100 Best Corey Burton Quotes

Obi: We have to get out of here before the Republic arrives with the ransom.
Count: For once, I agree with you.

Superman: I know you're in there somewhere, Lex. Fight him!
Lex: You're right. I am in here. And I like it! I'm about to get everything I ever wanted: power, ultimate knowledge, immortality...
Superman: And you'll destroy the Earth to get it?
Lex: It's business, Superman. There are always trade-offs.

Istivan: Untraceable, tax-free. A small down payment.
Big: Not bad. I still need to swipe a high-capacity circuit board.
Istivan: You made quite an impression on the Web. They're already calling you the human armory.
Big: You build this stuff, you test it, but you always wonder how it'll work when the pressure's on.
Istivan: Are you satisfied?
Big: It was like war.
Istivan: It is a war, Jim. Every great conflict is centered around economic struggle. Your personal battle for financial security is no different.
Big: Tell it to Batman. He almost got me.
Istivan: You may have to take him out. After all, wars have their casualties.

Jared: [hearing a noise] What was that?
Istivan: Look at your security camera.
Big: Batman? There's no way he followed me.
Istivan: [picking up the sonic weapon] Let's see if he wants to drop in.

Boba: Tell your client negotiations are terminated.
Cad: You're going soft in your old age.
Boba: We all do.
Mok: [Bane leaves] That was an impressive display of restraint. Exemplary strategem. If I may be so bold as to offer additional counsel...
Boba: I wonder how much he would pay for the Twi'lek.
Mok: Understood. Many pardons. I should never have interjected.

Gorilla: Today was just a test. Your next mission is for real.
Brainiac: [appearing to Lex] He still has something we need. We have to put up with him for the moment.
Lex: I should kill you.
Gorilla: But you won't.
Lex: No. Not today.

Count: Your failure is most unfortunate. I will have to discuss this with my master.

Cad: Artoo? The astromech. Go fetch me his little pal.
[HELIOS-3E replies in droidspeak, then leaves]
C: Oh no. What have I done?

Mar: Still, I am certain this Skywalker will return. His ultimate defeat shall be my greatest victory.
Wat: [via hologram] You admire Skywalker?
Mar: As a general, yes. His record shows he is a great warrior. And I want him to know it is I who has beaten him.

TX: So. It's General Kenobi who is leading this assault. He is known for his deceptive maneuvers.
Battle: Roger Roger. Download his file.

Cad: You gave it a shot. You tried to go straight. But you've got your father's blood pumping through your veins. You're a killer. This isn't the first time I beat you out on a job. There's no shame in it.
[pulling Fett's helmet off]
Cad: Consider this my final lesson. Look out for yourself.
[taking aim with his blaster]
Cad: Anything else is weakness.
[as Bane fires, Fett uses his gaffi stick to sweep Bane's feet out from under him and disarm him]
Cad: I knew you were a killer.
[blocking a flamethrower blast, Fett strikes a killing blow with the sharp end of his stick]

Sy: I don't care what you've done or why they wanna hurt you, I only care about us being together, forever.
Ziro the Hutt: You... you really mean that?
Sy: From the bottom of my fluid sack.

Lex: It's no good. There isn't enough. The last remnant of Brainiac, but there isn't enough to work with.
Brainiac: Perhaps if you constructed a positronic event chamber?
Lex: Yes. Yes, that could work. But where would I get the money? Between the government freezing my assets and the cost of running this secret society...
Tala: [Sonar enters] He's talking to his imaginary friend again.
Brainiac: You're a resourceful human, Luthor. I'm sure you'll find a way.

Cad: If I activate this control, the outside airlock will open and she will be sucked into oblivion. Do you think you can kill me and then save her before she's pulled out into space? It's a horrible way to die. Besides, isn't negotation the Jedi way?

Count: [via hologram] General, the ongoing stalemate in the war has become unacceptable. There is concern you have lost your focus. Lord Sidious demands more dramatic results: more dead Jedi.
General: You expect victory over Jedi, but all you give me to fight them is battle droids. Bah!

Boba: Clear out and take your hoodlum gang with you.
Cad: I've known you for a long time, Boba. One thing I can't figure. What's your angle?
Boba: This is my city. These are my people. I will not abandon them.
Cad: Like the Tuskens.
Boba: Don't toy with me. I'm not a little boy any longer, and you are an old man.
Cad: I'm still faster than you.
Boba: That may be, but I have armor.
Cad: Let's find out.

Count: [via hologram] The whispering of his name can rekindle hope, and hope is something we cannot allow our enemy to possess.

