The Best Ozark, Season 4, Episode 2 Quotes

- Uh, we-we're going to work this out, but it's probably gonna take a little bit longer--
Omar: This happens today, Marty.
- If she's not here, you can forget about your pharmaceutical deal.
- Nine minutes.

- Did he take a marker?
- No, no, it's all right. See, I got a system almost all the way figured out.
- I-I could write a book on this game, or at least a pamphlet, right?
- This man is banned from the casino.
- Cash him out, put his ID at the door.
- What are you doing?
- I'm fine, you know I'm good for it.
- It's for your own good.
- Go home, rest. You look like shit.

- It's like, uh, I don't know, a thing with me.
- My ex-wife hated it, but… I think she also just kind of hated me.
- Is it something to do with, uh, your wife's brother?
- Don't trespass here again.
Mel: Hey, thanks for the help.
- It's been enlightening.

- I'm not going to my bosses with,
- "Hey, a mass-murdering cartel leader would like a pass, please."
- Yeah, I understand.
- Um… let me talk to him.
- He's very serious about this, though.
- You all are if you still think you won't have to pay for it.

- I mean, we can charge a shit ton, and before you know it, I mean--
- We're in the designer heroin business.
[scoffs] From farm… to needle.
- Locally sourced family heroin.
- -[Ruth laughing]
- -[utensil clatters]
Ruth: I can head to Chicago from the Lazy-O this afternoon.

[sternly] Jonah.
- Answer me.
- I gave them to Ruth.
[breathily] You did what?
- She loved him.
- She'll keep him safe.

- The foundation just got a huge donation, life-changing.
- So if I were you, I'd think very carefully about your choices right now.
- You're on the wrong team.
- What did you do with the sheriff's body?
- Did you burn it like the rest of them?

- Federal agent. Hands in the air.
- Whoa. Hey, there.
- Hi, uh, I'm Mel Sattem.
- I'm a private investigator.
- I'm down from Chicago.
- May I just get my ID out?

- He was sick!
- You were just next in a long line of broken, bad-tempered women he could obsess over.
- He would have been done in a month.
[sarcastically] Yeah.
- If you hadn't killed him first.

[grunts] No.
- I don't-I don't do that stuff.
- Well, how do you know it's so good, then?
- Come on.
- It's impolite to make me try it alone.

- Hola, Marty, cómo estás?
- Hi, there. What are you doing here?
- I told you that, uh, it wasn't safe.
- I didn't go inside.
- Come on, hop aboard.
- Where we going?
- To clean up your mess.

- No list.
- I want to meet her.
- Uh… you can't make a-- a handshake deal with a single agent.
- She's gonna need to go to her bosses with a real offer.
- You said you had her, Marty.
- Were you lying to me?
- Make it happen.

- You don't! You're out of your depth, Ruth.
- And I'm not gonna let you drag Jonah down with you, okay?
- -He doesn't work for you. You got it?
- -[engine starts]
- And what exactly are you going to do about it, Marty?
- Get your dick shot off too? Hmm?
[sarcastic] Nice.

[man] All right.
- Holy shit.
[chuckles] Looks like a fucking painting.
- I don't want to mess it up. [chuckles]
- Better?
[laughing] Much.

- It's-It's more money for you.
- It's less for them to spend, and, you know… It's complicated.
- There's a couple extra steps, but--
- Is this better for my safety, Marty?
- For ours, which affects yours.
- Well, then let's make it happen.
- Good, great.

- and don't add a bribery charge to this pile?
- Save it for whoever wins the election next year.
- Well, all right!
- Thank you for your time, Sheriff.
- I'll keep a good eye out for John.
- Be nice to have him back.
[Guerrero] Wouldn't it?

Charlotte: Okay.
- -This is insane.
- -I know.
- He's betraying our family.
- We have to stop this.
[Marty] I know. Um…
- Jesus. Laundering at 14.
- Do not be proud of him right now.

- Charlotte?
- Where's Ben?
- Where's the box?
Charlotte: Uh…
- I-I don't know. It-It was right there.
[scoffs] Maybe Jonah took it.

- But if you had to say?
- -Come on.
- -I wouldn't.
- Let's give Agent Miller a break.
- Let's let her eat. Okay?
- -[silverware clatters]
- -[Charlotte] Fuck.
[Maya] Get in the back.
- Somebody's outside.
- Take the baby, quiet as you can.

- What are you doing here, Mr. Sattem?
- I just came to chat with the Byrdes for a minute.
- -The doorbell's a little hit or miss, so--
- -[Marty] You okay?
- You know this guy?
- Yeah, I got this. Go ahead inside.
- Wilson's crying.

[Wendy shouting] Ruth!
- Ruth!
- I know you're home!
- Get the fuck out here!
- Your sister's got a real loud mouth on her…
- Ruth!

- I don't-I don't know.
- I mean, she's-She's missing.
- What else aren't you telling me?
- Something is going on.
- Please, if there's anything I should know…
- Yeah, um…

- I detest my sins because they offend you.
- I resolve, with thy grace, to do penance and avoid the near occasion of sin.
- In the name of the Father,
- Son, and Holy Ghost
- I absolve you of these sins.
[priest] Any other confessions?

- You-you need that for your-- your bestselling drug, right?
- And-And… that's out of Tasmania, right?
- Afghanistan too.
- Tell me what you would say if you could pay 65 percent less for that particular raw material.
- That would save us, but there is only one way to do that.

- They think the cartel hit Nix.
- -No shit.
- -[Darlene scoffs]
- You've had a fucking morning.
- We have, because unless you got any bright ideas, this ain't a laundering front anymore.
- It's just some shitty motel you spent all your money on.

- Hoo! [exhaling]
- Yeah. I'm-I'm, uh…
- I'm interested. [sniffs]
Ruth: Hmm?
- I want to go to that farm, though.
- I visit all my producers, got to get my hands in the dirt.
- Yeah, no, not-Not a problem.

- He doesn't want to make millions dealing my dope just 'cause one measly sheriff goes missing.
Frank Cosgrove Jr.: Sheriff Nix was killed by the cartel.
- I'm not getting mixed up in that shit again.
- They took good men from me.
- No protection, no distribution.

- I don't work for him. You do.
- Step aside, please.
- If you do not go to this meeting, he will be very angry, and not just with us.
- Do you understand, Maya?
- If you won't protect my family,
- I won't protect yours.

- Oh, Javi was careful.
- With all his years of experience.
- He protected us all.
- Or did you leave it for somebody else to clean up? Huh?
- It'll be taken care of.
- All of it.

- Hello?
- Okay.
- Thirty minutes.

- Just-Just assumed that she'd gone back to Chicago, you know?
- Which worried you?
- -[Marty chuckles nervously]
- -Why don't we walk out?
- -Okay.
- -Yeah.
- Saw that commercial, huh?
- -[Guerrero] Mmm! That was something.
- -Well, it could have been better, I guess.

[woman] Can I help you?
- No, I'm just… lookin'.

Ruth: Mmm.
- The most beautiful farm you've ever seen, right there in the Ozarks.
- They make honey too.
- Seriously, Kerry.
- I mean, you have got to try this.
[sighs] It looks good.
Ruth: Mm-hmm.

- What's he doing here?
- He's just… He's checking up on us.
- He doesn't know anything. You're safe.
- He's-He's just, you know…
- He's just ambitious.
- Thank you.
- For being honest with me.

Ruth: Hmm.
- Maybe he does.
- Do you want a bag?
- No.
- Thank you.
[vendor] You take care of that.