The Best Lost, Season 1, Episode 6 Quotes

[to Charlie, about his heroin stash]
John: You're gonna run out. My guess is sooner rather than later.

- Undamaged? Still playable?
- I don't think so.
- I wish, but there was this bloke at the counter who made me check it in.
- There wasn't enough room in the cabin.
- Fascist.
- You'll see it again.
- Oh, yeah?
- What makes you say that? because I have faith, Charlie.

Kate: Hey Charlie, ask Jack about his tattoos.
Charlie: [sarcastically] Oh. You guys have an inside joke. How absolutely wonderful for you both.

- In 16 hours, I need to land in lax, and I need that coffin to clear customs because there is going to be a hearse waiting there...

- No! Stop!
- Stop him, please!
- He's gonna kill him!
- The handcuffs!
- From the sky marshal!
- What happened?
- Water's this way.
- How'd you find this place?

Kate: [Kate has stumbled upon some decaying bodies] Where would they come from?
Jack: Didn't you guys shoot a polar bear last week?
Kate: Yeah.
Jack: Where'd *that* come from?

John: Just because I'm over 40 doesn't mean I'm deaf.

- Great, look who came to chat.
- I need to talk to you.

[to Sayid, who just said something to Sun]
James: A little louder, Omar. Maybe then she'll understand you.

- The tree canopy keeps the temperature down, shields out the sun.
- The openings are narrow, easier for protection against predators.
- We don't need to bring the water to the people.
- We need to bring the people to the water.
- I think we can live here.

- Final boarding call for oceanic flight
- 125 non-stop to Singapore, leaving from gate 40.
- All ticketed passengers should be aboard for imminent departure.
- Thank you.

Hugo: Guys, that Chinese dude's gonna get pretty crispy out here.

- You really think you can find my guitar?
- Look up, Charlie.
- You're not gonna ask me to pray or something?
- I want you to look up.

- The cuffs stay on.
- Louder, Omar, maybe she'll understand. guys.
- That Chinese dude's gonna get pretty crispy out here.
- How long are you gonna keep him? he tried to kill Michael.
- We all saw it.
- The cuffs stay on until we know why.
- Come on, man. Let's go.

- But?
- No "but." good.
- A lot of people are still hoping a rescue boat's gonna show up.
- They aren't thinking about their own safety.
- We're gonna have a lot of convincing to do.
- You still haven't convinced me yet.

Sun: [Sun comes to Michael in an attempt to settle the conflict between him and Jin; in English] I need to talk to you.
Michael: [shocked] You speak *English*?
Sun: Yes.
Michael: Wait... You *speak* English?

- Our best hope is in being spotted by a plane or a ship.
- For that, we need to organize to keep that signal fire burning while others scout for supplies.
- Digging in anywhere else is suicide.
- It is the only source of fresh water we've found, Sayid.
- And staying on the beach in the sun, without water, that's not suicide?
- I am not going to admit defeat.

- More than your drug?
- More than you know.
- What I know is that this island just might give you what you're looking for but you have to give the island something.

- Just keep still, man.
- I'm gonna try to cover the hive.
- This is the most crap idea ever.
- It's never gonna work.
- Pull yourself together, son.
- It wouldn't be an irrational fear if I could pull myself together.

- Stop! Hey! Stop!
- Get off of him! Please!
- Stop!
- Stop! Get off of him!
- Do something!
- He's gonna kill him!
- Stop him, please!

Jack: Glad you're coming.
Hugo: Hey man, I go where the boar's at. So, what's up with you and Kate? You guys going to move into a cave together, or what?
Jack: Sorry, am I in high school?
Hugo: Well, that wasn't a denial.

- Now, I found fresh water up in the valley.
- I'll take a group in at first light.
- If you don't wanna go, find another way to contribute because "every man for himself" is not gonna work.
- Uh, excuse me.
- Have you...
- Have you seen my boy?

- Someone else can stay here.
- Keep a lookout. Wait for rescue.
- Why does it have to be you?
- That's not it. then what is it?
- Kate, how did you get to be this way?
- Just what is it that you did?
- You had your chance to know.

- The French chick that said,
- "they're all dead."
- We have to tell the others. what?
- No one tell them anything.
- If we tell them what we know...
- We take away their hope.
- So we lie?

- We all pack up stakes for the caves, the next day a plane passes by, they'll go on their way and be none the wiser.
- On the other hand, stay here, get eaten by boars, fall off a rock...
- There's not gonna be anyone to answerthat 911 call.
- You haven't answered my question. you didn't answer mine.
- And I asked first.

Jin: I will talk to your father. I'll make him understand.
Sun: You're saying that now because you don't *know* my father.

- What's this?
- New tenants.
- A short walk. They lied.

- Well, just...
- You know, there could have been people here before us, right?
- Clearly.
- But who were these men?
- Actually, one of them is female.
- Our very own Adam and Eve.

- I found this in the wreckage and I figured, hey, why let a $20,000 watch go to waste?
- Which is ridiculous since time doesn't matter on a damn island!
- Son of a...
- Stay away from me.
- And my kid.

Charlie: [holds Kate's shirt that she removed while running from bees] Someone left this.
Kate: [grabs shirt] It was um... it was full of bees.
Charlie: [grins] I would have thought C's, actually.
Charlie: [gets cold look from Kate] Sorry.

- You don't know anything about me, do you?
- You don't know anything about me.
- I know a lot.
- Yeah? When's my birthday?
- August 24th.
- When's mine?
- Forget it. Come on, man.

- Painful detox is inevitable.
- Give it up now, at least it will be your choice.
- Don't talk to me like you know something about me.
- I know a lot more about pain than you think.
- I don't envy what you're facing, but I want to help.
- Do you want your guitar?

James: [approaching Kate] Well, well, well, if ain't the belle of the ball? So what's it like having both the doctor and Captain Falafel fighting over you?
[Kate doesn't respond]
James: Just call 'em how I seem 'em, Freckles.

- There's a beach of people waiting for us to get drinking water for them.
- And the great white hunter's getting restless.
- Ok. Let's do this.
- Hey, Charlie, ask Jack about his tattoos.
- You guys have an inside joke.
- How absolutely wonderful for you both.

- I found this watch two days ago.
- It belongs to my father.
- Protecting that watch is a question of honor.
- Trying to kill me in front of my kid?
- You don't know my father.
- I need your help.

- I am going off...
- Away to hunt.
- And I was wondering if you...
- Could keep an eye on my boy until I come back?
- You're cool with this, right?

- Guys, shouldn't someone look through this stuff?
- There could be something useful in here.
- He's got a point.
- I do? yeah. Bring me your bottles.
- And keep an eye out for any medical supplies, drugs in particular.
- Drugs. Right.

Jack: Kate, how did you get to be this way? Just what is it that you did?
Kate: You had your chance to know.