Top 150 Quotes From No Time to Die

James: Can I talk to Madeline?
Q: Of course. How stupid of me.

- I didn't need to kill you.
- I'd already broken you.
- I wanted to give you an empty world...
- Like the one you gave me.
- It's enough to almost make me regret it.
- Almost.

Paloma: Go get him.
- I'll hold them off.
Guard: Cover the exits!
- Paloma.
Guard: Don't let them get away!
Paloma: Have you got them?
[Bond] Nearly.

- There is something
- I need to tell you.
- I bet there is.
- James!

- You okay?
- Yes.
- Let's go.

- I'm going to go and do this, and then I'm going to come back for breakfast.
- Thank you.
- And then you're going to tell me where we're going next.
- Home.
- Buong/omo.

- [Gunshofl -[Gasps}
- James!
- James!
- Do something. James!
[Gasps] Say something, James!
- Please.

Madeleine: She does have your eyes.
James: I know. I know...

[Man] /z"s blofeld, my love.
- Your father would be so proud of you.
- Your sacrifice will be our glory.
- I don't understand.
- Bra|/o.

- To be fair, commander bond gave me the lead.
- Well, I'm glad to see you two getting along.
- Sir.
- Have you located Dr. Swann?
- Nothing, I'm afraid, sir.
- Thank you.

- j” you were never on my side j” j” fool me once, fool me twice are you death or paradise? J” j” now you ll never see me cryj” j” there is just no time to die j” j” no time to die j” j” no time to die j”

- Sir.
- We don't have a trail.
- Logan ash. State department.
- Ex-state department.
- Find him, you'll find obruchev.
- Um... good luck.
[Scoffs] Thanks.

- Once heracles is in your system, it's there forever.
- Did they find the car?
- We traced it, but she abandoned it.
- They searched her flat.
- She hasn't been home.
- Is she one of them?
- I don't know.
- James, do you have any idea where she might have gone?
- No. I don't know her at all.

- j” was it obvious to everybody else j” j” that I'd fallen for a lie? J” j” you were never on my side j” j” fool me once, fool me twice are you death or paradise? J” j” now you ll never see me cryj” j” there is just no time to die j”

- We just need more time.
- If we only had more time.
- You have all the time in the world.
- I love you.
- I love you too.

- the same as taking it.
- They belong to you.
- I'm not very good at talking about myself, so I brought a memory box.
- I thought it might interest you.
- Sometimes objects can be more evocative than memories.

- Huh?
Nomi: Come on!
- Three weeks' training, really?
- More or less.
- We're still gonna need that car.
- Sa/u0'.
- Sa/u0'.

- {gasps}
- Thank you. I'll take this.
[Obruchev] No!
- What was that?
Guard: Get him!
- [Gunshofl
[Bond] Time to go. Let's go!

- Is Mr. White home?
[Woman] No. He's gone.
[Man] My name is lyutsifer safin.
- Your husband killed my family.
[Woman] I told you, he's gone.
Safins: I know. This will hurt him more.

James: [at Vesper's grave] I miss you.

- Sir, I just saved your life, okay?
- Please remember that.
- So, could you please tell me what the hell is going on?
- Where are you taking me?
- Somewhere safe.

- Now... now it's done.
- What do I do with it?
- Swallow it. Goodbye.
- Swallow the...
- Yes, I like animals!
- Bye-bye.
[Woman] For goodness' sake!

- I'll be outside when you're done with your important preparation.
- I'll be just a moment.
- It's fine.

- Hey! [Whistles]
- Go! Go!
- There! Run him over!

Madeleine: It's difficult to lose a parent, especially at a young age.
Lyutsifer: Yes. Death has a particular effect in children, doesn't it?
Madeleine: What effect did it have on you?
Lyutsifer: Profound. But I saved a life once. I think that had more of an effect.
Madeleine: Why is that?
Lyutsifer: Saving someone's life connects you to them forever, the same as taking it. They belong to you.

- Hello.
- Are you for my esco...
- Huh?

- What?
- No one is coming.
- I wasn't looking over my shoulder.
- Yes, you were.
- No. Are we going to have a row about this?
- What are they burning?
- Secrets. Wishes.
- Letting go of the past.
- Getting rid of old things, in come the new.

- Je fie/me.
- Je fie/me.

- Maman/
- [Gunshofl {gasping}

Nomi: These walls must be thick.
- Bond.
- Bond? 007, do you read me?
[Sighs] We've lost them.
- They've entered a blind spot, sir.
- I can't work out what it is they've walked into.
- Well, just get them back.

