The Best The Wire, Season 4, Episode 4 Quotes

Bubbles: He need to be here though. Ain't no 'bout a doubt it.

- What y'all learn?
- I said give me the remote.
- Mm-mm.
- Give it.
- Math your favorite, right?
- Start with it.
- I like math.
- Yeah, you good at it too.
- Watched this show five damn times.

- See ya.
- Decision time, son.
- Yo, what's your play?

Marlo: That's my money.
Omar: Man, money ain't got no owners, only spenders

- So, it ain't no moonlighting thing, then.
- Nah, he ain't no real police.
- He full time on this
- Mickey mouse shit here.
- What he do again?
- Talked back.
- Go over hilltop now?
- Yeah, we got that too.

[the deacon finds Cutty at his gym, getting ready to spar against Michael]
The: Your Sabbath best?
Dennis: You hang around, you can see me preach on some young'uns. Solemn left and sanctified right. Why you down here on a Sunday, Deacon?
The: You need to see Ms. Donnelly at Tilghman Middle. She's got some custodial work, you might call it. Union wage.
Dennis: Custodial?
The: See Ms. Donnelly tomorrow, she can explain it better than I can.
Dennis: Tell me somethin'. How is it you got so much wisdom about who should be where?
The: A good church man is always up in everybody's shit. That's how we do.

- Hey, yo, banker, cash me out, yo.
- Boy, you want a head on that body, you best hop to.
- That's my money.
- Man, money ain't got no owners, only spenders.
- I tell you something else -
- I like that ring too.
- Boy, you got me confused with a man repeats himself.

[A security guard has spotted Marlo shoplifting lollipops at the corner store]
Security: The fuck? You think I dream of coming to work up in this shit on a Sunday morning? Tell all my friends what a good job I got? I'm working to support a family, man.
[Marlo looks away]
Security: Pretend I ain't talking to you. Pretend like I ain't even on this earth. I know what you are. Now, I ain't stepping to, but I am a man. And you just clip that shit and act like you don't even know I'm there.
Marlo: I don't.
[unwraps a stolen lollipop, throws wrapper on the ground]
Security: I'm here.
[Marlo moves closer to him]
Security: Look, I told you I ain't stepping to. I ain't disrespecting you, son.
Marlo: You want it to be one way.
Security: What?
Marlo: You want it to be one way.
Security: Man, I don't want it to be --
Marlo: You want it to be one way.
Security: [losing temper] Man, stop --
[pulls himself together]
Security: Stop saying that.
Marlo: But it's the other way.

Marlo: That's my money.
Omar: Man, money ain't got no owners. Only spenders.

- If there ain't at least a few hundred k in that room, I wish myself blind.
- Serious, Joe.
- I say again, have you ever known me to be a stupid man?
- What are the strings?
- No strings.
- What's your cut, then?
- Quarter of the take.
- I scope this and it don't look right,
- I'm gonna come back on you now, Joe.

- Sydnor and massey.
- And they're on the street, making rips.
- That's what we do here now.
- We get on the street and we rip and run.
- Can you get with that, sergeant?
- The western district way, sir.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.

- The point of the co-op is we stand together.
- We share information, and no one fucks with any of us.
- No one fucks with me now.
- That don't mean there couldn't be some unforeseen cir...
- No one fucks with me now.

- "Tater killed me."
- Oh!
- Is it typed? 'Cause that would hold up a lot better in court.

- and one day in October.
- One day?
- After that, they don't lose the government money, so we done with it.
- Nah, man. School is school.
- Yeah, well, I'm just trying to school you, brother.
- All right, which one of y'all still need your September day?
- Get it over with now, we won't be messing with y'all later.

Marlo: One day soon, I'm walking out with a Rolls, hear?
Poker: Way you've been going to school up in this here room, son, I suspect you're gonna walk out of here with Morgan fucking Freeman to drive it for you, too.

- Excuse me for a moment.
- Bill, this is nuts.
- I told him that.
- If this gets out, who do you think it's gonna land on?
- I got two years to make 40 and a pension bump.
- Look, I don't agree with the call either, but it's his call, not yours, not mine.
- He's the one over at city hall every day getting his ass chewed.

- or some shit, I don't know.
- See, but me?
- I like me a town car.
- Man look quiet and correct in one of them.
- So, I tell you what - you win this, you be sure to pick one up for yourself, son.

- Shit, nigger, turn.
- Man got clubs.
- One day soon I'm walking out with a rolls, hear?
- Way you been going to school up here, son,
- I suspect you're gonna walk out of here with Morgan Freeman to drive it for you too.
- See y'all next time.

- Like I'm supposed to cry and shit?
- You got soft eyes, you can see the whole thing.
- You got hard eyes, you're staring at the same tree, missing the forest.
- Oh, zen shit.
- Soft eyes, grasshopper.

- keep him in the hole in the hole down in the hole down in the hole keep him in the hole keep him in the...
- Down in the hole down in the hole keep him in the hole keep him in the...
- Down in the hole down in the hole

- Next thing, them touts calling out the heroin be the only thing you can hear.
- What's that?
- Workbook I need to use with this.
- So you read from the small one and answer questions in the big one?
- Yeah, ain't no thing.

- but spider ain't been hanging out, and, Marcus, I know you got your mother.
- So, Michael, you want to see the fights?
- You going?
- Yeah, I'm in.
- Yeah, all right.
- All right.
- Come on, get this headgear off.

- Don't sweat it. I got mine right here.
- Good.
- You want to take a look? Won't bite.
- Hey, don't forget the stippling.
- I'm a rookie?
- There's something in his hand.
- Yeah?
- Give her some tweezers.

