, whoever.
- Stringer bell. Avon barksdale.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
- Little prick turns on everybody and we break the case wide open.
- Cool.
- Right?

- Now, ladies and gentlemen, we brought you down here because you're here to learn about the new way...
- The new way that we're going to do things on the corners.
- That's downtown.
- Yeah.
- Well, that makes no sense.
- All four.

- What's this?
- Court order. We get blood and hair.
- 14 head hairs, 14 body hairs, two blood samples each.
- It's a lot of houses, a lot of deeds.
- Who knows what you left behind?

[2nd man] Dazz be with neesey?
- I thought that was your girl.
- Got it.
[Man] We'll hook up and go to the battle.
- Bring your whistle, in a hour. One.
- Mount up.
- Caroline, call qrt with that 20 and stay on the wire.
- We're on channel two.
- All right.

- Nicked jugular, shattered jaw.
- He'll live.

- Gentlemen.
- Doa, central and Baltimore.
- I took a call two days ago.
- The old lady?
- That wasn't a call. That came back natural.
- Look. I'm hung over, Jay.
- Both of you. You're up.

- Hold on.
- What the fuck are you staring at?
- How are you liking homicide?
- Loving it. Why?
- Anyway.
- It's on the way, boss.

- Come on, man, what the fuck do you want to go to school for?
- What do you want to be?
- An astronaut?
- A dentist? A pay lawyer, nigger?
- Look, check it out.
- Why don't you just come down here after school and just work these rush hours for me?
- How about that?

- Marlo? Can't say I know the man.
- He know you.
- Can you get me a phone call?
- I can do you one better than that.
- Who you calling?
- Police.
- The police?
- Man owe me a favor.

- Yeah, I see that.
- I see that.

- I'm-a stop past the house and get it.
- It's a present for all you did.
- It's for your desk.
- That's great, duquan.
- Thanks.
- Stop past any time, let me know how it's going with you.

- Avon goes down, the projects be open market again, right?
- Let me understand.
- Avon loses 100 large to me on a bet, then you bring me some of his shit so that
- I can put your predatory self on his ass.
- Not his day, is it?
[Carver] Fuck it.

- So, what am I gonna do, butch?
- Well... [Laughs]...
- You could come give Joe a call.
- Offer to sell the shit back to him for 20 cents on the dollar.
- Joe, Joe oughta find some humor in that.
- I know you do.

[Laughs] I know, I know.
- Cost more than your first car, right?
- A hooptie, no doubt?
- Ohhh, we are so gonna need one of these.
[Laughs] Look at this, kima.
- Blue's clues juice box holder.
- If the kid can't hold on to a little old box without no help, we got problems.

- Come on. Answer the question.
Chris: Michael.
- Michael.
- The gun.

Det. Roland 'Prez' Pryzbylewski: What if they're not sneaking anything off this time? What then?
Det. Lester Freamon: Ah then, tragically, you will have wasted yet another day in a life you've already misspent in the service of the City of Baltimore.

- He called again, same payphone.
- Same voice?
- Main stash house, it's got to be.
- The pattern fits.
- Who took the call at the projects?
- Who knows?
- There was no one on the roof. Sydnor was off with Daniels, chasing avon in the street.
- We had a good day too. Kima turned one of the dancers over at avon's club.
- The one who's fucking d'Angelo.

- Shit!
- Clear!
- Clear.

- Give and take on both sides.
- You hear me?
- Yeah.
- Ok, anything that fired a bullet out on that corner has gotta disappear.
- Not the storm drains.
- Call that nigger shamrock and drive all that chrome over to the harbor.
- All right.

- Jesus, Ronnie, not here. What are you doing?
- Like you never did it in the headquarters garage before?

- Stabbed repeatedly.
- Torso, abdomen and they cut his throat to be sure.
- Single-edge blade. He fought, too.
- Defense wounds on both hands.
- Ligature on both legs.
- Weighed him down with something but it slipped off in the drink.
- One, two, three.

- 'Be advised, no movement at scene.'
- In here. Go on, get a medic.
- We got an officer down. We need a medic.
- '78-20, 10-23, give us dv in here.
- '10-4.'

- I will.
- You know, Cole and me, we showed her the spreads.
- Picked out little man, no problem. Wouldn't go for wee-bey. So I tried the fat finger.
- Damn near begging her to make this play easier in court. You know what she said?
- "Sometimes niggers gotta play hard."
- Real police.
- Oh, yeah.

- Early martyr, patron
- Saint of licata, Italy.
- Prayed for his killer with the knife still in him.
- But it's not Saint Angelo calling.
- It's Saint Anthony who wants to help you.
- He does?
- Very much.
- Ain't he the guy you call when you lose something?

- A little something for a rainy day.
- You built up a right nice-size nest these past few years.
- Might be time you maybe think about backing off some?
- Back off to what?
- Later, butch.
- Stay, boy.

- you can work my package.
- This is the shit you had out here last week. The dimes that moochie was slinging?
- The shit was good. Moochie sold out quick.
- All right.
- I'm saying, I'm gonna send my man around with the dollars.
- Keep it real, yo.
- Whatever.

- And these movies...
- It's copyright infringement.
- Come on, man.
- That's a hefty fine.
- That's my ten...
- Are you gonna Rob me too?
- That's what you're gonna do?
- Rob me also?
- Baltimore's finest right here. Thank you.

- That's exhaustion.
- All we got left to do is follow one of these mopes and prove we can't do it.
- We show a judge we can't make the case by following these guys, and we can't.
- How can we keep on any of them in those towers?
- But you gotta show you tried.
- Do we have a pager number?

- I'm your brother.
- I got nowhere to go when I leave.
- Last time I left you alone in my home, you dragged half my kitchen to a pawn shop.
- You remember that?
- But you can keep the door locked, right?
- I'm down here.
- My rules.
- You said.

Drugdealer: [while being thrown in the police truck] Hey, we're in America!
Det. Michael 'Sanny' Santangelo: No-oh, West Baltimore.

Airline: Business or pleasure for you?
The: Business, always business.

- put the witnesses up at the Hyatt inner harbor?
- I'm not trying to be difficult.
- Tommy, come on.
- The city in the financial situation it's in? Very few friends in Annapolis.
- We've done all we could do for now.
- Okay, then.
- Well, thanks for your time. Gentlemen.

- All this trash. Rats everywhere.
- Houses vacant.
- We keep trying to get them to come and clean this up.
- I guess that's too much like right.
- Well, Royce won't let the city agencies take any of my constituent calls.
- But let me see what I can do.
- Come on, let me show you this down here.

- That's it. One. One. One. That's right.
- Yo, what's going on, Mike?
- I feel like I could just pancake a young 'UN, you know what I mean?
- What about you, Duke? Want some gump?
- No, I'm-a work this rope.
- You working it. Like a gump.

- You guys going for a wiretap on that port case?
- Uh-huh.
- They got every swinging dick with a shield on that detail but me.
- You jealous, bitch?
- I'd rather be back in homicide.
- I'd take your place in a heartbeat.

- Like what?
- "Rest in peace", "in remembrance"?
- Something that says how you feel about the loss.
- Look, man, fuck it, all right? Just, uh...
- Just make sure the towers look like they do, all right?
- All right. Thanks.

- Fontanelle.
- Is it closing up?
- It won't close for a while.
- Good.
- Good?
- Well, I'm just... I'm just...

- Have you ever known avon barksdale to back down from anything?
[Valchek] Of course you do.
- Get statements from responding officers.
- A plain-clothes man in a dark alley with his gun out and shots fired.
- No one wants to burn anybody but there's a racial component to consider.
- The appearance...
- Has he seen a lawyer?

- Sydnor and massey.
- And they're on the street, making rips.
- That's what we do here now.
- We get on the street and we rip and run.
- Can you get with that, sergeant?
- The western district way, sir.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.

- Whenever he's done here, you need to send someone home with him.
- For tonight at least, he's a suicide watch.
- Lieutenant. Er... you'll back him?
- What I mean is, if this thing should turn into some kind of a black-white thing, you're his unit commander.
- He can count on you, right?

- And from here, the view is two of my detectives fucking the dog.
- 13 homicides
- 14 if we connect the floater and all of them red.
- What can I tell you? If this case doesn't fall, we'll all be stepping on our dicks trying to explain what happened.
- Mmm?
- So work it as you see fit but understand, if I have to throw burrell a scapegoat or two, I got one to throw.

- Three hours.
- Three hours.
- With your harbor maps and tide tables.
- Just to stick rawls with an extra body.
- Never mind that you fucked Cole with a stone whodunnit.
- That's collateral damage.
- Yeah?
- You gonna waste that crab gut?
- You're a pussy, besides, Jimmy.

- Wichita eagle before that.
- The sun's a fine paper.
- Before the cutbacks, maybe.
- Well, they still beat us often enough in Annapolis for my Maryland desk to take them seriously.
- You have anything to do with those ground rent stories last year?
- It's good stuff, real good stuff.

- well, then... well, then you understand that writing letters will not solve the problem, oh, no.
- Shit, girl.
- You know I'm-a roll wit' you.
- I need some kinda break.
- Mm-hm.

- He did what he wanted to do and he said what he wanted to say and, in the end, he gave you the clearances.
- He was natural police.
- Yes, he was.
- I don't say that about many people, even when they're here on the felt.
- I don't give that one up unless it happens to be true.
- Natural poh-leece.

- maybe six months while you keep grooming your boy Daniels.
- I'd get a pension bump, and you'd get a head start on clearing out deadwood, beginning with burrell and rawls.
- Thanks, Stan.
- Let me think on it.
- You do that, Tommy.

- I'm uncomfortable with the way carcetti is running around in our shop...
- He's talked to me, several times.
- Huh.
- You're making your move, huh?
- We were a good team, you and me.
- We were.

