100 Best John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum Quotes

- Top shelf. On the right. Yeah. Take four.
- It will give you energy.
- Help with the pain.

John: I still have time.

- knowing that he intended to use it to stand against the table. Yes?
- This Kimber 1911, to be exact.
- You gave John wick seven bullets, the high table is giving you seven days.
- Seven days for what, exactly?
- To settle your affairs and find a new home for your birds.
- In seven days, you abdicate your throne.

Charon: Do you expect him to make it out?
Winston: Fourteen million dollar bounty on his head, and every interested party in this city wants a piece of it. I say the odds are about even.

Sofia: Sit.
[the dogs sit down]
Sofia: [to John] I was talking to you.

- I wouldn't have stopped.
- It's good to have you back.
- How was your trip?
- Going to the continental?
- He with you?
- He was.

Winston: Would you help set the mood for our new guest?
Charon: Let us begin.

- Sorry, Mr. wick.
- I know. Rules.
- Rules.
- John wick, 14 million.
- Open contract is now in effect.
- All services are suspended.

- You only came back because Helen was taken away from you.
- The real question is, who do you wish to die as?
- The baba yaga?
- The last thing many men ever see?
- Or as a man who loved and was loved by his wife?
- Who do you wish to die as, Jonathan?

[last lines]
Bowery: How you doing John? You look as bad as I feel.
[King chuckles]
Bowery: Johnny, Johnny, Johnny. Raise a hand if you can hear me, John.
[John raises his left hand]
Bowery: Oh, shit. They took a finger. Ain't that a bitch?
[King chuckles again as John flips him off]
Bowery: Oh, John fucking Wick. So, the old boy keeps his hotel and you take the fall. Can't say I blame him. I would've done the same thing if I was in his shoes. But this High Table shit...
[King gets up]
Bowery: Seven cuts.
[King chuckles]
Bowery: Under the table is where shit gets done. And they're about to find out, if you cut a king, you better cut him to the quick.
[King gets down on his knees]
Bowery: So... Let me ask you, John. How do you feel? 'Cause I am really pissed off. You pissed, John? Hmm? Are you?
John: [gets up] Yeah.

The: [as she and John walk through various studios within the Tarkovsky Theater] You know, when my pupils first come here, they wish for one thing: a life free of suffering. I try to dissuade them from these childish notions, but as you know
[as they pause to watch a ballerina tear off a worn toenail]
The: , art is pain. Life is suffering.

- Why?
- Much has changed during your time away.
- Like what?
- Well, let us say they have made armor improvements.
- May I suggest the 2011 combat master in combination with the nine millimeter major.

- Charon, would you help set the mood for our new guests?
- Of course, sir.

- You're mistaken.
- I'm not here for Mr. wick.
- I'm here because
- Mr. wick broke the rules in this hotel.
- The blood was spilt on the grounds of the continental, was it not?
- Oh, yes.
- As a matter of fact, the body gets colder within these very walls.
- I'd like to see it.

The: You gentleman, of course, realize that was the first wave. Merely an amuse-bouche. We can keep this up as long as you'd like, but it only ends one way.
Winston: Are you sure a protracted war is the best way forward?
The: There won't be anything "protracted" about it.
Winston: Or you can take the Continental, I have no about that, but keeping it, that's a different matter entirely. My allegiances run way beyond this building.
The: We are High Table.
Winston: And we... are New York City.
The: Are we negotiating?
Winston: I believe we are.

- Consequences.
- Consequences.
- Better get going.
- Sofia.

John: [Also said by many others] I have served. I will be of service.

Bowery: Avert your eyes, my sweet.
[He releases the pigeon he's holding]
Bowery: The king is dead. Long live the king.

- John wick. Open contract.
- Increase, 15 million.
- Where are you going, Jonathan?
- We are closed.

John: Sofia, don't.
Sofia: He shot my dog.
John: I get it.

- With this, jardani, your ticket is torn.
- You can never come home again.
- Take him to the lifeboat.
- Do svidanya.
- Do svidanya.

