The Best One Tree Hill, Season 1, Episode 18 Quotes

Nicki: I got the cutest little stuffed animal.
Jake: She has a purple monkey that she can't sleep without. Anything else, she ignores... Got the wrong formula. She needs a special kind because she wasn't breastfed. The alcohol in these wipes are bad for her skin. I buy her a special vitamin because she was a little underweight at her six-month checkup. She doesn't read. She sure as hell doesn't smoke. Oh, well look, at least you got the most expensive kind of ice cream.
Nicki: I got that for you. 'Cause on our third date you said all that you needed for life to be good was a pint of this ice cream. I want your life to be good, Jake. I want to be with that boy that told me those things. Where did he go?
Jake: You left him. Damn it, Nicki. It's not fair for you to come back here and do this. It's not fair to me, and it's not fair to Jenny.
Nicki: I still love you, you know?
Jake: It's funny. I can't tell you how many times I spent wondering when I was gonna hear you say that again. Just hoping that the next time the phone rang it'd be you calling to say those words.
Nicki: Jake -
Jake: And now that you're here, I... I can't even remember why I needed to hear them. You should recognize this next move, Nicki. You perfected it. It's called turning my back and leaving you behind.

Peyton: [at the Boy Toy Charity Date Auction] This is fun. So who's next?
Haley: [reads program] Oh, no...
Other: [in unison] Tim.

Brooke: Real thing beat the internet don't they?
Mouth: Internet sucks!