Det. William 'Bunk' Moreland: So Cheese. Who's your dog?
Melvin: Huh. You my dog.
[air kisses Bunk]
Det. William 'Bunk' Moreland: Heh heh heh, I just want to know who's your dog. Dog.
Melvin: What's this, some psychology? Huh? Yeah, OK, uhh... "Yo please, stop, stop! I'll tell you everything I know."
Det. William 'Bunk' Moreland: C'mon Cheese!
[shows Cheese some photos of murder victims]
Det. William 'Bunk' Moreland: Who's your dog?
Melvin: Oh hell no! Y'all a'int layin' no bodies on me man. Lawyer time!

- Hey, detective.
- Er... um...
- No gray Van either.
- What?
- He doesn't have a gray Van.

- Nicely done.
- Give me two.

- Fuzzy dunlop?
- It's the new generation, with the names...
- 150? Jesus.
- He turned us onto the sobotka kid, lieutenant.

- you got a reporter nosing around about the academy class.
- Tell him you have no idea how it leaked.
- I knew this shit'd come back to me.
- You're covered on this.
- God damn it, you can't hang me out there like this with the mayor.
- My ass is flapping in the breeze...
- You want that class, erv?
- You gotta trust me.
- Shit.

- happening to you on the way to that jail wagon.
- And while you buckin' the new system, the smart ones among you gonna be down here, makin' money hand over fist.
- So think it over.
- But I swear to god, come Monday, your world and mine ain't gonna be the same.

- Lieutenant.
- What?
- You can't compel a statement out of him until you read him his rights and we haven't yet.
- I'm his commanding officer.
- I just want to know if he's all right.
- Ok, ok, there's just...
- It's a legal question at this point.

- If anyone is suggesting that
- I've broken chain of command, that I've gone behind your back, that I've lobbied against you in any way, they're lying.
- I don't know who told the newspaper that, but they were lying when they said it.
- Yeah.
- Respectfully, sir, I don't know where this shit is coming from.

- no, man, it ain't like that. The air down here all sticky. Worse than Baltimore.
- 'And these crickets, louder than a motherfucker. I can't get no sleep.'
- I ain't cut out to be no country-ass nigger.
- 'Please deposit two dollars for an additional two minutes.' shit, I gotta go.
- You can take a nigger out the westside but you can't take...

- Been on this detail how long?
- Eight months.
- Eight months with Clarence Royce.
- So let me ask, are you ready to take a bullet for the mayor of Baltimore?

- You want it to be one way.
- What?
- You want it to be one way.
- I don't know...
- You want it to be one way.
- Man, stop.
- Stop saying that.
- But it's the other way.

- then an overt attempt to... engage.
- Spot on.
- Detective freamon with Baltimore homicide.
- What do you guys have in vicap for male victims, headless or faceless, and missing both hands?
- State?
- Middle Atlantic region.

- Hi. May I take your coat?
- Sure.
- You, sir?
- Oh, no. I'm good.
- Yeah, me too.
- Ok, your table's ready.
- Follow me, please.

- She a teacher.
- Where at?
- Don't be rushing me, motherfucker.
- I know you looking to tip on out of here, get your aftershave on, get yourself correct.
- She teach speech.
- Make it so every nigger sound like condoleezza.
- Up ida b Wells.

- Better men than you have turned to this lady in their dark night of dead ends.
- You're not serious?
- I don't joke when it comes to madame larue.
- The woman has an unexplainable gift in matters of death investigation.
- She transcends the rational.
- Give her a call.

Det. James 'Jimmy' McNulty: Well, you know what they say: "stupid criminals make stupid cops". I'm proud to be chasing this guy.

- The way it was?
- We a family again.
- You lied to me.
- People change, Michael.
- He said you can give him the independence card too.
- He gonna take care of all that for us.

[Mcnulty] Lieutenant, you still up?
[Daniels] I'm here.
- This second can doesn't make sense.
- He went to ground at an appliance store off eastern. Now he's dumping it.
- 10-4. Go home.
- You don't wanna sit on the can?
- Negative. The can is clean.

- So what, we Jack her and make her talk?
- Fool, she probably got no clue where he lay his head.
- No, man, we sit and we wait, right?
- Man, wait on what?
[Mutters] Stupid motherfucker.
- Now, see, if we go upstairs, we'll spook him. So he's coming down. All right?

[Man calls] Blue tops, on the rocks.
- Blue tops.
- Blue tops.
- Blue tops, get 'em while they hot.
- Come and get your blue tops.
- Bubs, yo.

- That it is. You can have greggs, if you want.
- The last time I offered her up, you kicked her back to her own casework.
- Other than a second detective, you are on your own.
- So it's all bullshit.
- Idunno.
- I thought the mayor gave a very nice speech.
- I, for one, was moved. Much like the bull to which you just referred.

- keep him in the hole in the hole down in the hole down in the hole keep him in the hole keep him in the...
- Down in the hole down in the hole keep him in the hole keep him in the...
- Down in the hole down in the hole

- When you figure out what to do with that, holler at me.
- How do I do that?
- Hmm.
- 410-915-0909.
- Anything else?
- Nah, take me off your clock.

- keep him in the hole in the hole down in the hole down in the hole keep him in the hole keep him in the...
- Down in the hole down in the hole keep him in the hole keep him in the...
- Down in the hole down in the hole

- Next thing, them touts calling out the heroin be the only thing you can hear.
- What's that?
- Workbook I need to use with this.
- So you read from the small one and answer questions in the big one?
- Yeah, ain't no thing.

- Mcnulty, major crimes.
- Sullivan, minor irritations.
- You got anything that's like a cfid, but digital? For catching cell numbers.
- Catching who?
- A triggerfish machine.
- Triggerfish. For cell numbers.
- How about I look around there on my own?

- You gonna act like this is news?
- I tell you this, I don't know shit about shit, but I do know this - anybody who spend time witnessing shit, you gonna get got.
- I know that sounds kinda harsh but that's the way things go around here...
- Officer.
- Let's roll.

- The vehicle log says they parked it at
- 2200 hours, returning the keys to the oic.
- And?
- We have the keys.
- But not the Van.
- Are you telling me that a fully-equipped $120,000 surveillance Van assigned to the southeastern district cannot be located?

- You got friends in high places, Nicky.
- Four a pack for you.
- All right, cool.
[Man] Thank god for the Russian's cellphone.
- They might be laying off the warehouse, but he ain't changing.
Sergei 'Serge' Malatov: Did he have hands?
- Did he have a face?
- Yes? Then it wasn't us.

- in the bottom of the hole in the hole in the hole way down in the hole in the hole in the hole in the hole in the hole way down in the hole

- Fuckity, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck.
- Fucker oh, fuck.
- Fuck, fuck, fuck.
- Motherfucker.
- Fuckin' a.

- For his commitment to the city of Baltimore.
- Ed?
- Mr. Mayor, I want to thank you and your administration for making this next stage of redevelopment for Baltimore's harbor a reality.
- You talk about vision and commitment, mayor Clarence Royce.

- They sure it's him?
- Omar, yeah.
- All right, do it.
- Do it.
- Gerard. They right there, come on.
- All right, here you go.
- Oh, my goodness! My goodness!

Elena: I can care about you, and I can want us to be friends. And if you give me enough time, Jimmy, maybe I will actually want you to be happy. But how the hell am I supposed to trust you?

Det. James 'Jimmy' McNulty: So what's the name of your fish?
Troy: Wendell O. - as in "Oh shit, I tried to buy from a State Police" - Blocker.

- Hmm.
- When they kill the stickup boy they dumped the body in the alley behind where this kid and the other low-rise hoppers lay their heads. Can you imagine?
- All he can think about.
- You tell him he's gonna have to testify?
- Not yet, we'll get there.
- Problem is, what do I do with him now?

[kima] 'What's that?'
- Jesus.
- 'Something ain't right. This shit ain't right.'
- Christ.
[Kima] 'Signal 13, signal 13.'
- 'where the fuck...?'
- She can't reach the gun.
- 'What the fuck?'
- 'Two males, black hoodies, both armed...'
- Shut it off. Shut it off.

- If this becomes public in the wrong way, a lot of people who were legally responsible for the situation, good people who were, nonetheless, in a supervisory role here...
- Are going to suffer.
- And that's not the outcome that anyone wants.
- What Mike is saying is that we need to be very careful about how to proceed.

- In particular, I ain't all that kindly.
- So you're gonna take my check and run with my fucking campaign...
- Well, I do know who pays me.
- Yes, sir! Oh yes, sir, boss!
- Who are you gonna vote for?
- Royce? Tony gray?
- One of them brothers. [Sniggers]
- Yeah, yeah, yeah. [Laughs]

- 'Line drive, up the middle, a base hit for suzuki.
- 'Suzuki's very patient at the plate.' yeah, man, it's me.
- Guess who's up in here.
- Pimpin'-ass Orlando, from the club.
- Yeah. Courtside.

- What about frank's nephew?
- He is the idiot's cousin.
- He wants the same thing as frank.
- Anyway, I don't worry about Niko.
- You are fond of him, spiros.
- You should have had a son.
- But then I would have had a wife.

[Man on radio] 43.
[Woman] Reported doa, alley in the rear of the old Compton plant.
Managing: Copy doa.
- 9-46. K-g-a, advise 43
- I'm close by. I'll handle it.
[Woman] Copy, 9-Adam-46.
Managing: Bunk, are you feeling all right?
- She said "doa", not "donut".

- Tell you one thing...
- What's that?
- Motherfucker whose got the connect, he the one that did Joe.
- Oh, no doubt.

