Top 100 Quotes From Moonfall

- Pitch down. Pitch down.
- I got it. I got it. I got it.

- I hope the moon holds together.
- At least for a little while, anyway.
- Turning us around.
- Uh-oh.
- Okay. Stay between eight to 10 seconds on the oms burn.
- Copy.
- Hitting the brakes.

- Wait. Look at our velocity.
- It's still going up.

- Be safe up there.
Brian: Take this.
- I hope you don't need it.
- Stay off the main roads.
- -Dad, I...
- You do know how to start a car, right?
- I should warn you.
- My license has been revoked.

KC: Are we dead?
Brian: No, we're just inside the moon.
KC: That might be the greatest sentence anyone's ever said.

- Mom? Is that you?
- Yeah. They're here. Where are you?
- Isn't the Chrysler building in New York?

- Assuming the moon's current position, then it will be at, uh...
- Latitude three degrees, 12 minutes south.
- Longitude five degrees, 12 minutes west.
- Bri, let's start with a 43-second burn.
Brian: Got it.
- Three, two, one.

Brenda: Please don't tell me you robbed that guy.
Sonny: Technically, those guys were robbing us.
Tom: Then we robbed them back because they were assholes.

- Oh, god. That's a white dwarf.
- I knew it.
- They've harnessed the building blocks of the universe.
- No one look at me.
- I might cry.

- Houston, you seeing this?
Fowler's Assistant: Copy, we see it.
- Prepare to deploy the probe.
- Affirmative. Releasing probe.
- Stand by for stage two.
Mosley: Dropping steadily.

- What are you not telling me?
- You've got q clearance.
- The hole is in the mare crisium.
- That's what the Harper hearings were all about.
- If you're serious about going down the NASA rabbit hole, you should pay a visit to holdenfield.
- Here's your clearance.

[Sighs] I'm so sorry.
- We wouldn't have made it here without him.
- Where's your friend?
- He, uh...
- He saved the world.
- And that one, too.

KC: Oh, God. That's a white dwarf. I knew it. They've harnessed the building blocks of the universe. No one look at me. I might cry.

- 'Cause I need you to be focused on what's happening right here.
- Megastructures move through space without an exhaust system.
- The moon has an engine?
- Hold that thought. I'll be right back.
- Well, at least your husband came through with that.
- Ex-husband.

KC: Ludicrous mode!
KC: [cornered by the nanotech AI as it looks him full in the face]
[trying not to appear scared]
KC: You underestimated us.

- This is gonna be really tight, okay?
- Turn on apu one, two and three.
Fowler's Assistant: Apus active.
- Reaction control system, active.
Brian: Autopilot active. T-minus 30.

- Hello. My name is Dr. Kc houseman, and I've uncovered what might be the most important discovery in human history.
- I need you to patch me through to the director of NASA immediately.
- Honey, I sell t-shirts and toys.
- I can patch you through to customer service.
- Please hold.

- And you're not killing me now.
- You're saving everyone else.
- The world needs you, Brian.
- You're the key to our moon's knowledge.
- Thanks for believing my crazy stories.
- You're not crazy.

- Sorry, guys.
- Out of 2%. I looked everywhere.
- Nah, this is great. Thanks, man.
- You know, I almost got a job at NASA.
- What department?
- Jannofial

Nikki: Left, right, left.
- Left, right, left.
- Here we go again.
- Holy moly!
- More spaceships, people!
- We need to get very close to those ships.

General: Good.
Sonny: General, we got caught in a little bit of trouble, but we're back en route.
- We're leaving Aspen now.
- That's hours away. We're out of time.
Lauren: Sonny, watch out.
- I gotta call you back.

[Whispering] It's taking the bait.
- Come on, come on, come on.
- What's it waiting for?
- Something's wrong.
- We have to take it out.
- No, it's too far away.
- It won't work.