- That's why I'm sitting here right now and that's why I'm fucked!
- Consequences.
- Yeah.
- Consequences.
- I'm just asking you to try.
- Either way, you and me, we'll be even.

- you think your ticket is valid?
- You forget that the ruska roma is bound by the high table, and the high table stands above all?
- They could kill me just for talking to you.
- You honor me by bringing death to my front door.
- Oh, jardani, what has become of you?

Bowery: They about to learn that if you cut a king, you better cut him to the quick.

- Let it be known the bowery will honor the excommunicado.
- No help, no services of any kind.

Zero: Is that the dog? He likes you. Me? I'm, uh, more of a cat person myself.

- Very well, gentlemen.
- The continental will now be reconsecrated.
- Good day to you both.
- Well played, sir.

The: Why do you want to live?
John: To remember Helen. To remember us.

- Your transaction may now be conducted on continental grounds.
- We'll be sending some of our finest for additional support.
- Cool. Very cool.
- One twenty-five grain,
- 1,425 feet per second. Serious business.
- Thank you.
- Let us begin.

- Change of plan.
- To the continental.
- Can you see that he's received by the concierge?
- Yes, sir, Mr. wick.
- Good dog. Good dog.
- John wick, excommunicado.
- In effect, 20 minutes.

- Here you go.
- You're gonna die, John.
- Whether out here in this desert, or somewhere else down the road.
- But you are gonna die.

- Hey, dog.
- We're the same, you know.
- Both given the same gift.
- We're not the same.
- Yes, we are.
- No, we're not.
- The manager is ready for you now.
- In the administrative lounge, sir.

Ernest: 14 million is a lot of money.
John: Not if you can't spend it.

- I had heard you had made your way to our shores.
- Come along now.
- I am certain we have much to discuss.
- I must admit, I am curious.
- What brings you to my domain?
- Tell me, do you come here to kill me?
- No.

- Yeah.
- Don't worry about me, John.
- I just gotta catch my breath.
- I'll catch up to you, John.
- No, you won't.

- We're not going in like the old days.
- It's just a conversation.
- Nothing's ever just a conversation with you, John.
- Let's go.

- He knew the rules, he broke them.
- He killed a man on company grounds, charon.
- Do you expect him to make it out?
- $14 million bounty on his head.
- Every interested party in this city wants a piece of it.
- I'd say the odds are about even.

- Are services still off limits to me?
- Under the circumstances, your privileges are reinstated immediately.
- What do you need?
- What do you need?
- What do you need?
- Guns. Lots of guns.

John: Sofia, we're not going in like the old days, just a conversation.
Sofia: Nothing's ever just a conversation with you, John.

- Hey, John.
- That was a pretty good fight, huh?
- Yeah.

- John, you're incredible.
- Exhausted, outnumbered, obviously in pain, and you still beat all of my students.
- If I didn't have to kill you, we'd be... pals.
- Let's do this.
- See? We're the same.

Charon: What do you need?
John: Guns. Lots of guns.

Winston: This haven is safe no more.
John: Are services still off limit to me?
Winston: Under the circumstances your privileges are reinstated immediately, what do you need?
John: Guns, lots of guns.

John: Rules and consequences.

The: All of this for what? Because of a puppy?
John: It wasn't just a puppy.

- Doc?
- Yeah. We're halfway there.
- Five seconds.
- Yeah.
- In effect, in five, four...
- Three, two...
- One.

- The high table accepts your fealty.
- But what about him?
- What are we going to do about John wick?
- Oh, he has to die.
- Sorry, Jonathan.
- Winston!
- Don't see any other way.

- Where?
- Here. Just below my floating rib.
- Be sure not to hit my...
- Oh, wait!
- One may not be enough.
- Yeah. All right.
- Be sure not to graze my...

The: Have you decided to step down?
Winston: I think not.
The: And you, will you be putting a bullet in his head?
John: No, I don't think I will.
The: Very well.
[Adjudicator makes a phone call]
Administrator: Administration.
The: I'd like to change a designation.
Administrator: Verification?
The: Adjudication 1011979, The Continental Hotel, New York.
Administrator: New designation?
The: Deconsecrated.