- I mean, shit, take me.
- What?
- Just having fun with you, man. [Laughs]
- Thanks for bringing me here, man, showing me around.
- Nah. Not about that.
- Sure?
- Just... write it like it feels.

- You gonna give this boy his own package or there gonna be some drama.
- You want me to talk to wee-bey?
- Maybe you wanna talk to him.
- I give you his number. He got a cell phone.
- That's not necessary.
- I got all the respect in the world for bey.
- Then show some for his family.
- Make me proud, hear?

Dennis: The game ain't in me no more. None of it.
Avon: But you ain't done shit else, you know what I'm sayin'? So what you gonna do?
Dennis: I don't know. But it can't be this.

- can attend a community policing seminar in Miami.
- Mr. Chairman...
- What does south beach have to teach this department about making Baltimore safer?
- I have no idea and you have no idea, and it is an embarrassment.
Marla: Cedric, they're gone.

- They're both brown hair, one that big, the other about that big.
- He's wearing...
- I don't know what the fuck he's wearing.
- 'Will Michael and Sean mcnulty please report to the offices at the rear of the market?
- Michael and Sean mcnu/ty.
- 'Please report.'

- Thank you, detective. Nothing further.
- Anything more on redirect, Ms. Nathan?
- No, your honor.
- Let's take 10 minutes and run the closing arguments.
- I intend to begin tomorrow with jury instructions.
- How'd Omar do?
- You didn't see it?
- Not the cross. That bad?

- Your partner there.
- Bit of an asshole.
- For real?
- Yeah.
[Coach] Good, good, good! That's it! Work!
- Yeah, yeah, yeah. Go to your right.
- One, two, three!

- Detective mcnulty.
- When the cuffs go on stringer, you need to find a new home.
- You're done in this unit.

- I heard about you, man.
- I hear your name used to ring out.
- You got something for me?
- You see where shorty's sitting at right there?
- You'll find a little help.
- And when you ready, we got some real work for you, all right?

- You heard about ed nully?
- I've heard great things about what you're doing, so keep it up.
- I'm delighted you made it, Mr. Mayor.
- Well, it's for a good cause, right?
- I am getting the evil eye, however.
- I gotta keep him circulating.
- Ok. This way.
- Here we go.
- See you later.
- Take care.

- What, he a problem?
- Nah.
- I just need to know more.
- All right.
- All right.
- Satisfied?
- $90,000 to you in the morning.
- We'll put a hunt on Omar later, after the heat on them empty houses give way.

- That is why we asked lieutenant Daniels to set us up at his off-site, in the southeast.
- They're looking at the dock boys for other shit, drugs mostly.
- Daniels, who used to be in narcotics?
- Yeah.
- Well, if Daniels has a detail set up already, maybe he takes the murders, too.
- He ain't no fool, Jay.
- He's just giving us a room with no view.

Sgt. Jay Landsman: [about Freamon who is discovering bodies in the vacants] You know what he is? He is a vandal. He is vandalizing the board. He is vandalizing this unit. He is a Hun, a Visigoth, a Barbarian at the gate clamoring for noble roman blood and what's left of our clearance rate.

- 10,000.
- See him go through all that for 10,000?
- Man, slim, go get him 15,000 cash, man.
- Shit.
- All right. Later, man.
- You take care of them little niggers.
- No doubt, bro.

- If I find out anybody been holding out, then he's back in the street getting his head busted.
- The least you all can do is look after your own people a little bit.
- What are you, a fucking communist?
[Mcnulty] 23-04. Need a couple of 10-16s to fayette, west of Vincent.
- That's right around the corner from here.
Man: 10-4. Units responding.

- What moe supposed to be holding?
- 38, thereabout.
- Ain't you the damn fool?
- But then we low.
- If we low, it's cause string want us that way.
- When he want us up, we'll be up.
- Stringer's on top of this shit.
- He on top of everything.
- Go back to your spot, man.

- I don't understand.
- He was one of my best welterweights.
- Why would he just quit like that?
- Why don't you ask his moms?
- Well, shit. I was locked up a good while, right.
- I mean, I ain't no angel.
- No. You ain't that.

- I'm gonna beat your ass.
- That's a probable cause.
- Give me the marker.
- Damn, gettin' all violent and shit.
- You just violated my civil rights.
- That's it, new rule. No marker on the couch.
- You get over to that table and do your homework.
- Go. Take it and go.
- Gimme my marker.

- 45 minutes later, another call.
- This one from the same pay phone that went to d'Angelo's pager to start the whole thing off.
- This is the murder here.
- This first number, the one they sent to d'Angelo.
- I'm thinking this comes from a pay phone over by the Greek's.

Det. Roland 'Prez' Pryzbylewski: OK, on that burner? I called Trac, gave them the serial number. Trac Corporation told me they sent it to Northland, a purchasing corporation. Northland tells me they sent it to their distribution center in Hagerstown. Hagerstown tells me they sent it to Buddy's Mondo Mart at 1440 Propane Road, Falls Church, Va. That's where it went out into the street.
Det. Roland 'Prez' Pryzbylewski: What?
Lt. Cedric Daniels: Did Buddy have them on display to the left or the right of the cash register?
Det. Roland 'Prez' Pryzbylewski: How would I know that?

Lt. Cedric Daniels: You know what I love? The mind that's always a step ahead of me. The person who never stops thinking it through. That's what I fell in love with first.
Marla: You know what I fell in love with first? Do you? Your ambition. Where did that man go?

- Three od's. Last one didn't look too good before the ambo came.
- Fuck.
- Shit.
- Hey, this guy's a cop.
- There's more inside, carv.
- Goddamn! Can't you ever get a fucking police around here when you need one?

- What you need to be concerned about is what's seated in the chamber now - a copper-jacketed, hollow point, 120-grain hot street load of my own creation.
- So you need to think for just a moment and ask yourself,
- "what do I have to do before this man raise up his gun again?"
- Let's go.
- Good day to you, sir.

Stringer: That's good. That's like a 40-degree day. Ain't nobody got nothing to say about a 40-degree day. Fifty. Bring a smile to your face. Sixty, shit, niggas is damn near barbecuing on that motherfucker. Go down to 20, niggas get their bitch on. Get their blood complaining. But forty? Nobody give a fuck about 40. Nobody remember 40, and y'all niggas is giving me way too many 40-degree days! What the fuck?
Sapper: [a few minutes later when Stringer is done talking] We on that shit like a Forty Degree Day!

- What the fuck was that?
- Huh?
- You take a nigger's money, then you serve him? What the fuck?
- I'm saying, take their money, then send them round and let some other nigger serve.
- The way you doing it, someone snapping pictures got the whole deal. You hear?
- We got to tighten up around here, yo.

[Radio] Wake up, Baltimore. It's 6am...
- Police!

- Go! Get up. Come on, man.
- Damn, Wallace.
- Damn, nothing!
- Y'all know what happens if you don't go to school?
- They're gonna be callin' and all y'all gonna end up in foster care.
- If y'all want foster care, climb your asses back into bed.
- Get outta my way, man.
- Damn, it's too early for this shit.

- As I wake up in the morning and get out of my bed
- I'm thinkin' 'bout the people
- I grew up with, long dead the brothers I grew up with, locked up
- I'm freestylin' off the top of my head you know it's swell, Patti LaBelle
- I like her but Regina belle is better...

Det. James 'Jimmy' McNulty: So that's the cop shooter?
Det. William 'Bunk' Moreland: Yeah, not much to it. But he did that job on the Dozerman kid last week. Gave it up on a full statement.
Det. James 'Jimmy' McNulty: Before or after you knocked the shit out of him?

- One of whiting's pets, isn't he?
- I said discreet.
- I hope you're wrong.
- Course you do.
- It sticks. Dag.
- Course it sticks. It's Barb wire.
- Sticking's what it's s'posed to do.
- Come on. I ain't got all day.
- Hurry up now.
- Grab the aluminum strips there first off.

- These are lieutenants running the corners and I personally feel their pain.
- Now, middle-management means that you have just enough responsibility that you got to listen when people talk and not so much that you can tell anybody to go fuck themselves.
[Woman over radio] 471, 471

- Jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle bell rock
- Steals like my ex-wife's lawyer.
- Jesus.
- Get up there.
- Come on, come on, come on!
- Give me a sec!
[Groans] Come on.

- Okay, new tax initiative, my brother.
- Say what?
- If you wanna sling in hamsterdam after today, you and every other knucklehead got to kick in 100 a week.
- So you trying to get paid?
- Not me, not for me.
- Get the cash up, I'll be back.
[Boy] Green tops! Green tops!
- Got the green tops.

- I'm with you on this, man.
- All right.
- Oh, fuck it!

- Same consistencies on all the barrels.
- Nothing else in there.
- Nothing but the pigments.
- What's going on?
- I don't know nothing, horse.
- Swear to god. Tonight I'm just a dumb white boy from locust point.

- We're not gonna put up with this shit, we'll go downtown.
- Take it all the way to the mayor's office,
- I can't blame you, but leave me out of it.
- It's chain of command.
- I gotta live with the son of a bitch, too, right?
- You can't tell me this place ain't clean.
- You talk when I say you can.
[Prisoner] Turnkey! Fuck you all!

- And you want me to sign off on court-ordered taps on phones that, at the time I'm signing the order, have not been used for any illegal activity whatsoever.
- If you're looking for precedents, your honor, there aren't any. It's circumstantial PC at best.
- What the hell, let's do it.
- Let the court of appeals sort it out, if it even gets that far.

- Well, Wilson briefed rawls, rawls briefed Daniels.
- It's carcetti doing pontius pilate, putting it on Daniels, who was a safe choice as far as the rank and file goes.
- But that won't be enough for the ministers, not by a long shot.
- Am I the only one that knows how to play this game?
- Let's go, get that hydrant sealed.

