The Best Yellowstone, Season 5, Episode 8 Quotes

Jamie: There's a century's worth of our family's secrets down at the bottom of that canyon

Jamie: Ask you husband where the train station is and how many times he's been there.

Ethan: [about Teeter] I don't know if going back to Texas is gonna be the best thing for her speech therapy.
Laramie: There it is, a zinger from the cheap seats.
Rip: Shit, Ethan, I've known you ten years and you finally said something half-funny.

Beth: Let's get one thing clear: you touch my peanut M&Ms in the freezer, I will kill you in your sleep.

Young: The only time you fight working for me is to protect somebody on this ranch, or the ranch itself. And you will be surprised how much fighting you'll have to do. It surprises the hell out of me.

John: God gives us tragedies so we can pass along how we survived it to the next generation of sufferers, if that makes any sense. And maybe someday all that knowledge leads to no tragedies at all.

John: Progress. It's, uh... seems that's all I ever talk about. But I never talk about what the word actually means - it means "to proceed," "to move forward," that's all. Typically we interpret moving forward as better, better for us as a people, better for the planet, which is usually better for us as a people. And if we use it in that manner, I agree. But when something benefits one group over another group you can't use that word anymore. You must use another word. You must use "bias," you must use "favouritism." Running a pipeline beneath the drinking water of an already strained and impoverished community maybe progress for the owners of the pipeline or owners of whatever runs through the pipeline or for those receiving it, but it could lead to disastrous effects, to the land and the people this pipeline runs beneath. Which is not progress at all. And for that reason, as governor of Montana, I cannot support that endeavour and will use the full weight of my office to prevent it from happening.

Emily: What do you want for supper?
Jimmy: I'm thinkin' maybe the same thing I had for breakfast.
Emily: Baby, that's dessert. You gotta have supper first. You're gonna wither away from lovin' me.
Jimmy: That's not a bad way to go.

Lynelle: You gonna miss me?
Lloyd: I'd rather not answer that considering I was forced into this relationship.
Carter: If you love something, Teeter, set it free.
Lynelle: I mean fuck that. He lucky I ain't chaining his ass to the fucking radiator.

John: It's the trash can for everyone who's attacked us. It lays in a jurisdictional dead zone in a county with a population of exactly zero. Hence, no jury of your peers, and no court for a change in venue. Why are you so surprised? Where did you think the men who attacked you in your office and attacked our ranch went?

Jimmy: I'm happy.
Emily: You should be. I hope you're buyin' lottery tickets, lucky as you got.

Lloyd: You got a big ol' shit-eatin' grin on your face like you spent the night in some girl's arms.
Carter: I do?

Young: A long time ago, cowboys would drift in and get work on some outfit, then disappear. A few months later, a whole chunk of the herd would disappear. It was the cowboys who started it. You find out real fast who's willing to ride for the brand when they learn they gotta wear it. Our cattle stopped getting stolen after that. What that means today, is... you are committing yourself to this ranch, for the rest of your life. And this ranch is committing itself to you. You will have a home, till the day you die... or this ranch is no more. Now... that is something worth fighting for.
Young: It's ready.
Young: You're not staying?
Young: Nah, this is between you and the cowboys that wear it. Don't worry, I'll know what you choose tomorrow.
Young: Didn't know I had a choice.
Young: You always have a choice.
Young: What's the choice?
Young: Another ride back to Wyoming. But you ain't coming back from the next one.

Clara: He can't point to a single code or conduct violation. He talks about litigation and damages but no litigation has been filed so there's no damages to consider. His entire impeachment claim is conjecture.
John: Sometimes conjecture is all you need to get started.
Clara: Truth prevails.
John: It's not that kind of fight, Clara. Truth won't win this one.
Clara: Well if truth won't win it, I don't know what will.
John: Menace.
Clara: I don't know how to fight with menace.
John: I'll teach you.

Emily: Ain't your feet sore from being in them boots all day?
Jimmy: Yeah, but at least it's a dry sore.
Emily: Was that supposed to be a joke?
Jimmy: Yeah, people always complain about the heat, but then they say at least it's a dry heat. So I thought maybe... Yeah, it's a joke.
Emily: Stay in your lane, Baby. I'll do the jokin'.
Jimmy: Okay, what exactly is allowable in my lane?
Emily: Mmm, foot rubs.

Sarah: What do you think she'll do next?
Jamie: The truth?
Sarah: Yeah.
Jamie: I think she'll try to have me killed.

Sarah: You assign yourself security, Jamie.
Jamie: That's playing defense. What if I want to play offense?

John: [to Monica] I got something to ask Kayce, but we both know who wears the pants in you deal, so I'm just gonna cut out the middleman and ask you.