The Best Lost, Season 1, Episode 5 Quotes

Locke: I've looked into the eye of this island, and what I saw... was beautiful.

- Yeah, I am.
- I thought so.
- Restless. Passionate.
- Everyone thinks astrology is just a load of crap, but that's because they don't get it.
- I could do your chart if you wanted.
- Geminis.

- He won't take care of himself.
- You have to go after him.
- I'm sorry.
- "I can't"?
- You don't get to say "I can't."
- Not after what you did.
- You bring your father home, Jack.

Claire: [wearily] When are they going to rescue us?
Charlie: [soft but firm] Soon.

- Who appointed you our savior, huh?
- What gives you the right? Look at me.
- Hey, I'm talking to you.
- Look at me, Jack.
- Where are you going?
- Hey, where are you going? Hey!

Locke: A leader can't lead 'til he knows where he's going.

- Was beautiful.
- Wait, where are you going? to find some more water.
- I'll come with you. no.
- You need to finish what you started.
- Why?
- Because a leader can't lead until he knows where he's going.

Sawyer: So, how does it feel?
Boone: How's what feel?
Sawyer: Taking my place on top of everyone's "Most Hated" list. Sucks, don't it?

- And I need that hearse to take me and that coffin to a cemetery. Why, Chrissy?
- Why can't I bring him to a funeral home and make all the arrangements?
- Why can't I really take my time with it? Because...
- Because I need it to be done.
- I need it to be over.
- I just... I need to Bury my father.

- Your money's no good here. then what the hell do you want?
- If you really think I... five grand.
- I thought you said my money was no good here.
- I was negotiating.
- I can take an iou.
- Something tells me you're good...
- For it.

- There was a woman. I was trying...
- Did you get her?
- Help!
- We gotta go back. help!
- Come on.
- Come on.

Dr. Christian Shephard: [to a young Jack] I had a boy on my table today. I don't know, maybe a year younger than you. He had a bad heart. It got real hairy, real fast. And everybody's looking to your old man to make decisions. And I was able to make those decisions because at the end of the day, after the boy died, I was able to wash my hands and come home to dinner. You know, watch a little Carol Burnett, laugh till my sides hurt. And how can I do that, hmm? I mean even when I fail, how do I do that, Jack? Because I have what it takes. Don't choose, Jack, don't decide. You don't want to be a hero. You don't want to try and save everyone because when you fail... you just don't have what it takes.

- It was just sitting... it was just sitting in the tent. Jackjust took off.
- Claire could've died.
- I tried to give her some sooner.
- It got out of hand.
- What is going on? someone had to take responsibility.
- Forty would never... shut up!
- Leave him alone!

- This had water in it. Is it yours?
- Who gave you this?
- I don't see the water.
- And? you go after him now, he'll give you nothing.
- But if you wait...
- A rat will always lead you to its hole.

- I can go into the jungle to find fresh water.
- You're not going alone.
- When the others find out the water's gone, it's gonna get ugly.
- And when they find out that someone pinched it, it's gonna get uglier.
- I'll go. Camp needs you two here.
- Especially with the doctor gone.
- And besides, I know where to look.

- So how's it feel?
- How's what feel?
- Taking my place at the top of everyone's most hated list.
- It sucks, don't it?

Dr. Jack Shephard: It's been six days... and we're all still waiting. Waiting for someone to come. Well, what if they don't? We have to stop waiting. We need to start figuring things out. A woman died this morning just going for a swim, and he tried to save her, and now you're about to crucify him? We can't do this. Every man for himself is not gonna work. It's time to start organizing. We need to figure out how we're gonna survive here. Now, I found water... fresh water up in the valley. I'll take a group in at first light. If you don't wanna come, then find another way to contribute! Last week most of us were strangers. But we're all here now, and God knows how long we're gonna be here. But if we can't live together... we're gonna die alone.

- Thanks, Charlie. for what?
- People don't seem to look me in the eye here.
- I think I scare them.
- The baby.
- It's like I'm this time bomb of responsibility just waiting to go off.
- You don't scare me.

- Who taught you that?
- Sun. The Korean lady.
- Don't swallow it. why not?
- -
- Ocean water will make you thirsty.
- Why?
- Just don't swallow it, man.
- All right?

Locke: [to Jack] No, crazy people don't know they're going crazy, they think they're getting saner.

- You gave two bottles to the Koreans.
- I don't give nothing to nobody.
- It's not here.
- I traded Mr. Miyagi the last of my water for a fish he caught.
- We worked it out caveman-style. you gave him your last two bottles?
- Water has no value, freckles.
- It's gonna rain sooner or later.
- And hell, I'm an optimist.

- We should put it in the tent, yeah? maybe the dog can find water.
- Better if no one knows how little is left.
- Dogs can find pot and bombs, so I'm sure they can find water.
- We tell the others we're running low, we can ration it.
- Then you can decide...
- I'm not deciding anything!
- Why not?

- You tried. no, I didn't.
- I thought maybe I could...
- I thought I could bring him back and still have the time.
- I was there... in the water.
- I didn't try.
- I decided not to go after her.

- The police found him in an alley in kings cross.
- Our tox screen showed a blood alcohol content which, for a man of his size, probably brought on myocardial infarction: A sizeable and fatal heart attack.

- Are you ok?
- Did you see that? what?
- Standing there in the water, there was a man.
- You didn't see that?
- Jack, when was the last time you slept?
- I need to put this with the rest of the gear.

Sayid: [referring to Sawyer] If you go after him now, he'll give you nothing. If you wait, a rat will always lead you to its hole.

- You should've stayed down, Jack.
- There's someone out there!
- The current! what?
- There's someone out there! Look!
- Help!
- I woke up, and she's...
- I don't swim. I don't swim.

Claire: [about Locke] Great. Our only hunter's going to get eaten just so he can get the pregnant girl some more water.
Charlie: I wouldn't worry, love. I mean, you tell me, who'd you rather meet in a dark alley? Whatever's out there or that geezer with his four hundred knives? I mean, who packs four hundred knives? Personally, I can only have space for two hundred, three hundred at most.

Charlie: [to Claire, as comfort] You don't scare me.

- then find another way to contribute.
- Last week, most of us were strangers.
- But we're all here now.
- And god knows how long we're gonna be here.
- But if we can't live together, we're gonna die alone.

- Take my hand.
- Come on.

- Where is he?
- Australia.

- My father is the chief of surgery.
- Of course, sir. I apologize.
- He left his wallet.
- Who leaves a wallet?
- Perhaps you should talk to the police, Mr. Shephard.
- Where are you?