Top 50 Quotes From The Wire, Season 4, Episode 13

- You can look at 'em in the eye now.
- No matter who he is or what he's done, you look 'em right in the eye.

- My nephew. My sister's boy.
- I can't give him up like that.
- I can't do it.
- My connect had people there when the shit went down.
- If that's what you need to make you believe, you can hear it straight from him.

- find our shit the old-fashioned way?
- Feel me?
- Oh, I feel you.
- Sound like a plan.
- But I don't know, though, Joe.
- You think Omar gonna give it up?
- 20 on the dollar it is.
- Say, how's she ticking, Joe?

Lt. Dennis Mello: All right, listen up, you mutts, this is complicated. I mean, it isn't complicated if you went to college or, I don't know, your mothers actually stopped drinking for a minute while they was pregnant. But for Baltimore City Police, this is complicated.

- Shit. He got my fucking sleeve.
- Just calm down.
- We'll get something to clean this up, and maybe a soda or something.
- Get some sugar in you at least.
- I'm sorry.
- He settles down, I'll Miranda.
- Yeah.
- Fuck.

- Foryourbank?
- That's for your pain, butch.
- I be my own bank now.
- Mm. They ain't follow you?
- Nah. Joe played it my way.
- He had to admit my word was better than his. You feel me?
- Let's go, then.

- Maybe give it to your pup, get him started.
- You and snoop, y'all lay low till this shit here blow down.
- Boy worked for bodie. First time, best be someone he ain't know.
- You hear what Joe said? Joe's saying this cocksucker who stole our shit wanna sell it back to us for 30 on the dollar.
- Joe's saying it's another 90 to buy back our share.

- Icicles! Icicles!
- Yo, bodie. Yo, bodie.
- Icicles! Icicles!
- Yo, bodie, you better run, yo.
- Yo, this my corner.
- I ain't running nowhere.
- Bodie, is you crazy?

- But marlo, this nigger and his kind, man, they gotta fall. They gotta.
- Well, for that to happen, somebody's gotta step up.
- I'll do what I gotta. I don't give a fuck.
- Just don't ask me to live on my fucking knees, you know?
- You're a soldier, bodie.
- Hell, yeah.

- I ain'tjacking you up.
- I'm trying to do right for your boy.
- Who dropped him?
- Y'all did.
- They took him out 'cause he was talking to y'all.
- Word is they seen him with the police down at central booking. So cuff me or kick my ass off this corner before you do me the same.

- Drinking and the whoring and all that.
- All that anger.
- 'Cause I'm better now here with you.
- No more playing "Jimmy bust balls" with the world.
- "Jimmy bust balls"?
- I swear to god, beadie, that son of a bitch nearly killed me.

- Cylburn arboretum.
- Pimlico's right up the hill.
- This is nice.
- I ain't no snitch.
- Didn't say you were.
- I've been doing this a long time.
- I ain't never said nothing to no cop.

- I'm gonna be a little late for roll call.
- Gotta get this kid settled.
- What's wrong with dss?
- On the phone with them right now.
- They're talking about a group home.
- Either you come up with a guardian, or he goes to social services.
- No two ways about it.
- Hello? Hello?

- East side?
- That threw us.
- We're casting a wider net now, searching the vacants citywide.
- My number's 23 in the office pool.
- I still have hope.
- Hell of a case, right here.
- You know, if I was police,
- I don't think I could lean back on it. You?
- Not if I was real police.
- Right. Right.

- Oh, sorry.
- If the mayor prefers not to, um...
- If he, like, feels more comfortable with Dr. Parenti alone, you know, because of the drug-legalisation controversy last year...
- I don't think mayor carcetti is in your meeting. He's in Annapolis.
- Ok. Thank you.

Off. James 'Jimmy' McNulty: You're a soldier, Bodie.
Preston: Hell yeah.

- Thing about that republican ass, it's not the flesh of his political fathers.

- seeing as how y'all can't find the heart to stand with me now.
- You want to quorum up again, think it over a little?
- Yeah, I thought you might.
- I'll get word back that we need a fresh shipment, and right quick, and you can think about what we need to do to improve security, make sure it only happens the once.

