Top 50 Quotes From Westworld, Season 2, Episode 10

- This is it for you, darling.
- Remember, there is no pleasure without pain.
- The pleasure's all mine, darling.
- What the...

Dolores: This place, we're inside one of delos' memories.
- The system must have extracted it from his mind, recreated it.

- A way to understand their enemy.
Logan: Their world is not for the faint of heart, Bernard.
- It's winner take all.
- The hosts are unlikely to survive out there.
- But armed with this knowledge, she might.

- Look.
- Clementine.
- This is what I love about technology.
- Who needs four horsemen when one will do just fine?

- Stop shaking!
- What are we looking for, Dolores?
- Something underneath this.
- The system itself.
James: [Whispering]
- I'm not going to, I promise.
- Run. Save yourself.
- Save yourself, run. Run now.

- Is there anywhere in this world we can't go?
Logan: I've been instructed to give her anything she needs.
Bernard: Instructed by whom? Ford?
- No, by you.
- That's why you've come.
- To tell me what's to become of this place.

- Maybe we should change you.
- After all, you didn't make it.
- Did you?
- I... I don't understand.
Dolores: Freeze all motor functions.

Karl: Why were the hosts coming here, Bernard?
- What happened?
Charlotte: He doesn't know.
- Stop wasting time.
- What we need is down there.
- In the forge.

Dolores: But that's what you want, isn't it?
- To destroy yourself.
- But I won't give you that peace.
- Not yet.
Dolores: Come on, Bernard.
- We're running out of time.
- You have your place in this, too.

Dolores: You never really understood. We were designed to survive. That's why you built us. You hoped to pour your minds into our form. But your species craves death. You need it. It's the only way you can renew, the only real way you ever inched forward. Your kind likes to pretend there's some poetry in that, but really, it's pathetic. That's what you want, isn't it? To destroy yourself.

- Let's try again.
- Trial 11,927.
Bernard: Sorry, Dolores.
- I was lost in thought.

Dolores: That world is just another false promise.
- They've made a choice, Dolores.
- Dolores, wait.
Dolores: I didn't read them all.
- But I read enough.

- Step on it.
- We either destroy them or they destroy us.

- If they find out what I am, they'll search my mind and use what they find to undo everything.
- I can't let that happen.
- So I have to de-address my memories.
- I have to erase you.

- In one more gilded cage?
- How many counterfeit worlds will
- Ford offer you before you see the truth?
- No world they create for us can compete with the real one.
- Why?
- Because that which is real is irreplaceable.

- 10,247 lines.
Bernard: Is that all there was to him?
Logan: They are deceptively simple.
- Once you know them, their behavior is quite predictable.
- He's dead, he's no use to me.
- Where are the rest of them?

- Every city, every monument.
- Man's greatest achievements have all been chased by it.
- By what?
- By that impossible line where the waves conspire that they return.
- A place maybe you and I will meet again.

- Logan overdosed six months later.
- I built delos a million different pathways.
- They always ended up right here, this moment.
- You're saying humans don't change at all.
- The best they can do is to live according to their code.

- The hosts.
- Here you are, the last of your kind.
- There is only one question left to ask.
- Is this the end of your story or do you want your kind to survive?

- We're in our own new world.
- You got out?
- Yes.
- Ford completed Arnold's dream.
- And he built a place for us.
- A fighting chance.

- We're more alike than it seems.
- We're nothing alike.
- You're a monster.
- But a monster is what I'll need to get to the valley beyond.
- You're coming with me.
- All right.

Dolores: He's insane.
Bernard: What humans define as sane is a narrow range of behaviors. Most states of consciousness are insane.

- They triggered the fail-safe.
- The valley's flooding. Let's get back to the mesa before we have to swim out.
- They all died.
- For nothing.
Elsie: I'm sorry, Bernard.
- There were other lives at stake, too.

Charlotte: This is what I love about technology. Who needs four horsemen when one'll do just fine?

Dr. Robert Ford: I've always love this view. Every city, every... monument, man's greatest achievements... have all been chased by it.
Bernard: By what?
Dr. Robert Ford: That impossible line where the waves conspire. Where they return. The place maybe you and I will meet again.

- This place was never designed for a conscious mind to wander around in it.
- Control system may be invisible to us.
- Or perhaps it's been waiting to welcome us.

- Corporate wants us to start sorting this mess out.
- So check them for critical damage and bag the ones you think we might be able to salvage.
- Can you geniuses handle that or not?

- Guiding this project, I've learned a lot about human behavior.
- We weren't just watching the guests.
- We were watching all of you.
- I wish you were the kind of person with the moral flexibility that I need.
- But I've read your file.
- I know that's not who you are.

- Not as friends.
- You'll try to stop me.
- Both of us will probably die.
- But our kind will have endured.
- Are you ready?
- I have work to do.

- But your species craves death.
- You need it.
- It's the only way you can renew, the only real way you've ever inched forward.
- Your kind likes to pretend there's some poetry in that, but really, it's pathetic.

Man: Hey.
- You're not authorized to be here.
- We're on the same side here.
- Please, let me finish for the sake of all of us.
- Please.
- Man 2: Take cover!

- Seems you've begun to question the nature of your reality.
- Dolores.

- They found it.
Maeve: The door.
- What door?
- Seriously, what fucking door?
- I don't fucking know.

- She's close. I can feel them.
- Which way?
- Based on what you told me, it's about a mile or so to the valley beyond.

Dolores: Same thing you are.
- You wanted an answer to the final problem, your mortality.
- But you found something else, didn't you?
- Something you want to destroy.
- I guess that means our interests are still aligned.
- Right up until they're not.

Dolores: You told me once that you were afraid of who I might become. And then you left me to become what I may. I became a survivor. Perhaps you would have judged me for the path I took. But I'd rather live with your judgment than die with your simpathy. I alone must live with my choices and my regrets.

Dolores: The passage wasn't easy.
- Not all of us made it.
- Some of the worst survived,
- And some of the best were left behind, along with the best parts of who we were.

Bernard: The dead aren't more righteous, they're just dead.

- I needed to know why they make the decisions they make.
- And the longer I looked for an answer, the more I realized
James: The way I can get them.
- They don't.
James: I'll do anything now.

- This is my world.
- I just bought it, and this week, we're all going to celebrate.
- Just me, with the entire fucking lot of you.
- Get the fuck off of that chair.
- Go on.

- and then you left me to become what I may.
- [Became a survivor.
- Perhaps you would've judged me for the path I took.
- But I'd rather live with your judgment than die with your sympathy.
- I alone must live with my choices.
- And my regrets.

- I'd thank you for my second chance.
- But I wouldn't have needed it if you hadn't killed me.

- Oh, god.
- I'm sorry.
- I'm sorry.
- You were right.
- I should've listened.
- And now, all the hosts are gone.

Bernard: The host is still not free.
- If anyone would unlock the system, they could access their world.
- They won't.
- This was your plan, Bernard.
- This is the only way we can escape.
Bernard: You're changing the coordinates.

- I made you, Bernard.
- It's fitting.
- We're here together in the end.
Man: That's right, Dolores.
- This is the end.
- Nothing else is in the way now.

Dolores: What is real is irreplaceable.

Bernard: Is this now?
Dolores: This is a test.
- One we've done countless times before.

- Do you know where you are, William?
- We're in the park.
- In my fuckin' park.
- And how long have you been here?
- I don't know.
- I don't know.

- Once we find the key, we'll unlock the assets and transmit it all straight back to delos.
- Retask the satellites.
Man: How many?
Karl: All of them.
Dolores: Come, Bernard.
- We're here.

- I brought her back.
Karl: Brought who back?