[TA-175 and 2 B1 droids by his side exit Lessu HQ]
TA: Start my shit. That Tambor is a fool.
[the B1 droids start walking ahead of TA-175 as they all head towards Wat Tambor's shuttle. Tambor then exits with two B2 droids by his side, only to see TA-175 enter the shuttle and close the door behind him]
Wat: My Ship!
[the Shuttle flies off. Cut to inside the shuttle where TA-175 is conversing with Dooku]
TA: I'm afraid Emir Tambor refused to retreat in time.
Count: That is... unfortunate. Order out bombers to destroy the capital immediately.

TX: I calculate the remaining clones are attempting a desperate final offensive. Their chances of success against us are 742 to one.
Wat: [via hologram] You had better be right.
TX: I am a droid. I am always right.

Mole: The magma has solidified in the bowels of the volcano, effectively blocking the exit.
Wilhelmina: I got the same problem with sauerkraut.

Savage: [Savage contacts Dooku via hologram] My Lord.
Count: Is it finished?
Savage: Yes. The temple has been taken.
Count: And the Jedi?
Savage: Dead.
Count: Very impressive, Savage. Return to Serenno immediately.
Savage: Very well, my Lord.

Ziro the Hutt: [upon being released from prison] Oh! It's so bright out here!
Clone: [talking over Ziro] Oh my god!

Nossor: Your Aqua-droids are no match for the Mon Calamari. What makes you think these secret weapons you brought from your home world will fare any better?
Riff: They are half machine, half monster. We call them Hydroid-Medusas. They are invincible.

Mother: Perhaps something different this time? Perhaps a male from our planet would be more to your liking, since you could not tame the female?
Count: [via hologram] I shall take you up on your offer.
Mother: Excellent. I will be in contact.
[breaks off holographic contact]
Asajj: I will see Count Dooku dead. I swear it.
Mother: So you shall. So you shall...

Battle: [torturing Jedi Master Bolla Ropal] I'm not sure how much more of this he can take.
Cad: Are you a medical droid?
Battle: Eh... no sir.
Cad: Then step back and shut up.
Battle: Roger roger.
Cad: More power.

[last lines]
Narrator: Still wanted by the government, they survive as soldiers of fortune. If you have a problem, if nobody can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire, the A-Team.

Asajj: Master, I need your help quickly, I'm surrounded.
Count: [via hologram] You have already lost the battle, child. I've ordered your reinforcements to return.
Asajj: No! I will destroy the Jedi. I will show you.
Count: You have failed me for the last time. You are no longer my apprentice. And now you shall die.

Count: You ignorant beast! I told you, I wanted him alive!
[Blasts Savage with force lightning]
Savage: Forgive me, my master!
Count: That is not the way of the dark side!

TC: The almighty Jabba requires further assistance.
Cad: You saying there's still more moves to this dance?

The: You lose.
[Two metal tendrils grab Flash's arms and hold him in place]
Lex: Hardly. Look around you. The Justice League is completely defeated, and so are you. For all your efforts, you have but inconvenienced me, speck. But I'm still just human enough to enjoy taking my revenge. Looks like the Question was right all along: I kill you and then Armageddon, right on schedule.
The: No!

[Six of the original seven JLAers are surrendering to authorities]
Soldier: Where's Batman?
Flash: Running late. The Batmobile, it lost a wheel. The Joker got away.
Flash: That's what I heard.

Mole: The volcano, she awakes!
Vinny: [waving a lit stick of dynamite] Hey, I had nothing to do with it.

Cad: Cobb Vanth.
Cobb: And who might you be?
Cad: Whatever Fett is paying you, we'll match, and all you've got to do is stay put and let things play out.
Deputy: Hey, the Marshal ain't for sale.
Cobb: I'm sorry, I didn't catch your name.
Cad: I'd be careful where I was sticking my nose if I were you.
Cobb: Is that friendly advice or a threat?
Cad: Boba Fett is a cold-blooded killer who worked with the Empire.
Cobb: You tell your spice runners Tatooine is closed for business. This planet's seen enough violence.
Cad: You should've never given up your armor.
[he reveals his blaster in its holster, and Cobb instinctively reaches for his own; after a tense standoff, Scott makes the first move, but Bane gets the better of them both]
Cad: Tatooine belongs to the Syndicate. As long as the spice keeps running, everyone will be left alone.

Lex: There's not going to be any fighting. At least not here. Sonar... I think you've given me the solution to Roulette's problem. And mine, as well.
Roulette: Of course. The new Metabrawl. All girl fights all the time. We'll call it the Glamour Slam. Or the Belles of the Brawl.
Sonar: Chickapalooza.
Roulette: With the right backing, it's a million-dollar idea. A cash cow. But even this won't work if the girls are all second-string villians.
Lex: Who said anything about villains?

