The Best Babylon 5, Season 4, Episode 16 Quotes

[first lines]
Cmdr. Susan Ivanova: This is Cmdr. Susan Ivanova, bringing you the Voice of the Resistance. The Liberation Fleet continues to retake territory held in violation of the Earth Alliance constitution. More ships on the other side continue to defect carrying stories of atrocities carried out under direct orders of President Clark. In addition to the liberation of Proxima 3 the colony at Beta Durani and the midrange military base have also been freed. The long march toward Earth continues.

[monitored by a telepath, Garibaldi tells Edgars of his suspicions about his employment.]
Michael: Everybody lies.
William: That's a very sad view of the universe, Mr. Garibaldi.
Michael: Yeah, well, it's the only one I got. And it works for me.

William: Do you know how the ancient Greeks defined happiness?
Michael: Not off-hand, but I'd be willing to bet it involved three goats and a jug of wine.
William: "Happiness," they said, was "the exercise of vital powers along lines of excellence, in a life affording them scope."

[last lines]
Michael: Three times before, this place almost killed me. And now, I've finally finished the job. I can't feel anything anymore. I don't know what I care about anymore. Except Lise. I screwed up both our lives pretty good. Now I get to make up for it. Assuming any of us can ever make up for anything we've done in the past. Maybe we can't. Maybe we just have to live with it and get on with it and do what we have to. Never what we want to. It has to be done. I hope he can see that one day.

William: You're thinking in old terms, in force of arms. But times have changed. We're talking a war of information, a war of secrets, a war of intimidation.

William: How many people actually belonged to the Nazi party? The Communist party? The Jihad party? A very small number. But there were always plenty of other people who were happy to do the work for them, and others afraid enough to let it happen.

William: Megacorporations have been running things for years. We just don't show ourselves much. People wouldn't understand. So we let them think they still have a voice.

Michael: Mars... I can't believe I'm back on Mars. Three times before, this place almost killed me. I swore I'd never give it another chance to finish the job. Humans got no business being here. No business at all.

William: You're still laboring under the notion that people take power. Nobody takes power. They're given power, by the rest of us, because we are stupid or afraid, or both. The Germans in 1939, the Russians in 1917... they handed over power to people they thought could settle scores, "get the trains running on time," restore their prestige.