The Best Person of Interest, Season 2, Episode 6 Quotes

- Preferably not. In the event that the police arrive before he escapes...?
- Almost made it a whole day without you two asking me to break the law.
- I'll see what I can do.
- Thank you, detective.
- These guys are getting jumpy. What do you got in the way of a distraction?
- Finch: I'm working on it.

Nathan: So tell me, how goes our little experiment?
Harold: I'm glad you asked.
[Gestures to a scruffy looking person sitting not far from them]
Harold: What do you make of that man on the bench?
Nathan: Looks like he tied one on a little too tight.
Harold: Bet you'd never believe me if I told you he was a violin prodigy who played two years with the Philharmonic. His penchant for the bottle cut his career short.
Nathan: How exactly does this help stop terrorism?
Harold: Before I could teach the machine to find bad people, I had to teach it people in general. I programmed it to identify outliers. Individuals who are... interesting in some way.
Nathan: To teach a machine the complexities of human nature - I mean, no offense, Harold, but is someone as introverted as you the best person for the job?
Harold: [Flips through his laptop] Who's Molly Cole?
Nathan: I have no idea.
Harold: 24-year-old graduate student at NYU. Major in astrophysics. Says you were with her last night. So work must not be the only thing that's kept your mind off the separation.
Nathan: [Concedes] Okay. So what's your point?
Harold: You asked me if the machine was capable of learning human nature. I'm saying it already is. It's learning by watching everyone. Even you.

Graham: Can't change what I've done.
John: The past is a difficult thing to outrun.
Graham: Maybe it's time to stop running.

- And I could just tell there was something different about him.
- That one moment changed your whole life.
Connie: Yeah.
- Is that what it was like when you first met John?
- I can honestly say that I wouldn't be here without him.
- It's rare to find someone you can depend on.

Detective: We haven't had the pleasure of meeting. I'm Detective Carter.
Zoe: Zoe. John's wife.
John: Long story.

- But I can get you upstairs.
- I know a guy who lives in the building.
- A lawyer I untangled from a malpractice thing.
- He's kind of sweet on me.
- Finch, any way to see into that room before I go in?
- The building's website boasts that all units are equipped with smarthome technology.
- I'm sure there's something we can exploit.
- Call Carter. Have her meet us there.

- Wish I could say the same.
- Finch, I think that's your cue.
- Sending an audio file to the surround-sound system.
- This might get loud.
- You ruined my life so you could start yourself a new one.
- This'll square it up.

John: Harder to tail someone in the suburbs than in the city.
Harold: I heard. Your man-in-the-suit routine doesn't exactly play. As it happens, there's a quaint three-bedroom that's just gone on the market across from the Wyler's home. You can move in tomorrow.
John: Move in?
Harold: You're gonna be neighbors. I also procured a new vehicle, an appropriate wardrobe, and a set of golf clubs. There is one element of your cover that you'll have to acquire on your own...
[Cut to Reese and Zoe Morgan]

- I'll keep looking for it.
- Who do we know in Philadelphia?
- No one.
- Never been there. Why?
- This postcard came.
- Oh, my gosh, he's adorable. Hi.
- Oh, you're so cute, heh.
- That's a good boy.
- You mind Manning the grill for a moment?
- Sure.

- Party never stops when you're around.
- What do these people do for fun?
- Beats me. Got any ideas?
- Ugh, suburbs might not be so bad after all.
- In or out, dear?
- Ever known me to run from a fight?
- Pair of aces.
Zoe: Two pair.

- Let me guess. One vanilla cone?
- Yes, please.
- Even in January, I always keep a few of these for when you come by.
- Am I that predictable?
- No, you just don't deny yourself small pleasures.
- You may be the first person that ever told me that.
- Nothing wrong with it.
- You only live once, right?

- No, he must've confused me with someone else.
- You hear that, Finch?
- Sounds like more than a case of mistaken identity.
- Reese: The mystery man just took off with a friend.
- Could be the same men that sent wyler the postcard.
- Something tells me they're not in town for a reunion.

Detective: I'm hearing sirens. Am I gonna have to arrest John with the crew?
Harold: Preferably not. In the event that the police arrive before he escapes...
Detective: Almost made it a whole day without you two asking me to break the law.

- We'll pick you up at that intersection.
- Vaughn: Be there, Lloyd.
- I slipped a burner phone on their truck.
- We can track them with it.
- If they make the wrong move, we'll grab them.
- Carter [over phone]: What about wyler?
- He's got a decision to make.