Istivan: The war room. Very schway.
Big: You shouldn't be here, Hegedesh.
Istivan: Plans change. My principals have pushed the deadline forward.
Big: I just have to install this circuit board, then pay up and we're finished. And I mean it, Hegedesh.
Istivan: Whatever you like, Jim, but I thought you enjoyed being Armory.
Big: Let's just say it got a little too thrilling tonight.
[installing the circuit board]
Big: There.
Jared: [swatting a spider away] Ah!
[getting pulled out of his hiding spot]
Jared: Let go!
Big: Jared? Take your hands off him.
Jared: Don't do me any favors, Armory.
Big: Jared...
Jared: Mom and I were worried sick about you, but I guess blowing up the town comes first, you dreg.
Istivan: This is very bad. You'd better do something.

Ziro the Hutt: Some people are just happier when they're miserable.

Mother: You have heard of the Sith warrior Darth Maul, have you not?
Count: Yes... he was slain on Naboo at the hand of Obi-Wan Kenobi.
Mother: A few still remain in his bloodline. The men dwell on the far side of Dathomir. What if I could provide another of his kind?
Count: A warrior of the same caliber?
Mother: Yes. But I warn you: men are easy to acquire, hard to control.

Count: [via hologram] Commander Sobeck, you've been avoiding my transmissions.
Osi: My deepest respect. I was... hoping to surprise you with good news.
Count: Good news would indeed be a surprise.

Anakin: You should be more patient, Master. After all, the Count is an elderly gentleman and doesn't move like he used to.
Obi: I suppose you're right.
Count: I would kill you both right now if I did not have to drag your bodies.

Lex: You think you understand me? That you actually have anything to offer? For a brief moment, I attained absolute knowledge, godhood. Now it's all gone.
Gorilla: You melded with the computer-being Brainiac. And at your moment of triumph, the Justice League destroyed him. Tragic. Now there isn't a single piece of him left anywhere on Earth.
[holding such a piece out]
Gorilla: Except, of course, for this one.
Lex: [grabbing for it] Give it to me.
Gorilla: Salvation comes at a price, Lex. First, you do something for me, then you get your precious rock.
Brainiac: [appearing only to Lex] Do whatever he asks. My entire program resides in even the smallest part of me.
Lex: I could reconstitute you, bring you back to life.
Brainiac: Yes. We could be together again.
Lex: All right, Grodd, I'm in.

Cad: Oh, I just hate it when someone does my job.
Todo: And the holo-diary is gone as well.
Cad: Oh, drat.

Count: Obi-Wan Kenobi. I thought I sensed an unpleasant disturbance in the Force.

Boba: I thought I smelled something. If you're looking for a job, you're too late.
Cad: I've already got a job. I'm here to negotiate on behalf of the Pyke Syndicate.
Boba: I don't negotiate with gutless murderers.
Cad: If that's not the Quacta calling the Stifling slimy.
Boba: Clear out. And tell your bosses we know they're outnumbered.
Cad: I wouldn't be counting on the people of Freetown to be coming anytime soon. I paid Marshal Vanth a visit. You should've never left him without his armor. Before you get any ideas, I've got back shooters too.

Cad: Well, Hutt. It doesn't look like prison had too adverse an effect on you.
Ziro the Hutt: Oh, you can't imagine the unspeakable things I've suffered! The horror!

Istivan: What can I say, Jim? These cutbacks affect everyone. Force Tech can't afford to bring you on board.
Big: Force Tech has a short memory, Istvan. I've helped you guys out before, under the table.
Istivan: And we paid you generously. Of course, there are certain unofficial job opportunities.
Big: Like what?
Istivan: You once mentioned a sonic wave device that could shatter steel, the perfect anti-tank weapon.
Big: I designed it, but Wayne-Powers passed on a prototype.
Istivan: Force Tech has contacts with a certain foreign government that is, oh... temporarily in disfavor with the world community. If you were to build them a prototype, they would be embarrassingly grateful.
Big: It's not that easy. I'd have to steal the specifications and build the thing from scratch.
Istivan: I understand, Jim. If it's too much, you can always go live on your modest severance package, but our client won't wait and neither will I. I need an answer now.

Baron: Ladies, do any of you know Greedo?
Trella: [after a beat] Who's asking?
Baron: We're asking. We're looking to hire a bounty hunter.

