The Best You, Season 1, Episode 1 Quotes

Joe: The first step to fixing something is to know no matter how destroyed it seems, it can always be saved.

[first lines]
Joe: [thinking as he observes a woman in his store] Well, hello there. Who are you? Based on your vibe, a student. Your blouse is loose. You're not here to be ogled, but those bracelets, they jangle. You like a little attention. Okay, I bite. You search the books. Uh, fiction. F through K Now, hmm, you're not the standard insecure nymph hunting for Faulkner you'll never finish. Too sun-kissed for Stephen King. Who will you buy?
Guinevere: [running into each other] Sorry...
Joe: [continues thinking] You sound apologetic, like you're embarrassed to be a good girl. And you murmur your first word to me.

Joe: All books add up to one essential truth, which is, if your IQ is above a certain number, life is pretty much unbearable. And the number is not even that high.