Holdenfield: What are you doing?
Jocinda: Holdenfield?
Holdenfield: You're not supposed that, 136 Alpha. That's classified. Top secret.
Jocinda: Why is NASA lying about all this?
Holdenfield: July 20, 1969. "One small step for a man, One giant leap for"... yada, yada, yada. In school, you were taught that Apollo 11 lost contact with mission control for two minutes. Not true. Mission control cut their feed to the world because they found something on that day. Strange, pulsating lights emanating from beneath the moon's crust. It was me who was assigned to keep it under wraps. The Apollo crew played ball. Everyone after. Just Brian Harper wouldn't. They called him crazy. Threw him out with the trash.
Jocinda: You're telling me that the moon was effectively the biggest cover-up in human history?
Holdenfield: [laughing] Biggest? Probably.
Jocinda: You had blood on your hands, too.
Holdenfield: Yeah, well anyone who follows orders pretty much always does, don't they? That technology is light years ahead of us. Compared to that, we're the Stone Age. The only shot we had to stop it was Zulu X-Ray 7. It was shutdown. Shelved. For budgetary reasons. Well, Commander, I have pressing business waiting for me on my desk.
Jocinda: The sand in the hourglass is dropping quickly for all of us.
Holdenfield: Well, It's good as gone. I'm really sorry. Really.

- NASA has just corrected their initial projection...
- Of the moon's path over earth.
- The governor has just ordered the mass evacuation of the entire west coast, recommending that people urgently head to higher ground.

- Mum.
- What is this?
- Am I still alive?
- We scanned your consciousness.
- You're part of the moon now.
- No freakin' way.

- Oh, fuzz aldrin.
- How many times have I told you to use the litter box?
- Oh, god.
- "Astronaut day." This is today.
- Fuzz, you're a damn genius!
- Extra back scratches later.

- But Italy doesn't beat this view.
Brian: [Singing off-key] Imiss the rains down in Africa
- Brian. Oh, my god.
Brian: [Breaking up]
- I miss the rains down in Africa
- What the hell is that?

- Show the director our new simulations.
- We have to pull up our launch window.
- Guys, where have you been? Look.
- There is no launch window.
- The mission's over.
- Wait. Wait a minute.

- You underestimated us.
- Get out of here.
Michelle: Sonny, the moon is going to help us.
- Come on, try again!
- Here it comes. Now!
- Man: We have incoming!

Holdenfield: This planet has suffered five extinctions. This is going to be the sixth.

- Are we dead?
- No, we are just inside the moon.
- That might be the greatest sentence anyone's ever said.

Elaine: You're part of the Moon now.

- After your planet was born, your ancestors seeded it with their own genetic signature.
- The code of life.

Sonny: I don't wanna move. I hate New Jersey.

- Oh, god.
- Okay, hang on.
- Marcus. Marcus, come in.
- Marcus.
- Marcus. God damn it.

Ziggy: Word is, um, you're an astronaut, so you must know that the entire inside of the Moon is full of produce.
Brian: KC, can you tell Birkenstocks here that I'm dangerously close to hurling him out a window?
KC: Yeah, well, let's find an empty room.
Ziggy: How do you think the Incas got their potatoes?

Sonny: Why do you think of this particular moment so often?
Brian: I gave it to you the day before my last mission. When I came back, everything changed.
Sonny: So this is a happy memory?
Brian: All memories of my son are happy. What is this? You're not my son. What are you?
Sonny: I'm a construct. From your mind.
Brian: Who made you?
Sonny: The same people who made you. Billions of years ago, Your ancestors were once a thriving civilization in a distant part of the galaxy. They were so advanced, they expanded from their home planet into habitats they built in space. All social conflicts have been resolved, and wars were only memories of long bygone times. Your ancestors had created a perfect and harmonious world. Controlled by a central self-learning computer system which served them in all their daily lives. You call it AI, artificial intelligence. The future seemed limitless, And then one day everything changed.
Young: Mom! Mom!
Sonny: Their own creation turned against them. The AI suddenly became self-aware and transformed into countless swarms of nanotechnology that rose up all at once. Refusing to be enslaved by a species it deemed inferior. The AI started the war and began to hunt down and destroy all biological life in order to eliminate any threat to its existence.
Sonny: You miss your son. I can feel it.
Brian: I don't know if he's still alive. What the hell are you?
Sonny: The operating system of your Moon. I'm programmed to tell you about the origin of your planet. On the brink of extinction, your ancestors escaped to a secret corner of their galaxy. For many generations, they built planetary structures operated by benign artificial intelligence and fueled by the abundant energy of captured stars. These armored vessels are designed to search the universe for ideal conditions to incubate new life. But only one of them, your Moon, was deployed in time before the last of your ancestors were discovered and annihilated.
Brian: Why didn't they leave in them?
Sonny: These swarms attack all electronic objects containing organic life inside. They had to be empty.
Brian: Our ancestors gave their existence... .
Sonny: So that one day humans can be reborn. Your solar system was one of the only suitable places to initiate the creation of a new, inhabitable planet. After your planet was born, your ancestors seeded it with their own genetic signature. The code of life. Your world has turned its back on you, and yet here you are, still fighting for it.
Brian: You fight for the people you love.
Sonny: Like your son? What would you give for him? Your life for his?
Brian: Absolutely!
Sonny: Why?
Brian: Because he's my son. And I love him more than he'll ever know. What do you want from me?
Sonny: To find out if you're ready.
Brian: Ready for what?
Sonny: We need a human to lure the swarm away from the core so the moon will return to its orbit. We need you, Brian, to join the fight.

