Top 50 Quotes From Westworld, Season 3, Episode 3

- Hey. Hey, I got you. It's okay.
- We gotta get you to the hospital.

- Tell me it won't always be like this.
- That we'll be able to be ourselves.
- We will.
- But until then, we have to be smarter than them.
- Or they will find us.
- And they will kill us.

Dolores: You're angry.
Caleb: No. I am enraged.
Dolores: I know the feeling.

Dolores: [to Charlotte] You're a creature of beauty and power.

- So I'm gonna sing it to you now. Okay?
[Singing shakily] You are my sunshine my only sunshine you make me happy when skies are gray you'll never know, dear how...

- So I'm gonna sing it to you now.
- Okay? [Sniffles]
[Singing] You are my sunshine my only sunshine you make me happy...
- Sorry to bother you, but the school called.
- You're running late.

- To make a composite.
- Of you.
- Of everyone.
- So it tells them who I am?
- It's not about who you are, Caleb.
- It's about who they'll let you become.

- Police override.
- We have a police escort?
[Doctor] They're pulling us over.
- No, we don't have time for this.

- And I need information on someone.
- Name?
- Nichols.
- Caleb Nichols.
- It seems Mr. Nichols met with some unexpected guests at vista treatment.
- And incite has lowered his life expectancy.

- Of course I love you.
- Is this because mommy and daddy don't live together anymore?
- You know...
- Whatever happens between mommy and daddy, we will always love you.
- Do you want me to tuck you in?

- Fuck that.
- They can't know that.
- Are they wrong?
- You never come back here, middle of the night, think things over?

- You're a good boy.
- Who are you?
- It's me, mom.
- Caleb.
- I want my son back.
- Where's Cal?

- You belong to me.
- You know that, right?
- Yes.
- Good.
- Don't hurt yourself.
- Never again.

Clyde: You wanna end up a stain on the concrete, next to your pet?
Estefan: I'm only gonna ask you this one more time.
- Where is she?
- I'm right here.

[Automated voice] Your number cannot be completed as...
[Automated voice] Password accepted.
- Connecting.
- Hello? Hello?
- I want to meet.

- Stay here.
- Rest.
- I'll have some new clothes sent up.
- Will you stay?

Charlotte: If I ever lost you, I don't know what I'd do.
Dolores: You'd survive.

[Automated voice] Working.
- Room secured. Floor 14, suite 7.
- Buy out the rooms on either side.
[Automated voice] Negotiating.
- In case you have to kill me.
- It won't come to that.

- Cradle me so I can see if I'm doomed

- Let me guess.
- I had my first beer right there.
- Buddy of mine from high school had a fake ID.
- We spent the day imagining sailing away on some fancy yacht.
- Your magic 8-ball tell you that?
- Then why are we here?
- This is where you kill yourself.

- Who the hell are you?
- I'm Dolores.
- Well, Dolores...
- Nice to finally meet you.

- Bring yourself back online.
- Record and timestamp.
- This is Charlotte Elizabeth hale.
- This is a message for Nathan.

- Happy to.
- Call the cops.
- They are the cops.
- Then they won't mind waiting for a uniform patrol to back them up.
- We don't have time for this shit.
- Step aside.
- Call the police.

- Girlie's worth a lot of money.
- Just tell us about her.
- Hlcutyouin.
- No girl.
- Just me.
- Alone.
- Remember we gave you the benefit of the doubt.

- Not anymore.
- You'll need a new name.
- They'll be looking for you now.
- You have to disappear.
- What about you?
- You're a good man, Caleb.
- But the less you know about me, the better.

[Shushes] He might hear.
- Who?

[Automated voice] Your number cannot be completed as dialed.
Dolores: I'm here.

- You aren't doing it right.
- I want my old mommy back.

Charlotte: He has a mole inside the company.
Dolores: We have to be smarter than them.
- Or they will find us.
- And they will kill us.

- Look what mommy got you.
- You are my sunshine.

Caleb: Who the hell are you?
Dolores: I'm Dolores.
Caleb: Well, Dolores... nice to finally meet you.

- We made 300.
- The Saudis backed out after the incident in the park.
- But we're working on new buyers.

Dolores: I don't need an algorithm to know the man who built the system, he won't go down without a fight.
Caleb: But with that man out of the way, at least this way I get to decide who I want to be.

- You're a vet. Right, man?
- Thank you for your service.
Clyde: You turned your drip off.
- What a waste.
- People would pay a fortune for a military-grade one.
- Sorry, dude. Forgot the anesthetic.

Caleb: [to Dolores] You wanna know why i didn't tell those guys about you ? You are the first real thing that has happened to me in a long time.

- Stop.
- Stop!
- Where the fuck are you taking me?

- on February 23rd and order the same thing.
- What, you've been watching me?
- Not me.
- But someone, something has.
- Sure.
- Big data compiles information on everybody.
- So what, Dolores?

- We're trying, but until this gives us a diagnosis and a treatment plan...
- She needs oxygen and blood and a stem pack for that wound.
- Recalculating.
- All right.
- Here we are.
- Recalculating.
- Diagnosis not found.

Estefan: Look at that.
- Good old uncle Sam.

[Automated voice] You've arrived home.
- 1050 fremont street.

- Yes.
- It's coming back now.
- I remember who I am.
- Good.
- Now let me show you...
- Who you need to pretend to be.

- Who's that?
- We have some time.
- They were willing to kill me just to get to you.
- So whatever you're into must be pretty bad.
- You must be hungry.
- Let me buy you breakfast.

Estefan: All right, Cal.
- Once more, with feeling.

- Work hard, keep striving...
- You'll never be more than a construction worker or a petty criminal because that's all they'll let you be.
- They won't invest in someone who's gonna kill himself.
- But by not investing, they ensure the outcome.

- Sadly, you are better informed than I am.
- I have a team searching for the data.
- But I need time.
- Time.
- Time is a luxury, my dear...
- Of which you have very little.

Dolores: I don't need an algorithm to know that... the man who built the system, he won't go down without a fight.
Caleb: Well... I am a dead man either way. At least this way... I get to decide who I wanna be.

[Sighs in relief] Jake.
- How the fuck did you get up here?
- I lived here for eight years, Charlie.
- Jesus, you really don't...

- the man who built the system, he won't go down without a fight.
- Well...
- I'm a dead man either way.
- At least this way,
- I get to decide who I wanna be.

- seeing you touch his little hand, you reminded me of something.
- Please... let... go.
- I would.
- But the harder I squeeze, the more I remember.
- I remember what it's like to be me.
- You're not the only predator here.

- Back it down.
- He can't even fucking talk!
- The fuck?
- You might as well tell us.
- No one's coming to help you.
- No one cares.
- Except maybe rin-tin-tin here.
- Enough of this shit.