The Best Rob Kerkovich Quotes

Sebastian: Winchester?
Tammy: Yeah.
Sebastian: The same guy who came in and stole my drone?
Tammy: Mhm, mhm,.
Sebastian: The bastard?
Tammy: Swooper strikes again.
Sebastian: What'd he want with Norah?
Tammy: Well, turns out she's an undercover DIA agent. Hey, you're gonna get sick eatin' that. And why are you eating so many?
Sebastian: Norah's DIA?
Tammy: Yeah, that's why she was the target.
Sebastian: Well, That doesn't make any sense. When she was taken, she screamed like... a lot.
Tammy: Yeah, you did say she had a healthy set of lungs.
Sebastian: Yeah, she didn't fight back. That's weird, right? You'd think a trained agent would at least put up some kind of a fight.
Tammy: Why didn't you say this before?
Sebastian: Well, it wasn't relevant when I thought she was a civilian, but now that I know she's DEA...
Tammy: Oh, my God... Alright, let me think about this for a sec.
[Lund gets out of bed and starts to head out of the room]
Tammy: Let me get my thoughts together. WHOAH! I don't need to see *THAT*! Where're you goin', tiny butt?
Sebastian: I gotta get released.
Tammy: Get in the bed!
Sebastian: No, I got to go.
Tammy: Get it in the bed! In the bed! Now, tell me what you're thinking so I can help.

Tammy: Permission to kill him?
Sebastian: I can make it look like an accident.