The Best The Office, Season 5, Episode 24 Quotes

Darryl: What'd I tell you about building forts in my warehouse?

Michael: No matter how I look at this, I am in the wrong. And I have looked at this thing like 100 different ways, from my point of view, from their point of view, 98 others, and bottom line: I am in the wrong. I'm the bad guy.

Michael: I set the rules, and you follow them blindly, okay? And if you have a problem with that, then you can talk to our complaint department. It's a trashcan.

- Everybody is going to get to know each other in the pot.
- Now, I'm serious about this stuff.
- I'm up the night before, pressing garlic and dicing whole tomatoes.
- I toast my own ancho chilies.
- It's a recipe passed down from Malones for generations.
- It's probably the thing I do best.

Dwight: What are you doing here?
Meredith: I saw a crowd, and thought there might be a dog fight or something.

Michael: I have a very difficult decision to make. It's like last week I was at the video store. Do I watch "Devil Wears Prada" again or do I finally get around to seeing "Sophie's Choice"? It is what you would call a classic difficult decision.

Kelly: Damn it, Meredith, where are your panties?
Meredith: It's casual day.

Jim: I'm just hiding out until all this stuff blows over, with Creed, playing chess, at work. He's winning. I feel like I'm describing a dream I had.

Michael: I am not to be truffled with.

Phyllis: [to Pam] Close your mouth, sweetie. You look like a trout.

Creed: So, hey, I want to set you up with my daughter.
Jim: Oh, I'm engaged to Pam.
Creed: I thought you were gay.
Jim: [clicks tongue] Then why would you want to set me up with your daughter?
Creed: I don't know.

Andy: Oh, it is on, like a prawn who yawns at dawn.

[Whispering] Whatever you guys did earlier.
- I don't know the first thing about secret meetings.
- Just do it, okay? Get them there. Get them there.
- I'll do the best I can, Michael.
- Are you kidding me?
- Deceit does not come easy to me. Okay, okay, okay.