Bail: We cannot allow the Chancellor to move this Enhanced Privacy Invasion Bill forward.
Senator: We're all in agreement then.
[Cad Bane enters the room and shoots two gunshots into the ceiling, startling Philo]
Cad: Morning, Senators. You should all consider yourselves to be in my power.
[the other bounty hunters begin to enter the room]
Cad: As long as everybody behaves, this will be quick and painless. Do nothing, and it will all be over soon.
Senator: I don't know who you think you are, but I, for one, have no intention of listening to this kind of insolence.
[Philo walks past Bane, who proceeds to pull out his blaster and shoot the senator in the back, who slumps over dead]
Cad: All right then. If you'll all gather at the center of this lovely atrium, my co-workers and I will relieve you of any communication devices.
Padmé: [whispering to Bail] I see five of them here in the room. If we...
Bail: [whispering back] What are you going to do? It's not like we carry weapons.

Obi: We know you've taken at least two children. Where are they?
Cad: Beyond your reach.
Mace: Who are you working for?
Cad: I work alone.
Obi: It is only a matter of time before we locate the holocron. Make it easier on yourself.
Cad: [deviant] What are you going to do, Jedi, torture me?
Mace: [firmly] I think the fear of whoever you work for outweighs your fear of us.
Cad: [suddenly serious] This conversation is over.
[Windu and Kenobi exit]

Samurai: What is at the peak of this mountain?
Monk: Truth.

Count: [referring to the Weequay pirates] They are devious and deceitful and most importantly, stupid.
Obi: It's a wonder you don't get along with them, Dooku. You have so much in common.

Helga: Someone needs to talk to that girl.
Mole: I will go!
Vinny: Someone with good people skills.
Mole: I will do it!
Dr. Sweet: Someone who won't scare her away.
Mole: I volunteer!
Wilhelmina: Someone who can speak the language.
Mole: For the good of the mission, I will go!
Commander: [to Milo, who is not paying attention] Good man, Thatch. Thanks for volunteering.
[Mole cries]

Savage: How does one defend against such power?
Count: A wise master does not reveal all his secrets at once. In due time, my apprentice.

Superman: My X-ray vision can't penetrate the walls, but I'm seeing a rapidly growing heat signature in the infrared range.
Wonder: You don't need supervision for that. Can't you feel the heat?
[the Cadmus building explodes, revealing a giant construct and the now fused Luthor/Brainiac]
Lex: Welcome, Justice League. You're just in time for the end of the world.

Wat: [via hologram] Captain, what is the status of the enemy attack?
Mar: The Jedi were crushed of course. They fled the system, their ships in flames.

Mayor: So, when will this all be over?
Cad: That all depends on how much your two stomachs can bear.
Mayor: No more explosives. I didn't sign off on bombing Garsa's Sanctuary. I agreed to surgical strikes, not open warfare.
Pyke: With apologies, it seems that line has been crossed.
Mayor: Well, I am still the mayor of Mos Espa, and I will not see it destroyed.
Pyke: The Fett gotra is taking refuge in the ruins of the Sanctuary. It will take extreme measures to remove them.
Cad: I think I have an idea how to draw Boba Fett out.

The: Here we are, Mr. Luthor. Your benefactor is looking forward to meeting you.
Lex: Does the mystery man have a name?
Gorilla: No reason to be insulting, Lex. I'm far superior to any man.
Lex: Grodd. I appreciate the help, but gratitude only goes so far. I'm not interested in working with you or anyone else.
Gorilla: I think you'll change your mind once you've seen what I have to offer.

Ahsoka: [igniting her lightsaber] Don't move, Sleemo!
Cad: You weren't the child I was expecting to find.
Ahsoka: Obviously.
Cad: You're quite clever, but naive.

Count: I do not need my eyes to see you, Jedi.

Asajj: [to Savage] Get up! We must defeat him! Get up! Kill him! Kill him, you fool!
Savage: I can't... He's too powerful.
Asajj: Your weakness will not be my downfall!
Count: A failed apprentice makes for a foolish master.

Nix: Perhaps some unexpected bloodshed on Coruscant, eh, may change a few minds.
Lott: Coruscant? Coruscant has not been attacked in over one thousand years.
Nix: Then it has a false sense of security. There are some powerful clients on the other side who could help us, eh, shall we say, make the point.
Gume: I like this plan.
Nix: No one cares what you think.

Cad: Get the door.
Todo: I am a Techno Service Droid, not a Butler Droid.
Cad: Damn it, Todo, you are what I say you are.

Count: [via hologram] Your Tactical droid has informed me of the pitiful job you have done protecting our investment on Ryloth.
Wat: That droid exaggerates. I have not lost yet.