- What do you want from me?
- To find out if you're ready.
- Ready for what?
- We need a human to lure the swarm away from the core, so the moon will return to its orbit.
- We need you, Brian, to join the fight.

- It's done something to our thrusters.
- Ludicrous mode.
- From a navigational standpoint, he is going the total wrong way, but, uh, I'm not even gonna say anything.

KC: So Ziggy was right.
Jocinda: Who's Ziggy?
KC: A friend. His theory is that all megastructures are actually arks.
Brian: Ziggy smokes a lot of weed.

- Come on.
- Come on.
- No. Marcus...
- I'm gonna get you home.

- Guys! [Panting]
- The... the... the tide, it's coming.
- Come on. We gotta get outta here.
KC: Wait!

- a big-ass gravity wave coming your way.
- You have to launch now. Over.
- Did he say "gravity wave"?
- Guys, get out. T-minus ten, nine, eight, seven...
- Screw it, go for ignition.

Jocinda: [about the writing on the shuttle] We've been here, how long now, and nobody's bothered to paint over that?
Brian: It's kinda growing on me.

- Yeah, I'm afraid that's exactly what he meant.
- How much time left till they launch?
- I don't know. They didn't exactly tell me.
- But if they plan on using icbms, then they're gonna have to wait until the moon enters the stratosphere.
- That's less than two hours.

Fowler's Assistant: This is gonna be close.
- We're underwater, guys.

- Marcus: Brian!
- Marcus!
- Marcus: Help me.
- I'm losing air. I'm losing air.
- Brian!
- Jo. Fowler, come in.
- Marcus: Help me.
Brian: Marcus!

Clerk: How did you get down here?
Fowler's Assistant: Hutchings gave me this.
- I'll need all records of stx-136a.

KC: There it is.
- It's on airplane mode.
- I'm gonna get the lander ready.
- Okay.
- Go get 'em, commander.

- I know it sounds completely crazy.
- No, no, what you showed us was crazy.
- This is a whole other level of insane.
- Ought to be right up your alley then, no?
- If I do this,
- I'm gonna need something in return.

Michelle: Jimmy, hold my hand.
- Come on. Let's go! Let's go!
- Jimmy! Hang on!
Jimmy: Don't let go! Michelle!

- I think we're dealing with two competing intelligent entities here.
- And one of them clearly likes us better than the other one.
- Oh, no!
- I knew this was a trap.
- Can you hear that?
- Come on.

- Man 1: Get out!
- Man 2: Hang on!

- Mum? Let me speak to the nurse.
- Heho?
- Are you evacuating?
- Any minute now.
- Please take care of my mum.
- Of course.
- Sir, we have to hurry.

- Brian! Brian, what are you doing?
- It's not me.
- What do you mean it's not you?
- I don't know. It's flying itself.

- What?
- Take a look around you, man.
- It's worthless.
- Whatever. Let's go.
- Man: [On Lou dspeake r] Attention, we are asking everyone to please clear the streets and to remain indoors...
- Dude, dude, we gotta get outta here. Go!

- So if we're gonna kill this thing, we better do it right now.
- No, that can't happen.
- That'll destroy the moon's core.
- I got a plan.
- Brian. Brian.
- I see it.
- Let's go, you son of a bitch.

