The Best You, Season 3, Episode 2 Quotes

- What about you, Love?
- When else have you felt the way that Joe makes you feel?

- It's cracked. Maybe that's good.
- Could've just broken when--
- In the bakery when she fell.
- But what if it didn't?
- Still have to move it.
- The body can't be where the ring died.
- -So just...
- -Yeah.

Joe: We can't be sure what or who might come at us, but I know from experience, this gives us options.
- This offers us time to slow down, reflect and respond.
- It feels nice trusting you with this part of me.
Joe: For the most part.

- Cement is set.
- We're in the clear.
- -Anything from next door?
- -Not that I can see.
- She's been gone for days.
- He's gotta know by now.
- I wish I knew what he was thinking.

- Especially when everything else feels so unfixable.
- Oh, shit. I knew it, we're late.
Joe: What am I fighting for?
- What am I fighting for?
- -Is this really the life I want?
- -Hi.
- -Welcome.
- -The only thing worse than a kid's party is a rich kid's party.

- Why does she look like that?
- I had to remove her teeth.
- Right. Dental records. Yeah.
- Where did you put them?
- The teeth? Don't wanna find them in a hidey-hole in my house.
- You won't. It's safer if you don't know.

- It's not just our son.
Joe: This is new.
- Exciting.
- The joy of being a team.
- And I'd be remiss if I didn't admit, we have an excellent therapist.

- of good places to disappear people?
- Considering who I'm married to, yeah.
- I kind of have to.
- Oh, I'm the psycho.
- How did you get rid of her so fast?
- How did you know where to go?
- -What were you planning for?
- -What are you insinuating?

[Chandra] There you go.
- You know what else they don't tell you about teammates?
- The sex is better.
- Like, "Don't bother to describe it to your unmarried friends" better.
- The passion fueled by the deepest trust.
- And it's fucking primal.

- -What?
- -Might want to wait in the car with Henry.
- I can handle it. Just fucking do it.
Joe: We'll see.

- If someone... sees me...
- -Why does she look like that?
- -I had to remove her teeth.
- If someone sees the real me... they'll go away.
- For good.

- Love, this is my son, Theo.
- -I didn't know you had a son.
- -Stepson from my first marriage.
- Thank you, but we're dealing with something right now.
- Let's go.
- -Enjoy.
- -Yeah.
- Have a good night.

- I have expertise in that area.
- Oh, so you want a job.
- Well, you know you need a Master's to work in a library, but...
Joe: Do you though?
- I will think about it.
- Thanks.

- who mysteriously don't attend today's party.
Joe: Not better.
- -That's not what I'm saying.
- -No?
- What I'm hearing is that you would really like some alone time.
- So I'm gonna go take Henry and let you work in peace.
- Not what I said.

- Call me if you wanna see it.
- Natalie. I wanted to see the place you were talking about.
- You can have this place up crazy fast.
- This place could be a raging success.
- So, what do you think? [gasps]
- Hey, Love. Hey, you okay?
- Joe, I think we need to go to couples therapy.

- That's Bad Parenting 101.
- Witnessing us dig up a body isn't?
- He has barely any depth perception, which you should know.
- What I'm hearing is, even as I am doing everything in my power to save my child, my parenting skills aren't up to your standards.
- Is this important right now?

- Do you think they could see that her heart stopped?
- -I didn't invent the fucking ring.
- -[Matthew] Stop!
- Hey. Hey, man.
- No, listen to me.
- We need to stop production, then.
Joe: He hasn't put it together yet, but it's only a matter of time.
- Natalie's been gone over 24 hours.
- Our window is rapidly closing.

- I put the ring on the sink so it looked like she washed her hands.
- What now?
- I know where to go.

- Why is that so important?
- Why does love have to be unconditional?
- Because if anyone... saw... how ugly I can be...
- They'll go away for good.

- It's very therapized.
- Mm.
- What'd you have in mind?
Joe: Even with therapy, our wounds may take a long time to heal.
- We can't just erase our worst impulses.
- But maybe we can control them.

Joe: We're putting down roots, building a future for our son.
Joe: You'll dominate your little corner of this town.
- And I...
- I'm gonna find mine.
- It's time.
- -This gonna become an everyday thing?
- -I hope so.