The Best Ozark, Season 1, Episode 7 Quotes

- Is it okay if I leave my phone here?
- -Sure.
- -Thanks.

- You all right? You all right?
- Yeah, yeah. Um...
- Can I go for a swim?
- I'll talk better after.
- A swim? Isn't it freezing outside?
- I'll wear my suit. I'll be fine.
- All right, just out to the first buoy, that's it, okay?
- -A short one.
- -Okay.

- bait and tackle or some shit.
- Higher end.
- Makin' people come to me for a change.
- By yourself?
- I don't know.
- Maybe.

- You understand punitive interest, don't you, Marty?
- $200,000.
- $724,000 is all I've got and it's earmarked.
- All you got sounds about right.

- Alphabetical order.
- This whole thing was your idea.
- Yeah.
- Anyway, you wanted to talk.
- What?
- You called me, remember?
- I just... wanted to see you, is all.

Ruth: They're gonna be fuckin' late on the first day again.
Wyatt: School's a waste anyway. They read all the wrong shit.
Ruth: Oh, that'll play great in a job interview.

- Mmm. Stupid, huh?
- Stupid chickens.
- No.
- Stupid you.
- You had Marty Byrde and you let him go.
- -I told you...
- -Don't come back here until he's dead.

Charlotte: I miss my friends.
Wendy: Your friends are always gonna be your friends, no matter what.
Charlotte: You don't know that. You made it so that I can't tell them anything. I have to pretend like the worst, scariest, most damaging thing in my life is actually fucking awesome.

- -he sounds like he was a reasonable man.
- -Mm-hmm.
- Said he'd break my nose, I did it again.
- One year later, they opened the dam again.
- I skipped my chores again.
- Shirked my responsibilities.
- You know what my dad did?
- Did he break your nose?

Jonah: Dad!
Martin: [about to drive away] Hey buddy.
Jonah: You forgot I was here.
Martin: I did not forget you were here. Jump in.
Jonah: It's okay. There's a lot going on.
Martin: Yeah, a lot going on. Nothing more important than you though.

- Darlene, would you mind taking the truck?
- Bye-bye.
- Bye.
- -This gets done now.
- -Mm-hmm.
- Great.
- Y'all have a nice day.
- Good day.

- bringing God to those whose hearts you might open.
- If I go back on the water...
- I am going to preach to those who have committed grievous sins... on your behalf.
- I have to do that.
- And I would expect nothing less.

- And we still have time.
- We're practically finished.
- Deposits have slowed.
- Marty hasn't been to the Blue Cat in a while.
- Something's off.
- You should just accept that our eyes are on you and yours, Ms. Byrde.
- Davis. Whoever the fuck you are.

- I figure I siphon off $800,000 from the new fund, I give it to Del.
- Soon as he gives me the new batch to launder, I replace what I took.
- Unless one of the investors dies in the next month or so, they won't even notice it was ever gone.
- You're all dressed up.
- Not really. Just work.

- Boy, you can't even think for yourself.
- Okay, that's enough. 'Cause I think you're being childish, how about that?
- -Oh, I'm being childish?
- -Yeah.
- Well, I am not listening to your foolishness anymore.
- -La, la, la, la.
- -Oh, you're really doing this right now?
- Seriously? Mom? Mom, get out of the way.
- Mom, get out of the road!

Mason: Peter came to me last night in a dream and told me that this community wants a church.
Martin: Peter?
Mason: Peter, the apostle. The rock on which the church was built.
Martin: Right.
Mason: Well, sewage was so different back then, you know?

- When did you stop being Wendy Byrde?
- Excuse me, have we met before?
- You know how easy it is to find information on people nowadays.
- Is that Lakeside High School?
- I thought you said you weren't from the area.
- Where Jonah and Charlotte go, right?

- Okay. I'll be back later.
- I love you.
- Love you.
- It's just a school.
- You're good at school.

Grace: We have a child to worry about now.
Mason: That God will protect. Just like he did in St. Louis.
Grace: Mason...
Mason: That bullet was three-tenths of an inch from rupturing my aorta. But it went clean through. That is not a coincidence.
Grace: God wasn't protecting you. The kid had shitty aim.

- Son, should we do it?
- Thank you, guys, very much.
- -Wait. Wait.
- -Yeah.
- Let's do this. Let's do this right now.
- What?
- -Be done with it.
- -Yeah?
- Come on. Come on back in.
- -Right now.
- -Okay.

Charlotte: I want our old life back.
Wendy: I'm so sorry. It doesn't exist anymore, sweetheart. We have to stay together as a family.

- Answer the phone.
- This is Wendy. Leave a message.
- --They put up a cross.
- They put up a cross. Jesus fuck...
- I'm going to the Youngs'.
- -If you are satisfied with your message--
- -Shut the fuck up.

- They devoured entire orchards, costing farmers millions each year.
- Today, over 200 million starlings in North America consume nearly all the eggs of the nearly-extinct eastern bluebird.
- More strange, and perhaps, tragic, starlings are attracted to airplane engines and can incapacitate in the blink of an eye.

- Chicago. Terminal six?
- Where the fuck is terminal six?
- I think it's over there. Come on.
- I'll look for her upstairs.

- Damn.
- Every fucking year... they come... we pick through their trash when they leave.
- Rinse, repeat.
- That's a grand, easy.

- Uh, I get it. Nygard is a...
- He's a great guy.
- Are you kidding me, Don?
- We gave you 18%.
- No one ever even gave you guys 12.
- Right. Well, uh,
- Bruce brought you guys in, so...
- Yeah. Uh... I'll tell him if I see him.
- Thanks.

- -That's not fair.
- -Well, where are your friends?
- What do you tell them?
- I tell them what I believe to be true.
- That this is a family sabbatical.
- Return to simplicity.
- You hate it here, too.

- -Okay. Yeah. Be careful, please.
- -Got it?
- Dad!
- -Hey, buddy.
- -You forgot I was here.
- I did not forget you were here.
- -Jump in.
- -It's okay. There's a lot going on.
- Yeah, a lot going on.
- Nothing more important than you, though.

- -What?
- -If I get a hunting license this semester?
- Honey, I don't want you shooting anything.
- You're supposed to kill starlings.
- They're invaders.
- They steal nests and peck unhatched eggs.
- -Please stop talking.
- -Charlotte.
- If you kill one female, you've stopped the production of 11 birds.

- He needs a handler that can approach local law enforcement.
- You're still undercover.
- Is there something about this Langmore
- I don't understand?
- No.
- No.
- He's yours.

- You lied to me.
- Call him. I want those papers back.
- I'm gonna rip them up.
- Oh, you want 'em back?
- Why don't you call him yourself, okay?
- Oh, and you know what? You're fired.
- Where are you going?
- To put the signs on the street side, where they belong.