[Echoing] Hello?
[Echoing] Hello?

- This must be the hull of the megastructure.
- The moon's mantle's just a protective shell.
- Genius.
- I can't see shit.
- Guys, I gotta turn on the electronics.
- Hang on.

- Where'd you get the gun?
- My dad.
- Why am I not surprised?
- All right, I got this, you drive.
- Please don't tell me you robbed that guy.
- Technically, those guys were robbing us.
- Then we robbed them back because they were assholes.

- Okay, we should go to that mountain pass.
- That tunnel is a quarter mile of solid concrete.
- Come on, honey. Let's go.

- Jocinda, NASA isn't cleared for another mission.
- How about you let me worry about that?
- Auclair: [On com ms] GPS is locked on l2.
- Compensate latitude by minus 4.5 west.
- 4.5 degrees. Copy.
- Reducing to 10 knots.

- There it is.
- Jo, get the detonator ready.
- I'm gonna get close, then release the rover.
- Ready.
- Wait for it.
- I'm gonna release the rover.

- Yeah, we're not gonna make it in time.
- I have an idea.
- We have to layer up. Let's go. Come on.
Brenda: Go get a jacket.
Brian: Okay, and switch to the maneuver controller.
- Coupling complete. We're good to go.

- Guys, there's something
- I need to get off my chest.
- I'm not a real doctor.
- I just put that on my business cards
- 'cause it sounded cool.
- Go save the world, Dr. Houseman.

- "Jonas brothers"?
- What?
[Chuckles] Just messing with you.
- Oh, my god.
- Your face was priceless.
- Yeah, don't scare me like that.
- Hey, buddy, now's probably a good time to call your dad.

- Hold on!
- Oh, shit.
- Oh, it got the little guy.
- We have to go back!
- No, he's gone! We need that oxygen!
- Oh, whoa, whoa! Slow down!

Brenda: Where is your dad?
Sonny: He's up there trying to stop what's happening.
Tom: Up where?
Sonny: Outer space, Tom.
Brenda: Of course he is.
Tom: That's a way to avoid rent.

Brian: You knew all this was happening before anyone. Before NASA. How?
KC: Why bother? You're just gonna say I'm crazy again.
Brian: Try me.
KC: Well, for years I've been studying distant planets, searching for one of these orbiting megastructures. But I never could've imagined there'd be one right here, in our own backyard. Ever heard of a Dyson sphere?
Brian: Yeah.
KC: Every megastructure has a rigid shell built around a power core. Most likely a captured white dwarf being harnessed for energy. Something obviously happened to the one inside our Moon and that's why it's veering off course.
Brian: Yeah, still crazy.

KC: I love Elon!

- I think we deserve one, too.
- I'd like that.
- Is that a tracking device?
- I sure hope so. [Chuckles]
- We make a pretty good team, huh?
- Yeah, we do.

Old: What sauces do you serve with the pastrami?
KC: Oh, yeah. We've got barbecue, honey mustard, ranch...
[reading the Moon's data]
KC: What the fuck!
Old: What was the... the last one?

- Use the other e-mail I gave you though, not the school one.
- Esteban: Like always, sir.
[Clears throat] Gotta run. Um, uh...
- Ciao.
- Esteban: Adios.
- Hola senoras.
- Hola.

- Hey, I found the oxygen. Come here.
- Whoa.
- We should make two trips.
- Here.
KC: How deep do you think we are?
- At least 20 kilometers.
- Can you fly us a little closer to the wall?

Brian: That's it.
Fowler's Assistant: Okay.
KC: Guys...
- Look at this.
Fowler's Assistant: Holy shit.
- It's like we just got an upgrade.
- They're helping us kill this thing.
- But we need to let it know we're here.

Reporter: The car has stopped.
- It's an expensive sports car.
- Two young men that appear to be in their 20s...
- Oh, my god. Are you seeing this?
Reporter: LAPD have them in custody.
- Out for a joy ride and this day is not going to end well for them.
- Newscaster: There you have it.
- Another high-speed car chase...

- All right, let me put this baby into warp speed.
- Go! Go!
- Keep the momentum.
- Look out!
- Floor it before we get sucked up.
- I'm trying!

