The Best The Last Kingdom, Season 2, Episode 3 Quotes

- Look! A boat!
- Blessed Jesus, there's a bastard boat!

- Pull, lord!
- You are alive only because I am curious to know who you are and if you'll fetch a good price.
- Pull!
- Pull and save him the pain!
Sverri: Pull!

- Oh, we will eat, lady, but our tummies are small.
- And our feet have barely touched dry land.
- It'll take a little time to find them.
- Are you his brother?
- We are...
- We are bound, I would say.

- You will say words for him, hild?
- I have.
- I will, always.
- Northumbria is torn.
- Aelfric did not come to guthred's side.
- Erik and sigefrid and kjartan, they do what they please.

- Pull and give him the peace of death!
Sverri: Pull!
- Pull!
Sverri: Pull!
Sverri: Pull!
- Pull!

- to conquer these lands, even more to hold the ground.
- And so alliances must be forged, unions made.
- I am to be married?
- Once a suitable match has been made.
- I am ready to do my duty.

- in the charge of Earl ragnar, who was under my orders and whom I hold responsible for the killing of Abbot eadred.
- No. No, lord, it was me and me alone.
- Why did he not stop you?
- You cannot blame ragnar for the Abbot's death.
- Yes, I can and I do.
- That is unfair.
- He will stand trial.
- No.

Sven: Pick it up.
- Pick it up!
- He... he's too weak.
- I will kill you.
- Uhtred, I am pleased that you will try.
- He is too weak!

Alfred: You may choose.
- Your sword, uhtred.
- You can be a free man within my service.
- Ragnar goes free?
- He has earned it.
- Swear.
- I, uhtred of beb...
- It is the custom to kneel.

- But rest, please, here, by all means.
- You will tell me the name of the man who took uhtred.
- I... I need to gather my thoughts.
- Lord, I wish to know the name of the slaver! If you are truly sorry, you will tell me and where to find him!
- Uhtred is indeed lost.

- You!
- You will go to my uncle, and when he asks of his wife, you will tell him she's in the bed of uhtred of bebbanburg.

- Bail, you dogs!
- Release our chains! We'll work faster!
- Bail out or you'll go down with her!
- You want to live? You bail!

- We must divide, go separate ways.
- Male: Come this way, follow me.
Uhtred: Halig, keep going.
- Come on. Come on.
Uhtred: Come on.

- It is not my place to instruct a king in the ways of war.
- I am asking for your counsel!
- I am without a commander of my guard!
- Then I would say we need first to secure grain enough for the winter to feed these wretches.
- And I would say we need lord aelfric of bebbanburg now more than ever.

- we will gather for business at the beach.
- Sverri will be there, I swear.
- And between that time he sails where?
Jonis: His ships plough the roughest sea, he could be any place.
- You tell us nothing.
- I tell you what I know to be true.
- All you can do is watch the beaches and wait.

- I pray eternal light will shine upon him.
- We shall adjourn.
- Which one of you is aethelred?
- I am aethelred, lady.
- Aethelred, if you could ensure that ceolwulf is returned to his family,
- I would be grateful.
- Yes, lord, of course, lord.

- Don't just stand there looking idle.
- He has the weight of an ox!

- Halig.
- Get in the boat!
- Lord, leave me here!

- They are, lady.
- Sihtric, I choose you because you are loyal to lord uhtred.
- Always, lady.
- You will give this note to hild when she returns. She will return.
Sihtric: How long will you be gone, lady?
- All I know is that I cannot stay.

- S-kjartan?
- Aylng what?
- Saying how my nephew may be found and therefore killed.
- Why bark when there are hounds available?
- Are we agreed?
- Yes.
- We are agreed.

- You?
- I will not forget.
- You will always have my protection.
- I could not ask for more.
- And this...
- This is my gift to you.

- Protection.
- You are too good a woman for god alone.
- Uhtred, it is you.

- Do not move.
- I said... do not move.

