100 Best Mission: Impossible II Quotes

- Computer's up. We got her.
- Let's put in the coordinates and get a visual.

- No.
- Wallis, hold on to this.

Mission: [during a breifing in Sevile, Spain] Ms. Hall and Ambrose had a relationship which he took very seriously... she walked away and he's been wanting her back ever since. We believe she's our surest and quickest way of locating him.
Ethan: And then what?
Mission: Make sure she continues to see him, gets him to confide in her, and report to you.
Ethan: You made it sound as if I was recruiting her for her skills as a thief.
Mission: Well then I misled you, or you made the wrong assumption. Either way, we are asking her to resume her prior relationship - not do anything she hasn't already done... voluntarily, I might add.
Ethan: No. She's got no training for this kind of thing.
Mission: What? To go to bed with a man and lie to him? She's a woman - she's got all the training she needs.

Sean: [ordering his men to stop shooting at injection gun containing Chimera] Put a sock in it.

- Naturally vain.
- Pardon me?
- Naturally vain?
- In the fourth. Check her out. She's due.

- And if the louvers are up for more than 40 seconds at night, the civil emergency alarms are tripped.
- Those even I can't stop.
- We have a total of 40 seconds to get you in and the cables out.
- Hunt will prefer to enter biocyte from the top, where security is minimal.
- He'll undoubtedly engage in some aerobatic insanity before he'll risk harming a hair on a security guard's head.

- Hold your fire!
- Hold your fire, damn it!

- How many people are capable of something like that?
- Sean ambrose for one.
- Right.

Mission: [during a breifing in Sevile, Spain] You were under specific instructions to bring back a living sample of the Chimera virus. I'd be very interested to know how, after you'd managed its recovery intact, it subsequently got destroyed.
Ethan: By fire. That's the best way, really.

- George.
- George.

Ethan: after saving her from the door she was hanging on from the cliff below, now his sitting in the car Don't you think we should wait a decent interval?
Nyah: [sitting on top of him] Who wants to be decent?

- Checkpoint Charlie, three, two, one!
- Go!
- Terrain. Terrain.
- Pull up. Pull up.
- Terrain. Terrain.
- Pull up. Pull up.

- We've got 19 hours and 58 minutes.
- I'll get bellerophon into your system before then.
- Just stay alive!
- I'm not going to lose you!

- You having fun?
- Sorry.
- Sorry.
- Watch the road.

- Raise your hands very slowly.
- Sure you want me to do this?
- Raise your hands very slowly.

- Not everything.
- Why do you think she's really here?
- From her point of view or mine?
- She wasn't exactly gagging for it when she left you six months ago.
- The question is, "do you trust her?"

[last lines]
Ethan: Let's get lost.

- This is very disconcerting.
- Hey, you put me here.
- I just do as I'm told.
- Right.

Sean: [disguised as Ethan Hunt] You keep calling me Dimitri. You really shouldn't.
Dr. Nekhorvich: You are not Dimitri?
[Ambrose knocks him out]
Sean: No.

- When your stock goes north of 200, which it will, those options will be worth billions, and I will own 51 percent of biocyte.
- This is outrageous.
- I will not let you take control of my company.
- Sit down.

Dr. Nekhorvich: [from a video recording presented by Swanbeck with Ethan watching] Every search for a hero must begin with something that every hero requires: A villain.

- You can speak as if I'm right by your side.
- Where are you?
- Mounting enclosure, just off the track, 2:00.

- Yeah?
- We've just rolled up a snowball and tossed it into hell.
- Now we'll see what chance it has.
- Try it on.
- Go ahead.
- I'm dying to see if I remembered your size.

- There he is!
- Ethan!
- Just back off and pinpoint their positions!