Count: You must strengthen your connection with the Force, my apprentice. Feel it's power within you.
[Levitates various pillars around them to demonstrate his power]
Count: Now, lift them. Concentrate.
Savage: [Savage struggles to list the pillars with the force, but loses hold] What you ask is the impossible!
Count: Impossible? The task is only impossible because you have deemed it so! You must connect with your hatred!
[Blasts Savage with force lightning]
Count: Focus on your power building. Do not think of anyone or anything else.
[Blasts him again]
Count: That's it! Your anger is your strength!
Savage: I hate you!
Count: Good.

Count: [via hologram] Consider: once the Senate orders peacekeeping troops to Mandalore, the people will be surrounded by a military presence. Most distasteful. They will rebel.
Pre: And rally the Death Watch. Our insurgence will grow stronger.
Count: Yes. And Dutchess Satine will fall.

Pyke: You returned so quickly. Was your venture successful?
Cad: You won't have to worry about Freetown.
Mayor: Did you convince the Marshal to stay neutral?
Cad: Yes.
Mayor: Good. I want this over as soon as possible. Does Fett have any other resources to call upon? He used to live among a Tusken Raider tribe in the desert.
Pyke: They no longer exist.
Mayor: Are you sure?
Pyke: Yes. We destroyed them ourselves.
Cad: Does Fett know that?
Pyke: He has no idea. He thinks they were killed by Nikto speed bikers. We left evidence behind to encourage such a conclusion. He meted out his revenge on them. In his mind, the matter is resolved.
Cad: I didn't realize the Pyke Syndicate was so ruthless.
Pyke: Pragmatic. They were charging us protection. We have to protect our margins.
Cad: Indeed you do.

Todo: You know if you would just tell me what it is you're doing back there I could probably be of some assistance.
Cad: No. I am just doing some maintanance. You've been having memory crashes.
Todo: That is preposterous. I have no memory of any crashes. Oh my goodness! I have no memories of any crashes!
Cad: Exactly...
Todo: Oh no, I am doomed!

Count: There is no margin for error this time, child. You must prove yourself worthy of being my apprentice.
Asajj: I am worthy, as you shall see.

Mole: You have disturbed the dirt!
Milo: Uh, pardon me?
Mole: You have disturbed the dirt! Dirt from around the globe spanning the centuries!
[pulls the covers of Milo's bed, exposing clumps of dirt with little flags]
Mole: What have you done? England must never merge with France!
Milo: What's it doing in my bed?
Mole: You ask too many questions! Who are you? Who sent you? Speak up!
Milo: Me? I'm, uh...
Mole: Bah! I will know soon enough.
[grabs Milo's hand]
Milo: Hey, hey, hey! Let go!
Mole: Do not be such a crybaby. Hold still.
[takes a bit of dirt from under one of Milo's fingernails]
Mole: Aha! There you are. Now tell me your story, my little friend.
[looks at dirt under magnifying lenses]
Mole: Parchment fiber from the Nile Delta circa 500 B.C., lead pencil No. 2, paint flecks of a type used in government buildings, you have a cat, short hair Persian, two years old, third in a liter of seven. These are all the microscopic fingerprints of the mapmaker.
[tastes dirt]
Mole: And linguist.

Crow: [Repeated quote] Murder her!

Cad: Let the spice move through Mos Espa, and all this can be avoided.
Boba: No.
Cad: What do you propose then?
Boba: I will only negotiate with the Pyke Syndicate.
Cad: You mean the one that massacred your Tusken family and blamed it on a speed bike gang? You know it's true.
Fennec: Boba.
Cad: [he reveals his blaster in its holster] Let's do this right here, right now.
Fennec: Not now. You pick when.
Boba: He killed Vanth. The reinforcements aren't coming.
Fennec: We fight on our terms, not theirs.
Boba: I can take him.
Fennec: You're emotional.
Boba: I can take him.
Fennec: We need to adjust. You'll have your moment.

Count: With your Death Watch army in place, now all we need do is to sit and wait.
Pre: [via hologram] Bur for how long? My men are anxious to fight.
Count: Considering the plot we have just set in motion, I assure you, the republic will oblige you the fight you are looking for.

Bernadeth: What is your will, my lord?
Darkseid: As ever, to search for the Anti-Life Equation, that I may bring order to this aimless universe. But first, Superman must suffer for killing me. His adopted world will die screaming. Only then will I seek the ultimate end.
Kanto: Forgive me, lord. But an attack on Earth would violate your pact with Highfather. New Genesis would doubtless retaliate.
Darkseid: Where do you think I'm going next?