- There goes the shuttle.
- What's he waiting on?
- Getting himself all steeled up to tell some tales.
- Lying to the wife's easy. It's looking your kid in the eye that's the hard part.

- Whoa.
- They got latroy.
- What the fuck is y'all on the streets for?
- There's a fucking war going on.
- Get the fuck in the truck, man.

- and we need everyone, everyone who's willing to join us in making a better
- Baltimore for our children.
- I don't want to make a long speech, believe me, you don't want to hear it, so I'll thank each of you individually.
- But for tonight, let's celebrate!

- Don't fuck with this count.
- I'll be right back with your shit.

- Hey.
- Hey.
- I ain't lying when I say this papennork is kicking my ass.
- Maybe so, but you come through the door in one piece.
- You like to think so, but all these paper cuts are starting to take their toll.
- Aw, you big, nasty detective. Come here.
- Let me give your little boo-boo a kiss!

- Hold up, Tony.
- Look, man. We gotta talk. I feel bad about the way things have turned out but if you're elected then I'll do whatever I can to help you.
- And if I get in, I'm gonna need your help.
- I mean, it's not personal, Tony.
- Fuck you, Tommy.

- Gotta giddy up an' go, dawg.
- Get!

- Stay in the car. Stay in the car.
- Keep your hands on the wheel.
- Let's see those hands.
- What's the problem, officer?
- Step slowly out of the vehicle.
- Keep your hands up.
- Unh! Son, be gentler than that.
- Shut the fuck up. I ain't your son.
- This guy...

- Call Andrews at DEA.
- See what they have on this mope.
- What about homicide?
- Homicide major was in the meeting.
- His people will be scrambling to get something, too.
- I doubt they'll be willing to share.
- Barksdale, avon.
- Got a dob?

- You know, I'm sorry about your loss.
- He seemed like a pretty decent guy, all things considered.
- So when I found out about this,
- I felt like I... owed him.
- The last thing I wanted to do was upset you if there was no point to it. So...
- If there's anything I can help with or any questions you need answered, or whatever.

Reginald: Ain't no shame in holding on to grief, as long as you make room for other things too.

Roland: Check it out, Dee. I need you to feed 'em while I'm gone. You gonna give 'em different food for each tank, too, alright? But don't worry, I'm gonna show ya what to do, c'mere. These are my tetras. You got Kimmy, Alex, Aubrey and Jezebel in here somewhere. I don't know, she think she cute. You take two pinches of whatever food I got next to each tank. They set for the day. You see, they ain't no problems. Just beautiful as hell, Dee. I'm gonna go upstairs, and pack some shit.

Maj. Howard 'Bunny' Colvin: The truth is I can't promise you it's going to get any better. We can't lock up the thousands out there on the corners. There'd be no place to put them even if we could. We can show you charts and statistics like they mean something, but you're going back to your home tonight, we're going to be in our patrol cars and them boys still gonna be out there on the corners. Deep in the game. This is the world we got, people, and it's about time all of us had the good sense to at least admit that much.
Man: So, what's the answer?
Maj. Howard 'Bunny' Colvin: I'm not sure. But whatever it is, it can't be a lie.

- Brother ray.
- God rest ye.

- Fuck.
- Bey?
- Yeah.
- 911 call.
- No, no, no, no.
- We got rules, right?

- keep him in the hole in the hole down in the hole down in the hole keep him in the hole keep him in the...
- Down in the hole down in the hole keep him in the hole keep him in the...
- Down in the hole down in the hole

- Yeah, you need to go to prop Joe.
- I ain't gonna argue with you.
- You run it as you see fit.
- At least until I get home, you do.
- No doubt.
- Us, man.

- It's gone.
- And the money, too.
- They say you need to come in.
- They said the warrant is at southeastern police district.
- They're out there now.
- Show time, franky.

- I'm not even gonna bother with that.
- I'm here because of a homicide, and the way it looks right now, your boy is running from the police behind that killing.
- I don't know where he at.
- Ma'am...

- I fucking told them.
- For more than four weeks the Baltimore police department surrendered areas to the drug trade.
- By tomorrow, the story goes national, and Washington reacts.
- Save the best questions for Tony gray.
- He needs to shine even more than you.

- We can take that name down to the assistant warden. We can get some of our lives back.
- You dig?
- So stay close.
- This play on the inside, this play on the outside. We got it all covered.
- I don't want no part of what you do no more. You hear me?
- So you can just leave me the fuck out of that. Whatever it is.

Det. Lester Freamon: Seems that Stringer Bell is worse than a drug dealer . . .
Det. Roland 'Prez' Pryzbylewski: He's a developer.

- come on, come, kiddy come, come walk on gilded splinters come on, come, kiddy come, come walk on gilded splinters
- Till I burn up till I burn...

- You don't even know what you're doing.
- Just sit there and shut up.
- Come over here and make me shut up, then.
- You piss me off 'cause you don't know what you're doing. You're too stupid.
- Hey, z, you do the top while I do the middle.
- Darnell, you got the leg parts, all right?
- Yeah, like that, like that.

- "a, notify the commanding officer.
- "B, notify the shift lieutenant.
- "Or c, notify the ranking female officer."
- I go with d.
- Bitch-slap the side partner for dipping into my private stock, then take missy home and fuck her till she smiles.

Asst. State's Atty. Rhonda Pearlman: The fact is, the industry has all of us by the balls.
Asst. State's Atty. Rhonda Pearlman: Pardon my French, your honor.
Judge: All right, I'll tell you what. Best I can do for you is this: You give me a boilerplate affidavit with the PC from the court report. And then, as you get fresh numbers for the new disposables, you call me - anytime, day or night - to jump phones.
Lt. Cedric Daniels: That helps. But we're still gonna be getting up on their phones even as they're coming down.
Judge: Yeah, probably so.
Asst. State's Atty. Rhonda Pearlman: This is so totally...
Judge: Fucked up. Je parle français bien, et tu, hein, tu es charmante aujourd'hui.

- When they took us off marlo this last time, when they said they couldn't pay for further investigation,
- I regarded that decision as illegitimate.
- Illegitimate?
- And so...
- I'm responding in kind.
- I'm going to press a case against marlo Stanfield without regard to the usual rules.

[Bunk tries to sneak into his cubicle unnoticed, but Landsman slowly looms up over the partition, loudly slurping a drink]
Det. William 'Bunk' Moreland: Aw, shit.
Sergeant: You tried to sneak by me, didn't ya?
Det. William 'Bunk' Moreland: I was just comin' in quiet and respectful.
Sergeant: Well, for a big man, you do have a dancer's grace. But I, sir, I have the eyes of an eagle. And the fact that you tried to slither into your workspace undetected does not bode well for the recovery prospect of our missing firearm, does it?
Det. William 'Bunk' Moreland: I'll get it.
Sergeant: Mm-hmm.
[Kima walks over]
Detective: What up, Mr. Bunk?
Det. William 'Bunk' Moreland: Hey, girlfriend.
Detective: Vernon Holley workin' tonight?
Sergeant: Uh, yeah, he's, um, 4-to-12. You should try the coffee room.
Detective: [realizes she's being shooed away] Yeah, all right.
[she leaves; Bunk and Landsman watch her go]
Sergeant: Man, I would murder that. If she wasn't, heh-heh-heh...
Det. William 'Bunk' Moreland: Particular?
Sergeant: Find that gun.
Det. William 'Bunk' Moreland: [annoyed] Yeah, okay.
[Landsman leaves]
Det. William 'Bunk' Moreland: [under his breath] Muthafuck you too.

- Yes?
- Everything's good.
- You coming in now?
- Yes.

- Nah, I'm good. I got to go.
- All right.
- Hey, Randy. That pigeon wasn't a homer.
- Homers got metal things around their leg.
- That way you can tell them from the other birds.
- How you know that?
- Nemo let me clean out his Coop sometimes.
- So... he was schooling me.

- I got 20 on Mr. Rat. Anyone fade me?
- Uh-uh, uh-uh, uh-uh, uh-uh.
- Move along. Come on, come on, get there.
- 100 says it ain't over.
- Shit, I got to take easy money.
- What the fuck?
- Motherfucker!
- Sounds about over now, though.
- How did he know what the rat gonna do?
- Junk do know his varmints!

- Hey, colicio.
- Officer colicchio, shitbird.
- We need to block every Lane here?
- Shut it down. It's a police operation here.
- Let's back these vehicles up.
- Excuse me, officer.
- I'm not telling you again.
- Tony, calm down.
- Officer, if you could just move your car fonnard just a little bit...

- I think we're being too cautious on this.
- We're going the extra mile for phelan.
- A short out now could cost us later.
- We drew phelan on this wiretap?
- That two-faced hack sold me out last time.
- He's not running for a new term.
- He'll be fine.
- He's a piece of shit.
- We're all pieces of shit when we're in your way. That goes with the territory.

- Hey, Roland, man, you know, I hate coming all this way and not getting a little something...
- You know, for old times' sake?
- The playground behind fulton and Monroe, unit block.
- He told this fella Lex to meet a girl there.
- That's all he did.

Det. Thomas 'Herc' Hauk: If white boys wanna sell drugs in Baltimore, they have to make different laws for it, like even it out for 'em.
Det. Shakima 'Kima' Greggs: Affirmative action.
Det. Thomas 'Herc' Hauk: Leave no white man behind.

- I got a dozen things to get done, and I got to do them while working overtime at the station.
- Been busy, huh?
- Yeah. Your boss got fired.
- We've been running ever since.
- Bye, lij.
- Go on. We'll be fine.

Avon: Yeah, I ain't no suit-wearin' businessman like you. You know I'm just a gangsta, I suppose. And I want my corners.

