The Best House of Cards, Season 4, Episode 12 Quotes

Tom: Your party? It's rotten to the core. And the core is Underwood. Aren't you angry that he stole your presidency?
President: I'm angry. I'm angry at myself... for not seeing it. And for not fighting it.

- then I'm gonna have some say in how that happens.
- Or I head back to New York and watch you squirm.
- Just as I'd hoped.
- The more involved, the better.
- Director green, please.
- They here? All right.
- They're here.
- Thanks.

- and that your cause is righteous.
- But I believed that my cause was righteous, too.
- And if I could take it all back...
- I wouldn't do it again.
- The truth is...
- I'm ashamed of what I've done.

[last lines]
NSA: The line is open.
Will: Uh, okay. Where where's my script?
Francis: I'll be doing the talking. I'll let you know if I want you to participate.
Staffer: Sir, if we've established a dialogue between the kidnappers and the governor, we should...
Francis: Start the call.

- I'm sorry, Mr. President.
- It looks like we have to take a break.
- We'll return shortly to the first-ever simultaneous debate between presidential candidates and their running mates.
- And we're clear.
- Mr. President, Mrs. Underwood, would you please come with me?

- Normally, I'd give you time to reconsider, but time is in short supply today.
- I can't. Not to my party.
- The party will survive.
- Conway might not, but too bad.
- He lied.
- If I do this to him, I don't survive.
- I'm vilified.
- I wanna show you something.

- Albany, really?
- You're a pretender, will.
- And if you win, you'll go from pretender to fraud.
- Will?
- I'm putting the kids to bed.
- Don't let me keep you.

Ibrahim: The moment bigotry becomes a form of patriotism, America is no longer America.

- like travel restrictions or forced registration, who would espouse hatred or even violence.
- The moment bigotry becomes a form of patriotism, america is no longer america.
- That is why I'm here today, in the capitol, to urge our congressmen and women...

Hannah: Do you regret it, not having children? Oh, I'm sorry. That's too personal.
Claire: Do you ever regret having them?

- I know I'd just be staring at the ceiling if I tried to sleep.
- Well, you have a lot on your shoulders.
- Yeah, normally, I'd go to a meeting.
- I just...
- You just wanted someone to take care of you.
- And it's nice to take care of someone.
- Good morning, governor.

Ibrahim: Deplorable as this situation is, we cannot blame Islam as a whole, or the millions of Muslims in our nation who yearn for peace, who contribute to our society, who have the same dreams as all Americans do. ICO does not represent Islam but there are those who would use this incident to justify Draconian measures like travel restrictions or forced registration, who would espouse hatred or even violence. The moment bigotry become a form a patriotism, America is no longer America.

Francis: I think you're excellent at running for the president, but I don't think you're equipped to actually be one.
Will: Don't be condescending. I'm the Governor of New York.
Francis: Ooh, Albany, really? You're a prentender, Will. And if you win, you'll go from pretender to fraud.

- Hello?
- We have video of a car at an intersection near Chatsworth, Georgia.
- The bird song, deep background from the phone call, puts them in a wooded area.
- Southern blue Ridge.
- We started canvassing now.
- FBI, state troopers.

- I'll need you to make arrangements as quietly as possible.
- All right, I'm on it.
- I'll let you know as soon as I have a location.
- Good. Then go home and get a few hours of sleep.
- I can't sleep tonight.
- You should try.
- We'll need you fresh in the morning.

- with a republican president.
- Or I have to do Underwood's bidding for the next four years.
- What about Alan?
- I told him about us.
- He was kind about it.
- We'll divorce once everything quiets down.