James: [to Q, after killing Primo with his EMP watch] I had to show someone your watch. It really blew their mind.

Lyutsifer: We both eradicate people to make the world a better place. I just want it to be... tidier.

Safins: Welcome.
- On the floor.
- Your sidearm.
- Careful.
- She is light as a feather.
[Bond] All right!

James: Where'd you find The Book of Mormon?

- I need you, James.
- You're the only one I trust with this.
- I'm not screwing around.
- I wanna get back to my family, tell them I saved the world again.
- Don't you?
- Nice to see you again, Felix.
- At least take my number.
- I've got your number.

Blofeld: I didn't need to kill you. I'd already broken you. I wanted to give you an empty world like the one you gave me. It's enough to almost make me regret it. Almost.

James: [observing one of Q's hairless Sphynx cats] You know, they come with fur these days.

- I understand, and I'm doing the best that I can.
- Just please wait.
- Sir, I've got the Navy, the Japanese, the Russians, all breathing down my neck, demanding to know why we've got a c-17 circling a disputed island.
- Don't tell them anything just yet.

- Blofeld sends his regards.
- You know...
- Madeleine, she is a daughter of spectre.
- She's a daughter of spectre.

- Look, lady, please, please just let me go.
- There was never gonna be a way out.
- Stop this nonsense.
- You don't have a chance, anyways.
- Hey. Hey.
- I have a good vial for your people, good for west African diaspora.
- It can be a good thing.
- Whoa!

M: [to Bond] If you've nothing left to give, you are irrelevant. You've done your bit and we thank you for your service, again. Goodbye. Moneypenny, send in 007.

- James.
[Shrieks] Mathilde!

Nomi: Do you know what time it is?
Valdo: What?
Nomi: Time to die.
[kicks him off a ledge into a pool of acid]

- James, why?
- Why would I betray you?
- We all have our secrets.
- We just didn't get to yours yet.
- -[Gasps} -[Tires screech]
- James. James, listen to me.
- I'd rather die than you think I'm tr...

Valdo: Hey, I wouldn't need a laboratory to wipe your race off the face of the Earth!
Nomi: Do you know what time it is?

- My sense of humor?
- Don't.
- What?
- You look...
- You look incredible.

- They took Dr. Swann.
- And her daughter.
- I didn't know she had a daughter.
- Did m get my plane?
- Our plane. I'm coming with you.
- Thank you, 007.

Nomi: What happened?
Tanner: He's been reinstated as a Double-0.
Nomi: Double-0 what?

[Muffled] Madeleine?
- Madeleine?

- Heracles.
- It requires double authentication.
- Which one?
[Obruchev] Him.
- Hardy. Hardy! Don't let them.
- Don't let them.
- Don't let them, please.
[Woman] No!

- A stroke to their cheek...
- A kiss...
- Would kill them instantly.
- Yes...
- Madeleine.
- Yes, Mathilde.

M: Which one's Bond?
Q: The Psi! The, er, Trident thingy...

Madeleine: Why would I betray you?
James: We all have our secrets. We just didn't get to yours yet.

James: I don't know if you wanted me to come here, or why you tried to kill Blofled, or who gave you the poison to do it, or how long you've been working for them, but I do know that for what felt like five minutes of my life, I wanted everything with you. And it's not because I didn't trust. It was just that feeling. I know I've come here to find out who gave you the poison but I'm not going to leave here without you knowing that I have loved you, and I will love you, and I do not regret a single moment of my life that led me to you. Except when I put you on that train.

- You have to let her go, even if it's hard.
- You mean, um, if we're to have a future?
- Mm-hmm.
- So, I do this, and then...
- I'll tell you all my secrets.
- Okay.

[last lines]
Madeleine: [to Mathilde] I'm going to tell you a story about a man. His name was Bond, James Bond.

- Hours.
- Wow.
- Doesn't sound like you.
- Good.
- I assume you know how the stealthy bird works.
[Bond] No, no idea.
Nomi: Gravity.

- You know, I do not need laboratory to exterminate your entire race from the face of the earth.
- Do you know what time it is?
- What?
- Time to die.
[Screams] No!

- She's closing in on him.
- I'll send you her location.
- I thought she was following
- Logan ash, not me.
Tanner: What? She is.
Moneypenny: James, where are you?
Madeleine: Put her in the back.
- There you are.
- In you get. Watch your head.

- Danger. Lllega/ access detected.
- Secure all biohazardous materials immediately.
[F'rimo] Move! Follow!
[Man] No! No!
[Man on pa] Caution. Unauthorized personnel located in this sector.

