The Best Person of Interest, Season 5, Episode 7 Quotes

- Thought you were a real killer.
- Better not wet yourself.

- Then faked his suicide?
- I think Max pissed off samaritan.
Warren: I didn't call you so you could talk me out of it.
- I called to warn you.
- Warn me?
Warren: Yeah.
- You're next.

- Please, go back to your job...
- This is my job.
- After everything that's happened, you and John, you still can't show me the respect of telling me what the hell's going on.
- Lionel...
- I'm done.

- and take me to the facility where sameen Shaw is being held.
- Who?
[Exhales] I wasn't talking to you.
Samaritan: I cannot see you.
- But I recognize your behavior.
- You are an acolyte of the machine.
- Now we're on the same page.

- A butterfly flaps its wings...
- Are you done yet?
- Samaritan has attempted to sidetrack her work many times, but she is as tenacious as she is brilliant.
- Which leaves us with one option.
- If kagawa is eliminated...
- Point made. Can lwake up now?

- Satellites...
- The emf meter.
[Panting] Okay.
- Come on.
[Chuckles] The printer.
- You've been infected by samaritan, haven't you?
- Hope you don't mind if I use you to talk to my friend.

- Well, we've found our footing now.
- Soon it'll be time for us to go on the offensive.
- Gotta start my next mission.
- Got a matinee to catch.
- Take care, Ms. Groves.

[to Fusco]
Root: If you continue with this investigation, just remember, there's a reason John and Harold are presumed dead.

- but if we were able to give Shaw some kind of hope...
- Maybe it was worth it.
- A lie of omission is still a lie.
- And using the idea of free will as an excuse for moral attrition?
- I'm not sure I'm comfortable with where this is going.

- There's cameras everywhere.
- Guards outside the door.
- The only way that you get out of this facility is in a body bag.
- Oh, I know. [Panting]
- But I'd rather be dead than be your Guinea pig for one more day.
- Woman: Someone get over here!
- I need a keycard!

- These people were going to kill you before you could expose them.
- If you never mention the code, they won't have any reason to come after you anymore. Understand?
[Sighs] Fine.
- I promise.
- I'll lie.

Root: [imitating Fusco] Busy day directing traffic into a river, Cocoa Puffs?

- Four alarm fire.
- Root.

- Wait. Barricade the door.
- I'll be back as soon as I can.
- Wait, wait, wait! What machine?
- What's a funtenna?
- Ms. Groves, I know what you're thinking, but it is far too dangerous.
Root: Harold, this radio station can communicate with any samaritan facility.
- The machine wants me to send a message to Shaw.

John: We never should have trusted the Machine's word. Damn thing's been acting strangely since we put it back together.

- You people need to get more creative with these simulations.
- I agree.
- Shall we take another field trip?
- Oh, but it's so much fun getting you shot 1,000 different ways.
- Bandage Ms. Shaw's hands.
- Wouldn't want her getting the car bloody.

- Max overestimated how much his listeners care.
- It's better if samaritan thinks
- Max is just a kook no one's gonna believe.
- I don't think you guys understand what we have here.
- This is proof... [Choking]
- This is proof...

- Things in your house moving around even though you swear you haven't touched them...
- You must be here for the producer gig.
- Take me to your leader.
- Man: Let's take a little break here, and when we get back, we 're gonna lift the veil together.

- Shaw, please get this.

- Operatives? How many?
- Two.
- Is Max safe?

- I believe Ms. Groves is about to do something excessively risky.
- Color me surprised.
- I'm almost to the radio station now.
- Samaritan operatives may already be on the premises.
- If you go in there, make sure you hide your identity.
- Don't worry. They won't see me coming.

- I have to, Max. I have to!
- You don't have to do anything.
- John, that guy Warren is on the phone with Max right now.
- I think he's about to kill himself.
- I just reached his apartment.
- NYPD! Warren Franco?

Root: Those tickets weren't a bribe, Vasily. Your enemies lured you into an assassination.
Vasily: Marry me.
Root: There. I have your number now. I may need something from you soon. I'll call you. Thanks for the flowers.

- I'm a friend. Come with me.
Root: Oh. So, John showed up after all.
- That should really kick in.
- Couple more minutes now.
- Shaw: [Mumbling] Lfljust...
- Sorry?

- I never imagined when I was invited to the ballet that...
- You never should've accepted that invitation.
- What?
- Get down.
- Those tickets weren't a bribe, vasily.
- Your enemies lured you into an assassination.
- Marry me.

- To index, order and control the lives of ordinary people.
Harold: The government considers these people irrelevant.
- We don't.
- Greer: But to it, you are all irrelevant.
- Victim or perpetrator, if you stand in its way...
Harold: We 7! Find you.

- The host is more paranoid than we are.
- Are you working a number?
- Can't a girl ask her cop friend to look up a creepy guy without getting the third degree?
- I just want to know if this guy has anything to do with finding sameen.
- Okay. Be careful, root.
- Thanks, John.

- Woman: Sameen, stop resisting.
- No!
- Woman: Hold still!
- No!