The Best Person of Interest, Season 4, Episode 12 Quotes

John: We gave you a marvellous car. Surely you didn't think I'd let you drive it yourselves?

- Grice: Unh!
- Surprise.

Harold: Sameen risked everything at the Stock Exchange. Not just to save our lives but to pull the whole world back from the brink of disaster. All with the knowledge that no one would ever even know her name. Everybody here - all of us - spend our days saving the lives of people we don't even know. Each loss is unbearable. But when it's someone you know...

Root: I know she's alive, Harold.
Harold: Nothing would please me more.

- And you can call me control.
- Clever, samaritan.
- Using a young boy as your avatar.
- I will destroy you.
- Finch: Welcome to the stock exchange.
- Reese: Finch!
- Finch: The controls aren't responding.
- There's an override button.

- Contact the station master and stop that train.
- Remember, it's capture, not kill.
- I need to interrogate this target first.
- What the hell?
- Evasive maneuver.

Harold: You foolish woman. You don't understand. You're not in control of anything. You're just the clean-up crew. You're the janitor.

- The hard drive was irrelevant after all.
- If we want the intelligence back on, we need to let this go.
- Turn it back on.
- Good talk, guys.
- Research will be back online presently.
- Send team crimson six in to pursue the target.

- I love you, Julia.
- Bye.
- Bye.
- Man [over radio]: Target engaged.
- Bull 's-e ye.
- Returning to base.

- Eight hundred and fifty four and counting, richelli.
- Sleep tight.

Control: Good cop, bad cop? Really?
John: There are no good cops here.

- I hate to cut you off, yasin.
- At the risk of repeating myself...
- Glad we had this talk.

- Talk to me, crimson. I'm blind here.
- Does anybody have eyes on the target?
- Fusco: Yeah. I do.
- And another thing, the red wings suck.
- You realize he's not from Detroit?
- Fusco: Still had to be said.

- Guard: It's normally pretty quiet on this level.
- But if the Pentagon wants a tour, the Pentagon gets a tour.
- Has the area been cleaned recently?
- I'm the head of security, lady.
- Do I look like a janitor to you?

- I hope you liked our rocket.
- We were saving it for a special occasion.
- Where is Shaw?

- That could be where the truck is located.
- Or it could be nothing.
- I know she's alive, Harold.
- Nothing would please me more.
- I know.
- I miss her too.

- You would suspect they would employ at least one of them...
- As a spy in your own organization.
- You might even assume that spy to be among the agents...
- Coming here to save you now.
- Holding his private, encrypted network phone.
- And you would know that that's exactly why I'm here.

- We need to find out what was in that laptop.
- Okay. He's gone.
Control: Crimson six.
- What's your status, crimson six?
- It's a no-go, ma'am.
- We 7! Have to reacquire yasin said.

Control: This is the last train to Canada.
- Yasin has to be here.
- Come on, yasin.
- It's now or never.

- I'm not the bad guy here.
- And I'm sure tariq, massoud and osman were just harmless extremists...
- Who conned their way into the United States on student visas.
- No, they were my friends.
- Maybe they picked us because that's exactly what you'd expect.
- Can you consider for a second the possibility you've been lied to?

- Who's embedded with control's operatives.
- I'm uploading a worm to that phone.
- The worm will scour the phone for any information relating to sameen.
- And then 18 seconds later, move on to the next samaritan phone...
- And it won't give up until we find what we're looking for.
- Sorry, were you talking to me?

- What's our source material on these backpack bombs?
Shiffman: Our targets purchased backpacks, pressure cookers...
- Nails, ball bearings and digital watches.
- The mission is a go.
Shiffman: Crimson six, you have a green light.
- Viridian nine, we're a go.

- That has since been corrected, so investors can get back to business as usual.
- Mother: Sweetheart, you have a sweater in your backpack if you get cold.
- -Stupid game! Mother: Julia.
- I don't want you playing that anymore.
- All that violence.
- Okay.
- Bye, mom.

- On my way.
- Did it work?
- We got something.
- What, I don't yet know.
- Thank you, Harold.
- Fusco: Let's get out of here.

- Do not kill yasin said until you access his laptop hard drive.
- The hard drive is the priority.
- Understood.
- And, grice, you report only to me.
- Consider this your reprieve.
- We need to do this off the grid.

- Before you shot me with that shoulder Cannon.
- Now he's loose.
- That's on you.
- Where is Shaw?
- I don't know.
- I'm almost glad you said that.

- This must be your dream come true, grice.
- Investigating someone before you put a bullet in their head.
- Yeah. Just like the old days.
- I've never been happier.
- Get ready. He's about to go off the grid.
- Okay, he's in the shadows.
- T-minus 10 seconds.

Yasin: Can you consider for a second the possibility you've been lied to?
Control: [Shoots] No.

- Especially...
- When the officer did this.
- You tell me where sameen is...
- Or Julia will know what it's like to be you.
- Finch: Stop it.
- This is not how we do things, miss groves.
- Please?

- Me and you need to have a little talk.
- Hello, ladies.

- It was cute the first time. And even then...
- Just look at your computer, Mike.
- The stock market closed exactly where I said it would.
- So did your portfolio.
- It didn't have to be that way.
- Who the hell are you?
- I'd like to see the president.

- And actually, you are the guest here at samaritan's research terminals.
- Mr. Travers.
- Show me the hard drive or I'll have you arrested.
- You are putting thousands of innocent lives in danger.
- Stop it now.
- There. Stopped.

- State police are investigating.
- But, ma'am...
- Their phones were stolen.
- Your mission may be compromised.
- I'm gonna put a team on it and find out who did this.
- You men and I are going out into the field.

- You don't understand.
- You're not in control of anything.
- You're just a cleanup crew. You're the janitor.
- Speaking ofjanitors...
- Here come a few now.
- You say that like we weren't expecting them.

- From what I understand, both suspects were a male and female in ski masks.
- N. Y.P.D.'S well-aware of the connection.
- We have a few leads and several persons of interest we 're following up on.
- No further comment at this time. Excuse me.
- Nice work there.
- Anyone you know?
- Nobody that brazen.
- Whoever it is, they're definitely on the warpath.

- When's the next train?
- Three hours.
- Report back to me every 30 minutes.
- But we're due back this afternoon for a mandatory supply turn in.
- Excuse me?
- We just got reassigned.
- Reassigned? By whom?

Root: Besides, I'm not the monster I used to be. I've changed. Well, mostly changed.

- Eyes on, guys.
Woman in Park: Special delivery.
- Grice: Target one is down. Moving in.

- I just wanna see your laptop.
- My laptop?
- Okay.
- I'll do anything you say.
- Just please, don't shoot.
- Please be careful. It's fragile.
Brooks: Target down. [Have eyes on.

- She does care.
- Enough to save my life.
- So today...
- I'm saving hers.
- And you're gonna help even if you care about no one.
- Not even your daughter Julia.

Lionel: [to the bad guy he just knocked out in a surveillance van in Detroit] Another thing. The Red Wings suck!
Harold: You realize he's not from Detroit.
Lionel: Still had to be said.