The Best House of Cards, Season 1, Episode 5 Quotes

Francis: I may have pushed him too far, which is worrisome. Friends make the worst enemies.

- Black.
- Some fresh towels.
- There should be soap and toothpaste, everything you need in the bathroom.
- Peter: Thank you so much for doing this.
- It's nothing. Sleep well.

- This is your agenda for the day.
- Here's your schedule for the rest of the week.
- These are papers that need to be approved or signed.
- Over here are your one-sheets for committee meetings and briefs on upcoming legislative action.
- I filled Ashley in. She can cover until you find a replacement.

- Professional discretion, yes.
- But this is new territory.
- You have a camera on your phone.
- Pictures.
- The kind iwouldn't want my father to see.
- Well, I'm gonna need more than that.

- All my friends, are still fucked.
- And I'm still fucked.
- You fucked all of us.
- But I'm gonna get blamed for it.
- So, now I have to carry that weight on my shoulders.

Marty: I dont' give fuck if they're teachers or not., frankly. Just get me 200 bodies. You know, call the teamsters. Maybe they will help us. We'll give them glasses if we have to.

- Turn it off.
Reporter: It's unclear whether protest will continue.
- What now?
- Call the union leadership and the chapter presidents.
- See if they're ready to the pull the trigger.
- If they are, we strike at midnight tomorrow.

- We'll give them glasses if we have to. Tell the guys to look smart.
- Charlie, get off the phone. I need signs right now, at least 100.
- Spinella: You know what?
- Let them set it up.
- It's actually better for us that way. They...
- This way they can't hide from us.
- You've put me in a terrible situation.

- Morning. Morning.
- You need a lift to the hill?
- I should go home and change my clothes.
- No, no, we'll drop you.
- You want some coffee?

- They're fads.
- They aren't the foundation this paper was built on, and they aren't what will keep it alive.
- We have a core readership that thirsts for hard news.
- Those are the people I work
- 80 hours a week for.
- And I won't be distracted by what's fashionable.

- What are you reading?
Claire: She can write.
- She can.
- And you can raise money.
- Always, for a good cause.
- Thank you.

- Get in.
- Take off your clothes and get in.
- Do it. Now.

- All of my contacts were in there.
- Then it's time for you to get some new contacts.
- Don't worry. I'll get you a phone. I'll get you two, in fact.
- One for work and a burner for play.
- Expect them this afternoon.
- Oh, and... go, Zoe.

- Or to that pillow for that matter. I'm not gonna post it.
- Midterm predictions, they're not news. They're bullshit.
- Well, I agree.
- I can do better.
- I think you can.
- Feel free to blow my mind.

- You fucked me, frank.
[Sobbing] I shouldn't have let you do it, but I did...

- Are you sure?
- She can. I promise you.
- Okay, if you say so.
- The moment you want me to end it...
- I know, Francis.
- I should get ready for work.

- Who's Barney hull?
- Police commissioner.
- Woman: Commissioner hull's office. Hello? No? Okay.
[Hangs up call] You'd rather talk to him in person?
- That's great.
- He's coming to the party.
- I'll be sure to introduce the two of you.
- Thanks for your hospitality.

Francis: [Peter Russo is in Francis's bedroom late at night after receiving angry emails] What's going on Peter?
Francis: Talk to me
Rep. Peter Russo: [Holding and staring at the towel in his hand] You think fresh towels changes anything?
[Individually throws towels at Francis and then moves in front of his face]
Rep. Peter Russo: If I were at home when you pulled that shit, I'd beat the fuck out of you. I would crack your skull on the pavement outside; that's why I came over here tonight, to fuck you up for what you made me do.
[Peter moves back to the bed and sinks to the ground]
Rep. Peter Russo: I'm gonna wake up tomorrow, and all my friends, all those people are still fucked, and I'm still fucked-you fucked us, technically- but I'm gonna get blamed for it. So now I'm gonna have to carry that burden on my shoulders... I shouldn't have let you do it, but i did.
Francis: [Francis moves over to Peter and stands over him] Are you quite done?
Francis: Good. Get up
Rep. Peter Russo: No
Francis: [Francis moves over to the bedroom door opening it] I said get up and follow me.
[He leaves the bedroom and walks into the bathroom. Peter reluctantly follows his orders into the bathroom just as Francis finishes filling the bathtub with water]
Francis: Get in. Take off your clothes and get in.

- Now, you guys gotta brush your teeth.
- And then check the rooms again.
- And then it's time for bed.
- Got it, pumpkins?
- Dad, you know I hate it when you callus pumpkins.
- Go. Before I turn you into a pie.

- Well, you seem like a very ambitious young woman. I like that.
- Doing my best.
- It's good to see you, again.
- Please, enjoy yourself.
- I will. Thank you.
- Take care, Ms. Barnes.

- Hi, Adam, it's me.
- I know it's late, but...
- Well, I was really just calling to thank you again for the photographs.
- I'm sure they're gonna be a big hit at the auction.
- Hope you're well.
Claire: I'm sure they're gonna be a big hit at the auction.
- Hope you're well.

Claire: You can have a plate of ribs. Yes, you can.
- Come on. Yes, you can. I can't.
- Thank you, Claire, butlcannot you can do it.
- Come on, Marty! Come on.
- I can't. Thank you. Thank you.
- Freddy's.
- You should go to Freddy's.

- This is spinella.
- He got us shut out by the union, so we had to have a party out here on the steps.
- I'm gonna take you up to a bar right now.
- Thank you for coming.
- Thank you. Welcome.
- Crowd: [Chanting]
- Teachers, yes! Unions, yes!

- Hi, why protest here?
- Congress has to take this seriously.
- We're here for the teachers.
- We're here...
- Thank you. Thank you.
- We're not asking for the world.
- And congress needs to step up and get this done.

- To you and to anyone who asks...
- Yes, I did.
- Do we really need them?
- Not unless I should expect a fight.
- You shouldn't.
- Give us a few moments.

- I'm going to bed.
- Don't move any of this around.
- Claire... we made the decision to turn Remy down.
- No one forced you. I thought we were okay on this.
- You're right.
- Good night, Francis.

- I thought we grew up together.
- But this guy, sitting behind his big desk,
- I don't even know who the fuck he is.
- Where's the Pete Russo who knew how to throw a punch when his back was against the wall?
- That guy was my friend.

- but maybe that's one too many.
- The hot water will open up your capillaries.
- The aspirin you just took will make your blood thinner.
- It's up to you, Peter...
- And if you do decide to take the coward's way out, cut along the tracks, not across them. That's a rookie mistake.

- Are you done now?
- Get up.
- No.
- I said get up. And follow me.
- Now.