The Best Buck Rogers in the 25th Century, Season 1, Episode 3 Quotes

Falina: Where did you learn to fly?
Capt. William "Buck" Rogers: Who says I ever did?
Tangie: I can sure pick 'em!

Major: [Indicating the blue skin woman Buck is looking at] That's somebody from Klosef 3. Not your type.
Capt. William "Buck" Rogers: We'll see about that.
[prepares to go charm the pants off]
Major: I don't think you'll like him.
[walks off]
Capt. William "Buck" Rogers: Him?

Hood: I was told to find out why you were doing so well at Ten and Eleven.
Capt. William "Buck" Rogers: I was cheating. I was using my brain, which is something the average run-of-the-mill customer stopped doing a long time ago.

Capt. William "Buck" Rogers: [trying to get him to willing take a tranquilizer pill] Oh, come on! I even had Theo put some orange flavoring in it... you'll love it! Come on... come on, open up... come on... be a good boy... that's a good boy! Come on, swallow down, swallow down.
Hood: [reluctantly swallowing the pill, then grimacing at the horrible taste] Orange?
Capt. William "Buck" Rogers: I lied.

Major: Oh. Excuse me, Dr. Huer. I was told you wanted to see me.
Dr. Elias Huer: You were told correctly. Come in.
[Landers walks in]
Dr. Elias Huer: This, uh, gentleman... has just made the Defense Directorate a very interesting proposition. Major Landers, Amos Armat.
Major: Alleged businessman. Moon base construction, I think, isn't it? Of course, your *real* expertise lies in extortion, smuggling illegal weaponry to warring colonies. And, of course, slave trafficking.
Dr. Elias Huer: That's very true. Mr. Armat's covert activities have perplexed the interplanetary authorities for years. But, as yet we've been unable to prove anything.
Amos: And rest assured, you never will, unless I turn myself and all my records over to you. Which I am prepared to do.
Major: Why?
Amos: An employee in my company, Falina Redding, has been kidnapped. She's totally innocent of wrongdoing. She's a digital programmer. A good one, I'm told. Except last week, by mistake, she saw a readout containing a numerical code, which, if obtained and deciphered by one of my competitors, would ruin three-fourths of my operations. Falina had no idea what she'd seen. She reported the error, which is standard procedure, and kept right on working.
Major: One of your competitors heard about it and kidnapped her... so that eventually he could get the information out of her head.
Amos: I tried to warn her, but it was too late.
Major: Which competitor? Do you know?
Amos: Velosi. He's had her taken to Sinaloa. My people can't touch her there, but you people can.
Major: And you'll turn yourself in if we get her back for you?
Amos: Yes.
Dr. Elias Huer: I'm afraid the answer is no, Mr. Armat. Velosi will use whatever information he gets from Falina to cripple your operation. And that event is rather appealing to me.
Amos: But don't you see? He'll get what he wants and then kill her!
Dr. Elias Huer: I find it rather hard to believe that a single murder even registers on your consciousness. Tempting as the prospect may be of personally removing you from this planet forever, the answer is still no, because I'll not risk any of my people to save the lives of one of your *innocent* employees.
[Armat turns to leave]
Major: Dr. Huer, don't you think that a man of Mr. Armat's connections, someone with easy access to all sorts of information about illegal weaponry, probably he would have a good deal to tell us about the Hatchet fighters?
[Armat turns and stares at Landers]
Dr. Elias Huer: The Draconians are using them to ambush Earth's squadrons. If we were to get Falina back, Mr. Armat, not only would you turn yourself in, but you'd also find out why the Hatchet fighter is in previous to our computer control systems, wouldn't you?
Amos: [looks at Landers and then back at Huer] It's a deal.

[Buck is tying up Velosi's goon]
Hood: Ow! What are you doing to me? You're cutting off my circulation!
Capt. William "Buck" Rogers: [picking up the hood's gun] Oh, so you had my best interests at heart when you came at me with this?

Tangie: I'm an employee at Sinaloa. I work for Mr. Velosi. He won't let me leave. He says I'm too valuable a commodity.
Capt. William "Buck" Rogers: He's a real credit to the human race.
Tangie: He's a monster!

Col. Wilma Deering: [watching Buck practice his golf putting] It looks silly.
[makes him miss his putt]
Capt. William "Buck" Rogers: Just for that, the answer's no.
Col. Wilma Deering: Did you hear me ask you a question?
Capt. William "Buck" Rogers: No, but you were about to!

Morgan: [to panicky captive Falina tied up on leather lounge chair] Mr. Morphus will arrive within the next several hours. Then your wait will be over.
Falina: You're going to make me remember what I saw on Mr. Armat's computer, and then you're going to kill me...

Tangie: Why, Buck Rogers, what are you and that lady up to?
Capt. William "Buck" Rogers: Later, Tangie.
Tangie: Looks to me like it's something very dishonest.
Capt. William "Buck" Rogers: I don't have time, Tangie.
Tangie: If you don't help me find my way out of this city, security's gonna get a call from me.
Capt. William "Buck" Rogers: Next time I'm in town.
Major: [pointing her gun at Tangie] Maybe you'll feel better after a nap.
Capt. William "Buck" Rogers: Oh, now, wait a minute. Hold it. Look, I'm not gonna be needing this, so here.
[hands Tangie his gun]
Capt. William "Buck" Rogers: Use this to get out if the city and take this with you. You're gonna go with us. Oh, uh, Marla, Tangie. Tangie, Marla.
Tangie: Nice to meet you.

Major: Couldn't you get anything out of that man who was following you?
Capt. William "Buck" Rogers: Yeah, I know exactly where they're holding Falina.
Major: Well, that's good news.
Capt. William "Buck" Rogers: I also found out it's almost impossible to get there without one of four existing keys. I was going to lift one off Sanitation Module Seven, but it doesn't make its rounds until after midnight; and if Morphus is here now, we might as well start packing.
Major: Buck, who else has a key?
Capt. William "Buck" Rogers: A couple of Velosi's goons.
Major: And Velosi?
Capt. William "Buck" Rogers: Naturally. I can't believe we've come this far and have everything go down the tubes...
Capt. William "Buck" Rogers: [seeing a confident beam in Marla's eyes] Everything's *not* going down the tubes?
Major: In about five minutes, we may very well have ourselves that key. Turn around.
Capt. William "Buck" Rogers: Why?
[Marla starts to take off her dress, then shoots Buck a displeased look]
Capt. William "Buck" Rogers: [realizes what Marla means and turns around] Oh!

Falina: Where did you learn to fly?
Capt. William "Buck" Rogers: Who says I ever did!

Capt. William "Buck" Rogers: I tell you, Marla, I am to blackjack what a mongoose is to a cobra.