The Best The Umbrella Academy, Season 3, Episode 4 Quotes

- We can put an end to this and still be together.
- How?

- -[female voice] Access granted.
- -[door unlocks]
- I guess you're essential personnel.
- Wow.

- I heard a rumor… [voice echoes]
- …that you were… [voice echoes]
- …happy.

- He's gone.
- You know what our real problem is?
- You.
- -[exhales sharply]
- -You're a shit Number Two, Fei.
- -[Christopher speaks]
- -[Ben chuckles] See?
- Even Christopher agrees with me.

- Can I have the room?
- Er… I don't think I should leave you two alone.
- Lila, I need the room.

- What's wrong?
- Why do you have these?
- Huh?
- Why?
- Do you know them?
- -[Harlan grunts]
- -[Viktor gasps]

- Okay.
- Okay.

- -[rabbit chomps]
- -[winces]
- -♪ My father was ♪
- -[woman reacts in disgust]
- -♪ Not to do what I have done ♪
- -[school bell rings]
[boy] Freak!

- All of you, just get out!
- She doesn't leave your sight.
- Do you understand?
Allison: This isn't over.
- Come on, let's go.
[sighs] Breathe, breathe, breathe, breathe, breathe.

- So, if you're playing me right now, you win.
- But if this… if this is for real, we have to trust each other because we're not our families.

- Oh, right. That.
- My family already thinks I'm a traitor.
- So, I can't--
- -No, I totally get it.
- -Good.
- My family probably is plotting vengeance.
- So, I guess we just go back to fighting until everybody's dead.

- Son of a bitch.
[Five] What's this?

- Just… [rapid breathing]
- Just let me talk to her.
- Okay? Please.
Allison: Trust me.
- She's gonna talk.
- It's okay.

- How? You're Number One, remember?
- Yeah, but I'm a different kind of Number One.
- Mm, the shitty kind.
- That's why Dad demoted you.
- That's why he made Marcus Number One.
- You don't know how to lead.
- You don't have what it takes.

- -He isn't a part of the deal.
- -[Ben] He is now.
- Ben, they aren't working with him.
- They had nothing to do with the attacks--
- Then they won't mind finding him and handing him over.
Ben: It's simple.
- Bring us the man who killed our siblings, and this will all be over.
- If not…

- It's very… It's irritating.
- I'm just saying it's something you can work on, you know?
- For the future.
- Why you smiling, you little pisspot?
- 'Cause of that.
- Well, you could have led with that.

- We can go in there.
- Get a drink, see if they start something.
Diego: And we make damn sure we finish it.
- Or, we could just drive home.
- You know.
- I could really use another drink.

- This is so cool.
- Hey, come on. Chop-chop, Stan.
- Gotta go see a man about a buffalo--

- and she never gave up hope that you'd come back to us one day.
- Why did you leave us?
- I needed you.
- We thought you'd be safer away from me.
- But I wish I had stayed.
- I should have stayed.

- I stopped tracking what was possible a long time ago.
- We better get moving.
- I'll check the Infinite Switchboard.
- And I'll check Herb's office.
- Little cockroach would survive anything.
- -Bye.
- -[Five] See ya.
- Miss you.
[Five] That's weird.

- Exsqueeze me.
- You're excused.
- Operations bunker.
- -[alarm buzzes]
- -[Lila] We're screwed.
- -[female voice] Unauthorized access.
- -Oh shit.
- Jesus. You're sweating like a dodgy shrimp on ice. What's wrong?

- -Are you sure?
- -[Allison] Yeah, very.
- What do we do now? What's our next move?
- I'm sorry. I can't… I can't deal with this right this second.
- We can talk later, okay?
- No, not okay.
- Later, please.

- -[heart monitor flatlining]
- -♪ To wear that ball and chain ♪
- No!
- Stop! It hurts!
- -[echoing scream]
- -♪ They call the Rising Sun ♪
- -♪ And it's been the ruin ♪
- -[echoing scream] I can't!

Stan: This is so cool.
Reginald: I adopted them instead of you.
Klaus: Dad!
Reginald: I'm not your father, young man.
- Not anymore.
Stan: What is this?
[gasps] Whoa.

- how you stop it!
- Whatever you do…
- …don't save the world.
- What do you mean, don't save-Five!
[Five] How do I fix this?
- He's dead, Five.

- Oh shit.
Stan: No.
- Uncle Klaus!
- -[recording stops]
- -Viktor?
- Viktor?

- When you said you'd take me for a drink,
- I had something a little stronger in mind.
- -Do not disrespect the Slushee.
- -[scoffs]
- Check the glove box.
- Oh, thank God.

- You got a live one, Luther!
- Shit. Sloane!
- -Harlan, wait!
- -Hey!
- Um… Go help Luther.
- What about you?
- -I can handle it. Go.
- -[Allison] Okay, okay, okay.

- Looks like tinned beef.
- I was expecting more man and less…
- …can.
- It can't be.
- What's wrong?
- It's me.