The Best The Wire, Season 4, Episode 12 Quotes

Butchie: It ain't like you to work with strangers.
Omar: I'm celebrating diversity.

- I told you, step the fuck off.
- Young man, if I was talking to you, you'd know I was.
- Shit!
- He'll listen next time.
- Go ahead, man. Do him.
- Nah, man.

- tell everyone, schools, police, fire, public works, they have to hold the line.
- How? I just ran a "clean up the streets" campaign.
- I just got done promising the world to every cop in the city.
- Annapolis.
- You go beg his republican ass.

Col. Cedric Daniels: Lester Freamon is not in the habit of selling woof tickets. I, for one, would not bet against him.

- boy, you'll be the shit, you hear?
- These really do look like glocks.
- They make them look that way.
- Yo, why you shoot low?
- All right, if you're close, aim for the head.
- If not, think vest. That's the way you said it.
- A'ight. Boy's learning.

- Dag, man, not again.
Michael: Where your people at now?
- Need any of your stuff from the pile?
- It ain't no thing.
- Yo, man, listen. Me and bug got our own spot now, so you could come crib with us if you want.

Omar: The cheese stands alone.
Renaldo: This the drop?
- I hope not, 'cause they ain't called yet.
- Make me feel bad toward old prop Joe.
- Go around where we can see y'all.
- Vamonos, renaldo.

- getting 'em work to dose you up on those statewide tests.
- If city hall say it's ok, we keep it, if not, we on the street.
- Odell Watkins.
- I was hoping you'd say that name.
- Yeah, he got carcetti's ear.
- If we sell him, maybe we sell the hall.

Randy: [Last lines]
Randy: [as Carver walks away]
Randy: You gonna help, huh? You gonna look out for me? You gonna look out for me, Sgt. Carver? You mean it? You gonna look out for me? You promise? You got my back, huh?

- Oh, man!
- Fuck.
- Fuck.

- use the computer, you can do that any time.
- Anyway, let me show you.
- This here the way to the hard drive.
- This isn't necessary, duquan.
- Just in case I'm busy, Mr. P.
- So you know how to work it.

- I'm sorry, son.
- I'm gonna talk to social services.
- We'll get you some help.
- Randy.
[Pa] Would the on-call please return to neuro icu?
- On-call, please return to neuro icu.

[Pa] Dr. Johnson, please call neuro icu.
- Dr. Johnson, please call neuro icu.

- That's it. One. One. One. That's right.
- Yo, what's going on, Mike?
- I feel like I could just pancake a young 'UN, you know what I mean?
- What about you, Duke? Want some gump?
- No, I'm-a work this rope.
- You working it. Like a gump.

- Quiet overnight.
- Cool.
- Relief will be here after roll call.

- I'll hang here for the ambo, all right?
- Go with your people.
- Go ahead, son.

- but you're still part of cid, right?
- And look, I'm still a sergeant, right?
- And I'm giving you an order on this, Lester.
- Until I feel chain-of-command down on this and until you hear othennise, you will not, I repeat not, pull down any more... fucking wood!

- It's Joe and his message but we already know what it is.
- Making $40, motherfuckers!
- All right, girl. Keep close.
- Get a job!
- 'Naldo, call your amigos and tell them it's on.

- So the police won't scope me so easy.
- But now all they gotta do is be like,
- "yeah, go over there
- "and grab that little nigger with the braids."
- Damn, you later than a motherfucker.
- Been sittin' here watching money walk away.
- You about to have the day off.

- -keep him in the hole
- -in the hole
- -down in the hole
- -down in the hole
- -keep him in the hole
- -keep him in the...
- -Down in the hole
- -down in the hole
- -keep him in the hole
- -keep him in the...
- -Down in the hole
- -down in the hole

- I don't want it.
- I don't want it.
[Lester] I'll take that 20 now, bunk.
[Bunk] I can't see shit in here.
- Man. I might pull out my wallet, reach in, and pull out a 25 by mistake.
- I need me some braille bills, something.

- I mean, we'll be all discreet and all.
- Not take the hacksaw to no more than a couple on some quiet streets, leave more than enough for some people to have light and all.
- Ah. Thing is, I got this other thing
- I still need to take care of today.
- Come on, sherrod. Wake up.
- It's late.

