100 Best Jurassic World Dominion Quotes

Owen: Is that a...
Kayla: Quetzalcoatlus. Late Cretaceous. Should have stayed there.

Owen: [from trailer] I promise you, I am gonna get her back.

- She wasn't yours to begin with.
- Tell me.
- Biosyn.
- They're taking her to biosyn.
- You missed her.
- She's gone.

Alan: Why do we dig? Because paleontology is science, and science is about the truth.

Lewis: You know, I thought you might be different, but you're just like everyone else. You see what you want to see. You imagine unchecked avarice, so that's what you find. You envision what, an evil, unbound Prometheus? So that's what I am to you?
Ian: Prometheus got gored. So will you, you rapacious rat bastard.

Maisie: [from trailer] Blue had a baby, that's impossible.

- I'm gonna make dinner.
- Everything okay?
- She went into town again.
- Ah, this kid.
- Did you talk to her?
- Itned.
- I'll talk to her.

- Support the head.
- Yeah.
- Okay. Yeah.
[Guard 1] Hurry up!
[Guard 2] Check the right side.
- With me.
[Guard 1] Go, go, go.
- Okay, come on.
- Come on, let's go.
- Hold on!
- To what?

- We made a lot of enemies today.
- We gotta go.
- He'll be here.
- Uh-huh.
- Out of time, out of time.
- There he is.
- Pull over.
- That's not how planes work.
- Open the back.

- Keeps them away from the helicopters.
- Well, how do we turn it back on?
- It looks like all the systems run through to the control room, which is on the third floor.
- These outposts are all connected underground.
- All right. Easy, Rambo.

Ian: [from trailer] We're racing toward the extinction of our species. We not only lack dominion over nature, we're subordinate to it.

Ian: I had a dog once. He humped my leg so much I had a callous on my shin bone.

- You're okay.
- You came to get me. You actually...
- You came to get me.
- Of course we did, sweetheart.
- Hey.
- Of course.
- I remember you.
- Remember you too.

- You really think she's the solution?
- Okay.
- Everything involving the girl goes through me, right?
- Is she all right?
- She better be.
- She's the most valuable intellectual property on the planet.

- We need to eradicate the ones we released.
- What?
- All of them.
- No.no.
- Like...
- Henry, we don't want to cause a panic.
- Like yesterday.
- We want control.
- There's no such thing.

Young: [Video Recoding] Life on earth has existed for hundreds of millions of years... and dinosaurs were only a part of that... and we're an even smaller part of that... they really put us in perspective.
Adult: [Video Recoding] The idea that life on earth existed 65 million years ago... it's humbling. We act like we're alone here but we're not. We're part of a fragile system made up of all living things. If we're going to survive, we'll have to trust each other, depend on each other, coexist.

- That can't be right.
- Is that...
- Oh, no.
- Oh, my god.
- He's burning the evidence.
- -Oh, my god. Oh, my god! Oh, mil"
- -that's bananas.

- If you're into that kind of feel.
Tyler: Um, and let's talk milks.
- Yeah.
- Okay, soy milk, yes?
- {gasps}
Tyler: No.
- What just happened?
- We're in.

Maisie: [from trailer] you look just like your mother.

- And I was her experiment.
- She wanted a child more than anything.
- But she wanted you to have what she couldn't.
- A full life.
- I didn't know her long, but I know she loved you very much.

- oh, my god!
- What do you know?
- It actually worked.
- Ian, this is maisie.
- Hi, maisie.
- We got the DNA.
- We need to get out of this valley.
- Yeah.
- Come on. Come on.
- Let's go. Let's go.

Ellie: [from trailer] you coming or what?

- Help me open it.
- I got ya.
Kayla: Go, go, go.
Ellie: Go, go, go!
- Run!

- Second plane is incoming.
- Who said anything about a second plane?
- We flew them separately.
- I'm not taking any chances.
- And we'll need payment before delivery.
- I didn't like what happened last time.
- Okay. Okay, just call me when it's done.

- Claire, it's Santos, the woman in white.
- I'll find her.
[Agent] Spread out.
[Agent 2] Bravo team, watch your six.
[Agent] Hey, hey! Hey!
- Hold it!
- Let them out.
- What?
- You heard me.

- [Gasps}
- Come on. Come on.

