The Best Yellowstone, Season 2, Episode 6 Quotes

Torry: That was a nice move.
John: Wasn't a move. I'm just meaner than you.

- Reporter: The body has been identified as Sarah Nguyen from New York, and her death serves as a stark reminder of the dangers of this section of river.
- Miss Nguyen is the park's third drowning victim this year, and seventh death overall, earning 2019 a grim spot...

[Whispering] Yeah.
[Whispering] Okay,
- I want you to put those crosshairs right on his shoulder.
- Let me know when you've got 'em in there.
[Whispering] I got 'em.
[Whispering] Okay.
- Now take a real deep breath...
- Pull the trigger real slow...

- No shit.
- Ain't that the truth.
- Hey, where's Avery?
- I just wanna show her.
- She left.
- Left where?
- Didn't say.
- Just grabbed her shit and left.

- You want off this ranch?
- You got it.
- When we get back, I'll drive your ass to the train station myself.
- You ain't fuckin' drivin' me anywhere.
- I'll walk from the ranch.
- No, I wanna watch you leave this state.
- Look at me, motherfucker.
- I want to see it.

- Can you help?
- I ain't fucking touching that thing.
- Go on.

Rip: Jamie?
- Where's her phone?
- Give it to me.
- All right. Let's go.

- What happened?
- Jamie, what happened?

- How do we move on from this?
- I don't know how to do that.
- I had no choice.
- There's always a choice.
- You could've jumped in the river.
- But hurting yourself never entered your mind, did it?

- No, you need a fuckin' bath.
Jake: I don't smell that bad.
- Nasty ass.
- Adios, assholes.
- Jesus, boys, it looks like leaving this place is getting contagious, huh?

- You know, Jamie, at some point, the only way to get rid of the mess is to get rid of you.
- Don't put me in that position.
- Go jump in that car and follow me.
- Go on.

- What just happened?
- Announcer: An 83 for Jimmy hurdstram...
- Man: Hey, you just won, cowboy.
- So, what... what do I do now?
- Wave to the crowd and throw that hat.

- Announcer: And that is a disqualification...
- Jesus Christ.
- It's just a part of rodeo.
- Look at his fuckin' face!
- One-eleven. Chute three.
- Come on, Jimmy. Come on.

- For the love of god, find your way off it, John.
- I never stopped being yourfriend, Donnie.
- You stopped being mine.
- I suggest you start being my friend again, big fella, because as you can see, the walls are closing in on all sides.

- Reporter: Miss Nguyen is the park's third drowning victim this year, and seventh death overall, earning 2019 a grim spot in the record book.
- Reporter 2: Thank you for that.
- We will of course keep you apprised of the situation.
- As new information...

- You just look old.
- Hey, I won't die, I promise.
- I'll hold you to that.
- Hey. Make sure he don't get hurt now.
- What's next?
Lloyd: We get you in a bucking chute.

- That thing's fuckin' huge.
- This is the real deal, Jimmy.
- Come on. Get on here.
- Jesus_.

John: Thank you.
- Dan Jenkins' office?
- Uh, do you have an appointment?
- Not what I asked...

- Say, whose car is this?
- It's nobody's. Get in.

- Oh, fuck...
- Oh, what the fuck, Jamie? Fuck!
- Fuck, fuck, fuck!
- Fuck! [Cries]

- What'd you do?
- I told you.
- It's what I won't do.
- What did he ask you to do?
- That's between us.

- Hlspotyou.
- Why would you do that?
- Why do you think?
- Man: This one's done.
- Man 2: Lloyd. Ready for another.
- Go get us another horse.

Jamie: What do you want me to become?
John: A lawyer.
Jamie: You always say that you don't respect lawyers.
John: Well, become one that I can.
Jamie: Why a lawyer?
John: Lawyers are the swords of this century. Words are weapons now. I need you to learn how to use 'em.

- Reckon I'll figure it out from there.
- I'll take you.
- Come on.
- You don't know where it is, kayce.
- I know exactly where it is.
- Come on.