[Valchek confronts Frank at the union hall]
Maj. Stanislaus 'Stan' Valchek: Kinda empty in here.
Frank: Everyone's workin'.
Maj. Stanislaus 'Stan' Valchek: Ha. You get the message?
Frank: Message?
Maj. Stanislaus 'Stan' Valchek: I had people workin' on a window for the nave up St. Casimir's since Easter. You know that? I took money from half a dozen different people, told 'em where it was gonna go.
Frank: You tell Father Lewandowski?
Maj. Stanislaus 'Stan' Valchek: I was gonna surprise him.
Frank: Yeah, you surprised everybody. Now there's one window too many, right?
Maj. Stanislaus 'Stan' Valchek: Well, here's the thing, Father Lew says he could take another window in the rectory. On the second floor.
Frank: Good for you.
Maj. Stanislaus 'Stan' Valchek: No, good for *you*, Frank. You don't want my finger in your eye. You better do what's right here.
Frank: What's right, huh? What's right would be for you to come down here to my house like a decent human being and ask with common courtesy. But that's not you, it's not your way. My old man always said you were a half-ass punk over at Holy Redeemer as a kid. And my sister said you were a pain-in-the-ass pest at all them CYO dances when none of the girls would even look at you. And damn near everyone down the Point said when you got your badge, it was too much for anybody named Valchek to have even a patrolman's drag, and sure enough, you been an official asshole every day since!
[Valchek glares at him, then hawks, spits on the floor, and walks out]
Frank: Fuck you! And your window!

- He just ain't built for this, you know.
- His heart pump kool-aid.
- Right. What about you?
- You built for this shit?
- No doubt.
- You ready to put the work in?
- You got heat?

- Ready?
- Yeah.
- Shame we couldn't use what she just gave us.
- What do you got?
- Keep running through that campaign finance shit.
- There's at least $20,000 in contributions we haven't found yet.
- Nerese all but confirmed it.

Sgt. Jay Landsman: Officer, uh...
Off. Beatrice 'Beadie' Russell: Russell.
Sgt. Jay Landsman: I am informed that you are detailed to this case as a liaison with the port police. I also understand that, uh... you are the only help that your department is sending.
Off. Beatrice 'Beadie' Russell: That so?
Sgt. Jay Landsman: Although there is some small charm to a woman in uniform, the fact remains we wear plainclothes in Homicide. Which is not to say that the clothes need be plain. For you I would suggest some pantsuits, perhaps, muted in color. Something to offset Detective Moreland's pinstriped lawyerly affectations, and the brash tweedy impertinence of Detective Freamon. Rawls is watchin' on this one. Let's at least pretend we got a fucking clue.
Detective: Tweedy impertinence? I like that.

- One of ours on the line.
- 'Got him.' ls carv still there?
- Hold a second.
- Carv, call for you!
- 'Hello?' you ain't gonna believe who I'm looking at.
- Again he walks off?
- Ding! Round three.

Frank: Come on, Bruce, I can read a budget summary. There's nothin' in there for dredgin'.
Bruce: Shortfall in revenues. The governor's looking to limit bond issues, but the grain pier is still in there.
Frank: And the rest is just talk?
Bruce: Talk is good, Frank. Talk... is a start.
Frank: Talk is your fuckin' job description. Yak-yak-yak, blah-blah-blah.
Bruce: That's like saying all the checkers do is punch numbers into a computer, Frank.
Frank: Your son... the oldest one, he goes to what school?
Bruce: Jason's at Princeton.
Frank: Princeton. And after he graduates, he's gonna do what?
Bruce: Whatever he wants.
Frank: Right. You sent him to Princeton to do whatever the fuck he wants. Y'know, back when we was kids, Danny Hare's father stole a couple cases of cognac off a ship. Except when he gets it home, it ain't cognac. It's Tang.
Bruce: [chuckles] Tang?
Frank: Just invented. TV was sayin' it's what the astronauts drank on their way to the moon. You drink it, well...
Bruce: Then you could be an astronaut too.
Frank: All summer long, that shit was all the Hare kids drank. Tang with breakfast, Tang with lunch, Tang when they woke up scared in the middle of the night. What do you think they grew up to be?
[Bruce shrugs]
Frank: Stevedores.
[Bruce starts laughing]
Frank: What the fuck you think?
[Bruce's smile fades]
Frank: Somethin' tells me Jason DiBiago'll grow up and squeeze a buck the way his old man did.
Bruce: You're outta line, Frank. My great-grandfather was a knife sharpener. Yeah. Pushed a grinding stone up Preston Street to Aliceann, one leg shorter than the other from pumpin' the wheel. And since he didn't want his sons to push the goddamn thing, he made sure my grandfather finished high school, and my old man went to any college that would take him.
Frank: You're talkin' history, right? I'm talkin' now. Because down here, it's still "who's your old man?" 'til you got kids of your own, then it's "who's your son?" But after the horror movie I seen today... robots! Piers full of robots! My kid'll be lucky if he's even punchin' numbers five years from now! And while it don't mean shit to me that I can't take my steak knives to DiBiago & Sons, it breaks my fuckin' heart that there's no future for the Sobotkas on the waterfront!
[he reaches into a desk drawer and pulls out a shoebox]
Frank: Here, Brucie. I think they're your size.
[Bruce opens the box; it is packed with stacks of cash]
Frank: I'm operatin' under the assumption that because of your relentless diligence, the funding for the grain pier's gonna pass the assembly.
[Bruce begins taking money out of the box, but Frank grabs his wrist and points a finger in his face]
Frank: [fiercely] But I'm also talkin' 'bout the canal. So you're gonna talk about the canal, so the Muldoons who run the Old Line State, they're gonna talk about the canal until someday, some way, that motherfucker gets dredged and we get some ships in here!

- and now you just dog me before I even know the rules. That ain't right, man.
- When you're right, namond, you're right.
- Hey, Mr. P, I want me some of them stickers.
- Zenobia, you have to do your work.
- I want to but I ain't got no pencils.
- I don't want no damn welfare pencil.

- 50 cent.
- 50 cent.
- Obliged.
- When did this break last night?
- Gus saw it on the council agenda around 9:30.
- It's a good fucking story.

- Who's this?
- 'Yo, I wanna see him.' who?
- 'Brandon, my boy.'

- Grid g-George 10.
- That's 44 g-George 10.
- Flood that grid and look for suspect vehicles.
Man: 23-12.10-4.
Woman: Take me a while. I'm up northeast.
- You want me to stay on cheese?
- Negative. New 20 is a priority.
- Think we're on the main stem.

- This is the hard part, getting these guys to give a shit. Let's get a taste. I'm buying.
- You think I'm drinking with you?
- Go home, Jimmy.
- Think your weak shit through, man.
- Go home? For the love of god, I'm working a serial killer.

Off. Anthony Colicchio: You know what this is? It's moral midgetry. Turn the fuckin' world upside down, treat these braindead corner yo's like princelings.
Sgt. Ellis Carver: You see how clean the corners are? In every sector, street traffic is half what it was.
Off. Anthony Colicchio: Fuck that. It's wrong, and it's wrong.

- What's the matter, baby?
- You can't sleep?

Maj. Stanislaus Valchek: Big man on the docks. You don't look so big now, do you?

Det. William 'Bunk' Moreland: [types in "Peanut" in database] 89? And that's just the ones with Westside addresses.
Det. Vernon Holley: Man, you got to narrow that shit down. Find some way to work with all them "Peanuts."
Det. William 'Bunk' Moreland: Motherfucker, do I look like George Washington Carver?

- that actually addresses itself to the corner kids.
- We pull kids out of classes - won't they be stigmatized?
- There's no stigma in being booted out of class every day?
- Question is, how do we identify the corner kids?
- That won't be a problem.
- Ok. Ok.

- to nobody but my lawyer.
- Oh, by the way, your boy Wallace, shot dead in the low-rises.
- That's how y'all take care of your own, right?
- You're a lying motherfucker.
- So what? You want me to write a letter to his mom, too?
- Get the fuck out of here.

Det. James 'Jimmy' McNulty: He's a boss. Fuck the bosses.

- I can't believe he wants us to knock.
- You can't qush guns, can you?
- What about if they open up on us?
- These guys are at war with another crew.
- We go charging in there, chances are we will get lit up.

- This is fucking great.
- Get somebody who reads lips, this motherfucker's history.
[Other officer] Is this legal
- I mean, intercepting what they're saying?
- Don't go freamon on me.
- Shit. I got to run.
- What about some fucking relief?
- I been here all morning!

- Did you see that?
- Yeah.
- You gonna insult my ace, you check-and-raise piece of shit?
- Fuck you, augie, see it or fold.
- I'll see it and raise you back.
- Talk to me.
- 'Tenshun!
- Where's the lieutenant?
- He's...
- On the street.

- If you push too hard and any shit hits the fan, you'll be blamed for it.
- Correct.
- If you don't push hard enough and there's no arrest, you'll be blamed for that, too.
- Correct.
- The game is rigged.
- But you cannot lose if you do not play.

- Thanks for your time.
- Jesus Christ.
- He's slick.
- Apologizes for the short con and in the next breath, setting us up for the long.
- He and burrell are as thick as thieves.
- What is the long con?
- At least we know he's running one.

- Thank you, very entertaining.
- Sit down. Get in your seats!
- Sit down, sit down.
- Kwaneese, sit down.
- Sit down, now.
- Yo, Mr. P, you ever choke somebody dead like...
- Yo, you ever get videoed?

- It plays. Nationally, you're taking up the cause of the forgotten...
- And no one is ever in favor of homelessness...
- Statewide, you're going up against the fella who tore up the safety net.
- Homelessness.
- Huh.
- I'll be damned.