Zoe: How long have the two of you been living in Rockaway?
Connie: h, about ten years. Graham and I moved here after my mother got sick, so we came out to help. What about you guys? How did you meet John?
Zoe: Uh, I was, um, stranded in a bad part of town. And he gave me a ride. And we actually spent the rest of the evening running around the city.

Zoe: John. I'm sorry to hear that it didn't work out with that reporter Maxine.
John: I'll get over it. I was actually thinking we should spend a little more time together.
Zoe: Is that so? What is it this time? More power players or cover-ups?
John: Not exactly. Zoe Morgan will you be my wife?
Zoe: [Cut to the suburbs, JOhn and Zoe are posing as a married couple] Remember when you saved me from being tortured and killed by corporate hit-men? Consider us even.
John: That mean you don't want me to carry you across the threshold?

- Unlike you, I'm stuck here. Literally.
- Judge didn't think I was a danger to society so I get to pay my debt mowing the lawn.
- Washer's making that noise again.
- I'll be right there.
- I put her through a lot.
- And for whatever reason...
- She's still there when I wake up in the morning. Guess that says something.
- Take care, John.

John: [Wyler has Vaughn at gunpoint] Let him go, Graham.
Graham: I can't. This has to end.
John: If you pull that trigger, then Graham Wyler; the man you really are; dies with him.
Graham: He can't come after my family again.
John: He won't. He'll spend the next three decades in prison. But if you do this, you'll be right there with him. What's Connie gonna do then?
[Wyler holsters the gun]
Chris: I knew you didn't have it in you. You were always -
[John hits him in the face]
John: The better man.

- Boy: No way.
- Wait, stay back.
- Vaughn: Sucks about the car, Lloyd.
- Nice running into you today, though.
- Why don't we grab a drink?
- The wallbanger in the city.
- Noon tomorrow.
- We've got some catching up to do.
- Finch, looks like wyler's past has come back to haunt him.

- Burnside: God.
- You gonna shoot me?
- It's been so long, you probably don't remember how that thing works.
- Reese: You don't wanna do that.

John: Wyler's due to meet Vaughn in an hour, Finch. What are we gonna do if he goes through with the job?
Harold: What do you suggest?
John: We take him out of the equation. He still has open warrants in Philly.
Zoe: With Wyler serving jail time, there's not much Vaughn could do.
Harold: We'd risk breaking up his family. They might never forgive him. I know the prospect of a normal life seems remote to people like us, Mr. Reese. But Wyler still has a chance to preserve his.

- I was actually thinking we should spend a little more time together.
- Hmm, is that so?
- What is it this time, more power players or cover-ups?
- Not exactly.
- Zoe Morgan?
- Will you be my wife?

- If he's alerted the cops, that's it, we're out of here.
- Not till you open that safe.
- You wanna go to jail again?
- That's what happens if you stay.
- When did you start calling the shots?
- All that's changed is you got three minutes to open that safe.
- Open it.
- Or I kill you right now.

- This the part where we get divorced?
- Sorry it didn't work out.
- Fun while it lasted though, right?
- Well, we still have some scotch left.
- Wanna stay one more night, try to win some of that money back?

- I can take a cab back from here.
- Thanks for the ride.
- Reese: You're welcome.

- I mean, how do you know?
- I mean, how does anyone know?
- Well, I'm no authority on these matters...
- But if you wanna take some time off to work things out...
- Work's the one thing that keeps my mind off the situation.
- So tell me.
- How goes our little experiment?
- I'm glad you asked.

Graham: How'd you find me?
Chris: That is a real fun story. I was at work. Dishwasher. Only kind of job a con like me could get. My boss shows me this Facebook photo. Some babe he's plowing in New York. I look. I can't believe my eyes. There's Lloyd Pruitt standing in the background of this photo. My long lost friend. Smiling, laughing, beautiful daughter next to him in her nice school sweater. It's a hell of a life you've made for yourself, Lloyd. Wish I was spending my days selling hammers.
Daniel: Beats 12 years in the Fromhold State Penitentiary.
Chris: Was it 12? It felt longer.
Daniel: Yeah, felt like 50.
Graham: That's my fault? I told you the job was dangerous. But you thought you were invincible. And that's why I walked.
Daniel: How noble. The way we see it, you owe us, and we're here to collect.

- Vaughn: We're gonna break into an everhold safe.
- It's a high-road job.
- We need your midas touch.
- In fact, the score's so big...
- When we're done, we 're leaving the country.
- So get your affairs in order.
- What's stopping me from going to the cops about you two right now?

Zoe: Wyler's spooked about something.
- Whatever he's hiding, he kept it from everyone.
- Connie's in the dark.
- Reese: Let's see if we can shed some light, then.
- You got a makeup brush?

