50 Best Person of Interest, Season 3, Episode 11 Quotes

Finch's: [Harold has fixed the car engine] I'll be damned. But you're not supposed to take things apart like that. You understand, Harold?
Young: Well, if they don't want you to get inside, they ought to build them better.

- You know, I can make things very unpleasant for you.
- "Unpleasant?" [chuckles]
- Oh, you service boys are so polite.
- Look, whoever came after claypool didn't get what they want.
- They will try again.
- You all right there, Dudley?
- You don't look so good.

Harold: You're in the hospital's employee database as Dr. Anne Moore.
Sameen: You sure you don't want to play MD, Harold? I never made a convincing doctor, even when I was one.

- No.
- It's like you said.
- Your file system is corrupted.
- No. That's not it.
- I remember Diane.
- Diane is dead.
- I buried her two years ago, on June 12th, 2011.
- You do remember.
- Go.

Diane: Doctor? Why do you have a gun? What happened to his guards?
Sameen: We have to go.
Diane: Why?
Sameen: Because there are people coming after your husband.
Diane: What kind of people?
Sameen: The kind you need a gun for.

Detective: What do you think, you're the only one that's hurting? My partner got shot. So tell me how hiding out in your old man's watering hole is gonna fix it.I saw the sign for the army base about five miles back. I thought maybe this was where you were stationed. Until I saw the picture.
[Points to a photo above the bar]
Detective: And the resemblance.
John: My dad was here before he was deployed to Vietnam. Did four tours. He was a bona fide war hero.
Detective: Was he killed in action?
John: No. At the refinery where he worked. Hadn't even been home two months.
Detective: That's rough. But what's that have to do with what happened to Carter?
John: Nothing. Just proves that no matter what we do or don't do in this world, bad things are still gonna happen. It's pointless. Irrelevant.
Detective: How can you say that? You saved lots of people, including me. You're saying that was pointless?
[Reese is silent]
Detective: All right. Let's go.
John: I'm not leaving.
Detective: I wasn't talking about leaving.

- You really shouldn't stand so close to the windows.
- Who are you people?
- We're the ones keeping you and your husband safe.
- What about his security detail?
- Shouldn't the secret service know we're here?
- Right now, the only people I trust are in this room.

- Fusco: Reese has really gone off the reservation this time.
- Shaw: We 're out of options.
- We need root.
Finch's Father: I know this is our only option, Ms. Shaw.
- I just want to make sure we 're prepared for what may happen.
Finch's Father: Mr. Reese, we save lives.
- You save lives.
- Reese: Not all of them.

- I mean, what's your field of expertise?
- Insurance.
- Man: He's got a gun! [Screaming]
- Who are those people?
- Why are they shooting at us?
- What do they want?
- You, Arthur.
- Me? What did I do to them?

Arthur: Harold, do you recall Arise, Ye Sons Of MIT?
Harold: Oh, I...
Arthur: [Starts singing] Arise, ye sons of MIT, in loyal brotherhood the future beckons unto ye and life is full and good...
Arthur: [Harold joins in] Arise, and raise your steins on high tonight shall ever be a memory that will never die, ye sons of MIT
Sameen: John's gonna be sorry he missed that.

- How can you say that?
- You saved lots of people, including me.
- You're saying that was pointless?
- All right. Let's go.
- I'm not leaving.
- I wasn't talking about leaving.

Sameen: Well, I can get rid of the guard dogs. I just need a gallon of anything flammable.
Harold: What?
Sameen: Oh, relax, Finch, we're in a hospital.
Harold: Miss Shaw, I am sure there are ways to get to Claypool that do not involve any kind of combustion.

- And where is Rudy?
- This isn't a scan.
- It's an interrogation.
- Is everything all right?
- No.
- Whoever the threat against claypool is, they're already here.
- Freeze! Don't move.
- Ms. Shaw?
- So much for being quick.

- And I suppose that's why I keep coming back here.
- Just on the hope that Arthur will remember who I am, even for a moment and if he does, I'm gonna be there.
- I'm sorry.
- Um... I should get back to work.
- His security detail is gone.
Finch's Father: And claypool?