- You're late.
- I...
- I/amos.
- Um, something about a hat?
- Pans, uh_.
- Huh? What hat?
- I forget things when I get nervous.
- This is the biggest job
- I've ever had. Come.

- Nice moves, bond. [Groans]
- You won't be able to stop him...
[Grunts] ...So, why don't you help me out, brother?
- I had a brother.
- His name was Felix leiter.

- Mathilde.
- Ouoi?
- I'm going to tell you a story...
- About a man.
- His name was bond.
- James Bond.

- What are you talking about?
- Madeleine, how did they know I was here?
- I have no idea what you're...
- Spectre. How did they know?
- What are you talking about?
- James!
- I didn't do anything.
- I didn't do anything.
[Bond] We're leaving.

- Now, the order in which you engage it will need to be extremely precise.
- You're looking for a control panel.
- There should be a counterweight clutch.
- So, listen very carefully, 007.
- The first thing you need to do...
- Got it.
- I think.

Logan: Why don't you help me out, brother?
James: I had a brother. His name was Felix Leiter.

- We're closer than ever.
[Sighs] That was awkward.
- Does he have that effect on all women?
[Sighs] Fifty-fifty. It's unpredictable.
- Isolated in hsu.
- You're shaking.
- It's not an ideal situation.

- All exits are now sealed.
- Warning, fac/lity lockdo wn in progress.
- All exits are now sealed.
- Oh, what is...
- It's a safety belt? This?
- Wow.

- And a picture of an island.
- So, you know, do your best.
- And I'm gonna need a plane to get there, a big one.
- I'll send you my location shortly.
- You're going to find him?
- There are a thousand reasons why we need to find this man.
- You just gave me a reason to kill him.

- Ciao.
- Ciao.
[Bond] Come on, let's go.
[Obruchev] No, no, no, sir.
- I am not getting on that.
- Well, that's a shame because we don't have a choice.
- Let's go. Come on.
- Okay, okay, what have we got here?

Q: He's the psi.
- He is the trident thingy.
[Bond] Give us the layout.
- Right.
[Clears throat] You're at the edge of a toxic merry-go-round.
- The main activity should be towards the central hub, which is directly above you.

- To James.
- James.
- James.
- James.
- James.
Madeleine: Right. Back to work.

- M. M helped me build it.
- But please, he does not have the vision for how to use it.
- Well, who does? Who does?
- Blofeld? How did he know
- I was going to be there?
- Vvhoa!
- [Gunshofl

James: He told me you didn't betray me.
Madeleine: I understand you're not built to trust people.
James: Neither are you.
Madeleine: Then we were fools for trying.
James: I wanted to.

- Look for a concrete structure on the West Side of the island.
- That's your best bet for getting in.

M: The proper function of man is to live, not to exist. I shall not waste my days in trying to prolong them. I shall use my time.

- ¢' oue'?
- Let's get a drink.
- Good idea. [Chuckles]
- Two vodka martinis, shaken, not stirred.
[Bartender] Sr, senor.

- Do you know what this flower does?
- It makes you blind.
- Just a drop of this in your eye, and you'll never see again.
- Losing one eye is a tragedy.
- Losing two...
- No games.
- This is not a game.

- What...
- Where are you going?
- Home.
Nomi: I'll get her.
Tanner: Wait.
- He won't talk without her.
- Just wait.
- Special delivery.

- Yeah, q.
- I read you.
- Sounds like you're in a rugby scrum.
- I just showed someone your watch.
- Really blew their mind.
- Right, good.
- Now, did you find the control room?
- Well, my Russian is a little rusty, but I think so, yeah.

M: The world is arming faster than we can respond. Where's 007?

James: What is this, SPECTRE bunga-bunga?

- My father's garden.
- It was his toxic treasure.
- Let me show her.
- Give her to me.
- I can protect her.
- Mathilde.

- Q, I am gonna need that plane, quickly.
- I'm near orland NATO base.
- You think you can get it to me?
Q: Rrght, yes. We'll be there.
- Thank you.
Mathilde: Maman...
- Maman...

- Come on.
- This is it?
- This is it.
- How will I know that you're okay?
- You won't.
- You'll never see me again.

Blofeld: Cuckoo.

James: [to M, on Nomi] I've met your new 007. She's a disarming young woman.

- Admiral.
[Admiral] Sr'r.
- M here.
[Ad m I ral] What are my instructions?
- You have permission to launch.
[Admiral] Roger. Launching the strike.

