The Best The Flash, Season 4, Episode 23 Quotes

Cisco: The program completed. It should have worked. Hey, Harry. Harry?
Dr. Harry Wells: Don't worry. You have been and will always be... my friend.
Cisco: Khan.
Cisco: Kill them.
[Cisco and Harry embrace in a hug]
Cisco: Oh, my God.
Iris: "Star Wars."
[Barry shakes his head "no"]

Clifford: I told you that The Enlightenment will come for you, Marlize, and it will. Remember, I thought of everything. Even this moment.
Marlize: Good-bye, my love.
[Marlize rip out the battery out of the floating chair, Clifford fades away]

Ralph: Why the brakes? Are we here?
Barry: Almost.
Ralph: [sees the portal] So that's the Hellmouth?
Barry: That's the nexus of DeVoe's mind. Marlize said we can take control of him if the good DeVoe passes through it.
Ralph: Allen, we know that's not possible anymore.
Barry: Why do you think he's keeping you alive? I couldn't figure it out, but think about it, if you get out, you take back control of this body, because it's yours. That's why he won't let you leave. Once you get out, DeVoe will cease to exist. All you have to do is make it through that portal, and you'll regain control. Remember who are, Ralph. A hero.

Ralph: Crap in a hat. I can't hit him.
The: They can read our minds.
Ralph: Then we do this Dibny-style.
The: What?
Ralph: We don't think. Just fill your mind with something else. Something you love.
The: Ralph.
Ralph: [hitting an approaching DeVoe clone] Shrimp buffet!
The: [to himself, seeing another clone] It's you and me, Iris.

Ralph: Now the world belongs to the Thinker. Allen, listen to me. I'm stuck here, but you're not. You should go. Be with your family for whatever time is left.
Barry: No. No. Okay, first of all, it's our family, and I'm not leaving you behind. There's gotta be another way.
Ralph: Allen, you said the only way to save the world is by finding the good that's left in DeVoe. It's right here. With a hole in its chest.
Barry: It's not the only good left in him.

Caitlin: How are you feeling Cecile?
Cecile: Like - like I don't know if I can do this.
Joe: You shouldn't have to. You should be able to have our baby just like any other parent, in a hospital, or a regular bad, and not with all of this.
[to Marlize]
Joe: Hey, look what you've done to our friend, my son, my daughter, the love of my life, everybody in this damn city.
Iris: Dad...
Joe: How could you ever think that this would be better for humanity?
Iris: Dad, what did you say to me when Barry came out of the Speed Force? You said, "Strength without faith means nothing." We need to have faith that we can get through this. Together.

Barry: Wait, how are you even here?
Ralph: How are you here? Did DeVoe - did he get you?
Barry: No, no he didn't. Cecile is using her telepathy to get my consciousness inside DeVoe's mind.
Ralph: That's trippy. Why?
Barry: We need to find the good part of him so we can stop the bad from starting the Enlightenment. Have you seen him?
Ralph: A good DeVoe? No. Just the evil floating chair variety. He visits me all the time.
Barry: He knows you're here? Why would he need to...
[DeVoe appears in his chair]
The: In this place I do as I please, Mr. Allen. I must say, the fact that you thought I wouldn't have calculated you and your team making this feeble attempt is somewhat insulting. There'll be no defeating the big bad this year, Mr. Allen. See, you are in my mind now. And there's no escape.

Caitlin: Cecile's powers are connected to her pregnancy. Her contractions must be putting a strain on her transcranial link.
Marlize: No, no, no. We need to do something about that.
Iris: We can't stop her from having a baby, Marlize.
Marlize: We have to, Mrs. West-Allen, or this will never work. She's the only way to get Barry in and out of Clifford's mind.
Cisco: Everyone, chill; it's not like Cecile's gonna lose her powers if she has this baby. Cecile's gonna lose her powers if she has this baby? Won't that leave Barry stranded in DeVoe's mind?
Marlize: I'm afraid so.
Cisco: Information you may have wanted to share, like, way before now.

Barry: Joe, she's beautiful.
Joe: Just like her mother.
Barry: I think this calls for a toast.
[awkward pause]
Barry: I said this calls for a toast.
Wally: [speeding in with a tray of drinks] Sorry, I was...
Barry: [taking the tray] I got it, I got it.
Joe: Wally!
Wally: You didn't think I'd miss my new baby sister's first party, right?

Clifford: Once again, Mr. Allen, your best will not be good enough.
Ralph: What's the plan, rookie? I'm running out of shrimp entrees.

Cisco: DeVoe must've predicted Harry would build his own thinking cap and power it with the dark matter from this tube.
Barry: Dark matter that he can siphon off S.T.A.R. Labs to use to infect the world. Harry was his guinea pig. He knew if he could reboot Harry's brain, he could reboot everyone's. What about Gideon, could she hack into the satellites?
Cisco: No, purple haze took her out too. What do we do?
Barry: I don't know.
Iris: [walks in the Time Vault with Marlize] It's okay, Barry. I think I do.

Barry: This is crazy. I mean, why don't we just call someone we trust? Kara, Oliver, Wally...
Marlize: You could bring a legion of your friends, but they would pose no challenge. Clifford created the bus meta and the combination of the abilities to ensure that he could defeat anyone whose assistance you might enlist.
Cisco: How long until our minds are wiped?
Marlize: We have until the permeation grid hits 100%.
Barry: How would we get me inside his mind?
Marlize: We need to find a way to transfer your consciousness into his mind.
Cisco: No, you know what happens every time I try to vibe him. I can't do it.
Marlize: I do. But I don't think it's your powers, Mr. Ramon.
[indicating Cecile]
Marlize: I believe it's hers.

Iris: We're next, you know?
Barry: Wait, you want to have - what do you mean? You want to have a baby now? What do you mean? Right now?
Iris: Barry.
Barry: What?
Iris: Relax.
Barry: I'm fine.
Iris: Are you?
Barry: Yeah.
Iris: I just meant someday. Not anytime in the near future.

Nora: Wow, this house is bitchin'.
Caitlin: I think I've seen you before. Didn't you spill coffee all over Harry and me?
Ralph: Yeah, did she pay for hers? Because she paid for ours.
Wally: Weren't you the server at their wedding?
Barry: Wait, yeah, you were. And where did you get this jacket?
Nora: Uh...
[points at Iris]
Nora: From her.
Iris: Um... No, mine - mine is one of a kind.
Nora: So was this, uh, when you let me borrow it.
Barry: [chuckles] Who are you?
Nora: I'm your daughter, Nora. From the future. And I think I made a big, big, mistake.

Ralph: [to DeVoe's clones] Hey, attack of the clones, come and get me.

Clifford: How did you beat me?
Barry: I didn't. We did.
Marlize: Their emotional attachment to Mr. Dibny have made them stronger than you would ever be, Clifford. But then, you wouldn't understand.
Clifford: No! This is not my will!
Ralph: [speaking through DeVoe] Not anymore. It's mine.
[DeVoe's body transforms back into Ralph's]

Clifford: [to Marlize] I should have never let you build this chair without my oversight. It was my first miscalculation.
Iris: You've made many miscalculations.
Clifford: Have you ever pondered why I never pursued The Flash? Never needed his speed or his mind? Anyone? His connection to the Speed Force. Access to all of time - past, present, future. True knowledge. And now you have placed him inside my mind, I'll have it all.
Marlize: You'll have to find us first.

Clifford: Good. We are gathered here today to worship in song. I suggest "Kumbaya."