Man: Shit is on!
- Run with it, motherfuckers!
- I don't give a fuck!
- I'm right here!
- You ain't putting me up in one of them empty-ass houses, neither.
- Bodie, come on, man.

- You heard about bodie?
- What about?
- Bodie, from up Payson.
- Yeah, yeah. What?
- Shot dead on his corner.
- Midnight shift caught it. Check the readout.
- Sergeant, get your ass in here.
- God damn it, sergeant, you're on the brink of insubordination.

- What, he a problem?
- Nah.
- I just need to know more.
- All right.
- All right.
- Satisfied?
- $90,000 to you in the morning.
- We'll put a hunt on Omar later, after the heat on them empty houses give way.

- If not, there's this young buck out in Salisbury thinks he can snatch up the first district seat.
Man: Mistletoe. Come get 'em.
- Mistletoe!
- How y'all doing?
- Ain't so much money. Mistletoe!

- They dumped their tools.
- Nothing under the seats.
- Nothing in the glove box.
[Tuts] Registered to some little old lady, no doubt.
- These guys know the drill.
- Can you see these two riding tame?
- Come on.

[Boy] Hey, yo, look at this!
Woman: Randy wagstaff.
- All right, Randy, this way.
[Boy] Ain't no fuckin' thing, man.
- Take that top bunk over there.
- Five-0.

[McNulty takes Bodie to lunch]
Preston: We still in the city?
Off. James 'Jimmy' McNulty: Cylburn Arboretum. Pimlico's right up the hill.
Preston: This is nice.
Preston: I ain't no snitch.
Off. James 'Jimmy' McNulty: Didn't say you were.
Preston: Been doin' this a long time. I ain't never said nothin' to no cop.
[pause, then Bodie sighs and rubs his face]
Preston: I feel old. I been out there since I was 13. I ain't never fucked up a count, never stole off a package, never did some shit that I wasn't told to do. I been straight up. But what come back? Hm? You think if I get jammed up on some shit, they be like, "A'ight, yeah, Bodie been there, Bodie hang tough. We got his pay lawyer, we got a bail"? They want me to stand with 'em, right? So where the fuck are they at when they supposed to be standin' by us? I mean, when shit goes bad and there's hell to pay, where they at? This game is rigged, man. We like them little bitches on the chessboard.
Off. James 'Jimmy' McNulty: Pawns.
Preston: Yo, I'm not snitchin' on none of my boys. Not my corner, and not no Barksdale people, or what's left of 'em. But Marlo, this nigga, his kind, man, they... they gotta fall. They gotta.
Off. James 'Jimmy' McNulty: Well, for that to happen, somebody's gotta step up.
Preston: I'll do what I gotta. I don't give a fuck. Just don't ask me to live on my fuckin' knees, you know?
[McNulty is silent for a moment]
Off. James 'Jimmy' McNulty: You're a soldier, Bodie.
[Bodie gives a wistful half-smile without looking at McNulty]
Preston: Hell yeah.

- Come on. Answer the question.
Chris: Michael.
- Michael.
- The gun.

- So, what am I gonna do, butch?
- Well... [Laughs]...
- You could come give Joe a call.
- Offer to sell the shit back to him for 20 cents on the dollar.
- Joe, Joe oughta find some humor in that.
- I know you do.

Sgt. Jay Landsman: All that from overnight?
Det. Ed Norris: All that from Freamon. He's out early today, rooting through empties.
Sgt. Jay Landsman: You know what he is? He is a vandal. He is vandalizing the board. He is vandalizing this unit. He is a Hun, a Visigoth, a barbarian at the gate, clamoring for noble Roman blood and what's left of our clearance rate.

Michael: For real,
- I'm telling you the truth.
Woman: It tickles.
- You sure you want to do this?
- I don't wanna hurt you.
- Nah.