- He won't come with me, Harold.
- Please calm down.
- Harold, I...
- Arthur, come on.
- We need to leave.
- Harold?
- That's right.
- Finally, somebody I recognize.
- How long has it been?
- Quite some time.

- I found them.
- According to this, his diagnosis is glioblastoma multiforme.
- Brain tumor.
- Does it give a prognosis?
- Terminal.
- So, assuming this guy is the victim, who would wanna kill a dying man?
- Isuppose that's what we need to find out.

Sameen: And how are you doing today, Mr. Claypool?
Arthur: I suspect more honeybee than dragonfly.
Sameen: Excuse me?
Arthur: Lifespans. Dragonfly is four months. Honeybee is four weeks.
Sameen: Well, so long as you don't go mayfly on me, we won't have a problem.

John: Go home, Detective.
[Fusco follows him to the bar]
John: Lionel...
Detective: I heard you. You know what? This is a public place. I've got just as much right to be here as you.
John: Fine. But if you're gonna sit here, you're gonna drink and not talk. You understand?
Detective: Fine by me.
John: [to the bartender] Whiskey. Double.
Detective: Bourbon and soda. Hold the bourbon.

- What you building there, son?
- It's an array of floating gate transistors, configured as a series of nand gates.
- It's a memory system. Watch.
- D? A?
- D?
- Now, just watch this.

- Must you do that?
- So we have another number.
- I haven't decided.
- "Decided?"
- I didn't think you got to decide.
- Actually, I do.
- Okay, well, is that gonna happen anytime soon or should I be looking for some action elsewhere?

- He said his tumor was causing memories to flood out of him, including some that shouldn't.
- Could be someone's planning on shutting him up for good.
- His security detail is using a three-man wedge formation.
Finch's Father: Meaning what?
- Meaning they're secret service.
- Finch, who the hell is this guy?

Arthur: He is not deceived who knows himself to be deceived.

Harold: You'll be safe here while I make arrangements to get you both out of harm's way
Arthur: Harm's way? Why, are we in danger?
[Everyone looks at him]
Arthur: Oh, yes, the gun people.

- Elizabeth Ross.
- A name shared with a hero of the revolutionary war, more commonly known as Betsy Ross.
- Revolutionary war? I'll give you one guess who that might be.
- Vigilance. And they're here.
- It's Collier.

- you can help me recover something else that belongs to me.
- Your greatest achievement.
- Oh, I'm afraid I can't do that.
- One of you is gonna tell me what it is I wanna know.
- And whoever does...
- Will be the one who gets to leave here.
- Alive.

Sameen: Mrs. Claypool, do you know of anyone who'd want to hurt your husband?
Diane: Arthur? No. He was - is the most gentle man. Why would you ask?
Sameen: His security detail.
Diane: Oh, them. No. They're just here because of where he worked.
Sameen: And where was that?
Diane: The National Security Agency. He would not want me to tell you that, but I don't really see the point in hiding it anymore.
Sameen: Your husband must be a pretty important guy.
Diane: I wouldn't know. He never talked to me about his work, so I finally just stopped asking, and then we kind of stopped talking altogether.
Sameen: Talking's overrated.
[Diane glances at her]
Sameen: I mean, that must have been really hard.

Agent: So what agency do you work with? FSB, MSS?
Sameen: You're wasting your time. You should be protecting Claypool. That tech dosed him with sodium pentothol.
Agent: How would you know something like that?
Sameen: The same way you would, if you'd done any real field work.
Agent: You know, I can make things very unpleasant for you.
Sameen: Unpleasant? Oh, you Service boys are so polite. Look, whoever came after Claypool didn't get what they want. They will try again.
[the agent starts choking]
Sameen: You all right there, Dudley? You don't look so good.
[Easton passes out]
Sameen: Finch any chance you spiked the Secret Service guy's fried rice?
Harold: No.
Sameen: Then we have a problem.