Sean: How quickly can you manufacture more of the antivirus?
John C. McCloy: No time at all, once I've got it.
Sean: Good. Biocyte's stock is just a few weeks away from going through the roof!
John C. McCloy: What are you talking about?
Sean: An outbreak of Chimera.
John C. McCloy: Where?
Sean: Downtown Sydney... for a start. You create the supply, Mr. McCloy; we've just created the demand! Three million people in Sydney, and seventeen million people in Australia are going to need Bellerophon within the next few days, not to mention the rest of the world. Now, this is how it's going to work. Wallis, the shares outstanding are?
Wallis: 93.4 million.
Sean: Which means, Mr. McCloy, we need to get our hands on 480,000 stock options. We'll borrow your $30 million to buy those options. Your stock has never sold above $31 a share. When your stock goes north of 200, which it will, those shares will be worth billions, and I will own 51% of Biocyte!
John C. McCloy: This is outrageous. I will not let you take control of my company.
Sean: Sit down. You'll be a billionaire. It's better than being broke. I have terrorists and... other pharmaceutical companies standing in line. The ball's in your court, Mr. McCloy.

- So he knows.
- He'll be going into biocyte.
- Good.
- Then we know where he'll be, don't we?
- Well done, Hugh.
- Well done.

Sean: In just a few hours you can be assured of going down in history as the typhoid Mary of "Aus". G'day.

Mission: [seeing and hearing his briefing through sunglasses and it's earpieces] Good morning, Mr. Hunt. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, involves the recovery of a stolen item designated "Chimera." You may select any two team members, but it is essential that the third member of your team be Nyah Nordoff-Hall. She is a civilian, and a highly capable professional thief. You have forty-eight hours to recruit Miss Hall and meet me in Seville to receive your assignment. As always, should any member of your team be caught or killed, the Secretary will disavow all knowledge of your actions. And Mr. Hunt, the next time you go on holiday, please be good enough to let us know where you're going. This message will self-destruct in five seconds.
Ethan: [5 seconds before he throws the sunglasses in front of him] I let you know where I'm going, I won't be on holiday.

- Now forget any deal you may have made with that thug ambrose get me treated, and let's go back to work.
- You know
- I think it's a little late for that.
- Do give my regards to gradski if you see him.

Billy: [spying on Ambrose through his binoculars] Ambrose is meeting some bloke in the bar. Big bloke. Ginger hair. They're into something.
Ethan: [looking at the man who Ambrose is meeting with] Who is this guy?
Luther: Checking now, Ethan.
[runs the man's face through facial recognition]
Luther: John McCloy, CEO Biocyte Pharmaceuticals. In 1989, acquired Biocyte in a hostile takeover.
Ethan: He was Nekhorvich's boss.
Luther: Right. He worked for them as a research scientist at Biocyte. Ambrose is showing something to McCloy on a digital camera.
Ethan: Whatever McCloy's looking at, he's not happy about it.
[McCloy gives the digital camera back to Ambrose and leaves]
Luther: Ambrose just pulled the camera's memory card and put it in into an envelope. Put it in his inner left jacket pocket.
Ethan: Confirm left jacket pocket.
Luther: [rewinds the footage and checks] Roger that.
Ethan: Nyah. Nyah, Ambrose is on his way back to you. There's an envelope inside...
Nyah: His left jacket pocket.
Ethan: That's right.
Nyah: Where do I meet you?
Ethan: Betting table 12, off the paddock. Are you sure you're up to this?
Nyah: I'll muddle through.

- Difficult should be a walk in the park for you.
- I'm open to suggestion.
- If you can think of a quicker way to get to ambrose you're welcome to try.
- You might want to take a look at these if you have any further qualms about getting her to do the job.

- Get out there and keep firing!
- I can't see anything!
- Slow down, mate, slow down!

- Hunt!
- You should've killed me.

- Get him.
- How much longer before you can reach him?
- We got 29 seconds before the generators turn off.
- Then Ethan'll be back on line.

- I don't even know that they're blokes.
- What am I doing here?
- I thought I was supposed to be some kind of thief to catch a thief.
- So did I.
- Sort of.
- Damn, you're beautiful.

- Cut her loose right in the center of town.
- The more crowded, the better.
- Just picked up an ambrose call.
- Nyah's been dropped off.
- -/ think she's still alive.
- Where is she?
- Somewhere in Sydney.

Sean: [while siting in the back seat of a Chauffeur car with Nyah and Sean holds up the anti-virus in front of the infected Nyah] Feel like pleading for your life?

