The Best Chris Milan Quotes

Teen: [recording Miri undressing, revealing "granny panties"] Those are fucking granny panties!
Zack: [Zack blocks the view with his ass, then sticks his thumb up it] Sorry guys, am I in the way?
Teen: You're a fucking faggot, alright?
Teen: Let's go to Starbucks, this guy's a shitty barista anyways.
Zack: Cock?
[throws a cup at the teens]
Teen: And he throws like a bitch!
Zack: You know what else I've thrown, my nutsack in your coffee so how'd that taste, fuckers?
Teen: We saw your girlfriend in her underwear, cunt nugget!
Zack: Well too bad, she's not my girlfriend you little fuck -
[they leave]
Zack: oh, they're gone.