Finch's: You have greatness in you, Harold. Your mind, the things that you can see...
Young: It's not...
Finch's: And it's wasted here. You should be heading off to college, not taking care of an old man.
Young: I'm not going anywhere. And besides, they're building a computer network right now that's going to connect all the universities in the country. If I can't leave town, I'll bring the information to me. I'll find a way.
Finch's: Careful, son. Don't be reckless. Don't get yourself into something you shouldn't.
Young: [Smiles] If they don't want you to get inside, they ought to build it better.

- Dr. Moore.
- Or whatever your name is.
- Please.
- Whoever put this identity together for you really knew what they were doing.
- Which brings me to my next questions.
- Who are you, and what do you want with Arthur claypool?

- Holy crap. How'd you do that?
- Dude, that was way too much fun to be legal.
- Harold.
- I need you to come with me.
- It's about your dad.

- That occurred to me as well.
- As did the possibility that the threat may be from his own security detail.
- To protect the government's secrets.
- You need to get close to him.
- Easier said than done.

- It would appear so.
- But... [Sighs]
- But then that would mean...
- That there was a second machine.
- And Arthur built it.
- Man: Copy that. I found Harold, and I'm taking them both home now.
- Woman: Ten-four.

Sameen: We have a new number yet?
Harold: No, not at this time.
Sameen: It's been a while. Guess the city's scumbags have been behaving.
Harold: We could use a little quiet.
Sameen: I don't do quiet. That's why I took this job, and the one before that.

Arthur: After 9/11, the government had everyone and their cat trying to build a system that could watch everything.
Harold: They came to you as well.
Arthur: Yes. I told them the only way they could achieve what they wanted was to build something that not only watched, but understood what it was watching.
Harold: An AI.
Arthur: I know you always said artificial intelligence was a fool's errand, Harold, but I was this close.
Harold: Close?
Arthur: To making Samaritan operational. Truth is, I couldn't get it to work. I mean, I could've, if those pinhead bureaucrats would have just given me a few more weeks. I know I could have cracked it.
Harold: And that's when Congress shut you down.
Arthur: Well, not just us. All the programs. Stellar Wind, Tides, Genysis, Futuremap, Genoa. Within six months, they were all gone. They came for Samaritan February 25, 2005. For fear of "Violating civil liberties," or so they said.
Harold: And you thought there was another reason.
Arthur: The government wanted a system, Harold. They weren't just going to give up. They let Congress shut us down, all except for that piece of crap Prism, but that was just to throw anyone off the scent.
Harold: Of what?
Arthur: They'd already found it. Someone else had got there first.

Diane: I was concerned that you might disrupt my attempts to get close to Arthur. However, you proved to be quite useful, saving him from those misguided privacy terrorists and arranging it so I could meet your employer, who I've heard so much about. By the way, I didn't catch your last name, Harold.
Harold: What is it that you want from Arthur?
Diane: Just information. The location of his greatest achievement, Samaritan.
Arthur: Samar - No. Samaritan was destroyed.
Diane: I know the official story, Arthur. I also know about the drives. So where are they?
Arthur: [Confused] I don't know what you're talking about.
Harold: All right, stop it. He's telling you the truth. He doesn't know.
Diane: I'll find out soon enough. And since you and I have had the good fortune of meeting, you can help me recover something else that belongs to me. *Your* greatest achievement.
Harold: Oh, I'm afraid I can't do that.
Diane: One of you is going to tell me what it is I want to know. And whoever does, will be the one who gets to leave here... alive.

Diane: I'm Diane. I'm your wife. You just don't remember.
Arthur: No. No. Uh, I don't have time for these games. I am on a deadline. I have to fix it.
Diane: Fix what?
Arthur: Samaritan.

John: Hello, Lionel. Finch send you?
Detective: He's worried about you. Hell, we all are.
John: How'd you find me?
Detective: What do you think I won my badge in a poker game? Alright, Glasses helped a little.

Sameen: [Enters the library silently] I knew you were holding out on me.
Harold: [Startled] Must you do that?
Sameen: So we have another number.
Harold: I haven't decided.
Sameen: Decided? I didn't think you got to decide.
Harold: Actually, I do.
[Harold stares at his screen silently]
Sameen: Okay, well, is that going to happen anytime soon, or should I be looking for some action elsewhere?