Ethan: [to Luther, after they learned how difficult and critical their mission will be] We just rolled up a snowball and tossed it into hell. Now lets see what chance it has.

Sean: [before shooting Ethan disguised as Hugh] This is what's known as getting your gun off.

- I see you found it.
- What are you doing here?
- Think you're the only one who can pick a lock?
- Not just a pretty face after all.
- Do you mind if I'm on top?
- Either way works for me.

- Sorry about that, mate.
- That must have...
- Say again?
- Whatever you're about, in future watch your step.
- Never know who you might run into.
- Where's the loo?
- Thanks, mate.

Ethan: You turned around.
Nyah: What are you going to do? Spank me?

- -and I haven't a bean.
- Nyah!
- Would you mind terribly?
- Not at all.
- But you are gonna pay for it and with interest.
- I have no doubt.
- Hold on.

- You'll be a billionaire.
- That's better than being broke.
- I have terrorists and other pharmaceutical companies standing in line.
- The ball's in your court, Mr. mccloy.

- What did you think you were doing?
- I wasn't thinking!
- Just trying to stop you from getting hurt, that's all.
- You who don't have a conscience.
- Iguesslhed.

- And, Mr. hunt, the next time you go on holiday please let us know where you're going.
- This message will self-destruct in five seconds.
- If I let you know where I'm going then I won't be on holiday.

- Thirty-seven million pounds.
- Well, that's a promising bid for nekhorvich's work.
- Don't look so worried, Hugh.
- We're halfway there.
- We'll need this at the track if we're going to get the other half.

- we created a monster chimera.
- I beg you, Dmitri, come to Sydney and accompany me to Atlanta immediately.
- However we travel,
- I must arrive at my destination within 20 hours of departure.

- Not much luggage.
- I left in a bit of a hurry.
- I'm incredibly grateful, Sean.
- How in the world did you find me?
- How I usually find you.
- Magic.

- What made you pick that nag?
- She's never won a bloody thing.
- "Thief in the night."
- Say no more.
- I'm off to grab a drink.
- You still favor the bellinis?
- Hmm.

- However we travel,
- I must arrive at my destination within 20 hours of departure.
McCloy: How was I to know he needed treatment with bellerophon within 20 hours?

[repeated line]
Sean: The ball's in your court, Mr. Hunt.

- How about giving us a big smile?
- No?
- What are you doing?
- Get down on your knees.
- Now, this is what's known as getting your gun off.

- Nine, Ethan. Eight.
- If you don't get out of there,
- I'm coming in and getting you out.
- Get out of there.
- You place your bet, ma'am?
- Just horses are ready to race.

- go ahead. Use it, hunt.
- It's not a bad way to go.
- It's a lot better than the way that bitch is gonna die.

[after Nyah infects herself with Chimera]
Sean: You... BITCH!

- What the hell?
- George!
- George. George!
- Sean?
- Sean.

- I'm booted up. Go, Ethan.
- Are you getting this?
- "Sergei gradski
- "20 hours after exposure."

- You'll never find it there.
- Damn it.
- Find what?
- His ex's bulgari necklace.
- It goes up for auction on Tuesday.
- And are you going to tell me where it is?
- Far left.

Luther: [after getting off the helicopter and steps in sheep droppings] Shit.
Ethan: Yes it is

- Now who are you and what's it gonna cost me?
- I wouldn't do that.
- What?
- That.

Hugh: [referring to Nyah, standing in Sean's mansion] Why do you think she's really here?
Sean: From her point of view or mine?
Hugh: Well, she wasn't exactly gagging for it when she left you six months ago.

- who plagued the ancient world.
- I think nekhorvich created a monster virus in chimera and the antivirus to kill it in bellerophon.
- That simple, huh?
- Why not?

- Subject is contaminant-free.
- Zero contaminant factor.
- Come on, come on.
- Luther, what the hell can we do?
- What can we do?
- Hope he kills all the bugs before the yellow dot gets to the red one.

