The Best Lost, Season 2, Episode 19 Quotes

- I would...
- I would offer to take down the sign, but we didn't get very far.

- We're here.
- Are you sure? I...
- That's where they took the shot at Sawyer.
- Over there is where they pushed you out of the jungle with a bag on your head.
- And right there is where I...
- Where I laid my guns down.

- Hey.
- I pressed your button.
- It's not my button.
- Where did you go?
- I just needed to... stretch my legs.

- You haven't answered my question.
- Are you sure?
- Oh, I'm sure.

- I hear you've lost your appetite.
- Ok. Don't talk.
- I was never that good at bedside manner, anyway.
- I'm gonna change your dressing. If you try anything, we've got a problem.

Bernard: [Opens small box containing ring] Rose, I love you. Will you marry me?
Rose: Bernard, I'm dying.
Rose: I'm sick and I'm dying.
Bernard: [to violinists] Will you excuse us for a minute, please?
Rose: I've been in remission for the last couple of years. But now it's back and this time it's not going away. My doctor says I have about a year, maybe a little longer.
Bernard: [pause] You haven't answered my question.
Rose: [whispers] Are you sure?
Bernard: Oh, I'm sure.
Rose: Yes... yes.

- I know.
- You don't want to be rescued, do you?
- You think if you leave, it'll come back.
- And if you can't leave...
- Neither can I.
- We won't ever leave, Rose.

- What do I do? that button has to be pushed.
- I never entered the numbers.
- I never pressed the button.
- You're lying.
- No, I'm done lying.
- It's a parachute.

Bernard: [to Mr. Eko] I think I liked you better when you just hit people with your stick.
Charlie: I like you just the way you are.

- Come here.
- Honey, it is just a sign.
- I don't see what the harm is.
- The harm is you are telling these people about airplanes and satellites coming out of nowhere to save the day.
- I'm just trying to do something.
- I want to get back to our life.
- Well, the only thing you are doing is giving these people false hope.

- I need to talk to him.
- The gun's with Jack.
- The door stays closed.
- But if you wanna talk to him, talk to him.

- When's the last time you went in to see him?
- Couple hours ago. He was sleeping.
- Did he eat? nope.
- That's two days now.
- No food. No water. Nothing to say.
- I don't know about you, but I'm tired of waiting.

- Well, thanks for helping me.
- Sure.
- By the way, I'm Rose.
- Oh... Bernard. yeah.
- Ok. oh, ok. Yeah. Ok.
- Drive... drive safe, now, ok? yeah, yeah. You too.

- spots on the earth like the one we're above now.
- Perhaps this energy is geological, magnetic...
- Or perhaps it's something else.
- And, when possible,
- I harness this energy and give it to others.
- May I?

- I've been in remission for the last couple of years, but now it's back, and this time it's not going away.
- My doctor says I have about a year...
- Maybe a little longer.

- I got three calls recommending him.
- My "situation"?
- This is why you wanted to come to Australia?
- To bring me to some kind of a kook? no, he's not.
- I made a $10,000 donation just to get you in to see him.
- Normally...
- I didn't ask for this!

- If you have time to fix your hut, you have time to move some rocks.
- Come on, we could really use your help.
- What? You got union trouble down at the sand factory, Norma rae?
- Come on, Sawyer. I need your help.
- Now, what do you say?
- Isay_.pasadena.

- Hey.
- You gonna get that?

- I asked Sayid first, but he turned me down.
- And I only asked you because they don't want you.
- They grabbed you, had you at gunpoint.
- They coulda kept you, but they didn't.
- Then again, they didn't really want me either.
- Damaged goods... both of us.

- Well, at least they know where we are.
- Ok, now, give me the gun.
- Are you gonna waste another bullet? don't worry.
- We'll still have 13 more to shoot each other with. Come on.
- Fine.
- You have a better angle than I anyway.
- Oh, that's gonna be your excuse when I make the shot?
- When you make the shot.

- Excuse me.
- I have a sign to build.
- All right,
- I want to get this going right away.
- We've waited long enough.

- A church? yes.
- Everybody on this island is building something.
- I'm trying to get us saved.
- People are saved in different ways,
- Bernard.
- I think I liked you better when you just hit people with your stick.
- I like you just the way you are.

- What's that?
- It's a doll. wait, don't!

- Right this way, Rose.
- Please, make yourself comfortable.
- Isaac will be right with you.

- Bad day? I had seven weeks of bad days on the other side of the island trying to stay alive, so I could get back to you.
- But, here...
- My god, Rose, they've built a kitchen on the beach.
- They've given up. given up?
- On what? on getting rescued.

- It's just amazing, isn't it?
- Oh, sure, it's beautiful.
- You're not impressed, huh? oh, yeah.
- So, what does god have to do to get your attention?
- Bernard? What are you doing?

- No. No-no-no! No, Jin! No, wait.
- Please.
- I just want to get my wife home.
- Rose.
- I want to get Rose home.
- Sorry.

- and telling them that we've got you.
- And if they want you back, it's gonna cost 'em.
- And when we get Walt back...
- You mightjust have been worth all the trouble.
- Did you say something?
- They'll never give you Walt.

Jack: [Jack walks up to Kate and Sawyer] I need your help. I'm going out to find our friend with the beard.
Sawyer: And you're inviting me because you need a gun.
Jack: Actually I was inviting Kate, and I've alreay got a gun, but thanks for offering.

- This is not the right place for you.
- Where is the right place?
- I wish I knew.
- I'll return your husband's donation... don't.
- I'm gonna tell him you fixed me.
- I'm going to tell him you fixed me.

- You want him back, you're gonna have to come out here.
- Come on out!
- Jack!
- I know you're there!
- I know you can hear me.
- Jack, they're not here.
- I'll be right here until you talk to me.
- I'll be right here.

- It's John, Henry.
- Henry, did you enter the numbers?
- Did you push the button or not?
- Henry! I need to know!
- I want you to answer me!
- Answer me!
- Answer me, you hear me?

Kate: How long you gonna wait, Jack?
Jack: Until I get my voice back. And then I'm gonna yell some more.
Kate: Maybe they can't hear you.
Jack: Oh, they can hear me.
Kate: [pause] I'm sorry I kissed you.
Jack: I'm not.

Sawyer: [about Jack] Oh, happy day, here comes Dr. Giggles.

- Rose...
- I love you.
- Will you marry me?
- Bernard, I'm dying.
- I'm sick, and I'm dying.
- Would you excuse us for a minute, please?

- I told you that, so that you wouldn't spend what time we had left trying to do something.
- Rose, you could just be in remission.
- How do you know it wasn't Isaac who healed you?
- How do you know he didn't heal you?
- I know.
- I know.

- Can't remember the last time
- I saw you out of that hatch.
- I'm done with the hatch.
- Oh, now, you're just frustrated.
- You'll be out of that splint and running around the island again in no time.
- And yet, Jack said it'd be at least four weeks.
- But, honey, you and I both know it's not gonna take that long.

- is because you've got yourself a management problem?
- What is the matter with you, Rose?
- I am just trying to do something.
- That's right.
- You're always trying to do.
- Why can't you just let things be?
- If I didn't always have to do something, you wouldn't be here.