Sameen: So you two know each other?
Arthur: Harold and I go all the way back to MIT.
Sameen: The mighty engineers, huh?
Arthur: You should have seen us, two young Turks at the dawn of the information age. We were gonna shape the future - remember, Harold?
Arthur: I do. Yes, but so do I.
[Notices Harold's walk]
Arthur: You're limping. Are you hurt?
Harold: No, it's just an old injury that never healed quite right.

- I'm talking about you ignoring her.
- She has a new number for us.
- How did you get this?
- Are you communicating with the machine?
- I understand why you wanna quit,
- Harold, but now is not the time.
- She wants us to work together.

Young: [Looking at the town sign] When was the last time they changed that sign?
Stewart: Why would they need to?
Young: Exactly. Paris has a population of 9 million.
Stewart: Who cares? You can't get to Paris from Lassiter.
Young: I'll take you to Paris.
[Picks up a pay phone, dials some numbers,and blows a whistle into the receiver. Harold then passes the phone to his friend]
French: Allo? Allo? C'est qui?
Stewart: Holy crap. How'd you do that? Dude, that was way too much fun to be legal.

Young: I'm making you a memory to help you remember stuff like turning off the stove, and if I keep working on it, I think I can make it so it can remember all the things that you can't.
Finch's: Now, we talked about this. I mean, what's wrong with me can't be fixed by you or by anybody else, okay?
Young: But what if I build a machine with lots of memory, one that could think?
Finch's: Well, even if you could, even if you could fill it with all my memories, it still wouldn't be me. You know, not everything that's broken was meant to be fixed.

- It's not like this job's any safer.
- Speaking of quiet, have you heard from Reese?
- As soon as he was strong enough to stand, he left without a word.
- Any idea where he went or when he's coming back?
- I'm afraid only Mr. Reese can answer those questions.
- Goodbye, Ms. Shaw.

- Finch, did you hear that?
- That seems to answer the question of whether claypool worked for the government.
- Yeah, on something called samaritan?
- The name is familiar.
- I'll see what I can dig up.
- Well, I don't think I'll be getting close to claypool anytime soon.
- But I can get to the next best thing.

- Come on, man, it's just a lucky shot.
- Well, your iuckjust ran out, pal.
- Hey! Hey! Hey, come on!
- Somebody help me!
- Take it easy, guys!
- Let me know if this is taking it easy.
- Man: Stop.

- What about you, Harold?
- You coming?
- When was the last time they changed that sign?
- Why would they need to?
- Exactly. Paris has a population of nine million.
- Who cares?
- You can't get to Paris from lassiter.
- I'll take you to Paris.

Arthur: [about his wife] How come I remember you and not her?
Harold: Because tumors do mysterious things to memory. It's like you said. Your file system is corrupted.
Arthur: [Shakes his head] No. That's not it. I remember Diane. Diane is dead. I buried her two years ago, on June 12, 2011.
Sameen: You do remember.
[Turns to Diane]
Diane: I suppose this was inevitable. And seeing as how time is a luxury we no longer have - Hersh.
Hersh: Perimeter is secure, ma'am.
Sameen: Ma'am? He works for you?
Diane: As did you at one time, Agent Shaw. I assume you always wanted to meet me.
Sameen: Control.

- one that could think?
- Well, even if you could, even if you could fill it with all my memories, it still wouldn't be me.
- You know, not everything that's broken was meant to be fixed.
- You understand?

John: When I said "Drink", I didn't mean club soda. Finch appoint you to be my designated driver too?
Detective: No, smart guy. I'm two years sober.
John: Why?
Detective: Because back when I was doing a lot of stupid things, drinking was one of them. And then this jackass in a suit showed up on my backseat and forced me at gunpoint to help him and take a look at who I was. Why'd I quit drinking? You. Don't let it go to your head.

- I'm not gonna fight you, Lionel.
- Hey!
- Come on.