- Yours?
- James. Call me James.
- What do you do, nomi?
- I'm a diver.
[Bond] What do you dive for?
- I have a thing for old wrecks.
- Well, then you've come to the right place.
[Grunts] After you.

M: I can't pretend there weren't some sorry faces when you left us, Bond, but you fell so far off the grid that we thought you must be dead. Now, learning that you were, in fact, alive and well, and... working for the CIA, well... Well, that really was a blow.
James: Well, they just asked so nicely.

- I'll just be a minute.
- I've got them.
- This might come in handy.
- Thank you.

- Don't be alarmed. It's harmless to us.
- Just to him. So delicious.
- Sir!
- {gasping} -[Screaming]
- It is working.
- It is working. Only spectre are dying.

Felix: Harder to tell the good from the bad, the villains from the heroes these days.

- but I thought we should gather and remember.
- Andi...
- I thought this was appropriate.
- "The function of man is to live, not to exist.
- I shall not waste my days trying to prolong them.
- I shall use my time."

- Like adults.
- Safin. Where is he?
- If I don't come back...
- Blow it all to shit.
[Whispers] We don't have enough explosives for that.
- Yeah, but they don't know that.

- Terrible, terrible gloves.
- So slippery.
- Forgive me.
- How much longer?
[Obruchev] Aha!
- To happy new future for spectre.
- Now it is ready.

James: The callsign? Something about a hat?
Paloma: Oh, I forget things when I'm nervous.

- j” far behind us j” j” we have all the time j” j” in the world j” j” just for love j” j” nothing more, nothing less j” j” only love j”

Madeleine: Oh, god. The vial you've been poisoned.
- Yes.
Madeleine: There must be a way.
- There must be a way.

[Whispers] Maman.
- Maman.
- Maman. Maman.
[Gasps] Maman/

Nomi: I get why you shot him.
Moneypenny: Yeah, well, everyone tries at least once.

- This is Mathilde.
- Hello. I'm James.

Lyutsifer: I want the world to evolve, yet you want it to stay the same. Let's face it - I've made you redundant.
James: No. Not as long as there are people like you in the world.

- Yes, I know, I know.
Q: Find the control room.
- It should be in a tower just above the blast doors.
- The missiles will take about nine minutes from launch.
- Do you think you can do it before the shrps arrive?
[Bond] Plenty of time, plenty of time.

M: Shut up, Q. I know he's staying with you.

- He said you must drink.
- For your health.
- Do you trust him?
- He made me kill your last master.
- Why do you think he let you join him?
- I think he wants you to drink.
[Sobbing] I want him to give me my daughter back.
- He said if you behave, you'll see her. Drink.

Safins: If you don't want my protection, then...
- Off you go.
- Move. Our first buyers are arriving.

- I'm gonna find us a way out.
- I'll be over here.
- You know, Felix, we really need to stop meeting...
- Whoa.
- Shit.
- I was such a big fan of his.
- Felix!

[Bond] Everybody, over there.
- In the corner. Now.
- What? How?
[Bond] Move!
- Move! On the ground!
- Alarm.
- Down, boy.

- Bonne nuit.
- Bonne nuit.
- Dites bonne nuit, monsieur.
- Bonne nuit.
- Bonne nuit.

- Let's go.
- It's going to get very cold out there, so...
- I want you to have this.
- That'll keep you warm.
- I have to finish this. For us.
- I know.

- It's crowning day.
- Good.
- What is it?
- It's nothing.
- It's clean. It's clean as can be.
- Everyone just wants a party.
- Yeah, / want them both to hear me.
- It'll be a surprise.

James: If I don't come back, blow it all to shit.
Nomi: We don't have enough explosives for that.
James: Yeah, but they don't know that.

- Felix...
- I'm in.
[Felix laughs] He's in.
- There's a young lady r'n Santiago
- I want you to meet.

James: If we don't do this, there will be nothing left to save!

- Um, no, I'm sorry. [Chuckles]
- All right.
- You do it.
- Thank you.
- Do you mind?
- This is going to go brilliantly.
- I know.
- I've done three weeks' training.

James: I remember everything.

Q: As soon as you have a line of sr'ght on the island, drop altitude, stay below radar.
- You ever flown one of these things before?
- Nope.
Q: Don't forget to release the chute, and open the wings.
- Gra vr'Ty r'sn't always your friend.

- You cannot explode laboratory, please.
- This is suicide mission.
- Come on.
- You will never leave this island alive.
- That was the farm.
- And this is the factory.

James: [to Madeleine] You're right. Letting go is hard.