- Wh-what's the matter?
- Don't look so worried. There's...
- There's opportunity in everything.
- E-Even this. You'll learn that.
- I've been thinking, maybe you take more of a lead now. Okay?
- You're ready, I think.
- Here, take...
- What the hell is the matter with you?

Owen: Damn it. She's fast.
- Eyes on me.
Owen: I've got to hit her on the side of her neck.
- Maisie, you're gonna hold her focus.
- Grant, we're triangulating.

- Fix a terrible mistake that I've made.
- What kind of mistake?
- Sub/e ve/ six. Restricted.
- Thanks for coming.
Alan: Which lab did Malcolm say?
- L4.
Ellie: This is it.

Kayla: Hold on tight.

Ellie: [after cutting lines with axe] Damn, that felt good!

Owen: Do you have parachutes?
Kayla: I wasn't expecting company.

Alan: [from trailer] A baby raptor?
Owen: I made a promise we would bring her home.
Ian: You made a promise to a dinosaur?
Owen: Yeah, why?

Claire: I thought you would have chosen a quieter line of work.
Barry: I tried. My cousin and I owned a cafe. It lasted three weeks. The way the world is headed, it's hard to look away.

Soyona: My people say the raptor arrived in good condition. You boys didn't cock this up. Color me amazed. I do have another job for you. Short hop. Money's double.
Rainn: What's the cargo?
[the tarp covering the back of the truck is unraveled growling is heard from cages]
Soyona: Atrociraptors. Thoroughbreds. Trained to kill.
Rainn: Kill who?
Soyona: Whoever they're told. Laser marks the target, they attach to the scent, don't stop till it's dead. Inescapable. Those idiots making hybrids had it all wrong. You can't engineer loyalty. You have to nurture it. 50,000 to fly them to Riyadh. In or out?

Kayla: So, we good to find a way out of here?
Owen: Yep.
Kayla: Let's get it. There's a helicopter out in the main complex. We turn the ADS back on, we go home.
Ellie: Wait, what's an ADS?
Kayla: Aerial deterrent system.
Ellie: [not getting it] Oh, uh...
Kayla: You know, for the pterodactyls and shit. Keeps 'em away from the helicopters.

Owen: Sorry, girl.
- I promised your mom
- I'd get you home.
- Primary system rebooting.
- Wait. Oh, no, no, no.
- No, no, no.
- It's rebooting.
- It shouldn't be doing that.

- We're on three.
- Come back.
- I always come back.
- I'll have that chopper hot in ten.
- Wait for my signal.
- Evacuation phase four complete.
- All living assets now in containment.

- I got an invite from their in-house philosopher.
- Seems there's a lot of money in being a chaotician these days.
- And he just happened to invite you out of the blue?
- He said there were things I'd wanna see.
- Uh-huh.
- You coming or what?

- you're gonna pull this lever behind you. Okay?
- Ten thousand feet!
- Hey, you're the one who's gotta go to get to her.
- You're her mom.
- You're her only shot.
- I'll see you again.
- I love you.

- You must need money.
- What's it to you?
- I've got cargo.
- A thousand kilos of dinosaur to palermo.
- I give you two thousands.
- 2,000? How much is there?

- There's an access gate at the northeast corner of the mine.
- If your friends make it out...
- If?
- When they make it out.
- Yes, sir.
- That's where they'll be.
- These roads are protected, right?
- Uh, yeah, I'd drive fast.

- What's the plan?
- Whatever happens. That's the plan.

Kayla: No.
- Nope.
- -[Grunts] {Gasping}
Owen: What an asshole.

Dr. Henry Wu: [from trailer] We made a terrible mistake.

Ellie: [from trailer] Genetic power has now been unleashed.

Ellie: Alan?
- Alan!
- How is everybody?

Ian: [from trailer] Is that a dinosaur on your shoulder?
Owen: Yeah, why?

- I need to get this sample vetted at the lab before I take it to my contact at the times.
- You could, uh, come with me.
- Unless you need to get back to your dig.
- Ellie?
- Yeah?
- I am coming with you.

- You told Malcolm about the program. Y-You...
- You set this whole thing up.
- You set me up.
- I gave you every opportunity
- I did not have. I...
- We have an understanding, ramsay.
- And you do not break that.
- I would not break this.
- I'm not you.

Claire: It's okay for us to depend on each other. That's what people do.