Agent: I'm the new liaison between the Attorney General's office and the Justice League.
Aztek: Uh, good to meet you. I'm...
Agent: Aztek. I've been well briefed on all of you. Security on Luthor's transfer was lax because it didn't seem necessary. We haven't had a peep outta him since he was arrested for that Brainiac business last summer.
Agent: He's a broken man. Just sits in his cell talking to himself.
Hawkgirl: When he's not stealing police vans, you mean?
Agent: That came out of nowhere. We had no reason to think he was an active threat.
Agent: Do what you can. Put out an APB, stake out airports, train and bus stations.
Agent: Already done, for what it's worth.
Agent: If he's sighted, don't approach him. Call in the League.
Agent: My people can handle this.
Agent: No, they can't. Your people are good. Luthor's better. And if you get a lead on him, I expect to be kept in the loop.
Superman: Of course.

Battle: We've lost all his vital signs.
Cad: Check.
[a Magna droid uses his electrostaff on Bolla Ropal]
Battle: He is no longer functioning
Cad: Drop him.
[a B1 Battle Droid releases Ropal from the force field, who falls to the ground]
Battle: [gets down on one knee to scan Ropal's vital signs] He's dead.
Cad: Looks like we'll have to find another Jedi to open this Holocron.

Lex: Where are we?
Brainiac: Several miles from where the Justice League is searching. I must make repairs to my damaged systems.
Lex: Where do I fit in to all of this?
Brainiac: The same as to everything else: I will record your information, then destroy the original.
Lex: [Chuckles]
Brainiac: You... are amused by my mission? Explain yourself.
Lex: Say you succeed. You absorb all the information on Earth and destroy it. Then what?
Brainiac: I repeat the process across the entire universe until I have recorded all knowledge and destroyed all of creation.
Lex: And then?
Brainiac: Then my programming is complete. My function is fulfilled.
Lex: If you possess all information, you're a god.
Brainiac: My program will be complete. It is the end of all things.
Lex: What if it were just the beginning? I can show you a purpose beyond the fulfillment of your programming.
Brainiac: It is extremely unlikely that your inferior human intellect has anything to offer me.
Lex: Since we've become so close, I'm gonna let that pass. I'm offering you the one thing you've always lacked. A certain something that I happen to have in abundance.
Brainiac: Which is?
Lex: Imagination. I've got a proposition for ya, partner.

Count: Well done, if I do say so myself.
Obi: Most impressive.

Count: [Training Savage in lightsaber dueling] You have no technique. Sloppy! But with the proper training, you could be a powerful warrior. You have a natural ability, but we must hone it. Are you up for the challenge of putting your hate to better use.
Savage: Yes, master.

Cad: Some Butler Droid you turned out to be!
Todo: I am a Techno Service Droid!

Cad: [Scene starts off with C-3PO being shock] I don't want this gibberish. I want the plans for the Senate Building.
C: I don't know what you're talking about
Cad: You're Senator Amidala's personal droid.
C: I am a protocol droid, human-cyborg relations. I can translate and instruct on appropriate etiquette, which in your case, sir if you don't mind me saying, is sorely lacking.
[Bane looks at J0-N0, telling him to shock C-3P0 again]
C: That is exactly the type of behavior I am talking about.
J0: According to the analyzer, he's not lying. His head is totally empty of any information useful to us.
C: Empty? I protest, I am fluent in over six million forms of communication.
Cad: Ain't that great? A brainless droid.
C: My lack of knowledge is not an impediment at all.

Lex: Did you really think you could take me down all by yourself?
Amanda: Actually, yeah. But on the off chance I might have been wrong...
[Luthor turns and sees the Leaguers standing there]
Flash: Ta-da.
Superman: It's over, Lex.
Lex: Not until I...
[Luthor suddenly screams in pain, as pistons extend from his back and his hands turn into tentacles]
Lex: I had hoped to remain hidden until I could install myself into the android...
[a familiar face appears within Luthor's stomach]
Brainiac: ...But you forced my hand.
Superman: Brainiac!

Lex: Don't distort the metal, moron.
Weather: I don't even know why we're doing this.
Lex: Killer Frost, if Weather Wizard here doesn't shape up, I'm holding you accountable.
Killer: Whatever.
Lex: Structural integrity is crucial.
Killer: Okay, got it. Jeez.

Asajj: That's no way to treat your apprentice. I should know.
Count: Savage, you can make amends for your mistake by destroying this witch!
Asajj: [laughs] I don't think that will be happening. Will it, Savage? Remember where your true loyalties lie.
Savage: With you, mistress.