Thomas: [Proposition Joe brought Marlo to Attorney Levy, & Levy has led Marlo into a conference room, leaving Prop Joe with Herc to read the newspaper] Carcetti finally dumps Burrell...
Joseph: Ervin was a year before me at Dunbar
Thomas: No shit
Joseph: He was in the glee club
Thomas: [after a pause, Herc looks up from his own section of the paper] You're killin' me. I gotta ask
Joseph: Stone stupid

- That could be our boy.
- Head still on.
[Beadie] Whoa.
- Tell me we got cameras inside.
- Oh.
- Oh, Jesus.
- Oh, my pants are wet. Yeah. C'mon, baby.
- Oh. Yeah!

- Umm... yo quiero mucho menos pastillas de secuoya en eso y muy masaco UN poco. Si? Gracias.

- We ain't got time.
- I know.
- So why are you grabbing?
- They were staring right at me.

- You and sydnor will have to work it as best you can for right now.
- Assholes.
- They need another body, don't they?
- I'll call our man in the southern.
[Rick] I can take it from here.
- Y'all can bounce.
Man: All right, boss.

- Look, the great white deputy has spoken.
- This case is not done until that gun comes home.
- Don't get up.
- One of the most heavily armed cities in the gun-loving world.
- Why should those ignorant motherfuckers care about one goddamn semi-auto, more or less?

- or we will see the police.
- If not, no more worries.
- All right.
- We are off the warehouse phone now?
- I've given the new number to our people.
- This is bullshit. If they were onto the truck, they would've searched it.

- Augustus, I'm not as simple-minded as you might think.
- Now what do you want, an educational project or a litany of excuses?
- I don't want some amorphous series detailing society's ills.
- If you leave everything in, soon you've got nothing.
- I think the schools are ripe for exploration, and I think Scott might be the man to lead the charge.

- The shit ain't there, man.
- Call your man and say so.
- Nigger, what you say?
- I said, check it again, goddamn it!
- Whoa, chill, chill.
- Yo, man, out that shit the fuck out.
- Fuck. What the fuck is going on today, man?
- Taking their time, ain't they?

- Don't see the boy snitchin'.
- Neither do I.
- But you ready to bet your future on that?

- She got kids?
- I ain't touch them kids! Who told you that?
- I know what you're saying, but when you're in the inside, ain't no pussy.
- Well, yeah, shit. You've been inside.
- Man got to bust his nut, you know what I'm sayin'?
- I do.

- You know them niggers is gonna get mad busy over this.
- So we getting busy, too.
[Woman] What time you coming over?
[Man] Damn, bitch, ain't you even listening?
[Woman] You still there?
- Shakedown!
- Time out.

- 1400 lanvale, in the street, found by the post officer, no suspects, no witnesses.
- Ah, man.
- Better to be lucky than to be good.
- You wanna work the heavy bag?
- Go ahead. Four rounds.

[Man] Goddamn bomb, y'all.
[2nd man] Blue-tops.
- Double shorts.
- In the hole, man.
- Got blue-tops. Looking for blues?
[Dealer] Red-tops.
- Two for 10.

- Animal cruelty, if you want to run wild with it.
- Go ahead, call me a cocksucker.
- You know you wanna.
- Excuse me?
- You know, I actually looked up the stats on Gus triandos.
- Power hitter, right?
- Fuck the both of you.

[Man] We need another bag.
[2nd man] Where you at?
[Man] Over here.
[3rd man] Drug war?
[4th man] Mm-hm.
- Barksdale's coming back on my boy marlo, huh?
- Shit.
[4th man] Got it.

- Can you still read numbers?
- What's up?
- Your man think I brought bad merchandise?
- Then we can beat feet right now.
- Damn, Bernard, why you acting all CIA?
- We trying to make money here.
- If you had to answer to the people I do, you would be more cautious, too.
- I appreciate caution, cos I'm hanging out here, too.
- Give it a go. Use a cellphone.

The: You should have had a son.
Spiros: But then I would have had a wife.

D'Angelo: I want what Wallace wanted. I want to start over. That's what I want. I don't care where. Anywhere. I don't give a fuck. I just want to go somewhere where I can breathe like regular folk. You give me that and I give you him.

- Take this down to the cafeteria and get yourself something to drink from the machine.
- Thank you.

- You're telling me how I can't do it, not how I can.
- There's the rainy day fund, but you really shouldn't draw that down.
- The bond rating houses want at least 5% of the budget in reserve.
- Feels like a rainy day to me.
- Cloudy like a motherfucker.
- Yo, yo, wait up, yo.

- Yeah. Well, we outside when you ready.
- Keep sharp while I'm gone, boy.
- Charles say Omar back.
- He left Charles standing but he might feel less inclined if he get the drop on you or yours.
- Ain't got to fret none about Omar.
- No need for that.

- you gotta keep the devil way down in the hole
- You gotta keep the devil way down in the hole way down way down in the hole

- You've got a way to keep me on your side you give me cause for love that I can't hide for you I know I'd even try to turn the tide because you're mine, I walk the line

Brother: I see you favor a .45.
Omar: At night I do. And I keeps one in the chamber in case you ponderin'.

- God damn it, Ziggy, you sick fuck!
- Get your dick out of my computer!
- Where are the first lot of detectives?
- Dead. To me, anyway.
- I shipped them humps back to burrell as fast as I could.

- I didn't have as much to say about it as you.
- And why not?
- Because you...
- You wanted this.
- I just... I didn't want to disappoint you on it.
- I don't think I could be more disappointed than I am right now.
- You need to go.

- You workin' a Stanfield corner, which means you workin' for a straight-up punk.
- Ya feel me?
- I'm out here in these streets every day.
- Me an' my lonesome.
- An' where he at? Huh?

- waiting us out.
- I, for one, am a patient motherfucker.
- Don't waste film.
- I been here so fucking long that you're starting to look good to me.
- Anything?
- The drugs go in, they gotta come out.
- I mean, what the fuck?

- You ain't gonna play that country shit, right? I hate that country shit.
- No. Not even ray Charles can save that mess for me.
- No, sir.

- We ain't even got a name for the Greek yet, right?
- What are we doing with the drug end of the case?
- I guess we could offer up Dixon and prop Joe to narcotics.
- See if they want to follow through on their end.
- I don't know. I wouldn't be so quick to throw Joe back into the pond.
- A major case squad could have some fun with that mess, don't you think?

City: You ever notice that the guys who do that, the Blairs, the Glasses, the Kelleys, they all start with something small, you know. Just a little quote that they clean up. And then it's a whole anecdote. And pretty soon, they're seeing some amazing shit. They're the lucky ones who just happen to be standing on the right street corner in Tel Aviv when the pizza joint blows up and the human head rolls down the street with the eyes still blinking!
Managing: The pictures were sent to him. The police have confirmed...
City: It always starts with something true, something confirmed.

- Headquarter security?
- The boat.
- The marine unit?
- Yeah, those diesel fumes, they make me seasick.
- That's good, keep it up.
- I'll go this against 10, you're riding the boat, midnight shift.
- Listen to the man, Jimmy.

- Did you cut me off too?
[Sighs] You still got me. We'll get by.
- But you gonna let go of that boy.
- Bet that.
- Ok, now?
- It's Omar, baby.

- Renaissance revival, late 19th century.
- Do you have a house for them?
- No, I just make them and sell them.
- That seems kind of sad.
- You should have a house for them.
- We can use the lieutenant's office.

- Hello, may I help you?
- We'd like a table.
- And you have reservations?
- I thought, you know, we could just walk in...
- Let me see what I got.
- That's two?
- Follow me, please.

- Yeah.
- Here and down on Winchester, under the bridge.
- Bet there were a lot of nights you didn't go home to the missus.
- Don't tell me I'm the same kind of asshole.
- Pucker up, girlfriend.
- Jesus!
- I'm turning into mcnulty.

- Hard and tight, like she's got no choice.
[Greggs] Shardene ennis.
- Miss, we need to talk.
- About what?
- It's a downtown talk.
- This way. Come on. Come on.
Man: Two at a time! Two at a time!
[Young man] Give me a two and two.

- No mother, no family.
- He in the street like I'm in the street.
- So I tried to, um...
- Like I ain't know who I am, right?
- Like I'm pretending I ain't been a dope fiend my whole damn life.
- Just lock me up, man.

- I'll be damned.
- Hey, yo, that got to be marlo, man.
- You see?
- That's the man we robbed, yo, from the poker game.
- Ah. Si'. Si, si.
- No wonder the boy don't like me.

The: Lambs go to slaughter. A man, he learns when to walk away.

Preston: [after goading Carver into hitting him] You supposed to be the GOOD cop, dumb motherfucker!

- Dinner and a movie, then I'll walk you to the door and you tell me to go fuck myself.
- How about I tell you to fuck yourself now?
- Then you can save that money.
- Come on, Elena.
- Come on, I signed all your damn papers.
- Just give me another shot.
- Friday. You pay for the sitter.

- Stay in the fucking car.
- That shit just ain't right.
- Whatcha doing with something like that?
- What you got here?
- Shoulda seen the way this bitch was looking at me, kima.
- Ugly little fucker almost shit his pants he was so scared.
- Right? [Laughing]

- And worse, as your prices drop, your product eventually loses consumer credibility.
- You know, the new ceo of worldcom was faced with this very problem.
- The company was linked to one of the largest fraud cases in history.
- So he proposed...
- To change the name?
- Exactly.

State Sen. R. Clayton 'Clay' Davis: I'm going to bring you along, String, but it ain't going to be an overnight thing. We spend this year dealing with the city, the next doing business with the state. However, year three, then we go for the gold. Then we go federal. Then we see the man with his hand on the faucet.
Russell: What faucet?
State Sen. R. Clayton 'Clay' Davis: The hood faucet. The money faucet.