[Reporter] Dr. Henry wu has found an emergency solution to the ecological crisis.
- His use of a pathogen to alter the locusts ' DNA has revolutionized modern genetics.
- He attr/buted the disco very to another scientist, Charlotte lockwood, who dr'ed nearly 73 years ago.

Alan: [as the T-rex and Giganotosaurus are about to fight] This isn't about us.

Kayla: Wanna talk or wanna ride?

- This is bravo one.
- Truck is approaching the underpass.
[Agent 1] Go.

Ellie: I need to get this sample vetted at the lab before I take it to my contact at the Times. You could, uh, come with me. Unless you need to get back to your dig.
Alan: Ellie.
Ellie: Yeah?
Alan: I am coming with you.

Adult: Life on earth has existed for hundreds of millions of years and dinosaurs were only a part of that. And we are even smaller part of that. They really put us in perspective. The idea that life on earth existed 65 million years ago. It's humbling. We act like we're alone here but we're not. We're part of a fragile system made up of all living things. If we're going to survive, we'll have to trust each other, depend on each other. Coexist.

- Uh, hey, we don't, uh...
- We're not...
- We don't work for biosyn.
- I can tell.
- We gotta get out of here.
- Yeah, we should go.

Claire: Quick! Pull over here!
Kayla: That's not how planes work.

Kayla: [looking at the wreck of her plane] That was my baby.

- But this... this isn't the way to go about it anymore.
Franklin: Honestly, you need someone who's good at being shot at.
- Aren't you and Owen still, like, a weird thing?
- It's not that weird.
- He didn't mean "weird."
- -Mm-mmm.
- Uh, he meant, like, surprising.

Ellie: Okay. Get in, get the sample and get out.
- And move slow.
- They can swarm at the slightest disturbance.

- Yeah?
- You okay?
- Thank you.
- Yeah.
- We gotta go.
- Gonna have to break a window to get inside that thing.
- Hope nobody is afraid of heights.

Alan: [from trailer] Ellie Sattler.
Ellie: Alan Grant.

- Yuck.
- Hey.
- Oh, my god.
- I thought you were dead.
- What do they even eat?
- We better get inside.

Ellie: [from trailer] If our world's going to survive, what matters is what we do now.
Owen: I could use your expertise.

- I was there when they handed your girl off to biosyn.
- I could have said something, but I didn't.
- And when I saw her picture...
- It isn't enough to do nothing.
- {gasps} thank you.

- You're damn right she will.
- Just breathe.
- If you don't, she'll think you're scared.
- I am scared.
- Nah.
- She doesn't need to know that.
- Her nest has got to be nearby.
- Maisie, get inside.
- I'm coming with you.
- What did I just say?

- You're Dr. Ellie sattler and Alan Grant.
- You were at Jurassic park.
- What are you doing here?
- What? What...
- What are you doing here?
- I'm maisie lockwood.

- Freeze!
- I'm flying us out of here.
- Tell me where you wanna be dropped.
- You ever flown to biosyn?
Claire: Owen! They took her to BIOS yn.
- There is an airfield on the north side of the island.
- You're under arrest. Stay where you are.

- The girl, where is she?
- Where did they take her?
- Get it off!
- Where is she?
- I don't know! We handed her off to Santos.
- I don't know where they took her after that.

- At BIOS yn, we 're dedicated to the idea that dinosaurs can teach us more about ourselves.
- All right, Kayla. We 're good to go.

- Hold on tight.
- What?

Ramsay: Biosyn bought this land for the animal deposits back in the 90s, but we've managed to turn it into a safe haven for about twenty displaced species. First generation came from Sorna. Most of Nublar dinosaurs are here too. It took fish and wildlife three years to catch the T-Rex.
Alan: T-Rex is here?
Ramsay: Oh, yeah. Yeah. Arrived just before you guys.

Kayla: You really love her, don't you? -Kayla
Owen: Yeah.
Kayla: I get it. I like redheads too.

- {gasps} oh! Come on!

Zia: Shit.
- Claire, we're gonna get shot!
- No! Claire! No, no, Claire!
- Oh, god.
- Oh, shit.
- Everybody good?

Ian: Human beings have no more right to safety or liberty than any other creature on this planet. We not only lack dominion over nature, we're subordinate to it and now here we are - with the opportunity to rewrite life at our fingertips that, just like nuclear power, nobody knew what to expect with genetic engineering, but they pressed the button and hoped for the best, just like you are doing now. Yep. You... you control the future of our survival on planet earth. According to you the solution is genetic power, but that same power could devastate the food supply, create new diseases, alter the climate even further. Unforeseen consequences occur and every time, every single time we all act surprised, because deep down, I don't think that any of us actually believe that these dangers are real. In order to instigate revolutionary change, we must transform human consciousness.