- Now, look at that cowboy in the chute gate there, and give him a nod.
- Wild as a cyclone
- I'm smoother than homegrown short lived and long gone chiseled on my headstone

Rip: Hey Jimmy, you know why you never met any old rodeo cowboys? 'Cause there ain't any.
Lloyd: I'm old.
Rip: Shit, you just look old.

- If a thing is gonna die, it's gonna die.
- But to kill it so you don't have to go through the pain of watching it die?
- Well, now it's dead and you're the killer.
- You suffer twice.
- You're the one breaking hearts, Monica.

- Well, who hasn't?
- He's going to break my heart.
- And my son's.
- I know it.
- I think your heart's broken already.
- And you're the one breaking it.

- exactly what it is she wants, you understand?
- And if what she wants is ruining this ranch with some story about me...
- Then you act like my fucking lawyer and sue her and her fucking magazine right back to New York, you understand?

- Where's he going?
- I'll get my coat.

- I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
- I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
- I'm sorry. I'm sorry!
- I'm sorry, I'm sorry... no... [Cries]

- I got something for you.
- I meant ranch work.
- All I need you to do is drive a car, Walker.
- Can you drive a car for me?
- Yeah, I can drive a fucking car for you, rip.
- Thank you.

- Jamie, I'm just a wrangler.
- Kayce has my job.
- Rip, please.
- As a friend.
- I've always treated you like an equal.
- Like a friend.

- Keep your hand in there like we showed you.
- Hey, tuck your chin.
- Stick my chest out, mash my legs.
- Pray like hell and hold on.

Malcolm: We, however, can offer you something of real value.
Thomas: I'm breathless with anticipation.
Teal: Slots.
Malcolm: Only available through our leasing company.
Thomas: Extorting a public official in his office. With three witnesses... How convenient for me.
Teal: Well, we are not obligated to lease out equipment to anyone, Chairman, we're simply offering you our expertise.

Martin: If a thing's gonna die, it's gonna die. But to kill it so you don't have to go through the pain of watching it die? Well, now it's dead and you're the killer. You suffer twice.

- And I'll give you mine the next time you come through here,
- I'll be running it.
- And I'll do it different.
- And you'll be welcome back anytime.
- Yeah.
- I reckon I oughta stay away from here for a while.
- I'd recommend it.

- You always say that you don't respect lawyers.
- Well, then become one that I can.
- Why a lawyer?
- Lawyers are the swords of this century.
- Words are weapons now.
- I need you to learn how to use 'em.

- And we will fuck you at every turn, Thomas.
- Unless we have a reason to support it.
- And right now, we don't.
- I suggest you give us one.
- I feel an "or else" coming.
- You bet your ass it's coming.

- First deer. We gotta blood you.
- What does that mean?
- Means, you gotta wear his blood to honor him.
- Come here.
- Come here.

- What's wrong?
- Not a thing.

- That was incredible!
Lloyd: Yeehaw!
- We finally found something you can do well.
- You'll be up to your neck in buckle bunnies in no time.
- Wait, what's a buckle bunny?
- You'll be finding out soon enough.

- Good shot!
- Look at that.
- That's bigger than my first buck.

- Even if you wanted to?
- Even if it was a mistake?
- It's not a trick question, Tate.
- You just gotta be sure before you pull the trigger, because killing is the one thing you can't undo.
- Let's go, dad.

- Ladies.
- Stirring hornets' nests all over.
- They're all so scared, mo.
- They got good reason to be.

- You know, your family deserves to lose everything.
- I can't tell you the pleasure it gives me to be the one taking it.
- No man should have this much land.
- It should be a park or a game preserve.
- And when I'm done, maybe it will.

- Sign it, Jimmy.
- You don't want to be strapped to a bed for the next 40 years.
- You're a late entry, so you go last.
- That's a good number.
- Good luck.
- That's a buckle bunny.

- You know, when you do this at the rodeo, ain't no saddle.
- Just you, your rigging, and the horse.
- But for now, let's just see if you can stay in the saddle.