The Best The Last Kingdom, Season 2, Episode 1 Quotes

- You're sven kjartanson?
- You will answer me!
- What do you want with sven kjartanson?
- I've been sent to take the souls of both kjartan and his son.
- Attack.
- Attack!

- Are you certain she still lives?
- Iseult was certain.
- Then you should sleep.
- Hild.
- I would sleep easier lying next to a woman.
- Shall I fetch another bucket, lord?

- Do battle with a turd, directly from the devil's arse!
- You can cut him but you cannot kill him!
- And if he kills you, then so be it!
- More fool you!
- Hit him! Hit him!
- Hit him!

- Yes, lord.
- But no silver was paid?
Fiske: No, lord.
- Still, they took their man.
- We find the slave, we find the lepers and we find the priest.
- Together they will tell us all we need to know about this horseman.
- Dead or otherwise.

- What am I to do in northumbria with an army of two? A nun and a rag-arse?
- A loyal rag-arse.
- Prepare yourself.
- To do what? Kill kjartan and the men who surround him?
- You can begin to carry yourself as a lord.
- Or we can return to Winchester.
- No. We cannot return to Winchester.
- Did she not say that your path led north?

Aelswith: I have come to wish you goodnight, lord.
- Rest well.
- Stay.
- Stay.

- Can we not simply give you the silver and be on our way, lord? Please.
Sven: There is nothing to fear but the lies of a priest.
- I know it.
- Lord?
- Oh, dear god in heaven, it is him.
Sven: It is who?

Uhtred: Peace was secured with hostages, brida and ragnar, and by the Danish Earl's baptism and acceptance of the Christian god.
- As for uhtred the godless, my path led north, to blood feuds, to revenge, and to bebbanburg.
- Destiny is all...

- To remind me of who I am.
- Who you are, lord...
- Is defined by what you do, and what you have done has given you reputation, but reputation is not a shield.
- I think father beocca asks too much.

- I wish to see guthred. Guthred!
- Make yourself known!
- Guthred of cumbraland!
- Can you hear me?
Sven: I will decide when you see your man.
- You will give us the ransom and you will give it now.
- You will do everything I say.

- You like this one, huh?
- He's fast, very hard working.
- Bring another one.
- Over here!
- This one, one of my best.
- You? You like him?
- He's very strong, very young.
- Something for you, huh?
- Soldier: Horseman approaching!

- What does he want with cumbraland and with our king?
- He wants bebbanburg, his ancestral home.
- And it's in the king's gift to help him.
- Hm. He will need to be watched.
- He's a pretender,
- I'm sure.

Beocca: God in heaven,
- I never thought I would see the day.
- Is it him, father?
- It is.
- 200 years after his death, he remains whole, a sign of the depth of his holiness.

- Influence beyond wessex, odda.
- Heaven sent.
- Boy: Come!
- Move on, move on. Come on.

- Amen.
Guthred: Amen.
- And now, lord, we shall enter the church for the royal oath, which shall be sworn upon the corpse of the blessed Saint cuthbert himself.
- Cuth Bert?
- He is here?
- In his entirety.

- I have recovered serpent-breath, and when you are able to stand,
- I shall return her. We will be leaving.
- I will decide when we're leaving.
- I am uhtred, son of uhtred.
- I will not be schooled by a nun.
- She is not wrong, lord. You have been drinking whole fields of barley.
- Nor will I be lectured by an arseling!

- He will have men hump you.
- I tell you every time, you do not need to live like this.
- You don't need to eat and sleep with hounds.
- It is my wish.
- I dream of you, as you were.
- I dream of nothing but the fire.

- He was amongst us.
- Aethelflaed, with me, before you hurt him.
- Yes, mother.
- The witan is full to brimming.
- Every ealdorman and his brother is here to bask.
- Not all of them deserving.

Halig: Smoke.
[Uhtred clicks tongue] Come.

