The Best Peaky Blinders, Season 5, Episode 4 Quotes

Aberama: Does you vanity have no limits?
Thomas: I believe it's called the ego, these days.

- You have to listen to the voices that you hear.
- Do what they tell you to do.
- You don't even have to rub the lamp any more to summon the genie.
- It wasn't the blue stone, Tommy.
- It was you.
- It was you.

- You do me a favour?
- When that kid of yours arrives, keep it away from me.

- but you two are actually doing business.
- Yeah. But I still don't trust his cheques.
- If I sign a cheque guarantee for this man, it is proof of a connection between me and him.
- Something you could later use against me.
- Why would I want to move against you?

- I can't, though, pol.
- I fucking can't!
- And that's it.
- Thafsit

- This comprehensive document, pleading for government intervention in all areas of economic life, represents not just socialism, but a new breed of national socialism.
- And I believe... I believe that the leaders of my own party have been very foolish to reject it.

- For that amount, it'll have to be a cheque.
- I don't take cheques.
- It'll be a cheque.
- I will take a cheque if it's guaranteed by our mutual friend in London, mr mosley.

- He, erm...
- He went downstairs.
- He killed them.
- Strangled them. All three of them.
- And you've, erm... you've... you've brought their bodies here today with you.
- Proof, mr Shelby.

- Cheque guaranteed.
- Won't your Chinese friends expect the seven tonnes that leaves London to still be seven tonnes when it reaches liverpool?
- You leave that to me, mr mccavern.
- Oh, you mean you're bold enough to skim the Chinese? [Chuckles]
- You have some kind of death wish, mr Shelby?

- One of the friends is a man.
- He would die without his eyes.
- These hands belong to the devil!
- By the time that baby draws its first breath, you and I will be done.
Thomas: You will be king.

- sometimes even in your office here in the house of commons.
- So no secrets. And, yes, yes, you are invited to stay the night with whichever member of your family finds favour.
- Now, if you don't mind,
- I was about to leave,
- I need to lock up my office.

Arthur: [scoffs] I don't know how you do this, Tom. I really don't.
[both acknowledge open door]
Thomas: [jots note in journal] You learn things, Arthur.
Thomas: [puts down cigarette to assemble drinks] That woman has only two rooms downstairs. Her husband has lost his job, and he beats her, and yet,
[Arthur exhales]
Thomas: the thing that brings her to see her member of parliament is songbirds. Now that's politics, Arthur.
[both have a drink]
Arthur: It's not for me...

- All we ever did was talk, Arthur.
- He just listened.
- And now he has no face.
- He's as ugly on the outside as you are on the inside.
- May you peaky blinders all rot...
- In fucking hell.

- and it will be Michael gray arranging the ballet.
- Where will Tommy be?
- Where he wants to go to most.
- A lord.
- Actually, I think mr mosley's a baronet.
- Where the fuck is Tommy anyway?

- Motion carried.
- Arthur, tell Charlie we need four boats and four tonnes of coal before it gets dark.
- They sail south tonight.
- And don't forget to go to the bull ring and get them three songbirds, Arthur.
- Yes, Tommy.
- Fuck!

Jimmy: You know, it's a pity. I was lookin' forward to killin' you.
Thomas: You're at the back of a long queue.
Jimmy: My white flag is a flag of truce. Yours is more a flag of surrender.
Thomas: Whatever you say, Mr. McCavern. The colour is the same, the outcome is the same. I believe we have friends in common. We should postpone our war.
Jimmy: Your brother left me a hand grenade.
Thomas: He sends his apologies. You left me land mines.
Jimmy: For which I, too, apologise.
Thomas: Then peace it is.
Jimmy: Your message said you wanted to seal our truce with some business.
Thomas: Since we're men of similar interests and distribution networks, I thought we might use our temporary settlement for our mutual benefit.
Jimmy: You stand in a yard full of scrap metal and stolen goods, and you talk like a politician.
Thomas: No, nothing here is stolen, Mr. McCavern. Charlie simply finds things before they're lost. The nature of the deal is explained in my proposal.
[he hands Jimmy an envelope]
Thomas: I've booked you a suite at the Midland Hotel. If you need anything in this city, just mention my name.
Jimmy: So you want to impress me, Mr. Shelby?
Thomas: Isaiah!
[Isaiah steps out from behind a nearby tree holding a rifle]
Thomas: Also in the envelope is a cheque for 500 pound for your wife. She can use it to buy a black dress and a black horse with black feathers to pull a black carriage with your body in it, should you break the terms of the white flag. Now please, enjoy the city it's my honour to represent.

