The Best Sanctuary, Season 2, Episode 1 Quotes

Henry: Great, so basically, we're back at square one. That's awesome.
Nikola: Listen, the Cabal have been planning this move for decades. I've had two days, a crappy lab, and Tiny Tim for an assistant, so please cut me some slack.
Henry: If you think working with you is a party, think again, Vlad!
Nikola: Good, you've finally showed up. Quit your whining and get to work.

Nikola: Your shaggy friend is still refusing treatment, and frankly, I'm insulted.
Dr. Will Zimmerman: Oh, right, yeah, because I forgot, this is all about you.
Nikola: I have spent weeks creating a working treatment for the Lazarus Virus. I spent weeks more traveling the earth, disseminating it to the affected abnormals, effectively stemming an outbreak, and in the end, the creep in the room with the hair doesn't want to take his medicine. It's personal and we both know it is
Dr. Will Zimmerman: What do you want me to say? Henry's talking to him.
Nikola: Does your hirsute friend understand that he's facing probably the most unpleasant, slow, lingering death in all creation?
Dr. Will Zimmerman: I'm sure you made it abundantly clear.
Nikola: Also, Huggy Bear, we're out of wine.
Dr. Will Zimmerman: That's not my nickname.
Nikola: [shouting as he's leaving the room] Huggy Bear!

Assam: [Tastes a worm] Highest quality. You must be desperate indeed.
Dr. Helen Magnus: Desperate was last month. This month means breathing the same air as people like you.