Battle: Eh, sir, that Republic ship has destroyed our escort and is blocking our escape.
Cad: Whoevers commanding that cruiser is a bold one.

Count: [via hologram] It's a shame you came so far to be frustrated. While the Viceroy is unavailable for capture, allow me to offer you an alternative prize.

Senator: The last time I went on one of these ransom missions, I spent three weeks in a dungeon.

Ed Wuncler III: It was all Rummy's fault.
Gin: Ed ran into the wrong store. I was following Ed.
Ed Wuncler III: How was I supposed to know which bookstore to go into? They look exactly the same, and they both got books.
Riley: And there was a giant crowd of people outside of one!
Ed Wuncler III: That don't mean Oprah was in there!
Riley: There was a large sign that said 'Welcome, Oprah'! Ya'll lucky Ed's grandfather owns the cops.
Butler: Just what are you trying to imply? Look, we escaped their capture because of planning, teamwork, and execution.
Butler: This officer wanted to see you, Mr. Wuncler.
Policeman: Excuse me, Mr. Wuncler. I just well, you dropped this today at the bookstore, during the unpleasant...
[hands Ed his wallet]
Policeman: Thank you, Mr. Wuncler. I'm so sorry to disturb you. I hope you're not upset with me.
Riley: ...Why don't we just get Oprah tomorrow?

Darth: [via hologram] As I was saying, Bounty Hunter, I have need of your services.
Cad: I'm listening.
Darth: I need a Jedi... Holocron.

Cad: [Shahan Alama enters the room without his droid partner] What happened? Where's the droid?
Shahan: The droid's gone, but there's good news. The Jedi is unarmed.
Cad: What?
Shahan: It doesn't look like he has his lightsaber.
Cad: Go, bring him back to me.
[Aurra Sing and Shahan Alama go after the unarmed Anakin Skywalker]

Bernadeth: Welcome home, O mighty Darkseid.
Darkseid: Arise, my children. Let this meaningless battle for control end today.
Kanto: Of course, lord. We had thought ourselves bereft forever.
Darkseid: Only the slimmest of chances has allowed me to overcome my death at the hands of Superman.

Monk: [Jack is exhausterd from climbing the mountain and collapses in a heap before reaching the summit claiming "It is impossible." The monks appear to him in a dream] Do you give up?
Monk: Will you abandon their hope?
Monk: Can you not feel their desperation?
Monk: Will evil forever rule the world?
Monk: Have you forgotten?

Count: I foresee we will do great things together. I shall teach you the ways of the dark side. Soon, your powers will rival that of the great Sith Lord Darth Maul. We will be even more powerful than Lord Sidious. We shall rule the galaxy together, my apprentice.
Savage: I am your servant, master.

Title: [mock movie trailer] In a land beyond space and time...
Trailer: A new world enslaved. This is a land in need of a hero.
[Trejo removes his space helmet]
Trailer: They call him... MACHETE.
Trailer: Machete Machete.
Trailer: He knows the score.
Space: We need a leader. We need a revolution. We need you, Machete.
Trailer: He gets the space babes.
[deep kiss]
Luz: The people needs us, Machete. This is a new network. It's all... galactic and shit.
Machete: He thinks he's God in heaven. So heaven must fall.
Trailer: And he kills the bad guys. Starring Danny Trejo, Michelle Rodriguez...
Luz: Eat photons, bitches!
Trailer: ...Alexa Vega. With Justin Beaver, as Bleep. And Lady Gaga, as
[provoctive music]
Trailer: whoever she wants to be. With special guest star Leonardo DiCaprio, as the Man in the Silver Mask.
[in a lower voice]
Trailer: Actor subject to change.
Trailer: Machete Kills Again... in Space.
[lower voice again]
Trailer: Rated X for cigarette use, prolonged sexual content, pervasive language, and space violence.

Flintheart: The Doomsday Vault is the key to our future...
Zan: So far, so good.
Flintheart: A future in which I make more money than McDuck, win our bet, and WIN HIS COMPANY!
[Crosses out the business plan and flips the board to a blank side]
Flintheart: Here's where you come in.
Flintheart: I break into the vault,
[Points to Glomgold breaching the vault doors then to Glomgold carrying a small Money Tree]
Flintheart: grab the money tree,
[Then to Glomgold splitting the money with the Von drake children]
Flintheart: we'll split the profits 90/10,
[Then to Glomgold detonating the vault and makes red marks like fire]
Flintheart: then I'll blow up the vault to cover our tracks!
Zan: [Chuckles nervously] What he means is,
[Flips the board back to the intended beneficial plan]
Zan: we will respectfully blow your minds with how secure we'll make that vault for half the price.
Corvus: Uh-huh.
Flintheart: And if you don't give us the job, I'm just gonna steal the tree anyway! So-o-oo...
[Cut to outside the lab. Glomgold is ejected from the lab with a shout and crashes into a snow pile. Glomgold unburies himself while Owlson backs out of the lab]
Zan: So sorry, everyone! Deepest apologies.
[Disappointed while Scrooge and the owners come out afterwards]
Zan: I can't believe he lost us another contract...!

