The Best The Wire, Season 2, Episode 8 Quotes

- License and registration, please.
- You were doing 24 in a 20 zone.
- You stop for 24?
- License and registration.

- You guys going for a wiretap on that port case?
- Uh-huh.
- They got every swinging dick with a shield on that detail but me.
- You jealous, bitch?
- I'd rather be back in homicide.
- I'd take your place in a heartbeat.

- Hi. Choose a game.
- Can you guess this word?
- Long day.
- Yeah, me, too.
- Thanks for the beer.
- Good bye.

Bernard: So I get paid?
Detective: Yeah, you get paid, but you *don't* get paid, *we* get paid.
Bernard: Why don't they give you the money and leave me out of it?
Detective: 'Cause we need someone to be confidential informant #238, registered with the department. See, we get you registered, we get paid.
Bernard: So you're gonna snap my picture...
Sergeant: And your Social Security number.
Bernard: And they give me money, which you guys keep, and I don't get nothin'.
Detective: Hey, cuz, did you do anything to deserve the money? Huh?
Bernard: Did you?
Detective: Yeah, we cracked the fuckin' case wide open. We brought back very significant information about a major drug trafficker. That's what *we* did.
Bernard: But that's your fuckin' job, right? You get paid a salary for that.
[Carver looks annoyed]
Detective: Bernard, you're upsetting my partner, man. What are you doin'?
Bernard: Ten percent.
[Carver looks at him incredulously]
Bernard: Ten percent goes to me, and I don't tell.
Detective: You don't tell because your ma and my ma are sisters. That's why you don't tell, Bernard.
Sergeant: We're not even gonna use your real name. You're gonna be registered as Fuzzy Dunlop, a street name.
Bernard: Fuzzy Dunlop.
Detective: Yeah. Right.
Bernard: Ten percent.
[Herc and Carver look at each other]
Sergeant: [annoyed] Wonderful, now I'm in business with the whole fuckin' family.
[quickly snaps Bernard's picture]

- I'm thinking we need a more subtle touch here.
- I'd march into hell for you, lieutenant.
- You know that.
- He doesn't look like he'd have to pay.
- Kima?
- Sorry, no. Domestic issues at home.
- Same for me.
- Nadine would have them in a jar by the side of the bed.

[Mcnulty] Lieutenant, you still up?
[Daniels] I'm here.
- This second can doesn't make sense.
- He went to ground at an appliance store off eastern. Now he's dumping it.
- 10-4. Go home.
- You don't wanna sit on the can?
- Negative. The can is clean.

- If they're connected to the drug runners, you can knock off the brothel and then listen in on your wiretaps.
- Tickle the wire like that.
- Exactly.
- Pleasure boats, topless women.
- I'm telling you, now the weather's turned...
- I gotta roll, diggsy.
- Thanks.

- What about the passenger?
- Looks the part to me.
- Container ship on the talco line, name of caspia, docks tomorrow am.
- Our man horseface on it?
- I'll call the lieutenant, let him know we gotta set up on this.
- This time, though, we got the wire up.
- Eyes and ears both.

Chester: How come they don't fly away?

- I'd like one for the house and don't forget to water my fine, feathered friend here.
- If it's for the duck, the next round is on me.
- Easy, there, sweetheart.
- We're gonna need a saucer.
- Put some beer in it. He needs a chaser.
- Put it on my tab, Dolores.
- Pace yourself. You're drinking with the longshoremen tonight.

The: It's a new world, Frank. You should go out and spend some of the money on something you can touch. New car, new coat... It's why we get up in the morning, huh?

- Yeah... coffee.
- What's with the hand?
- Just a scratch.
- Give me some eggs, will you?
- Can I get a scrapple with that?
- You can get anything you want.
- Oh, god!
- Oh, god. Oh!

- Yes?
- Everything's good.
- You coming in now?
- Yes.

- well, you don't have to worry if you hold on to Jesus' hand we'll all be safe from Satan when the thunder rolls we just gotta keep the devil way down in the hole

- Go on, go home.
- Godspeed, Bob.
- Johnson.
- My ticket to the dance.

- Yeah. The way we just punked them, they got to.
- Where is he?
- You can talk to me, frank.
- This is bigger than you.
- I'll tell him.
- Bullshit. Come on, Nick.
- That's the Greek? That old guy?
- I seen him in here before.
- Have a seat.

- Damn, junior, you had a night. Even for a legendary motherfucker like yourself...
[Mcnulty] Drop it.
- What the fuck is wrong with you, man?
- Cos Elena didn't open up the door for your ass, you just gonna let all this shit fly out, huh?
- Come on, Jimmy. Lighten up.

- I'm not so sure.
- Customs seal probably just broke on the off-load, is all.
- When's bea coming back from Fairfield?
- Who, beadie? She's not down Fairfield.
- Don't you worry. Your girl will be back soon.
- Yeah?
- She's detailed. The city police.