Dr. Nekhorvich: Well, I've heard...
[takes off mask of Dr. Nekhorvich to reveal Ethan]
Ethan: ...all I need to hear.

- How do you know he won't shoot you the minute he's got it?
- One can't hold nyah responsible for her actions.
- You know women, mate.
- Like monkeys they are.
- Won't let go of one branch till they get a grip on the next.
- Get it, nyah. I'll cover you.

- Well, then, she's not likely to be alone, is she?
- She's in the elevator headed towards Ethan.
- The question is, how many of them?
- I can't get through to Ethan till the generators go off.
- When's that?
- Not for another five-and-a-half minutes.

- Now, Hugh, you must realize that some of us have the burden of sex to deal with.
- And I may or may not know why she thinks she's here but I'm willing to take the risk because, Hugh
- I am gagging for it.

- Sean, this rat's reached the end of the maze.
- Ls he alive?
- Yeah, more or less.
- Bring him to me.
- Go.
- Sean, transfer completed.

- Track ahead and pick her up!
- I can't get a good shot!
- Ethan, we won't be able to cover you.
- My earpiece is failing.
- You've got me on GPS.
- Bring her to me.
- Billy, north head bluff. Haul ass.

- What was the top bid?
- Why?
- You gonna make me a better offer?
- Than 37 million pounds? Not really.
- Oh.
- Somebody has been slipping you our mail.
- Come on out here, you bad girl.

Sean: You know women, mate. Like monkeys, they are - won't let go of one branch until they've got hold of the next.

- I am waiting.
- Things haven't exactly worked out the way you thought they would, Ethan.
- Sorry.
- You bitch!
- You're not gonna shoot me, Sean.
- Not this bitch.
- 'Cause she's worth 37 million pounds.

- I'm talking about Scotland yard, interpol every Dutch authority.
- I can make them all go away.
- Oh, bloody hell.
- You're a spy!
- Well, if you want me, you've gotta catch me.

- Ambrose and his team have arrived over the bridge, and nyah's not with him.
- Copy that.
- You all right, mate?
- Looks like heavy security from here.
- What's it look like from there?
- Risky.

- Hello.
- Hi.
- Would you mind slowing down?
- Where did you get this number?
- I don't even have it.
- Would you like it?

John C. McCloy: What is this?
Dr. Nekhorvich: [Ethan posing as Nekhorvich] A visit from an old friend.
John C. McCloy: You crashed on the plane. You're dead.
Dr. Nekhorvich: Dead, certainly. But dead is a little extreme. On the other hand, when my colleague Gradski had your pulse and your blood pressure, he had less than a day to live.
Dr. Nekhorvich: You're infected with Chimera, my friend.
[McCloy presses his call button]
Dr. Nekhorvich: No use, my friend. The medical staff wants no part of this. Doctors don't fancy the idea of dying any more than anybody else.
John C. McCloy: How could I possibly be infected?
Dr. Nekhorvich: That's exactly what Gradski said 27 hours before he died.
John C. McCloy: You've got the antidote, you miserable bastard! You stole Bellerophon, all of it!
Dr. Nekhorvich: My, my, my.
John C. McCloy: I need it! I need it *now*, you whacked-out Russian gypsy!
Dr. Nekhorvich: And what about Gradski, who you deliberately infected with Chimera?
John C. McCloy: How was I to know they needed to be treated with Bellerophon within 20 hours?
Dr. Nekhorvich: By asking me.
John C. McCloy: You still don't get it, do you? I needed to know just how bad the disease was in the real world, not just the lab. You were genetically splicing together strains of influenza to create a cure for all influenzas, but you were also creating a disease so terrible in Chimera, the cure would be priceless! I needed Chimera in order to peddle Bellerophon; it's not that difficult to understand, is it? Look, I've got the virus, you've got the cure. I need them both. Time was, a shot of penicillin would knock off every bloody bug in the zoo. Not anymore. If I couldn't make money killing the microscopic little shits that are out there, well, you'd help me put one out there that I could make money on. Well, there it is. I've confessed. I, John C. McCloy, am in business to make money. Now forget any deal you may have made with that thug Ambrose, get me treated and let's go back to work!
Dr. Nekhorvich: You know, I think it's a little late for that. Do give my regards to Gradski, if you see him.