- Lincoln.
- Lincoln?
- Hm.
- Tranmere rovers.
- Mm-hm.
- Bye, Finn.
- Goodbye, brother.
- Shit.

- When you walked through that door, it was open.
- You don't need to do anything to get my attention.
- Now, what exactly do you want?
- Do you have a match, mr Shelby?
- Anything happens to my brother, Chang...
- You die.

- Also in the envelope is a cheque for £500.
- For your wife.
- She can use it to buy a black dress, rent a black horse with black feathers to pull a black carriage with your body in it, should you break the terms of the white flag.
- Now, please, enjoy the city it's my honour to represent.

- Such rogues we are, aren't we?
- Sing like songbirds in the house.
- And then, afterwards, relieve ourselves in the bodies of whomever we choose.
- Two men for whom forbidding is forbidden.
- It should be quite the party.

- Is it snow white?
- No.
- Golden brown.
- Fuck.
- This is your opportunity, Michael.
- There is more money in this than there is in all the other parts of our business put together.

- Run your hands through it, get it under your skin...
- And then see if Gina will let you lay a finger on her.
- I think golden brown is more to her taste.
- Especially when you tell her how much money you're going to earn.

- Mr mosley!
- A toast, if I may.
- To the end of our deal, and the beginning of something more.
- Happy birthday, Lizzie.
- This way.

- Happy or sad, Tommy?
- Mr Shelby.
- My bullets ache to get inside your tinker head.
- ♪ Up to our knees in fenian blood
- ♪ surrender or you'll die

Thomas: Always have your whores searched at the door.
Finn: [to Chang] If I see that bitch on the street, I'll fucking cut her, yeah?

- He wants the communists to consider his new party as fraternal, which means his activities are now part of your official remit? Yeah?
- Mr Shelby, it's 2am.
- You can make your report any time.
- Why don't you stay tonight?
- No.
- I'll leave you two to...
- Yes, good night.

- An evening with a tribe of gypsies.
- When you've unpacked, there should be a girl laid on for you.
- Mr Shelby is a socialist and believes in equality of service for all classes.

- Whiskey?
- Thank you, no.

- Give me that!
- Always have your whores searched at the door.
- If I see that bitch on the street,
- I'll fucking cut her.
- Yeah, all right. All right, come on.
- This is a gift, mr Shelby.
- A gesture of goodwill.

- Is she with him?
- If she was, it would be your fault,
- Arthur.
- But they say his face is so badly cut he's hard to look at.
- So I would say not.
- I would also say it is time to give up on Linda, find someone else who might be able to put your fires out.

Aberama: When you check that little stopwatch you've got that controls the turning of the earth?
Thomas: Yeah.

- smelling of wood smoke and bacon.
- And which one of Charlie's gypsy didicoy friends do you trust, Tom, eh, with a cargo worth £1 million?
- I've already made provision.
- I'm needed at a meeting.
- Let's vote.
- Those in favour.

- I'll throw it in the canal.
- Canals are the idea. Right, Chang?

- Just... throw it away.
- While it's there, it's a temptation.
- How much have you got left?
- Seven tonnes.
- Seven tonnes?
- Yeah.
- I'd hate for it to run out, Ada.

- Polly gray, gypsy queen, will you marry me, a poor commoner who loves you?

- Finn's ok.
- Give me your order! Mm.
- Give me your order, Tommy!
- Yes or no.
- At ease.
- I said at ease.

- You can't read?
- I don't read.
- It's swan lake.
- Ballet?
- Yeah.
- Apparently, it's about love.
- Polly says that, for now, love must defeat revenge.

- We hired them specially...
- For those guests staying the night.
- All things are available except the ballerinas.
- And who, might I ask, are you?
- I am a queen amongst the romanies.
- And I too am unavailable.

- Just coal.
- And his fingernails and his eyelids and his ears were black with it.
- And the merchants would offer them one price and then only pay half because they could.
- And thatwas wrong, Michael.

- Actually, I will come alone.
- In society, you are judged by your hospitality.
- I will expect adventure.

- A fucking ballet.
- He wants to impress someone.
- And I'm invited?
- You and Gina.
- Why?
- Because he wants to give you the chance to come back properly.

Ada: How much opium do you have left?
Thomas: Seven tons.
Ada: Seven tons?
Thomas: Yeah, i would hate for it to run out.

- You're curious about my weaknesses.
- And you've learned it's not cocaine, not maids.
- But now you will learn my weakness is a tendency to trust people.
- Do you have a pen?