- We had some trouble.
- What kind?
Soyona: The parents, Grady and dearing.
- They're here.
- Can you take care of it?
- Not for free.
[Scoffs] Well, do it.

- Get on the ground!
[Agent 5] Delacourt! Stay with him!
- Shit.
- Get that truck out of here!
[Agent] There goes Santos!
[Agent 3] Damn, we lost delacourt.

Owen: [from trailer] See? Not so bad.

- Go, go, go.
- Come on!
- No! No, no, no.
- Hustle!
- I'm gonna die!
- Climb! Climb, kid!
- No!
- You're not. No, you're not.
- You're okay.
- Go, go, go.

Gemma: [Voice Over] Today marks the first day of testimony from BioSyn and whistleblower Ramsay Cole. The senate will also hear from Doctors Grant, Sattler and Malcolm who have been vocal in this debate since the incident at Jurassic Park.
Gemma: Dr. Henry Wu has found an emergency solution to the ecological crisis. His use of a pathogen to alter the locust's DNA has revolutionized modern genetics. He attributed the discovery to another scientist Charlotte Lockwood who died nearly 13 years ago.
Gemma: By U.N decree, BioSyn Valley has been designated a global sanctuary. The animals will live there free, safe from the outside world.

[Worker] Holy crap.
[Worker 2] Wow. Look at this.
[Worker 3] What in the world, man?
[Whispering] So, the dinosaurs...

Claire: Wait. You're American.
Kayla: And that just makes us friends?

- Yeah.
- Slow. Slow.
- Slow.
- Yay.
- [Gasps} we're fine. See this?
- Mm-hmm.
- This is fine.
- Mm-hmm.

Claire: [from trailer] Noone said saving the world would be easy.

- 1984.
- Come on, Ian!
Ellie: Kick up against it!
- Hurry!
- Miles Davis's birthday, 0526.
Alan: Ian!
- Please. Please.
- Do something!
Ellie: We're not gonna make it.
- Let's... let's all try to stay positive.

Ian: It's always darkest just before eternal nothingness.
Alan: [confused] What?

- Come on!
- Hold on tight!
- Oh, sh...
- Still got it.

Ellie: Come on!
- Oh, my god! Get him up!
- Come on, come on!
Ian: Come on.
- Come on, come on, come ol'li
Ellie: Come on!
- Ellie, no!

- She wants to know who she is.
- Who Charlotte lockwood was.
[Poacher] Tracked Grady to his house.
- You were right. Raptor's got a juvenile.
- But listen, there's something else.
- I found that girl you've been after.

Kayla: Look...
Claire: Claire
Kayla: Claire. I know this must feel exotic. But if you mess with the wrong person down here, you disappear. You feel me?

- Got it. [Sighs]
Ellie: Oh, my god!
- They're everywhere! Help me!
- Oh, god! No!
- Oh, my god! Oh, my god!
- Maisie.

- I think we're almost there.
- Yeah.

- What's your story?
- Wait!

- Get in the truck!
- Come on! Let's go!
[Poacher] Got it!
- Tie it down!
[Poacher] Hold on.
- Come on. Let's go!
- Get in!
- Come on!
- Let's get out of here.

Ian: I know this may seem precarious, but... no, we're... we're teetering.
Maisie: Should we all lean to the left or something?
Ian: That's very constructive. Thank you, Maisie.
Maisie: Yeah.
Ellie: [carefully shifting their weight] Slow. Slow. Slow.
Ian: Yay. We're fine. See this?
Ellie: Mm-hmm.
Ian: This is fine.
[teetering anyway, their jeep rolls down a hill]

- Yeah. Why?
Kayla: Lhave air. Meet me at the center.
- No, no, no. Wait, wait, wait.
- Hey, hey. Do not land in here.
- I don't have a choice, dude.
- The valley isn't safe.
- No, they're not in the valley anymore!
- Oh!

- Asset containment breach.
- Please rema/n at your stations.
- Asset containment breach.
- Please rema/n at your stations.
Ellie: Oh, my god.
- Oh, god. I can't see!
Alan: Where's the key?
- Oh, god!