- Nice hookup. Private.
- Damn, y'all some semper fi motherfuckers?
- Where cheese go to enlist?

- If anyone needs me,
- I'm down at missing persons, all right?
- Let's go.
- Lester?
- Yes?
- All this is cool...
- But can we do it so that the direction comes from me?
- I mean, I am the sergeant here.

- took his little brother with him.
- You know where he stay at?
- He ain't tell me.
- You find the boy, you let him know
- I need some help.
- I popped him and bug out my ass, and now they forgot where they came from.
- What my ma say when you called?
- She was mad, right?
- Not really.

Delonda: What you mean, Kenard took the stash? And he still walking around?
Namond: I'm gonna talk to him, Ma. Make sure this never happen again.
Delonda: Look at me, boy. Kenard got to feel some pain for what he did. He got to.
Namond: I don't...
Delonda: You don't what, motherfucker? This how you pay me back for all the love I showed? Shit, I been kept you in Nikes since you were in diapers!

- how he might be forced to bail me out because... what was the quote again?
- Because "those are my children in Baltimore too."
- He's gonna bleed me for that money.
- Mayor carcetti? The governor's office says he's ready to see you now.
- 54 million's a big number.
- We won't go until we get some...

Namond: Ayo, Kenard. Why you lie to me?
Kenard: Fuck you talkin' 'bout?
Namond: You said the police kicked your door in. I seen the door. They ain't kick shit in. How you gonna lie?
Kenard: Go on, man.
Namond: Yo, where the package at, man?
Kenard: Package up my ass, gump!
Namond: Yo, I'm 'bout to...
Kenard: You 'bout to? Go on, walk! Gump-ass muthafucka.
[Michael suddenly punches Kenard and begins savagely beating him]
Kenard: Nay... Nay...
Man: Yo! Look at that little nigga gettin' his ass beat! Hahaha!
[Michael gives Kenard one final punch, then drops him to the pavement]
Michael: You always talkin' too goddamn much. Go 'head, Nay. Get your pack off this bitch so we can go.
Namond: [in shock] I ain't want it... I ain't want it.
[he turns and runs away]

- No, I'm good.
- Come on, man.
- Take that skirt off and have a drink.
- Drink that.
- Man, don't play like that.
- Icicles, get 'em before they melt!
- Icicles!

[sitting in a hot dog joint]
Howard: I never did understand why you stopped eating the pig.
Deacon: I ain't been in a Polock Johnny's since 1974, and if you knew what was good for you...
Howard: Look, I know what's _good._ I remember when you did, too. I never saw you going all Muslim on me.
Deacon: Ain't that. But I do believe that other faiths have got the pig figured better than us A.M.E.'s.

- Maybe so, but we're looking at the possibility of moving him to booker t. Washington.
- I hope that isn't necessary.
- I hope so too. Thanks for bringing this.
- I'll try to keep him up to speed.
- Hang in there, kiddo.
- Thanks.

- She hung up before I could tell her we didn't have a charge.
- Baltimore city 911.
- They beating a cop on pennsie and gold.
- Police officer?
- They're beating him..
- Pennsylvania and gold?
- They firing shots now.
[Radio] Signal 13, report of shots fired,
- Pennsylvania and gold.
- Signal 13...

- The white shirts will fuck it up somehow, you know it, Lester.
- Maybe not, this time. Daniels is cid.
- It's a new day downtown.
- I got it.
- Ooh. World is on its hole when Jimmy mcnulty is the most qualified to drive.
- Yeah, up is down, black is white... left is right.

- Hold on.
- What the fuck are you staring at?
- How are you liking homicide?
- Loving it. Why?
- Anyway.
- It's on the way, boss.

- We ring you from a 958 exchange, east side, don't need to answer.
- Just toss it, go to the meet.
- See you when I see you.
- Money on the table, her-oine to follow.
- Stay here on marlo?
- Nah, we gonna stay with cheese.

Namond: Yo, let me get that rope.
- Man, I said you's a gump, fucking dogshit and smelling-ass nigger.
- Man, fuck this.
- Yeah! Go along! Get!
- Nobody want you in here, no way!

- Thoughtful, deputy, very thoughtful.
- I don't want any more stat games.
- Get your people into those houses because if there are bodies in there they need to come out.
- But do it now. I don't want to be finding more bodies come January.
- Yes, sir, Mr. Mayor, sir.