The Best Sam Adegoke Quotes

[Fallon kisses Jeff]
Jeff: Fallon, no. You're drunk.
Fallon: So?
[Jeff gives her a sigh look]
Fallon: Okay, fine. Fine, just leave me here like everyone else. Just walk away like my dad, like my stupid mom, like Culhane.
Jeff: Whatever happened to Fallon "I exist only for me" Carrington?
Fallon: Is that what people think? Am I really that unlovable?
Jeff: Of course not.
Fallon: [cries] But then why does everyone always abandon me?
Jeff: I'm still here.

[walks in]
Fallon: [talking on the phone] As I've told everyone else, this is between my father and his surprisingly flexible new bride. It's a private family matter.
[hangs up]
Fallon: [to herself] About as private as a circus.
Fallon: [turns to Jeff] Hey. What happened to you last night?
Jeff: I came to find you. You were gone.
Fallon: Well I had every newspaper in Atlanta calling me about Cristal's porno. I texted you.
Jeff: That's why you bailed on our plan? To give interviews about your stepmother's sex tape? You took your eye off the prize to take a swipe at Cristal. You really can't help yourself, can you?
Fallon: Well, she's not just my stepmother. She's also the new COO of our main competition of this new deal we're trying to strike.
Jeff: That's right. We. And I was there for you, Fallon. I put myself on the line for a deal you had to have. But you made me look like an idiot, because you're only out for yourself. Must be genetic. And speaking of our main competition, congratulations. Carrington Atlantic lost the contract. Kori just called me.
Fallon: Wait, we got it?
Jeff: No, Southern Power did. The Morell Corp presentation wasn't concrete enough for the city council. That was all you, remember? I'm guessing you didn't play team sports as a kid. But we're supposed to be in this together. You're no longer the only one who pays for your mistakes.