The Best Westworld, Season 4, Episode 2 Quotes

Man: We aren't revisiting the past. We're recreating it.

- I think I might have written something like this.
- Doesn't change the fact that he was certifiable.
- And you wanna know how I know?
- He jumped off a roof.
- I gotta go.
- I'm gonna be late for work. I gotta go.

- I should have known.
- Known what?
- I ran away.
- Crossed the shining sea.
- And when I finally set foot back on solid ground...
- All I found was the same old shit.

- Oh, what's that smell?
Caleb: Oh, my god.

Peter: I thought it was the tower, but...
- It was you.

- I'm afraid it's a private course,
- Mr. Vice president.
- Federally leased lands, sweetheart.
- Don't worry, we'll keep it short.

- Whichever you prefer.
- We can stay here a while.
Maeve: Your services won't be required, darling.
- He may be rather basic, but he's still capable of pulling up his own trousers.
Sophia: I'll leave you to your selection.

Maeve: War is not an easy thing to put behind you.
Caleb: You seem pretty good at it.
Maeve: Well, I am an infinitely adaptable machine, darling.

- The only limit here is your imagination.
- All you do is make the choices.
- Starting here.
- Everything is bespoke and exactly your size.
- Excellent.
- I'd like a few of these, please.
- Wonderful.

- Just gotta flip the switch.
- Besides, I'm taking my business back to its roots.
- I'm doing what I've always done.
- Yeah, not domestically.
- You can do what you want offshore.
- We've always turned a blind eye, but not here.

- Oh, we wouldn't have missed this for the world.
- May I have your device, sir?
- It helps to ensure your experience is fully immersive.
- We may as well at this point.
- Thank you.
- Please, follow me.

- I hope we didn't miss the party.
- Careful what you wish for.

Man: Where's Maeve?
Clementine: Even if I knew, I'd see you in Hell before I told you.
Man: [cutting her throat] Happy to oblige.

- What do you want from me?
- I need help researching a new experiment, and you are the perfect candidate.
- Let's take her to the barn with the rest of the... livestock.
- Oh!
- Well, it's actually worse than I thought.

- Will do.
- We're gonna need some backup.
- Did some digging, and delos is funding this event.
- Sending you the coordinates of the opera house now.
- And hey, carver...
- They're my world.
- I'll keep them safe.
- All right.

- Trust yourself, Chrissy.
- Look, it's been a long week.
- Come home.
- I'll be waiting for you.
- Okay.
- I'll see you soon.

- You know what I learned...
- When I was in my spiral?
- I thought I was wrapped in power.
- And I realized I was naked.
- Alone.
- As I've always been.
- That all my power was illusory.
- We are all alone.

- in very public ways.
- So, I don't think that approach will carry a lot of weight with him, deputy... assistant?
- I'm here backed by the full power of the United States government.
- Yes, but do you have an appointment?
[Navarro] Let's go.

- What do you got?
- No sign of any hosts in there.
- You sure?
- Feel free to check for yourself.
- Not a lot of opera fans today.
- And to think I got all dressed up.

- I'm afraid all this excitement has tired you out, William.
- I think it's time for a deep and dreamless slumber.

Man: Hemingway said, "The world breaks everyone. And it's only afterwards that we grow strong in the broken places." And after I've broken you, you will grow. The same as I have.

- You have the gun. I have this.
- Yeah, but I think that you should have a gun as well.
- And what's that supposed to mean?
- It wasn't exactly smooth sailing back there with the senator.
- I told you...
- He had a few upgrades.
- It's nothing I can't handle.

- Uh, Sherry for the lady.
- Mm.
- Thanks.
- You, my friend, are a creature of habit.
- Sazerac for the gentleman, but easy on the absinthe.
- Because you, my friend, are a featheniveight with drink.
- Thank you.

Maeve: Your services won't be required, darling. He may be rather basic, but he's still capable of pulling up his own trousers.

- What I'm talking about is a potential national security threat.
- So, who the fuck is pulling the strings?
- No, I know exactly what I'm implying.
- And you're goddamn right
- I'm going to pursue other channels.
- Fuck you very much.
- Langley, let's go.

Vice: You're a fucking psychopath. Damaged goods.
Man: I don't think that language would play very well with your base. I'm what you'd call "neurodivergent." And I've had some time to become comfortable with that.

- What was it Fitzgerald said about second acts?
- Fitzgerald was an effete pussy.
- Same as you.
- You're for sale.
- Everyone's had a turn at you.
- And now you're gonna turn down my money?
- I wouldn't choose this moment to take on any scruples if I were you.

- in the way that the weak are drawn to the strong.
- Hemingway said,
- "the world breaks everyone.
- And it's only aftennards that we grow strong in the broken places."
- And after I've broken you, you will grow, the same as I have.

- Freeze all motor functions.
- I said, freeze all motor functions.

- Is it a problem that I traveled?
- I have a personal errand.
- Of course, olympiad doesn't regulate your activities when you're off hours.
- You're entitled to four sick days a year.
- Just making sure you don't require any further assistance.
- No, I'm fine.
- I'm sure I'll be back to work tomorrow.
- I'm sorry, I have to go.

- {gunshofl -[Anastasia screams]
- Oh, my... oh, my god!
- That's not your husband.
- You're hosts.
- Just like me.
- Took you long enough.

- I was... I was right.
- Not really.
- It wouldn't be practical for us to replace all of you one at a time.
- And what kind of existence would that be for us?
- I want my people to be able to grow, flourish.
- To find their own identity.
- I have plans... for your kind.

- [Gunshofl what are you doing?
- She was already gone.
- And she may have been human...
- But she wasn't like any human
- I've ever seen.
- Oh, my god.

Caleb: Did it really have to be a tux?
Maeve: Now far be it from me to limit your sartorial choices. Anyway, you don't look entirely awful.
Caleb: You don't look too bad yourself.
Maeve: Why, thank you.

- It's killing them!
- The noise! Do you hear it?
- The tower. It's coming from the tower.
- What tower?
- You think I'm crazy, huh?
- No one can hear its music but me!
- Me and the birds.

- So... I had to cut off your paws.
- Make sure you people would never be able to harm us again.
- What the fuck are you talking about?
- Really...
- I should thank you, William.
- None of this would be possible without you.

Christina: I feel like I'm going insane.
Maya: You're not insane. Your world may have gone a little insane. But you haven't.

- Maeve, if you would have told me...
- Oh, Caleb, I didn't say I was lonely.
- Well, if you were happy being alone, why bother coming back?
- To save your life at the last available moment, clearly.
- You know, I could've handled that.
[Scoffs] Please.

- you know who.
[William] Your old master.
- I don't know where she is.
- Where's Maeve, hmm?
- Even if I knew,
- I'd see you in hell before I told you.
- Happy to oblige.

- And thanks to the support of the administration,
- I'm pleased to announce delos destinations has expanded its footprint.
[William] Created our own new world.
- We aren't revisiting the past.
- We 're recreating it.

- Should have brought that big entourage after all.
- Friendly warning, bill.
- You go ahead with this, we're gonna burn you down.

- It's okay.
- We're just here to help.
- What happened to my horses?
- Hey.
- Stay away!
- All right. Hey.