- Or disappeared before they got picked up.
- He was busy becoming Graham wyler.
- Gave himself a clean slate.
- He picked a good time to run.
- That job they got busted on?
- Vaughn shot an unarmed guard.
- He's dangerous.
- Reese: Thanks for your help, Carter.
- Good job, heh.

- I thought I fixed this.
- You haven't found a single anomaly in this woman's life.
- She's honest, decent, doesn't seem to have any dark secrets...
- Doesn't harbor ill will toward anyone.
- Which is what sets her apart from everyone else here.
- That and a passionate love for Charles dickens.

- Graham wyler.
- Forty-two-year-old family man...
- Owns a hardware store with his wife in far rockaway.
- Suburbs?
- Never had a number out there before.
- Unfortunately, murder isn't confined to a zip code.
- I'll get eyes on the family.
- I wouldn't go back to this place.

Vendor: Let me guess. One vanilla ice cone.
Harold: Yes, please.
Vendor: Even in January I always keep a few of these for when you come by.
Harold: Am I really that predictable?
Vendor: No, you just don't deny yourself small pleasures.
Harold: You may be the first person that ever told me that.

- With wyler serving jail time, there's not much Vaughn could do.
- We'd risk breaking up his family.
- They might never forgive him.
- I know the prospect of a normal life...
- Seems remote to us...
- But wyler still has a chance to preserve his.
Connie: [over comm] Graham, are you in here? Graham?

- Graham, if there's something going on you think you can't tell me, get over it.
- We'll figure it out together.
- I'll be back in a few hours.
- Graham. Where you headed?
- Catching a train into the city.
- I'm meeting a client there.
- Let me give you a lift, save you some time.

- Reese: Everyone's up on the 42nd floor.
- As soon as I pull wyler out, be ready to round up the crew.
- You think it's gonna be that simple?
- Have a little faith.
- We haven't had the pleasure of meeting.
- I'm detective Carter.
- Zoe. John's wife.
- Long story.

Harold: Hard to see how he had the money to move east, much less support a city lifestyle.
John: Maybe he met a reclusive billionaire.
Harold: In the event that he didn't, I made a few phone calls around Fort Wayne, claiming to be a genealogist working on a family tree. And I did uncover one record of interest.
John: And what's that?
Harold: His death certificate.

Harold: Mr. Reese, they've got hostages, and there are two other armed men. I don't think you're gonna be able to simply walk through the front door.
John: [Bungee jumps onto the balcony] Wasn't planning on it.

- But beyond that, no anomalies that I can see.
- Why did it show her to us?
- Must be a bug.
- I'll go over the code again, see if I missed something.
- Ingram: Hmm.
- Well, at least the machine is showing us it has good taste.

- Rupert.
Rupert: Good evening, miss Morgan.
- He's expecting you and your friend.
- I know, you missed me.
- My friend and I are on our way up.
- Who did you say I was?
- Savannah. An exotic dancer.
- Hmm.

Zoe: Is this the part where we get divorced?

- Show off the view of the place.
- These are for what's called
- "crowd control."
- Wyler: I guess you forgot a mask for me.
- I must have miscounted.
- Sorry, buddy.
- Honest mistake, I'm sure.
- Vaughn: Let's go, boys.

- Listen, I know what you want.
- I don't know the combination.
- Burnside: Nobody asked you.
- Bet you never thought you'd be trying to get on the other side of one of these again.
- If I'm gonna do this, it needs to be quiet.
- Hey! Shut up or get shot!
- Aah!
- It's all yours, maestro.

Zoe: [the doorbell rings, John grabs his gun] John, it's the doorbell. Let's try to not shoot any girl scouts on the first day, okay?

Harold: [Talking to the Machine] Ready to have some fun? You're good at connecting people to the things they don't want the world to know. How good are you at finding connections that no one knows exists? Try to tell me if there's a correlation between the cowboy and the taxi driver.
[Files pop up on Harold's computer]
Harold: Fifth cousins? Really? We do live in the great melting pot.

- [H can access the video-chat software...
- I may be able to trick the camera into turning itself on.
- And we have eyes.
- Mr. Reese, they've got hostages, and two other armed men.
- I don't think you're gonna be able to walk through the front door.
- Wasn't planning on it.

John: Connie. I was wondering if I could talk to Graham
Connie: He told me you helped him out. Didn't say how. But whatever you did...
John: You're welcome.
Graham: See you're moving on.
John: Yep. Guy like me doesn't belong in the suburbs.

- You did great out there.
Izzy: Thanks, mom.
- Reese: Vaughn's here.
- I'm gonna have a few words with him.