Gisela: What?
- He is here.
- Who?
- Your brother, the king.
- He lives?
- Oh, he is well and he is near, very near.
- I must inform Abbot eadred.
- Brother trew.

- 0 most holy cuthbert, guide us and lead us and bring us to your glory, in the name of him who died for us.
- Amen.
- All: Amen.

- Already you wish me to become king of eofewvic?
- Why wait? The brothers will return, weakened or not.
- I'd rather they remain outside the walls of eofewvic.
- Lord! Lord, the Roman wall!
Guthred: We follow the wall all the way to cumbraland. Home.
- And then, uhtred, we prepare to take eofewvic.

Hild: I would like you to teach me how to fight. Swordcraft.
[Uhtred laughs] Skill.
- The Danes call it sword skill.
- Then I would like you to teach me sword skill.
- To help you kill men who stare?
- No, lord, to protect myself and those I care for.
- Yourself included.

- There is no better time than now.
- We must take Alfred's lead and kill every bastard Dane and Northman in eofewvic.
- In the name of the father, the son and the holy spirit.
- I'm not saying grace!
- It is a battle cry!

- Remember, what we need more than silver is women!
- Red-haired women!
- To the shield wall that awaits us!
- To the joy of battle!
- And to the blood of the Scots! Yeah!

- The doors are open to the elements, brother trew, nothing more.
- It can be done, lord, it can be arranged, with your help and guidance.
- And you shall have it, brother trew,
- I'm sure.
- Father beocca, I will send for you when I have read the letter, which I shall do immediately.
- Do not wander.
- No, lord.

- We move!
Beocca: Can you smell the northern sea, boy, the northumbrian air?
Uhtred: I smell it and I feel it, father.
- It feels like home.
Beocca: That it does.

- Eadred: See how the flesh is uncorrupted.
- A miracle.
- Eadred: You will take his hand, lord, and swear your oath.
- Uhtred, you are the commander of my household troops.
- You will be beside me.

- I should kill you now.
- I should take you piece by piece.
- No, please, spare me.
- Odin would forgive me I'm sure of it.
- I will be a changed man.
Uhtred: You will never change.
- You cannot change!
Beocca: Lord!
- Lord, I beg you.
- That he fears you is enough.
Beocca: Let him take that fear to kjartan.

- There are two northmen, sigefrid and Erik, two godless brothers with a voracious appetite for land, silver, slaves and war.
- I want it known and I want them to know that god, Alfred and the ealdormen of wessex are watching.
- The day of reckoning will come.

- Guthred himself was captured and sold as a slave.
- Then he would be prepared to raise an army against kjartan?
- He would be an ally, I'm sure.
Hild: As I'm sure uhtred is but one man.
- Against many.
Beocca: No.
- No, uhtred is more than just one man.
- And he is here for a reason.

- Hear me now!
- A silver coin to any man who will untie me!
- Two coins!
- And... and my father's thanks!
- Who is there? Name yourself.
- If you are on this land, you will know who I am.
- You will know not to harm me.

- Eofewvic is the great city of the north.
- To make it Saxon once again would bring hope.
- It would be a beacon.
- Yes.
- A fortress from which all Danes of the north could be challenged and england grows.

- Kjartan, but also the brothers and the man who stole my land.
- My own uncle.
- That, I owe you.
- Uhtred of bebbanburg.
- Now I must get used to who I am.
- Enjoy.

- Man: Erik.
- The city, we leave in your hands.
- It's ours. It must remain ours.
- I will ensure it.
- You have enough men. Keep them sober and do not kill for the fun of it.
[Chuckles] No, lord.
- You do me a great honour, lord, though I wish I was going with you.

- My wedding necklace. Do you like it?
- If any love for me remains inside your shrivelled heart, then take out your knife and kill me.

- Take his eye.
Kjartan: Yes.
- You can take his eye, but I want him here and I want him alive.
- I will take him piece by piece.
- I will make him suffer.
- Uhtred ragnarson is mine.