The Best The Office, Season 8, Episode 3 Quotes

Kevin: Good old Kevin. He'll do anything. Well, guess what? I will not do a good job.

Jim: I'm a barista in your fantasy?
Pam: Well, in your fantasy, we're Stephen King characters.

- Could you guys give us a minute?
- But stay close.
- You're all doing great.
- Maybe grab a coffee, or if there's any donuts out, you can split one.
- You know, they're for everybody, so people get fussy.
- You know what?
- Just have a donut.

- You want a dog?
- There we go, that should do it.
- Yeah, it's good. It'll work.
Jim: Nice job.
- Bye, poocme. Bye, doggy
[barking] Bye.

- Negafive.
- Three hundred boxes for me, zero for you chumps.
- Deal with it.
- Nice.
- Oh, oh, oh!
- Damn.

Darryl: My future isn't going to be determined by seven little white lotto balls. It's going to be determined by two big black balls.

Darryl: [Speaking to the camera] When I worked in the warehouse I was part of that lotto pool. They won. Playing my birthday.

Darryl: [On phone] Hello?... Justine!
Darryl: Nice surprise! How you doin' baby?... Nah. No no, I didn't win. When I got promoted I stop-... what?... Yeah. Yeah, Glenn won... Oh, you wanna call him? Yeah, you should call him, congratulate him. That'll be-... What?... Oh, his number's in your old phone. Oh, you know what? I might have it right-
[hangs up]
Darryl: Whoops.