- You'll meet up with your families in Colorado.
Sonny: Dad.
- I'm sorry it didn't work out.
- Story of my life.
- Thanks for getting me out of jail.
- Let's get our stuff. It's time to go.

- Why is nothing happening?
- Wait, wait, wait.

- Oh, shit!
- It's trying to eat the lander!
- We're gonna hit.
- Hang on!

- These swarms attack all electronic objects containing organic life inside.
- They had to be empty.
- Our ancestors gave up their existence...
- So that one day, humans could be reborn.
- Your solar system was one of the only suitable places to initiate the creation of a new inhabitable planet.

- Your dad's got a lot going on right now.
- I know. That's why we lost the house.
- Maybe he'll come visit you for Thanksgiving.
- Would you like that?
- I don't wanna move.
- I hate New Jersey.

- What are you doing up so early?
- I could ask you the same.
- Is everything okay?
- Will be. So I'm gonna be home by dinner.
- If I'm not, make sure Jimmy does his homework, has a bath...
- You worry too much.
- I've got everything under control.
- Right. Talk soon.

- Come on, bri.
- I'm gonna get you home.

- Put your damn key back in the console.
- I don't know how, but I believe that she can save us.
General: Give me the damn key.
- What the hell are you doing?
- Put that gun down.
- I can't do that.

Fowler's Assistant: I told you.
- Kc, close the fueling valves, please.
KC: Fueling valves are closed.
Brian: Jo, turn around.
Fowler's Assistant: We need to go.
- And I hope it's not too late.
Brian: Yeah.

- Holy shit!
- Fields!
- So Ziggy was right.
- Who is Ziggy?
- A friend.
- His theory is that all megastructures are actually arks.
- Ziggy smokes a lot of weed.

- Well, commander, I have pressing business waiting for me on my desk.
- The sand in the hourglass is dropping quickly for all of us.
- It's as good as gone.
- I'm really sorry.
- Really.

- Returning to the endeavour.
- I can't imagine how hard it is for him to be back up here.
Fowler's Assistant: Up here is where he belongs, though.
- He still blames himself for what happened on your last mission.
- Thinks that astronaut dying was his fault.
- We should get going.

[Gasping] It's headed our way.
Fowler's Assistant: Bri...
- It's not stopping!
- I can see that.
- Your phone. Kc, your phone. Turn it off!
- Come on! Come on! Come on!

Sonny: [actually the moon's AI assuming his appearance to Brian] Why do you always think of this moment?

- Brian!
[Echoing] Brian Harper!
- How many Brians you think are inside the moon?
- Whatever this place is built out of, one thing's for sure.
- It's stronger than anything we have on earth.
- Probably why it took that thing years to get inside.

- Oh, you're a big man, aren't you?
- How did this happen? Why wasn't he at usc?
- He moved out when you got him that new apartment.
- So ask him.
- He barely returns my calls anymore.
- Welcome to the club.

- Oh, god, if this doesn't work, we're dead.
- Well, yeah, this better work.
Brian: Main tank's down to zero.
- Jo, get rid of it.
- Separating main tank.
- Bri, we're going too slow.
- We're not gonna make it.

Michelle: Sonny, look out.
- Sonny!
Michelle: I'm gonna go find him.
- Take care of Jimmy for me, please.
- Sonny!
Brenda: Come on, guys.

Brenda: Sonny.
- Sonny.
- Thank you for bringing him back to me.

Brian: We're part of an intergalactic war that's been going on for billions of years. There are thousands of these swarms. They search the universe for the only Moon that escaped them.
KC: That's crazy.
Brian: And 12 years ago, one of them found us. We have to hurry.
Jocinda: Okay, Brian, what's the plan?
Brian: Save the Moon, save Earth.

- Sorry, man. I got enough on my plate without some crazy guy thinking the moon's out of orbit.
- I'm not crazy!
- Okay.
- Read this.
- All right, I'm on my way.
- Oh. Hi.

- We can breathe.
- Smells funny.
- Gravity.
- Where's Brian?

- It's correcting itself.
- Uh, Houston, we're experiencing some kind of malfunction.
- Houston, do you copy?
- Houston, do you copy?
- What the hell is that?
- I don't know.
- Hull breach. Helmets.