The Best The Umbrella Academy, Season 3, Episode 5 Quotes

- Yeah, I know.
- I'll go get him.
- Wait, no.
- Let me do it.
Viktor: He trusts me.
- I can convince him to come quietly.

- What did we miss?
- The universe is ending, and we're all going to die.
Grace: Why have you brought me before my God?
- -Your right eye. Give it to me.
- -What are you doing?
- If we wanna beat this thing, first we need to understand it.
Ben: It's time to see what's on the other side.

- -[Allison sighs]
- -♪ It's been a long ♪
- -♪ But tell me what I know ♪
- -[soft chuckle]
- -Change is gon' come.
- -Yes, my baby.
- Change is gon' come, baby. [kisses]

- I'm not in the mood for all of your riddles and allegories and sick little parlor games, okay?
- Can I just hang out for a little while to improve my tan?
- I mean, you said I was pale.
- All right, but could you just please tell me which way that I'm supposed to go?

- If you had Ray and Claire back, would you even be here?
- But they're not back, are they?
- I get that you need a distraction, but you can't use me for that.
- I can if I want to.
- That's not funny.
- I heard a rumor you stay. [voice echoes]

- My farmacistas.
- This is good.
- 'Cause you know…
- Thank you, Klaus.
- All right, great talk.
- Go get 'em, buddy.

- I love this place.
[strains] Okay.
- -Get his head, get his head.
- -Yeah, I got it. I got it.
- -Oh, that's heavy.
- -[Diego] Press the button.
- Okay.
- -Ground, ground. G. There you go.
- -Yeah. Okay.

- How do you know our mothers?
- What did you do to them?
- Tapes. I need my tapes.
Viktor: Hey. I'm talking to you!
- -No!
- -[Harlan strains]
[panting] No.
- Not until you tell me the truth.
- -I could tear you to atoms.
- -Try it.

- You don't have to do this.
- You'd do it for me, right?
- Okay. Harlan, you're gonna go with Allison for a bit.
- What about you?
- I'll join you as soon as I can. I promise.
- Okay, go.

- -You need to be wooed.
- -Wooed.
- -Ooh.
- -Yeah, flowers.
- An expensive bottle of wine.
- Or I could find another DILF to play Daddy.
- I'm the daddy here.
- Yeah, you are.

- but it won't matter because the new timeline will be even worse for me.
- I can't keep doing this.
- I can't keep losing people. It's not fair.
- Hey.
- Hey, come here.

- Stop. Stop.
- Please stop.
- Stop!

Stan: Whoa! This is so cool.
Klaus: Hey, come on. Chop-chop, Stan.
- Gotta go see a man about a buffalo--
[groaning] Oh shit.
Klaus: So these weren't near-death experiences.
- These were actual-death experiences.

- This is my problem, and I appreciate your concern, but I'm gonna figure it out.
- I'm gonna fix it.
- -What's going on?
- -Oh my God. He got you too?
- You okay?
- -Great. You?
- -Never better.

- Apparently, it's, like, a thing I do.
- Who knew, right?
- And look, look, look.
Klaus: It's… It's already healing.
- What would happen if we cut off your head?
- Would it grow two of you?
- Stan.
- Would it?

Diego: What the hell was that?
[Five] That was a Kugel wave.
- -[Five] Oh, it's getting worse.
- -[Luther] How long do we have?
- At this rate of escalation, if you factor in--
- How long, Five?
- Four, maybe five days before the rest of existence is blitzed.

- You're okay. Yes, you are.
- I got you.
- I got you, you still got your voice, okay?
- Just breathe for me, baby. There you go.
- Breathe.
[softly] ♪ There been times
- That I thought ♪

- Well, congratulations, Viktor. [chuckles]
- You managed to destroy everything.
- Again.
- I really thought you were smarter than that.
[Klaus scoffs] Well!
- That went great!

- -♪ I'm tired of looking for answers ♪
- -[knocking at door]
- -Hi.
- -Hey.
- Can I come in?
- Always.
- -♪ Can't worry 'bout what's behind you ♪
- -[droning]

- Never gonna hurt anyone. Ever.
- That part's not me. That's--
- That's me.
- That's kinda my thing.
- I've hurt a lot of people with my power.
- And I am just so sorry you were one of them.

- I know I'm new to this whole mom thing, but aren't you supposed to help me, your son?
- -What's so funny?
- -You.
- All this time and energy running away from the exact thing you're chasing.
- No wonder you can't see what's right in front of you all along.

- Allison…
- I'm done letting other people decide how much I can stand to lose.
- Allison, please.
- Don't do this.
- I heard a rumor you want me.