- Bunk. Terry, Mike, come on.
- What the fuck happened?

- and if all eyes are on this one, what does command want to see happen?
- What does city hall want to see happen?
- City hall just wants someone to do the right thing, whatever that is.
- You're sitting here, deputy, telling me to just do the right thing?
- Doesn't happen often, I know.

- Yo.
- Be ready, we're on it.
- Look at this pretty motherfucker.
- Too fucked up to drive home, mcnulty?

- World just keeps turning, right?
- You guys move on to something new.
- No one looks back.
- It's on me this time.
- Anyone?

- A front has to be clean.
- And right now, you ain't that. Sign.
- I want my bail paid.
- You send me a bondsman, I'll sign.
- Is that what you want me to tell him?
- That I asked you to sign and you wouldn't?

- he'll aim at Royce, not the department.
- You may want to bring Tony in on it, keep him viable against the mayor.
- But you need to find out what this is all about. First-hand.
- Do you know this major Colvin?
- To shake hands, maybe.
- If burrell's painting him the villain,
- Colvin might be anxious to tell his side of the story.

William: Listen to me, you fuck! You did a lot of shit here. You played a lot of fucking cards, and you made a lot of fucking people do a lot of fucking things they didn't wanna do. This is true; we both know this is true. You, McNulty, are a gaping asshole. We both know this. Fuck if everybody in CID doesn't know it! But fuck if I'm gonna stand here and say you did a single fucking thing to get a police shot! You did not do this, you fucking hear me? This is not on you. No, it isn't, asshole! Believe it or not, everything isn't about you! And the motherfucker saying this, he hates your guts, McNulty! So you know if it WAS on you, I'd be the son of a bitch to say so! Shit went bad - she took two for company. That's the only lesson here.

- Set up anywhere inside where we got the white flags.
- I'm ready to roll out.
- You just got here. What's wrong?
- Ain't nobody around to buy.
- Good point.
- Man needs customers.
- I'm sayin'...
- No. I mean, you can't make me.
- I'm a sworn fuckin' police officer.

- I'm telling you.
- Them fucking people ain't to be relied on.
- Why you always talk like that, man?
- What?
- "F" this and "f" that.
- If I give it up, I lose half of what I mean to say.
- Don't nobody wanna hear them dirty words, man.
- Especially coming from such a beautiful mouth.

- Hold it right there!
[Woman] Get the fuck off me!
[Police officer] Stop right there!
- Stop right there! Stop!
- Freeze! Freeze! Don't move!
- Hold it right there. Freeze.
[Radio] Outstanding, red team, outstanding.
- Give you a case of beer for that one.

- 'Sylvia!'
- 'yes, Mickey?'
[Mickey] 'How do you call your lover boy?'
[Sylvia] 'Come here, lover boy!'
- 'and if he doesn't answer?'
- 'Oh, lover boy.'
- 'and if he still doesn't answer?'
- 'I simply say...
- In the hole, y'all.

Terry: A lie ain't a side of a story. It's just a lie.

- Man, they did you with the bum rush.
- That's what they do.
- They past experts at plucking nerves.
- You just gotta remember they barely house-broke.
- I'm telling you, man, you wouldn't believe it.
- They was all wild and shit. Wouldn't listen.
- Andre, I want you to crowd him.
- Yes, sir. I'll crowd him.

- Maybe you don't need a quarter box for that.
- For what?
- Magic fingers.
- You know me.
[TV] ...With a singer-songwriter who's burnin' up the charts with a hit that he'll perform for us tonight...

- I mean, Charles lost a leg, man.
- What?
- Frappuccino? What the fuck is that?
- He's all pussy, zig. Cold cock him.
- Take him, zig. Now's the time.
- Yeah, well, he was talking. Talking about how thatjob's going to be a big thing.
- What do you know?
- The pissant's got some grapes on him.
- Banana, too.

- You start following the money, you don't know where you're going.
- They don't want wiretaps or wired cls or anything else they can't control.
- Because once that tape starts rolling, who knows what's gonna be said?
- That son of a bitch mcnulty asked me what the deputy had on me.
- He actually asked me that.
- What did you say?

- I'll hold his for you...
- Yo, don't press, man.
- Don't press.
- Fuck is wrong with you, boy?
- You too good for my money?
- Or is you such a bitch-ass punk you worried about where my money come from?
- Yeah.
- Ain't no thing, shorty. We cool.

- If they're connected to the drug runners, you can knock off the brothel and then listen in on your wiretaps.
- Tickle the wire like that.
- Exactly.
- Pleasure boats, topless women.
- I'm telling you, now the weather's turned...
- I gotta roll, diggsy.
- Thanks.

- What happened to all them towers?
- Slow train coming.
- Huh?
- Reform, Lamar. Reform.

D'Angelo: Yo, what was that?
Wallace: Hm?
D'Angelo: Castle can't move like that. Yo, castle move up and down and sideways like.
Preston: Nah, we ain't playing that.
Wallace: Yeah, look at the board. We playing checkers.
D'Angelo: Checkers?
Wallace: Yeah, checkers.
D'Angelo: Yo, why you playing checkers on a chess set?
Preston: Yo, why you give a shit?

- Anything comes up, I'm on the radio.
- My man. Yo, you think I could get like $5?
- I need like $5 to get on the bus.
- I look like a tourist to you?
- Man, I swear to god.
- Looking like that in an open-air drug market, why the hell would I think you'll spend my $5 on bus fare?
- Shit, because I already got my blast, man.

Johnny: It'll be better tomorrow, Bubs.
Bubbles: Tomorrow, man. What kind of dope fiend be talking about tomorrow? Tomorrow ain't shit. Today, Johnny, today.

- Why? What I do wrong?
- Chris locked up behind somethin' he done for you.
- You downtown with the police.
- I ain't say a word.
- Yeah, that's what you say.
- But it's how you carry yourself.
- Always apart. Always askin' why, when you should be doin' what you told.
- You was never one of us.
- You never could be.

Joseph: You doin' okay, runnin' them New York boys off the East side- I know that. But this thing you got wit' disappearin' the bodies...
Slim: My man sayin', if you jus' vanishing the bodies like dat, it do kinda defeats it's own purpose. I mean, niggas don't know if they went back to The Bronx or... . whatever... You feel me?
Marlo: Of course. I'll tell my people.
Joseph: Ain't no disrespect to yo' professionalism or nothin'. We all impressed as hell, how you lose motherfuckers like that!

- What's the matter?
- You don't like being called Boris?
- Sergei.
- No way!
- Boris is way better. It's like the guy from the cartoon. Boris and Natasha?
- Bullwinkle, man. Rocky and bullwinkle?
- You want some coffee, pie?
- No, I'm good.
- Actually, what kind of pie you got?
- Hey, zig, shut the fuck up, huh?

- Faidley's? You're all right, mcnulty.
- I don't care what all them other fucks downtown say about you.
- 11-35, what's up?
- 'Our friend wants to meet. Same spot.' copy that, 15 minutes.
- What's the deal with the yo-boy?
- What'd he do?
- Stumbled into my world.

- it ain't in me no more.
- All right. So you done soldiering but we could use you for what you've got in your head.
- We're gonna put you on a corner...
- No, man.
- I ain't making myself clear.
- The game ain't in me no more. None of it.

- I came on in the eastern.
- A piece-of-shit lieutenant was hoping to be a captain, piece-of-shit sergeants hoping to be lieutenants.
- Pretty soon we had piece-of-shit patrolmen trying to figure the job for themselves.
- And some of what happens then is hard as hell to live down.
- Comes a day you're going to have to decide whether it's about you or about the work.

- try to convince anyone on the street to move into the city shelters after dark.
- Can't you have police sit on locations where the homeless gather?
- And still answer the calls?
- Not without doubling up post units, which means overtime.
- Overtime, again.
- Blood in our veins, Mr. Mayor.

- I thinks not, Terrell, I thinks not.
- Y'all might need to think this through and stop wasting my time.
- Because Omar can come back tomorrow.
- And the next day.
- And the next day.
- And I will put a bullet in all y'all behind, what happen right now, you heard?

- What the fuck?
- Didn't I say something about waiting for a fuckin' phone call?

- This is where I leave you.
- Your class. Language arts, huh?
- Yes.
- Anyway, you should see it without me.
- They behave differently when I'm around.
- No doubt.

- Frank has that kind of money?
- It was from his local.
- The checkers? They don't have a hundred guys left paying dues.
- It's a parish of givers, Stan.
- Maybe you talk to frank.
- Work it out somehow.
- Yeah, we'll talk.
- Major?

Maj. Howard 'Bunny' Colvin: You know what I was thinking? That tonight's a good night. Why? Because my shot cop didn't die. Then it hit me. This is what makes a good night on my watch. Absence of a negative.

- Lieutenant, we need a file cabinet or two.
- The papennork from this, I mean...
- There's a lot of it.
- Lieutenant?
- Sir.
- I'm going to...
- Good luck with the case.

- We can take what Orlando gives us about the club, the money laundering, maybe, or the girls.
- For that kind of cooperation,
- I'll drop a few years and call it fair.
- Daniels in here?
- Yeah.
- Call from deputy commissioner for you.
- You want it in here?
- He doesn't miss much.

- They got honey nut cheerios in here?
- Shit.
- Yo, back the fuck up, motherfucker!
- My man here saved my spot, yo.
- Shame we hadn't more time together.
- We could have made us a couple of babies.

- Icicles! Icicles!
- Yo, bodie. Yo, bodie.
- Icicles! Icicles!
- Yo, bodie, you better run, yo.
- Yo, this my corner.
- I ain't running nowhere.
- Bodie, is you crazy?