- Copy.
- I got no eyes at the port.
- Kima?
- She pulled up.
- I got it.
- The truck left. You won't make it.
- I'll call the mpa, delay the truck.
- Do it. Are you still here?
- Good call.

- Uh... just give me a minute.
[Electronic voice] Hi. Choose a game.
- Can you guess this word?

- The shipbuilders' local goes belly-up and that makes you a martyr?
- The only difference between us is you picked the wrong union.
- That ain't the only difference.
- If you were in my position...
- I'm not.
- To tell you the truth, I'm glad I don't have to make those kind of choices.
- Come on, kid. Sit down.

- Marine unit, diggins.
[Daniels] I'm looking for mcnulty.
- Mcnulty, for you.
- Yeah.
- It's Daniels... get back to the office.
- I went and passed on the detail.
- You've been evicted.
- Thanks, lieutenant.

- Here we go. We got one.
- 12-14, kima. We got a disappeared can just hit the chassis.
- Affirmative. I'll eyeball it to the gate.
- Raise our boys.
- Right.
- What's kima rolling as?
- Gas and electric.

- The fact is, they even called the boss man about it.
- That's a good day. You going for a taste?
- No, I'm gonna chase the papennork.
- I gotta spring the sitter. But for a ride home, I'll go for a quick beer.
- More than one, I get sleepy.
- Yeah, me, too.
- What, you short a car?
- Need new brake pads.

- Why is she such a pain in the ass?
- Excuse me.
- Hey, pal.
- It's all right. One more, please.
- Save some for the rest of the customers.
- Pour it!
- You ain't getting behind a wheel.
- There's a cab picking me up.
- I'm looking you in the eye, Gus.
- I'm not driving a car tonight.

- Let me handle the business.
- You're getting paid, right?
- Fuck you! I'll play the game for myself.
- Take the money, zig.
- You don't think I can do it?
- Pick up the fucking money, Ziggy.
- I don't want it. You pick it up.
- You.
- Fuck you.

Asst. State's Atty. Rhonda Pearlman: [Reading an affadavit] You all cannot spell for shit.
Det. William Moreland: Well, would we be police if we could?

- That floater showing up in your dreams?
- No, it's not just her.
- Who am I, captain chesapeake?
- I need to get off that boat, bunk.
- I need to do a case.
- I mean, if I'm not gonna...
- If I'm no good for...

- Ooh.
- Let me ask you something important.
- You like fake tits? I can't decide.
- Thus far, I'm undecided on fake tits.
- I thought I knew what papennork was, but what you all go through, to listen to someone else's phone calls...

- I mean, Charles lost a leg, man.
- What?
- Frappuccino? What the fuck is that?
- He's all pussy, zig. Cold cock him.
- Take him, zig. Now's the time.
- Yeah, well, he was talking. Talking about how thatjob's going to be a big thing.
- What do you know?
- The pissant's got some grapes on him.
- Banana, too.

- When I agreed to take these murders,
- I made my terms clear, remember?
- I need mcnulty on this detail.
- Jesus! When I said anything,
- I meant I'd let you have a kiss, feel my tits or something, you know?
- But not this.
- You want me to clear those bodies?

Det. Shakima 'Kima' Greggs: It takes a whore to catch a whore.
Off. James 'Jimmy' McNulty: What the fuck did I do?

- Maybe.
- You called spiros still, right?
- Spiros will know what to do.
- Come past early tomorrow.
- I wanna get down the diner first thing.
- All right.
- I can't keep up with him.
- What's with the duck?
- Ziggy.

[Prez] Christ, I wish we had a tap on the port office phone.
- I just wanted to give you a heads-up.
- That last little item we sent out is wrong.
- I knew it was wrong when I let it go.
- Not on the phone, frank.
- Ok, but this time he needs to be there.
- In fact, he wants to be there to hear this shit.

- There goes the shuttle.
- What's he waiting on?
- Getting himself all steeled up to tell some tales.
- Lying to the wife's easy. It's looking your kid in the eye that's the hard part.

- Would you like a date tonight?
- No, not tonight.
- I'm back in town in a couple of nights.
- Have you been entertained by us before?
- No, first time for me.
- We can arrange whatever you like.
- What kind of a girl are you looking for?
- We have a variety for you to choose from when you arrive. When are you coming?

- Hi. Choose a game.
- Can you guess this word?
- Stop! Move away from the cookie jar.
- Hi. Choose a game.
- Can you guess this word?

- Anyway, he's cooking his own dinner now.
- What about with you and your wife?
- What happened?
- She died.
- Not now, Gus. I'm good.
- Whatever you say, Jimmy.
- So, you about ready to go?
- Sure.
- Be right back. I just gotta make a call.

- Fuzzy dunlop?
- It's the new generation, with the names...
- 150? Jesus.
- He turned us onto the sobotka kid, lieutenant.

- Suppose a lonely fellow wants to meet a nice young lady in this town.
- How does he go about it?
- Uh... he'd dial that phone number.
- Dial the number. What else?
- Punch in those four numbers there.
- And?
- Ask for Eve.
- What?
- Ask for Eve.