Hawkgirl: [after Lex escapes from custody] Why would you even try to move a prisoner that dangerous without calling us?
Agent: Maybe because we thought we could do our jobs without help from the mighty Justice League.
Hawkgirl: And yet here we are.
Superman: Okay, Shayera, what's done is done. Let's see if we can pick up his trail. Aztek?
Aztek: [scanning a brick wall] The wall's submolecular integrity has been compromised.
Hawkgirl: Leptons showing residual weak-force interactions?
Aztek: Yeah. How did you know?
Superman: It's a common energy signature of matter-phasing technology. I assume it doesn't leave a trail?
Hawkgirl: No such luck. Maybe Aztek could...
Agent: You guys want some coffee? Apparently, I got nothing better to do here.
Superman: Sorry, we got caught up in the work.

Lex: [Holding a Dark Heart scout] Brainiac?
Brainiac: I have added this technology to my database. The nano assemblers are already slave to my command routines. With but a thought, they will convert any raw material into whatever I choose.
Lex: Then we're ready to begin. Let me show you...
Brainiac: I have learned from my encounters with Darkseid that organic beings cannot be trusted.
Lex: I can't argue with that. But if you and I are one, truly one, trust won't be an issue, will it?
Brainiac: Agreed.

Vinny: I could unblock that if I had, like, two-hundred of these. Problem is, I only have, like, ten, plus three of my own, a couple of cherry bombs, road flare... Hey. Too bad we don't have some nitroglycerin, eh, Milo?
Mole: AH HA HA HA!

Quarrie: Why would I hand over my ship to just any pilot?
Hera: Would *any* pilot risk their life to come to this... death trap?
Quarrie: Perhaps not. So why did *you*?
Hera: I was a little girl when the Clone War came to Ryloth. My mother hid us below-ground, but I'd peek out when the Republic ships flew over, as they fought to liberate my world. I dreamt of nothing more than to be up there with them.
Quarrie: So you left your family to fight.
Hera: I left my family so I could fly.
Quarrie: As a combat pilot.
Hera: If we want freedom, we must make difficult choices. I chose to leave my family, I chose to learn to fly, and then I chose to use that ability to help others in need. It's all rooted in something I can't explain. A need to be up *thereg, because even when there are explosions all around me, and... things are at their worst... I feel like *I'm* at my best.

Derek: It's the ultimate in germ warfare. A viral mutagen so quick-acting and completely invasive, no living cell can resist it. It all began with experiments on plants.
Vilmos: [watching a demonstration] Impressive. But we are looking to do more than wipe out our enemies' crops, Mr. Powers.
Derek: Keep watching. This was our first experiment with livestock. I trust the film puts to rest any lingering doubts, Mr. Egans. As you can see, the results are the same, even with animals.
Vilmos: And humans? You've tested it on them, too?
Derek: The laws here aren't as liberal about that sort of thing as they are in your country, but we did have a little accident; one of my workers. Terrible thing. There was a gas leak in his lab.
[showing him pictures of Harry Tully]
Derek: This is what he looked like the next day. Two hours later. An hour after that.
Vilmos: There is no cure?
Derek: Extreme heat or radiation, but at this stage, it's obviously not an option.
[showing him another picture]
Derek: Dust to dust. Consider what a real dose of this gas could do to those six armored divisions your neighbors keep on your border. Gone... in a matter of hours.
Vilmos: Delivery, it's in progress?
Derek: My men are loading the canisters as we speak. They leave tonight on hover transport. My assistant, Mr. Fixx, will personally supervise the shipment.
Vilmos: Excellent. Goodbye, Mr. Powers. I will see you again soon. I hope.

Nute: [via hologram] Transmit the information and close the deal, immediately.
Cad: I can't. Only a Jedi can access the device. Fortunately, there are two on their way to help me. One more than we need for our purposes.

Hondo: [holds up Dooku and Anakin's sabers] Are these what you are looking for... Jedi?
Count: I am more powerful than any Jedi. Know that you are dealing with a Sith lord.