Sverri: Jonis!
Sverri: I'm looking for jonis, the slaver. Is he here?
Sverri: Who has seen him?
Sven: You will deal with me today.
- You know who I am?
- I do, lord.
- You have something that I want, master sverri.
- Yes, lord.

Hakka: Pull, you bastards!
- Yah!
- Pull!
- We need to fly! Pull!

- You have followed every order
- I've ever given you.
- I'm giving you one more.
- You will row.
- You will pull and you will wait and our time will come.
- And together we shall win.
- Together.

- You are uhtred, son of uhtred.
- Lord of bebbanburg.
- It's time you remembered that.
- You kept the blade sharp.
- I knew you'd return.

- There is a beauty to a burning village.
Sigefrid: It's like you said. Chaos.
- I wish to be known as sigefrid...
- Lord of chaos.
- Come.

Ceolwulf: What is this?
- Each time I talk of swords and Spears and yet you insist on speaking of unions and of ki...
- A cup of water for lord ceolwulf?
- A cup of water?
- I think perhaps a hole in the ground.

- Pull!
- Pull!
- Pull!
- Pull!
- Pull!
- One day, osbert, I will kill that bastard and savor it.

- Do as you are told and as god commands!
- Beside her, as proxy.
- You'll stand in for lord aelfric.
- We shall dispense with the joining of hands. You may take her arm.
- I will not be party to this.
- I will not marry...
- And we shall dispense with the vows.

- We would appreciate some water, for ourselves and the horses.
- It's yours. There.

- I will be forever the man who killed the great warrior uhtred.

- What do you call this man?
- He calls himself osbert, but I heard another slave call him lord.
Sven: It is him.
- I have waited for this moment.
Sven: Give him a sword.
- A sword.

- You've not looked me in the eye, not once.
- I am ashamed of what I became.

- Osbert, he will not stop bailing.
Sverri: Rest.
- You will need your strength.
[Pants] I am happy enough to bail.

- She is married and it cannot be undone.
- Make her a widow.
- No!
- Gisela is married to aelfric, not to Aidan.
- I have a wife already.
- A different wife.
- Uhtred, I'm bored with this.
- Kill them all.

- Kjartan can wait, and thyra must wait.
- And gisela?
- What of her?
- She's safe.
- She waits for you at the nunnery at ebchester.
- Huh.

- Winter will be on land.
- Iceland.
- Where there's work to be done.
- Be ready.
- Hear that, halig, land.
- I love land.

Ragnar: Uhtred!
- Uhtred!
- Uhtred? It's me, it's ragnar.
- Ragnar...
- Did you believe we would abandon you?
- Free them all.

- Excellent, lord.
- To permanency.
- Quick! Hide yourself!
Jonis: How may I serve you, sven kjartenssen?
- You will not waste my time, we will not speak of silver.
- We will talk of a man you know as osbert.

- She is married.
- Uhtred!
- Is she married?
[Muffled] Yes!
- He is a man of god!
- Say it one more time, priest, and I swear the devil will take you.
- You're nothing but a heathen and the bitch is married!

- Huh.
- He's right, you should rest.
- We're wasting away, you and I.
- We should be saving what's left of our strength to run.
- But to run we'll need skin on our feet and not rotting flesh.
- Then we should bail.

Uhtred: Guthred showed clemency, but still betrayed me.
- You will become a slave, uhtred.
- And halig with you.
Uhtred: King Alfred freed my brother ragnar to rescue me.
- But he was too late.
- You belong to me now.
Uhtred: Destiny is all.

- True.
- It is also a truth that she was very fond of your nephew.
- Eadred: I have a duty to tell you, there was talk of marriage.
- She remains fond of osbert?
- Oh, I would imagine that he is the reason she is in hiding.

Hild: Up. You've been asleep for a day or more.
[Grunts] I can do it.
- Take off your clothes.

- I think we might be getting fed, lord.
- Call him osbert.
- More than you deserve. Be grateful.