James: The past isn't dead.

- I am sorry.
- I'm sorry.
- Look at your father, Mathilde.
- This is power.
[Bond] I'm sorry.
- I'm truly, truly sorry.

Paloma: It'll be great, I've had three weeks training!

- You bore his child despite his rejection.
- You've hidden and lied your whole life.
- You will do anything...
- To survive.
- You understand me the same way I understand you.
Primo: Move.

[Obruchev] Welcome back, Mr. Safin.
- Welcome to your family.
- How are you progressing?
- So, so good, Mr. Safin.
- So, so good.
- My request?
- Svetlana?

Primo: Let the sheep out.
Young: Why?
Primo: Because I'll kill you if you don't.

- She does have your eyes.
- I know.
- I know.

Nomi: The world's moved on, Commander Bond.
James: You're a Double-O?
Nomi: Two years. So stay in your lane. You get in my way, I will put a bullet in your knee... the one that works.

- [Gunshofl
- You stay here.
- I'll be back soon.
- Anybody comes through that door, you shoot them.
- Unless it's me.
- You be quiet, okay?
- Stay really quiet.

Blofeld: James, you gave up everything for her. When her secret finds its way out, and it will, it'll be the death of you.

- I want everything that blofeld listens to, looks at and touches scanned.
- Scan every corner of that cell.
- Scan the whole prison.
- In fact, scan the whole damn man.
- Sir. I'll bring my gloves.
- James, uh...
- What are you doing for dinner?

James: [after Paloma proved herself as an action girl] Three weeks training? Really?
Paloma: More or less.
James: We're still gonna need that car.
[takes swig from glass]
James: Salut!
Paloma: Salut!

- Llcannot there is no elevator!
- {gasps} magnets.

Q: So you're not dead?
James: Hello, Q. I've missed you.

- Coincidence?
- Come on. It'll be like old times.
- Three.
- Two.
[Ash] You're really the only guy for the job.
- You're the guy.
- It's my round.

[Bond] Don't get distracted, now.
- Remember, we 're looking for our Russian scientist.
- I'm seeing a lot of spectre agents.
- Yes.
- And it looks like all of them.
- Wow.

- What the hell are you thinking?
- Yes, I know how to interrogate an asset.
- This interrogation is over.
- Tanner, don't lecture me!
- Bond, you have violated the most important rule in the whole bloody playbook.
- Don't move.

[Bond] Paloma, lknowyou're busy, but the curtain's about to come down on this one.
Paloma: I can geta car.
- Where do you need it?
- I'll be right there.
Nomi: Stay down!
- Move!

- Move! Move!
- They dropped down to a lower level.
- There has to be a stainnell down.
Mathilde: Mamanl mamanl
- Mathilde. Mathilde.

- His name is lyutsifer safin.
- When I was a little girl, he came here to kill my father...
- But he found me and my mother instead.
- He spared my life.
- And now he's back.
- And what does he want?
- Revenge?

- How's the view?
- It's growing on me.
- Can you go faster?
- We don't need to go faster.
- We have all the time in the world.

- So, obruchev.
- You kept him on the payroll, didn't you?
- Stay out of it.
- This has nothing to do with you.
- It does. It's spectre.
- Mallory ..
- What have you done?

Madeleine: How will I know you're okay?
James: You won't. You'll never see me again.

[Woman] Madeleine?
[Woman] Madeleine!
[Woman] Madeleine!

- Hmm.
- Nice house.
- Thank you.
- Is that the bedroom?
- Yes, it is.

- There's no one left to hurt us.
[Bond] Madeleine...
- You have made...
- The most beautiful thing I have ever seen.
- She's perfect.
- Because she came from you.

- And I will love you, and I do not regret a single moment of my life that led me to you...
- Except when I put you on that train.
- Do you know the worst thing about you?
- My timing?
- Don't.

Madeleine: They're above us!
Madeleine: Get out of here!
- James!

Lyutsifer: The thing that no one wants to admit is that most people want things to happen to them. We tell each other lies about the fight for free will and independence, but we don't really want that. We want to be told how to live and then die when we're not looking. People want oblivion, and a few of us are born to build it for them. So here I am - their invisible god sneaking under their skin.
James: You know that history isn't kind to men who play God.
Lyutsifer: And you don't? We both eradicate people to make the world a better place. I just want it to be... tidier.

Nomi: Coming up for air, q.
Q: Right, good.
- You should be entering a world war ii-era sub pen.
- Doesn't seem to get much activrty, but look out for cameras anyway use your watch, bond.