The Best Lost, Season 3, Episode 18 Quotes

- Km .73. ”xv; Q; I,
- 'v'fm [' kw] X5] Q how could you respect me if I didn't try?
- How about I take your other eye?
- Would you respect that?
- Sorry. What?
- Charlie, don't! Charlie, let him go! this is a mistake.
- We can't keep letting these people go. we gave him our word.

- It was my pleasure, sun.
- I'm gonna go back inside and make sure I didn't miss anything.
- I don't wanna take the chance that we didn't cover our tracks.
- Do you wanna wait out here?
- All right.
- Thank you.

- Fl'ufi / “£4 /\\ you crashed here 90 days ago.
- The baby was conceived about eight weeks ago, so 53 days.
- You got pregnant on the island.
- I'm sorry. I'm so sorry, sun.
- I will do everything that I can.

- Tape it. Be careful.
- The covering needs to be hollow.
- Qaqa'u u
- What did she say?
- "Thank you."
- She said, "thank you for helping me."
- It's right down here.

- Like I'd tell you.
- One of you must help.
- The rest, clear the way. I need space.
- Wipe away as much of the blood as you can.
- Mfifia': Rm 7300754 anw'u ”xv; Qflwilizlkfixt/hzqhqj I, xxa hold her steady.
- Steady! yeah, I heard you.

Desmond: You've got five seconds to talk, or I fire this gun, brother.
Mikhail: That's a flare gun.
Desmond: And how do you think it'll feel? Taking a flare to the chest at this range.
Mikhail: As your friend pointed out, I already died once this week.

- The one you let go, he'll be back tomorrow with five of his mates.
Jin: Charlie. Tight.
Charlie: Ok.
- You know, brother, by my count, you've killed more of them than they've killed of you.
- They started it. Just 'cause one comes back with Jack and Kate z; [Afs'm 79 u \\ll\\at«, I,

- Why are you doing this?
- Helping me.

- She had a photo of me and my girlfriend.
- I understand better than the lot of you.
- Hey, guys, chill.
- We've wasted enough time already.
- You're not leaving us. get out of my way.
- K [a \\\ll /

- Sure. Any morning sickness? not anymore.
- Any bleeding?
- Why are you asking me all these questions, Jack?
- I'm just checking in.
- Now that I'm back, I just wanted to make sure that you were doing ok.
- Thank you. I'm ok.

- I was a Soviet army field medic.
- I can offer you my services.
- Wait. What are you doing?
- I'm saving her.
- This branch has punctured her lung.
- It's filling with blood.
- If it is not ventilated soon, she is going to die.
- Well, do it. Help her.
- If I fix her, you must let me walk away as if I never came upon you.

[last lines]
Naomi: Who are you?
Hugo: Hugo Reyes. I crashed here on Oceanic Flight 815. A bunch of us survived. Is that why you're here? Were you looking for us?
Naomi: 815? Flight 815? The one from Sydney?
Hugo: Yeah!
Naomi: No, that's not possible.
Hugo: Yeah, I know. It wasn't easy, but we found food, and a hatch...
Naomi: [Interrupting] No. No, Flight 815 they, they found the plane. There were no survivors. They were all dead.
Hugo: What?

- Hey, Jin! Jin!
- Jin!
- G 596. Mi

- be quiet. Don't move.
- You want me to help you and your baby, I have answers.
- But you have to come with me right now.
- Just you and me. Nobody else.
- If what you said was true, that means I'm already dead.
- Why should I go anwvhere with you? because there may be hope for you yet.

- But if you got pregnant here...
- We'll cross that bridge when we come to it.
- When was the last time you and your husband had sex?
- I would rather not talk about that.
- I know it's personal.
- But if I know when, I can figure... isn't that what the machine will do?
- Yeah. then let's keep walking.

- Then I'll run. are you out of your mind?
- It's not safe.
- Who knows who's out in this jungle?
- People on this island are trying to kill us.
- Nobody knows we're here.
[Ax/m [fax mm] M
- Oops.

Dr. Juliet Burke: [Talks into a tape recorder] Ben, it's six AM on Saturday morning. Kwon is pregnant, the fetus is healthy and was conceived on-Island with husband. He was sterile before they got here. I'm still working on getting samples from the other women. I should have Austen's soon. I'll report back when I know more.
[She turns off the recorder. Pauses]
Dr. Juliet Burke: I hate you.

- that you and your husband got pregnant before you came here.
- I'm helping you because
- I want to give good news again.
- I slept with another man.
- Before we got to the island.
- Jin and I, we were having...
- Trouble.

- Is that a helicopter?
- Is that how a helicopter's supposed to sound?
- Get away from her!
- Pm [a kw] [33 qjq § what's wrong?
- What's wrong is I'm married. right.

- and that will tell us when your baby was conceived.
- You ok?
- I lose either way.
- If I'm going to live, that means the baby's not Jin's.
- Do you still wanna do this?
- Ok. The moment of truth.

- But I want to know what's going on.
- I want answers.
- What are you people doing?
- Why are you taking children?
- What happens to pregnant women on this island?
- What happens... they die.
- They all die.
- Sun, come on. Let's go.

- He came to me, asking about my pregnancy.
- What would that have anything to do... what if...
- What if the others want my baby?
- How do we know he isn't working with them?
- He's not working with them.
- Do you know something, Kate?