- keep him in the hole in the hole down in the hole down in the hole keep him in the hole keep him in the...
- Down in the hole down in the hole keep him in the hole keep him in the...
- Down in the hole down in the hole

- You call dss right now and ship him out.
- That's an order.
- Lieutenant...
- I got $235, if it helps.
- How would that help?
- Maybe we can get a foster spot like that.
- Pay somebody.

- What's up?
- Calvin, you done already?
- Yeah, I'm done.

- I agree we can't fix the city schools but we can't let them get any worse either.
- Go to Annapolis. Eat his shit.
- If we lose control of the schools, nerese and the teachers'll rip you but the rest of the city'll see you did it for them kids.
- Kids don't vote.

- Bubs' got some problems, but insincerity ain't one of them.
- Shame's some tricky shit, ain't it?
- Makes you feel like you want to change, and then beats you back down when you think you can't.
- When was the last time y'all talked?
- More than a couple of years, since he last got on the wagon, I think.
- If he's up in d ward, he's cleaner than a motherfucker right now.

- Jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle bell rock
- Steals like my ex-wife's lawyer.
- Jesus.
- Get up there.
- Come on, come on, come on!
- Give me a sec!
[Groans] Come on.

- What's this?
- Court order. We get blood and hair.
- 14 head hairs, 14 body hairs, two blood samples each.
- It's a lot of houses, a lot of deeds.
- Who knows what you left behind?

[Sighs] You coming?
- Maybe later.

- Did you cut me off too?
[Sighs] You still got me. We'll get by.
- But you gonna let go of that boy.
- Bet that.
- Ok, now?
- It's Omar, baby.

- and in any place you can think of calling home, it'll be my word, they'll find you.
- Man come down here to say my son can be anything he damn please.
- Except a soldier.
- Yeah, well, look at me up in here.
- Who the fuck would want to be that if they could be anything else, de'londa?

- Back to square one.
- We're in here for the long haul.
- How you happen to pick this place for us to stage?
- Lemel?
- They closed it a few years back, and I knew it was near a lot of our crime scenes.
- I went to school here back in the day.
- Got a decent education, now that I think on it.

- Yeah, it's in the Van, in the garage in the back of 2249 polk street.
- The key gonna be in the cinderblock.
- You steal this much, and this ain't over.
- This ain't over.

- I'll be in touch.
- And he thinks I'll help the schools, help the city a lot more if I'm governor two years from now.
- Thinking that way it wouldn't just be about me if I don't take the money.
- Are you asking me what I think?
- I think you'll do the right thing.

- No mother, no family.
- He in the street like I'm in the street.
- So I tried to, um...
- Like I ain't know who I am, right?
- Like I'm pretending I ain't been a dope fiend my whole damn life.
- Just lock me up, man.

- come on, come, kiddy come, come walk on gilded splinters come on, come, kiddy come, come walk on gilded splinters
- Till I burn up till I burn...

Chris: You can look him in the eye now... no matter who he is or what he done you look him right in the eye.

Det. Shakima 'Kima' Greggs: [Herc has been ranting about IID charges] Herc, What the fuck did you do exactly?
Sgt. Thomas 'Herc' Hauk: I lost a surveillance camera that I took without my Lieutenant's permission and the evidence that I had found, I it attributed to a made up informant.
Det. William 'Bunk' Moreland: Son, They gonna beat on your White ass like it was a Rented Mule.

- How am I supposed to know your people ain't in on it too?
- You know because Joe says and because I say.
- And you trust your people like that?
- I talked to my driver.
- I looked into his soul.

- The fuck are you doing here?
- You think that charge gets dropped without somebody showing you some special love?
- You hungry? Come on.
- All right. Might be a surety bond on this Chris partlow, given all of his priors.
- Pearson woman, not so much. All right?

- I'm-a stop past the house and get it.
- It's a present for all you did.
- It's for your desk.
- That's great, duquan.
- Thanks.
- Stop past any time, let me know how it's going with you.

Sgt. Jay Landsman: [about Freamon who is discovering bodies in the vacants] You know what he is? He is a vandal. He is vandalizing the board. He is vandalizing this unit. He is a Hun, a Visigoth, a Barbarian at the gate clamoring for noble roman blood and what's left of our clearance rate.