- Jfk express now arriving on platform nine.
- Jfk express now arriving on platform nine.

- Only by my sword, John.
- I know you believe you can keep this up.
- But I assure you...

- No.
- After this, we are less than even.
- We leave in 10 minutes.

- You are bound...
- And I am owed.
- Rooney, enough!

- Good luck, Mr. wick.
- Thanks, doc.

- Drink.
- Don't worry, your weapon is still there.
- Please drink.

- I would like to suggest a parley.
- A parley would be good.
- Very well.
- Are we in play, sir?

- No way!
- They'll kill you just as soon as they'll make you better.
- But I know better, man.
- I know better. I know what I'm...
- Tick tock, Mr. wick. Tick tock.
- Tick tock. Tick tock. Tick...
- No time to dilly-dally, Mr. wick!

- Sir. There is an adjudicator here to see you.
- Very well, sir.
- The manager is in the lounge.

Bowery: Okay. You made your point. You have earned my fealty. Matter of fact, I'm gonna shove so much fealty up your ass it's gonna come spilling out of your mouth.
The: You had your chance.
Bowery: Well, since you see it that way, I guess it's time I told you to climb down off your High Table and go fuck yourself.
The: Duly noted. You gave John Wick seven bullets, your penance will be paid with seven cuts.
Bowery: Well, sometimes you gotta cut a motherfucker.

- No, you cannot keep my dog.
- Very well.
- Very well.
- Then I will kill it.
- I'm sorry, Sofia.
- This was for you to learn.
- Don't.

- Duly noted.
- You gave John wick seven bullets, your penance will be paid with seven cuts.
- Well, sometimes you gotta cut a motherfucker.
- Avert your eyes, my sweet.
- The king is dead.
- Long live the king.

- The New York public library.
- You got it.

- I know you'll do the continental proud.
- I'll see you soon, sir.
- And you, Jonathan, do what you do best.
- What's that?
- Hunt.

The: Your ticket is torn. You may never return home.

- Because I am the throne, baby.
- I am the bowery!
- I am all that you deign not to look at when you walk down the street at night.
- The bowery is mine. Mine alone.
- Do not make the mistake of thinking you exist outside the rules, no men do.
- You have seven days.

John: I'm just asking you to try. Either way, you and me, we'll be even.
[John slides his marker across the table to Sophia]
Sofia: No. After this, we are less than even.

- Winston! Winston!
- I need more firepower.
- Armor improvements.
- Twelve-Gauge steel slugs. Armor-piercing.

- What?
- He has forgotten his fealty.
- Neither the open contract nor the excommunicado will be lifted until you complete your task.
- So if you wish to live, and if you wish to remember, this is the choice you must make.

- Looking a little run down there, John.
- Ernest. I still have time.
- It's almost up.
- Who's gonna know the difference?
- You sure this is what you wanna do?
- Fourteen million. It's a lot of money.
- Not if you can't spend it.

Winston: I know you will do The Continental proud.
Charon: I'll see you soon, sir.
Winston: And you, Jonathan, do what you do best.
John: What's that?
Winston: Hunt... Si vis pacem, para bellum!

John: [about Winston's deal with The Adjudicator] Parley?
Winston: Parley.

- Can I help you?
- Russian folktale. Alexander afanasyev.
- 1864.
- Level two.
- Thank you.

- John wick, excommunicado.
- In effect, 6:00 P.M., eastern standard time.

- Thank you.
- I accept this offering and your fealty.
- I wish you good luck on your path.
- Zahir will help you prepare for your departure.
- And, Mr. wick...

- I will serve.
- I will be of service.
- Very well, my son.
- Cast aside your weakness and reaffirm your fealty to the table.
- Mr. John wick.

Bowery: You look as bad as I feel.

[first lines]
Operator: John Wick, Excommunicado. In effect, 6:00 p.m., Eastern Standard Time.