- Corner men out of the pit.
- Release your dogs.
- Yeah! I got that!
- Break your dogs!
- Look at him killing.
- Bait.

Omar: Omar don't scare.

Russell: If the man comin', make ready for the man.

- It was good seeing you.
- Grace.
- Looking at you...
- What?
- Hurts.
- You shouldn't look, then.

Dep. Comm. for Operations William A. Rawls: If they work for me, they need my OK. Good news is I got no problem with anyone on your list. Except McNulty. No McNulty. Nothing that even resembles the son-of-a-bitch.
Lt. Cedric Daniels: That bad, huh?
Dep. Comm. for Operations William A. Rawls: He quits or he drowns. That's the only two things getting him off the fucking boat so help me God.

[A security guard has spotted Marlo shoplifting lollipops at the corner store]
Security: The fuck? You think I dream of coming to work up in this shit on a Sunday morning? Tell all my friends what a good job I got? I'm working to support a family, man.
[Marlo looks away]
Security: Pretend I ain't talking to you. Pretend like I ain't even on this earth. I know what you are. Now, I ain't stepping to, but I am a man. And you just clip that shit and act like you don't even know I'm there.
Marlo: I don't.
[unwraps a stolen lollipop, throws wrapper on the ground]
Security: I'm here.
[Marlo moves closer to him]
Security: Look, I told you I ain't stepping to. I ain't disrespecting you, son.
Marlo: You want it to be one way.
Security: What?
Marlo: You want it to be one way.
Security: Man, I don't want it to be --
Marlo: You want it to be one way.
Security: [losing temper] Man, stop --
[pulls himself together]
Security: Stop saying that.
Marlo: But it's the other way.

- And?
- And I want you to sign up.
- Colonel, there's the matter of...
- You find yourself incompatible with a certain lieutenant?
- Detective freamon, you have carte blanche in picking your squad.
- In fact, you can pick your supervisor for all I care.

Reginald: Ain't no shame in holding on to grief . . . as long as you make room for other things too.

- How the fuck you gonna stop a man from doing some shit like that?
- Huh? I mean... what are you gonna do?
- Stay with him every damn minute, every day you can?
- I mean, he gonna find a way if he wants to.
- It ain't on you.
- It ain't on you. I would tell you if it was.

Sean': We done gone so far from Baltimore, we're losing the station. Yo, try a Philly station or some shit like that.
Preston: The radio in Philly is different?
Sean': Nigga, please. You gotta be fucking with me right? You ain't never heard a radio station outside of Baltimore?
Preston: Yo man, I ain't never left Baltimore except that Boys Village shit one day, and I wasn't tryin' to hear no radio up in that bitch.

Dennis: I'm gonna show you as gently as I can how much you don't know.

- You want a coffee? Soda?
- Vodka.
- Mm-mm.
- Coffee.
- Yeah. [Chuckles]
- Yeah.

- With three years left in his term, why would he leave?
- Councilman, what may not have been obvious to you on the public safety subcommittee is that the budget process is a carefully orchestrated ballet, a cooperative effort between the branches of government.
- Madam president, the nuances of that cooperative effort are beginning to come into focus for me.

- Here you go, sir. Tommy carcetti, running for mayor.
- Good luck, Tommy.
- You got my vote.
- Thanks. Tommy carcetti. Here you go.
- Good luck, councilman.
- How you doing?
- Tommy carcetti, running for mayor.
Norman Wilson: Ok, councilman, time to hit the West Side.

- We know that someone is above your man spiros.
- Someone he was in communication with.
- Yeah, the Greek.
- Sure, I know who you mean.
- I don't have a name or nothing.
- The man in the suit, the man with vondopoulos in the photograph.
- That's not the Greek?

- Like what?
- Some police shit. I don't know.
- Something that looks good to carcetti, so he can say it was his idea to keep you.
- "Police shit"?
- Well, whatever it is y'all do for a living. Look...
- Just take care of your end and let your friends handle theirs.

- I'll tell your wife if you tell mine.
- In the car but not out in the open.
- Yo, rock.
- Be subtle with it, man.
- You know what subtle means?
- Laid-back and shit.

- there's only three ways to make a four, but to make a seven...
- Six.
- That's good.
- So what should have been your play?
- Should have bet against the roll.
- Good to have you back, Mr. Wagstaff.
- Come on, roll 'em, man.
- I got 40. I got 40 on it.

- Best I can offer you is a tow line.
- Claude, they're gonna need a pull.
- 10-4, we'll tow to Henderson's.
- That'll work.
- Any chance you can hold off on bringing us in? Lot of party going on now.
- Wouldn't wanna cut it short for engine trouble.
- You're in the shipping channel.

- Kid ran us around for half an hour.
- Amazing, ain't it?
- Here we go.

- Where's she living now?
- Vincent street, sector two.
- That's a bad location?
- You wouldn't believe it.
- Wait for the call. What if they've got lookouts?
- If we wait, it'll be over by the time we get there.
- Plus, how's that gonna play with avon, man?
- They takin' all the credit.

Sgt. Ellis Carver: [about Herc, modeling sunglasses] His name is Head. Dick Head.

[Speaks Greek] We need to talk.
- Anyone following?

- I'm not back with them, rawls sticks it to me.
- Well... you got a friend here.
- Worst comes to the worst,
- Pearlman goes to her bosses.
- The state's attorney's office still has some love for you.
- All due respect, I'm starting to worry more about the people who claim to love me than the ones who don't.

- Oh, fuck you all.
- Shit, I worked a double, man.
- Yeah, right.
Woman in Street: Bunk, line three.
- All right.
Man: Tack it to the board, Mike, you know the rules.
- Detective moreland.
Man: Heard you looking for something.
- Let me get some trac phones activated.
- Eight of them bitches.

- We're good together.
- Answer the question.
- I've been honest with you. My wife wants to put it back together again, I'm gonna go for it.
- You know, what with the kids and all.
[Groans] You got any aspirin?
- For Christ's sake,
- Ronnie, I'm dying in here.

Sgt. Jay Landsman: [Landsman knocks on Rawls' door] Major, sir?
Maj. William A. Rawls: Yeah.
Sgt. Jay Landsman: I been thinkin'. It's a clear violation of the general orders, I know, but...
[Rawls motions for Landsman to sit]
Sgt. Jay Landsman: Last night, I'm at home, I'm sittin' up buck naked. And I, I got one hand wrapped around a cold domestic beer, and the other wrapped around my magnificent flaccid four-and-one-half-inch wonder, and I am trying with all my might to remember what Leila Kaufman's nipples looked like when her bathing top slipped off at the Hillendale Pool swim party.
Maj. William A. Rawls: [chuckling] Leila Kaufman?
Sgt. Jay Landsman: Yes, sir. Uh, summer of '72. I got this saucy wench in my gunsights, so to speak, and, uh... I am dangerously close to engorged when, all of a fuckin' sudden, out of fuckin' nowhere, fuckin' Detective fuckin' Jimmy McNulty pops into my head.
Maj. William A. Rawls: McNulty?
Sgt. Jay Landsman: Obviously, I gotta open my eyes and admit to myself that my whole night is ruined, at which point I got nothin' to do but think about the problems of Jimmy McNulty, because clearly, this guy and his fuckin' problems are standing between me and all worldly pleasure.
Maj. William A. Rawls: Clearly.
Sgt. Jay Landsman: First of all... it's not Jimmy's fault.
Maj. William A. Rawls: No?
Sgt. Jay Landsman: No. Jimmy is an addict, sir.
Maj. William A. Rawls: What's he addicted to?
Sgt. Jay Landsman: Himself.
[Rawls laughs]
Sgt. Jay Landsman: No, it's not funny, sir. As a matter of fact, it's a fuckin' tragedy, is what it is. The guy, he has come to believe that he is always the smartest fuck in the room. And you know what? It's not his fault, because let's face it, he's not goin' to Johns Hopkins or joining Mensa, he's taking a fuckin' job with the Bawlmer Police Department. His first two years in Homicide, he's in Ulmansky's squad, partnered with Tony LaMartino. Christ, it must've been months, even, he WAS the smartest fuck in the fuckin' room!
Maj. William A. Rawls: What's your point, Jay?
Sgt. Jay Landsman: My point is... he can't help it. It makes him an asshole, I know, but... it's also what makes him good police. Last year, he gives me eight clearances. One of them was a decomp floater who was John Doe for three weeks.
[Rawls doesn't say anything; Landsman starts to stand]
Maj. William A. Rawls: Tell your boy to wrap up that bullshit detail in two weeks. He does that, he comes home. Clean slate.
[Landsman smiles and leaves]

- I could still hang with you then.
- You know I'm too hot.

- I know.
- Enjoy tonight. We'll talk later.
- Welcome home.
- What up, prop? How you doing, man?
- You iookin' fit.
- Hell, yeah,
- I've been working out.
- That's all you do.
- Might be a good place for a fat man to find his inner self.

- A boy on the stoop looked like he was starving.
- So you cooked it for him?
- No, I just gave it to him.
- You just gave it to him.
- Boy ate a raw box of rice-a-roni?
- How much did you sell the groceries for?
- Don't look at me like that.
- I gotta go out.

State Sen. R. Clayton 'Clay' Davis: My brother, let's be fair. I'm providing you with the opportunity to go head to head with the state's attorney in a case that's going to be front page news. For all that profile? Sheeee-it, partner, you should be paying me a fee. Seriously, dog, for twenty thousand cash to my campaign committee, I'll get myself indicted federal, let you go to trial on that. Beat the feds like a stepchild and really make a name for yourself. Fuck you? Naw, son, I'm going to make you. Motherfuckers going to be wiping their ass with Johnnie Cochran's memory and carrying your business card in every damn pocket before we done.