- You want it to be one way.
- What?
- You want it to be one way.
- I don't know...
- You want it to be one way.
- Man, stop.
- Stop saying that.
- But it's the other way.

- Oh? What do you want?
- Another methane probe?
- Or some other
- CSI bullshit that don't exist?
- You're the primary on the braddock case.
- The dead witness.
- Norris is back in the rotation.
- What?
- You caught your first murder. Kudos.

Det. William 'Bunk' Moreland: You know what you need at a crime scene?
Det. Shakima 'Kima' Greggs: Rubber gloves?
Det. William 'Bunk' Moreland: Soft eyes.
Det. Shakima 'Kima' Greggs: Like I'm suppose to cry and shit?
Det. William 'Bunk' Moreland: If you got soft eyes, you can see the whole thing. If you got hard eyes - you staring at the same tree missing the forest.
Det. Shakima 'Kima' Greggs: Ah, zen shit.
Det. William 'Bunk' Moreland: Soft eyes, grasshopper.

- Mr. P, ashanti Graham.
- You gots to know him.
- He was a player for real.

- A bit, yeah.
- You'll do fine. Just fine.
- As tender as this moment may be, detective, you've got mail.
[Lester] You got Lyon on your ass already?
[Jay] Another switch-up on the methane probes.
- I'd call that number. Get on top of that shit before you catch a case.
- Chair or no chair.

- Thank you, very entertaining.
- Sit down. Get in your seats!
- Sit down, sit down.
- Kwaneese, sit down.
- Sit down, now.
- Yo, Mr. P, you ever choke somebody dead like...
- Yo, you ever get videoed?

- We're just gonna try to find a way to get to some of the troubled kids who won't be in the system too much longer.
- Well, look, just make sure there's no fuss.
- Nothing that gets anyone upset, you know?
- There's an election, and we don't want to put our schools in the middle of that mess.
- No, indeed.

- the playground over at baker and moreland would be at the center of it.
- And as I got older, the playground just kept on getting bigger, went beyond the neighborhood.
- Everything changes, you know?
- One minute the ice-cream truck be the only thing you want to hear.

Dennis: I'm gonna show you as gently as I can how much you don't know.

Joseph: How do we begin?
Omar: You the one called the meet. Why don't we begin by you respectin' my time and gettin' to it?
Joseph: First of all, I heard you may be under the impression I was somehow involved with the late Mr. Bell in his play against you with Brother Mouzone. I was no way involved. Stringer came at me to set up the parley with you. He used me like he used y'all, I feel the need to say.
Omar: It's said, then. Tip out on it.
Joseph: Businessman such as myself does not believe in bad blood with a man such as yourself. Disturbs the sleep.
Omar: Oh, I bet it do.
Joseph: By way of amends, a proposition. I know of a card game on the Westside. High rollers, lots of cash money, boxcar-size.
Omar: You tryin' to set me up, Joe?
Joseph: You ever known me to be stupid? I'm tryin' to make things right here with you.
Butchie: How much we talkin' about?
Joseph: If there ain't at least a few hundred K in that room, I wish myself blind.
[Butchie and Omar burst out laughing]
Butchie: Serious, Joe.
Joseph: I say again: have you ever known me to be a stupid man?
Butchie: What are the strings?
Joseph: No strings.
Omar: What's your cut, then?
Joseph: Quarter of the take.
[Omar thinks for a second]
Omar: I scope this, and it don't look right, I'm gonna come back on ya now, Joe.
[Joe nods solemnly]

- The bedroom's clear.
- Yeah, basement too.
- Clear.
- Yeah.

- You know what they say about the man who volunteers to take the back?
- He buys.
- B&o tavern, tonight at nine, son.
- I throw myself out after one.
- Shit.
- You don't believe me, ask bunk.
- True.

- Yeah, I see that.
- I see that.

- Oh, you funny.
- Yeah, I guess I'm on your package.
- Where the boy at
- Michael?
- He ain't no regular.
- He's just working off a debt.
- Why? Why you care?
- Never mind you why.
- "Why" ain't in your repertoire, nigger.

Deacon: A good churchman is always up in everybody's shit.

- Nah, I keep a couple custodial positions unfilled every year just for this.
- Those kids? You haul 'em in, you cross 'em off the list.
- Each kid, one time, clear the list.
- Come October, you start on the list again.
- Job's yours if you want it.
- Pays 12 an hour.
- Excuse me, hon. Sit.

Kathleen: [Answering a call Kima has been asked to make to a Mr. Lyon] Hello, Kathleen O'Shea.
Det. Shakima 'Kima' Greggs: Yes, hello? I need to speak with Mr. Lyon about the protocols.
Kathleen: I beg your pardon?
Det. Shakima 'Kima' Greggs: Mr. Lyon, please.
Kathleen: You sound a little old for this, hon.
Det. Shakima 'Kima' Greggs: Excuse me?
Kathleen: Who is this?
Det. Shakima 'Kima' Greggs: This is Detective Greggs with the...
Kathleen: This is the Baltimore City Zoo.

- This is where I leave you.
- Your class. Language arts, huh?
- Yes.
- Anyway, you should see it without me.
- They behave differently when I'm around.
- No doubt.

- Phone number in the other hand.
- A standard confidentiality agreement.
- And this one?
- Oh, that one indemnifies us should you or any of your staff be injured.

- You keep training, I'm telling you, boy, you can get there.
- See, the last fight was the best.
- The puerto rican boy had a good left.
- Yeah, shit was tight.
- This it, right here on the right.
- All right.
- All right now.
- I'll see you tomorrow, coach.