- I'll have a look around.
- Luther; Shit.
- Yes, it is.
- This ain't funny.
- I just bought these $800 Gucci shoes and you got me in a helicopter with this man?

- Is that the only reason?
- Can you think of a better one?
- Me? No.
- I was hoping you might, thinking that somewhere in the course of business this got personal as well as physical!
- Okay. Would it make you feel any better if I didn't want you to do this?
- Yeah, much.
- Then feel better!

- Luther, how we doing?
- Not there yet, Ethan.
- I'll give you the word.
- Billy, ready to go?
- Package away in five.
- Not yet. The louvers aren't moving.
- Luther, we gotta go.
- Wait.
- There's a glitch in the access code.

Sean: [briefing his men] If you look at Hunt's operational history, and I have, you'll notice that he invariably favors misdirection over confrontation.

Luther: [while typing on the computer with Ethan and Billy present] The satellite doesn't work as fast as I do.

Nyah: [standing across from Sean, Biocyte facility Chimera holding the injection gun in her hand] You're not gonna shoot me Sean, not this BITCH, cuz she's worth thirty seven, million pounds.

- No flies on her.
- No bugs either. No transmissions.
- She's clean.
- All cats are.
- Your room?
- And my room?

- removing aerosol products from the market or braving the influenza quarantine at bruny island late last month.
- At biocyte, your life is our life's work.
- We've got an opportunity here.
- I'm not going to miss it.

- Run that bastard down.
- We're running short on time,
- Mr. mccloy.
- We have got to conclude our business.
- Yes.
- Start the transfer.
- Follow it and let me know.

- And if you're looking out for her well-being,
- I suggest you advise her to pick up the injection gun and bring it to me.
- The ball's in your court, hunt.
- Nyah's in the building.
- Do you copy?
- Thank you.

- Visuals aren't coming up.
- Satellite doesn't work as fast as I do.
- Yeah, I heard about you, Luther.
- I wanna say it's an honor and a pleasure to be working with you blokes.
- Isn't there any way we can speed this up?
- With what? This is the only computer that will do this.

Billy: [after Sean's men shot at their helicopter] You OK, mate?
Luther: That punk put a hole in my Versace.

- Shh. Shh. Shh.
- Easy.
- Oh, Ethan.
- Are you okay?
- Yeah, I am now.

- A creep and then some.
- We know him. He's over your left shoulder looking at you right now.
- Ambrose has photos of newspapers with money piled on them.
- Thirty-seven million on the London times.
- What's that about?
- Bids from possible chimera buyers.

- Well, Ethan hunt what is it you want to talk to me about?
- A lot more than I thought.
- Awfully short notice.
- Care to wait a decent interval?
- Who wants to be decent?

- You've got 19 seconds to clear the cable.
- Okay, retracting cable.
- Come on.
- Nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two...
- Cable's clear!

[Nyah is standing right in front of Ethan]
Luther: [over radio] Ethan, Nyah's in the building. Do you copy?
Ethan: [dryly, into radio] Thank you.

Sean: [to Ethan] You know, that was the hardest part about having to portray you, grinning like an idiot every fifteen minutes.

- Not really.
- I triggered the alarm.
- Sorry.
- I don't do laundry, cook or put up with cheeky bastards who set me up on their territory so they can poach on mine.

- You can't get us both out of here, can you?
- I'm infected with chimera.
- You know you don't have a choice.
- Just do it.
- Do it. Now!

- Transponder activated.
- Reading package and cable clear.

Ethan: [about recruiting Nyah] I don't think I can get her to do it.
Mission: You mean it'll be difficult?
Ethan: Very.
Mission: Well, this is not mission difficult, Mr. Hunt, it's mission impossible. "Difficult" should be a walk in the park for you.

[on a beach, near the shore, Ethan slowly walks towards Ambrose with a knife]
Sean: Go ahead, Hunt. Use it. It's not a bad way to go. A lot better than the way that bitch is going to die.