The Best The Office, Season 8, Episode 6 Quotes

Erin: Oh! There's one mistake. Now we only have four strikes left until a homerun.

Andy: [singing] Closing time,
Jim: [On phone] ... W R K.
Andy: [singing] One last call for alcohol so finish your whiskey and beer.
Jim: Uh no, it's W R K, as in kitten. Oh my boss is singing Closing Time. Maybe that's what you are hearing.
Andy: Come on pam!
Andy: [singing, Pam mumbling lyrics] Closing time, time for you to go home to the places you will be from.

Pam: Oh, wow. I forgot how pretty your house is.
Dwight: This is the newest addition built by Erasmus Schrute in 1808. It doubled as a tuberculosis recovery room until 2009.

Pam: Pobody's nerfect.

Toby: Do you know her last name yet?
Gabe: Toby, I'll tell you her last name tomorrow, because she's gonna be screaming it tonight.
Toby: She's gonna be screaming her own last name?

- Every new beginning...
- I never heard that song before and once I heard it, I did not care for it.
- But that song means it's time to go home.
- Now, it's my favorite song.
- Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end good night!

Dwight: And Kevin with your fake task. Can you tell me now where paper comes from?
Kevin: Uh, the man tree puts its penis...

- I wouldn't even call them friends.
- They come over here, eat my pie, dig the crappiest horse grave you've ever seen.
- God, I'm gonna have to work with them forever, aren't I?
- Just take it easy.
- Nice and easy.
- Classic, right?

Stanley: I never heard that song before. And once I heard it, I did not care for it. But that song means it's time to go home. Now it's my favorite song.

- I made a mistake, I'm sorry!
- I know how to save the company, everyone.
- Just write a petition, get everyone's signature, including our clients, march down to Florida and shove it up your butt.
- It's not that funny.