- Where did you want to go?
- Casablanca.
- The path to paradise begins in hell.
- So be it.
- You hand me your ticket, I will tear it.
- If that's what you really desire.

- He had a ticket.
- But a ticket does not stand above the table.
- Your penance will be paid in blood.
- Now...
- Hold out your helping hands and pledge your fealty.
- I have served, I will be of service.

Zero: [With sword sticking through chest] Hey, John. That was a pretty good fight, huh?
John: Yeah.
[John gets up and starts walking away]
Zero: Yeah. Don't worry about me, John. I just gotta catch my breath. I'll catch up to you, John.
John: No, you won't.

- Sofia, don't.
- He shot my dog.
- I get it.
- We gotta go. Now.

Zero: I gotta say, I'm a pretty big fan.

- Mr. wick.
- Sit.
- Stay.
- Good dog.

- Yes, Ms. al-azwar, she's expecting you.
- My, my, welcome to the Moroccan continental.
- I hope you'll find it to your taste.
- Right this way.
- Ms. al-azwar, she waits for no man.
- Best of luck, Mr. Jonathan. Best of luck.

- I trust you understand the repercussions if he survives.
- Both from above and below.
- The last thing either one of us needs is
- Mr. wick paying us a visit in the night.
- For both our sakes,
- I'll hope you see to it that this situation is taken care of, yes?
- Absolutely. How far can he get?

- you would be permitted to continue to live.
- Not free under the table, but bound to it.
- Doing what you do best for the rest of your days.
- The choice is yours.
- Die here and now or continue to live and remember through death.

- A dog, a car.
- I'm familiar.
- And I'm interested.
- Very.
- Blowfish. Very fatal.
- No soy.

- they are the only things that separate us...
- From the animals.
- Yes. You have seven days.
- In the meantime, if you need any assistance with your transition, you may look for me in room 217.
- Enjoy your stay at the continental.

- but as you know, art is pain.
- Life is suffering.
- Somehow, you managed to get out.
- But here you are, back where you began.
- All of this, for what?

Berrada: I cannot tell you where to find the Elder. You fail to understand. The Elder is not a man you find. He can only choose to find you. You wish to speak with him? Go to the edge of the desert, look up. Canis Minor, the dog that followed Orion through the sky. You follow the brightest star. Walk until you are almost dead. Then, keep walking. When you are on your last breath, he will find you... Or he will not.

- Pirouette.
- Sit.

Winston: Si vis pacem, para bellum.
[Latin: If you want peace, prepare for war]

- Sir! Put your weapon down.
- He's excommunicado.
- Unless you wish to become the same,
- I suggest you lower your gun.
- I'd like to see the manager.
- Of course.
- If you would be so kind as to follow me.

- Mr. wick?
- They'll never believe
- I stopped on the hour.
- But you did.
- They'll know.
- Know what?
- I told you where the medicine was.

Shinobi: [after the Shinobis knock John down] He's getting slow.
Shinobi: He's been retired for five years.
Shinobi: But he is still... John Wick.
Shinobi: We will see.

- The continental hotel, New York.
- New designation?
- Deconsecrated.
- Processing.
- Administrator.
- File. The New York continental hotel.

Bowery: [Referring to his carrier pigeon flock] Welcome to my Mission Control. Brain stem of my operation. The information super flyway. From whence I control the word on the street, the way of the world.
The: With pigeons.
Bowery: Yes. You see rats with wings, but I see the Internet. No IP addresses. No digital footprint. Can't track it, can't hack it, can't trace it.
The: Can you get disease from it?
Bowery: Well, I wouldn't recommend that you eat one.

- Enough!
- I'm afraid our friend here is off limits.
- But he's excommunicado.
- It seems the manager has granted him amnesty.
- Mr. Jonathan, would you be so kind as to come with me?

The: [during the parley] What are we going to do about John Wick?
Winston: Oh, he has to die.
[suddenly pulls out a gun and shoots Wick several times, causing him to fall off the roof]
Winston: Sorry, Jonathan. I don't see any other way.

Winston: Si vis pacem, para bellum.
Winston: If you want peace, prepare for war.