The Best Mr. Robot, Season 3, Episode 2 Quotes

- Spending this last year with you was never about whatever the fuck you want to call what we did.
- The real reason
- I did all of this was so that we could be close again.
- Iguessthafs_.
- Something else I thought you'd want to know.

- Evil corp has delivered their paper records from 17 of their 71 buildings to their New York facility.
- Pretty sure she would cheat on her fiance for me, man.
- She really, like, the way she looks at me, dude, it's like, slippery when wet, am I right?
Elliot: But lucky for them, now they've got me.

- because this little piece of shit is sick.
- She's been shitting all over my house for weeks.
- It's probably dying.
- Figured you wanted her so badly, lethershhah overyourhouse.
- Like you did mine.

- Why don't you sit back and relax?
- I'd like you to close your eyes.
- Take a deep breath.
- Listen to the sound of my voice.
[Echoing] If you want me to talk to him, just let him come to me.

- I quickly learned that he was having the engineers install rootkits on all of evil corp's phones, so they can illegally sell private consumer data.
- I tipped off the FBI, got him arrested, and promptly set a meeting with the next exec up the chain.

- He pushed me out the window.
- I broke my arm and went to the hospital.
- Kevin melted.
- Darlene was pissed.
- End of story.
- What made you think of this just now?

- Could he?
- Is stage 2 still on?
- No, I would know.
- That's impossible.
- Stage 2 is down.
- I made sure of it.
- Who compromised me?
- And why do I suddenly feel so alive?

Frank: Get up. If you retract your statement, you will die. I'm not being overly emotional about this. It's just that's how little we care about your life. Forget this night ever happened, move on. Marry a nice, young lady who actually finds whatever you are charming. But understand one thing: as certain as the pain you're feeling right now, there is no option where you and Joanna see each other again.

- You miss him, don't you?
Krista: It's okay if you do.
- I miss being a part of something.
- Being a part of what, exactly?
- Something important.
- That meant something.

- Marry a nice, younglady who actually finds whatever you are charming.
- But understand one thing: As certain as the pain you're feeling right now, there is no option where you and Joanna ever see each other again.

- You remember when we made
- Kevin McAllister, the snowman?
- Of course.
- Do you... do you want to talk about it?

- This is a call from queensboro correctional facility.
Elliot: Hello?
Tyrell: Is it really you?
- Who is this?
- Bonsoir, Elliot.
- Man on radio: You're listening to '803 xm radio.

Elliot: Okay, if I'm being real,
- I haven't fixed everything.
Elliot: The loneliness came back.
- Worse than I remember.

Krista: Where'd you go?
- I remembered this time
- Darlene and I...
- Never mind.
Krista: I'd love to hear it, if you don't mind sharing it.

- She makes a very good companion.
- And those eyes of hers...
- I contemplated firing a bullet into each of them, but they're just so hypnotizing.
- Don't mistake my generosity for generosity.

- Your success will always follow mine.
- I don't give a fuck about your accord.
- Until I get my u.N. Vote, don't waste my time.
- Or maybe in 11 days, the administration changes its mind about your precious u.N. Vote
- I worked so hard to procure for you.

- Is everything under control?
- Yes, ma'am.
- He just needed a little clarity.
[Whispering] Oh, okay, okay.
- No, no, no, no, no.

- You guys gonna stop me? I'm a bloodhound, girl.
- I just dove right back in, dude, just... ah.
Elliot: This patch ensures that the ups devices will only run trusted code that's digitally signed by evil corp.
- Bottom line, even if they think all the paper records got here, they won't be able to blow up that building.

- Why did you sleep here last night?
- You're scaring me... answer me!
- Are you serious, Elliot?
- Answer me!
- You're hurting me. Stop!
- Answer me!
- Stop!
- Stay the fuck away from me, you fucking psycho.

- You've been looking in the mirror the whole drive home.
- I need to make a stop.
- Stay here.

- I want to understand you.
- You understand shit.
- You're just another phony cooze playing friend.
- It doesn't matter anymore anyway.
- Because of her, we've been compromised.
- She compromised us, and Elliot didn't see it.
- What do you mean, you've been compromised?

- by not signing this accord, and the fact that they have embraced bitcoin, shows their resistance and emphatic rejection of our collective attempt to rescue the global economy.
- In short, ladies and gentlemen...
- They are declaring a currency war.

- If the u.N. Approves ourannexafion of the Congo, we can finally move our operation to the country's luwow mine.
- Why would you still want to carry this out, given the serious implications?
- It's time Phillip price's hand got slapped.

- I want you to stay with me tonight.
- I'm good, dude, you don't have to worry about me.
Elliot: It's not that.
- I don't want to be alone.

Elliot: That ever-looming presence that is Mr. Robot,
- I don't feel it.
- Is it possible that the bullet killed him...
- And not me?
Elliot: I need to find a way to fix what I did.
- I need a job at evil corp.

- In conclusion, digitizing locally and not shipping paper records here, is the best option for our recovery efforts.

- bring him in. He'll tell you the same thing.
- You know that telling
- Elliot anything about this would violate the terms of your immunity.
- It would spook his connection to Tyrell.
- Get woke already, dude.
- He is not nor has he ever had a fucking relationship with Tyrell.

Whiterose: Don't mistake my generosity for generosity.

- Linda: We're proud to call you a new member of evil... e corp.
Elliot: Because changing the world was never about tearing e corp down.
- It's about making them better.
- Maybe I fucked up an already fucked-up world, but I'm fixing it now, hitting "undo."
- And, friend, it feels great.

- Guys back at cart are zeroing in on the guy in the video.
- We might have a good lead soon.
- Let's just hope you're reading your girl right.
- I'm worried she's at flight risk.
- No, she's good.
- Trust me.