The Best Servant Quotes

Leanne: Accidents happen.

Julian: It's just when a terrible thing happens... and you pretend that it didn't... it eats your insides.

Julian: Welcome to the jungle, it gets worse here every day. Guns "N Roses.

Mr. Marino: It's just nice to see you happy Serg. That's all.

Julian: [while sitting in car] It's taken Herculean efforts just to stop her from involving the cops.
Frank: This is why we have contracts. What have I always taught you? Oral agreements are only as good as the paper they're written on.

Dorothy: I get panicky at 2 AM. It's like my body seems to be remembering something my mind forgot.

Sean: Julian's 160 pounds. Most of that is cocaine!

Julian: SPOILER:
[to Kourtney while sitting in car]
Julian: They had a baby, then they had a fake baby, then it was replaced with a real baby and now it's a fake baby again. But this time, Dorothy knows, and she's expecting the Wisconsin yeti to arrive with a real baby any minute.