The Best Frank O'Sullivan Quotes

Raymond: Okay, O'Sullivan, there's McCaffery coming out of Perdue Pet Supplies with the mouse that he put in the burrito. So there's no need for tactical gear or a Never Forget Burrito ribbon or any of that. You need to call off the Blue Flu.
Frank: Are you crazy? My guys are under attack.
Raymond: No, I just proved that it wasn't an attack. He faked it.
Frank: Not that attack, this attack-- the one where you call a policeman a liar.
Raymond: He is a liar.
Frank: Oh, dear, my God. You just did it again. Do you understand the worst thing you could do to another person is to call that person a liar? You hate cops. That's a fact.
Raymond: I-I-I just thought the Blue Flu was about a mouse in a burrito.
Frank: Well, it was, but now it's about you saying it wasn't.
Raymond: That doesn't make any sense.
Frank: So you're calling me stupid?
Raymond: That's not what I said!
Frank: You're calling me a liar?
Raymond: I just don't know how to talk to someone like you.
Frank: Someone like me? Wow. That's racist!
Raymond: Oh, this is a very frustrating conversation.

Raymond: I'm saying the Nine-Nine just became a case study for how a police force can work better with fewer police.
Frank: Are you actually talking about laying off cops?
Raymond: If these numbers persist, I may have no choice.
Frank: Then I'll just end the Blue Flu.
Raymond: Great. That's what I want.
Frank: Then I won't end the Blue Flu.
Raymond: Great. Fewer cops. That's what I want.
Frank: You just said that--
Frank: This is a very frustrating conversation.